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Chapter 16
"The Ending"

No One:

Raven awoke in the infirmary. Sharp aches hit her at once but she made no sounds of protest. She found herself on her side, and allowed her eyes to roam around the room. First off she found that there was a curtain around her, giving her privacy. There were also two silhouettes in her view. They were talking she realized as her ears picked up the sounds.

". . . gonna be okay?" She knew that voice. Beast Boy. Of course he'd be bothering the 'doctor' or what not.

The other, larger outline turned to Beast Boy. "She's going to fine, I assure you." That was not a voice she recognized. That must be a real doctor. Robin or her mother must have called in someone just in case. Poor them. "Just a bit of head trauma, although, she seems to have healed. It shouldn't be long before she-."

The door opened. Raven heard it creak. Another much slimmer figure appeared, lighter then the others, which meant it was farther away. The doctor bowed, although Beast Boy's figure appeared a little uncomfortable, like he didn't know what he should do.

"Arella," the man said. Arella's head bowed and he stood straight. "I was just leaving."

"How is my daughter?"

He gestured to Beast Boy. "I was just explaining that she should be awake at any moment. You may see her if you like."

"That won't be necessary. Thank you for your time, doctor. You are excused."

He bowed again. "Of course, Miss Arella. Our city owes it to you to do what we can for the brave children who fight to protect it." And with those words he left, the door making sounds as he went. It was quiet for but a moment before Beast Boy spoke.

"I can leave if you like . . . Miss Arella." It didn't sound like he knew what to say to her.

Arella smiled. Raven could practically feel it from here. "You don't need to call me that, Beast Boy. And I have been hoping to speak to you." She gestured to something. A chair. "Please, have a seat." Raven could feel Beat Boy's reluctance to do so, but he did. Arella pulled up a chair across from him and sat down as well. "Beast Boy, I know you're nervous to talk to me, since I am Raven's mother, but . . . please understand." She reached out a hand and touched his shoulder. "You don't have to be afraid of me. I just want to know, as a mother, what you want with Raven."

There was a pause from him. "I don't think I understand your question."

Arella folded her hands in her lap. "Why does my daughter seem so protective of you, Beast Boy? Is there something going on? I assume Starfire knows, but she won't seem to tell me anything. And your friends have all said it would be better if you told me yourself, which I agree with." Her tone hardened, just slightly. It was a warning tone. She would not tolerate being lied to. "What relation do you have with Raven?"

Beast Boy's emotions got more brave. He was proud of Raven and Raven couldn't help but feel appreciative that he was. "Your daughter and I love each other. Along the time we spent together she confessed she'd loved me for a few years and I confessed my own feelings. I'd feel looking for her since I was a kid, Arella. I couldn't let go of her, and I'm sorry if you don't approve and that you were unaware."

Arella didn't speak for a long time. When she did, it had softened. "Do you mean this?" Beast Boy nodded and Raven heard the smile in his voice. "There is no need for apologies. This is wonderful news!"

Both stood, Raven saw that. Arella hugged Beast Boy, and Raven's eyes widened. Arella rarely gave hugs to strangers, even if Beast Boy was so much more then a stranger and Arella owed him Raven's life. They hadn't known each other for . . . wait, how long had she been out?

Beast Boy was surprised at the gesture as well. Arella pulled away, her emotions joyful. Raven imagined she was excited that her daughter had finally found someone who was good enough for her. Arella held Beast Boy at arms length. "Thank you, Beast Boy. I am glad Raven has found someone as worthy as you to give her heart to."

And with that she released him and left. The door shut with yet another creak behind her. Beast Boy appeared completely thrown, shaking his head as if wondering that moment was a hallucination. Raven decided he needed a little chilling out and sat up in bed. From the corner of her eye she saw his head snap towards her, but she acted as if she hadn't noticed anyone was in the room. Placing a hand on her forehead, pretending she was trying to shake off the drowsiness, Raven ran a hand through her hair. Next went her legs, lifting one up. There was a few bruises, she noticed. Raven wondered just how bad she had been for her powers to miss something so obvious and minimal. They mus have been pretty strained with whatever 'marking' had been. Adonis hadn't exactly-.

'It wanted a mate.'

Clutching her head at the horrible memory and letting out an agonized cry, Raven felt herself shivering. The curtain was pushed aside at once and Raven looked at him from the corner of her eye. Raven realized she probably looked horrible at the moment. Shaking, bruised, and beginning to involuntarily cry. She blinked away the water beginning to form though and tried to give him a weak smile. Before she could even start though another slap of the memory hit her and she flinched, letting out another pained sound. Raven hadn't heard him but she felt his arms wrap around her, holding her against his chest. Raven leaned into him. Very slowly the pain ebbed away and Raven's body relaxed against him.

At first, Beast Boy was under the impression she'd fallen back asleep. It wouldn't surprise him. He felt horrible about what had happened. It was completely his fault for choosing Raven as a mate, but there was really no other alternative. Adonis had to fight Beast Boy for whatever he had. It was just natural, since they were the only to beings of their kind and Adonis the stronger one (even if Beast Boy was slowly growing and Adonis losing his skill to age, he was older and would always be dominant). Beast Boy had ordered Raven be given painkillers while asleep. When the doctor demanded why, Cyborg took him into another room and explained. Beast Boy luckily couldn't hear but when they came back, all the doctor did was ask them to leave so he could inject the dose without compromising the patients privacy. They'd understood but Beast Boy was back in the room right after told he could be again. With nothing better to do, Beast Boy had befriended the doctor, named Peter, and they normally talked about his two kids and wife. He'd hoped the painkillers would do something to help with the pain but it appeared she was still hurting.

"Were you serious?" She asked suddenly, very quiet. But her voice did not crack so at least she wasn't crying.

Beast Boy let go for a moment and closed the curtain behind him. He then let himself sit on the bed and hugged Raven too him again. "About what?"

"That . . . what he . . . what it . . . wanted?"

Beast Boy bit his lip. To say it was a joke would be completely disgusting. He would never lie to Raven either so . . . "Unfortunately, yes. He wanted you as his mate because I love you and therefore, we had to fight over you, I guess. Its an animal thing. Kind of hard to explain."

". . . Beast Boy . . . what does marking mean? I want to know. I deserve to know." She added more firmly. It was true. After the hell she'd been through, it had been well earned.

Reluctantly, he told. "It means he was tracking you with blood. He had also claimed you as his for the time being until he's destroyed or the mark heals over which-."

"He'd just keep doing it, wouldn't he?" Raven interrupted. "He'd keep finding away to take me from you and then do . . . whatever he did again?" Beast Boy didn't answer but he stiffened and so Raven knew she was right. She pressed herself tighter against him. "What did he do?"

". . . He dug his nail into your head, smelled the blood, and licked it. It's disgusting. He tried to do it to Kole once because, I don't know, he wanted to hurt all the females in my life and well, long story short, that's the only time we've ever been able to beat him. Or at least escape from him. Jinx wasn't there but when she heard about the danger I posed, she pretty much stayed away. She did keep trying to befriend me, though. I don't blame her, I guess." He sighed. "I wanted to protect you from him but I guess I couldn't." His voice broke next. "I'm sorry."

Raven pulled away, looking him dead in the eye. "You saved my life, Beast Boy. You have nothing to be sorry for." She smiled gratefully at him. He smiled in turn before his brow rose and a smirk appeared on his face. Raven knew that wasn't good but kept smiling anyways. "What?"

"So, I ordered Red X to get you out of that room." He began casually, looking everywhere but Raven. "And he tells me you said a few things before running off."

"Like?" Raven knew very well what she'd said. She was going to make Beast Boy say it.

He looked directly at her. "Oh I don't know, something along the lines of 'Beast Boy is not the boss of me'?"

Raven smirked proudly in turn. "Well you're not. And I turned out fine, thank you very much. She lifted her leg which Beast Boy seemed to examine a little longer then she'd have liked. She guessed he was waiting to see how long he could do it until Raven smacked him. From the mischief going on around him she knew she was right. Raven put her leg down and he grinned a her.

"Sorry, couldn't help myself." Beast Boy said.

"Oh shut up." She snapped, shoving his shoulder. Raven then realized her cloak was missing. She looked around and after not succeeding in finding it, turned back to Beast Boy to ask him where it was. Raven then found it in front of her face, folded in his hands. Her eyes moved to see him smiling still. "Where was this?"

"Under the bed. Doctors took it off to . . . operate or something. I don't know. Plus, you don't sleep with it on so," he shrugged. "But anyways, we've been moved here. The whole family grabbed theirs and your crap while you were resting-."

"Right, resting." Raven snorted.

Beast Boy continued as if she hadn't spoken. "We moved your stuff to. Robin even gave us the riot act. Everything is okay now Raven. Really." He sounded excited and Raven was about to respond with some sarcastic comment when she felt his mouth press again his. Before she could realize it her body was already responding. Her hands pressed against his back, pulling herself closer to him, and his hands trailed to her waist. After a long while of this they pulled away and Beast Boy started giggling. Raven didn't ask. She didn't care enough to.

"Come on, lover boy." Raven said instead. She pulled her cloak around her body and stood. Beast Boy looked worried and stood as well, looking ready to catch her at the slightest hint of a stumble. She felt like that girl in The Little Mermaid when she got her new legs and was trying to figure out how to stand. Beast Boy's arms were suddenly around her and Raven's eyes widened. He had one of her arms around his neck and the other around her waist. He smiled.

"You'll need the help for a couple hours. Don't worry, I won't let you fall. Let's go see everyone."

Raven knew he'd never let her fall. She nodded and smiled in turn as he helped her down the hallway and out of the room. And that whole 'not falling' thing was working until Starfire saw Raven up and knocked into her. Beast boy somehow managed to catch her though, but Raven was still a little bewildered at how fast Starfire had flown and how that hug hadn't broken something.

(One Week Later)

"Vote!" Beast Boy shouted as him and the members of his former small family sat around the lounge area in the library. Raven was off doing something elsewhere in the castle. They were being teased constantly, by everyone but Raven's mother and the elders, about how the two were almost inseparable. This was one of few occasions they were apart but the teasing was over with.

For the moment.

"Who thinks we totally lucked out on this?" He finished, leaning back with his arms behind his head. "Raise your hand."

Everyone's hand shot up and they laughed together. Jinx was no longer hurt. But, also following her around like a dog (and since he'd been accepted by Red X, he was part of the family, like Raven) was Kid Flash, sitting next to her with his arm loosely hanging around the chair she was sitting in. Jinx's head injury had sent her into a comatose state for a couple days, in which Kid Flash left her side only for milliseconds. Red X seemed to approve of this and Kole looked overjoyed. They were the three people who visited her the most. But after her couple day coma she woke up, feeling like, quote 'someone chewed me up and shit me out' unquote. Of course, she had to add to the normal saying with her own charming way of saying things. This was the first day she was allowed out of the medical room. Kid Flash had told her of the news of us being off the hook but Jinx just kind of knew already. Something had told her it would all be okay.

Something . . .

"Yeah well, I wasn't worried." Cyborg said, cockily. Kole giggled into her hand when Red X jumped on the chance to harass the youngest member of the family. Even on the Titans.

"By the way, Kole," he said. "You sure have been spending an awful lot of time with Jericho lately. You want to tell us why?"

Kole looked very uncomfortable and her laughter turned nervous. "U-Uh, well, I-!"

The door opened then, and Kole audibly sighed in relief. Everyone turned to where the door had opened and grinned, shouting multiple forms of greetings at the intruder. They bowed, smiling brightly.

"Friends, friend Raven has requested your presence in a . . . colorful manner in which she asked me to repeat only if you asked." Starfire said, a little uncomfortable at the phrase.

"What did she say, exactly?" Beast Boy sat up straight in the chair, putting his hands on his knees. He looked genuinely curious, as did everyone else.

Sighing, Starfire repeated the message. "Friend Raven has said, 'You will come whether you want to or not, so get your . . . asses up or I will make you get them up. Also, hurry. We won't wait forever'." Starfire did her best to talk without her accent but it sounded weird on her.

Laughing, they stood and followed Starfire to where she led them. They looked around, confused, when the halls gradually started getting darker in the corridors. They'd never been in this area before, had they?

"Star, where-?" Kole began.

"Silence please, friend. Raven has requested you be silent while approaching." She said, the darkness only allowing her outline to appear. When it was finally too dark to see without walking into something, she raised a glowing green hand and continued to lead them.

Beast Boy smirked to himself knowingly. Raven hadn't exactly been able to keep the secret of what she was doing from him. He did have the advantage of being able to woo her over his friends. She caved after about twenty minutes.

Then the lights starting flashing. At first his friends were apprehensive about it until they discovered the lights were flashing all the colors of the rainbow and more rather then just red, and Beast Boy put on his best confused face with the rest of friends. He noticed a few of them glance his way suspiciously but seemed content when they saw the mask of apprehension he wore.

And then, Starfire's light went out. As people began shouting in surprise and fear, Beast Boy grinned, turned into a leopard and took off down the hallway ahead of them, following close behind Starfire. She was holding her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing and the two flew into the lights, approaching the door and slipping through the crack that was allowed. Beast Boy morphed back into a human and, on his hands and knees, looked up at the figure in front of him, who was also smiling, and grinned.

"Good job," She said, holding her hand out to him. He grasped it and she helped him to his feet. "Ready to get it started?"

He pushed some stray hair out of his face and smirked. "Absolutely."

Raven pulled him behind the curtain, Beast Boy waving at the few people in the room as they ran and when they were out of view, she pressed herself against him and kissed him passionately.

He pulled away after a moment and his brow rose, a little smile on his lips. "What was that for?"

She winked. "Because you love me."

And she threw off her cloak and went behind a whole different set of curtains, to change. Beast Boy smirked and did the same.

When Cyborg and the rest of them, left to stumble in the dark, finally reached a dead end he was confused. "What the-?"

The wall slid away to reveal it was just a door, disguised in the dark.

"So this is where those lights were coming from," Kole said, amazed.

Red X looked bored. "And us without our holo-rings."

Some of them giggled at the joke. Any time they went to a club they were forced to wear the holographic rings that disguised them and kept them away from confused onlookers. There identities were not present at the moment though, they were.

"What's going on here?" Jinx finally demanded into the empty area.

The music made them all jump. Unknown the them though, Kid Flash and Jinx were partially in on it. But they only knew that Raven and Beast Boy were supposed to tell them something after . . . something else.

The music had a lot of explosions and thumping.

"Enter, new and old recruits of the Teen Titans!" Robin said, popping up onto the stage in a blue spotlight.


They looked around for the voice. The thumps began hammering and then a spotlight hit and empty part of the stage. The rest of the teens came our from different doors

Then Beast Boy jumped from the pitch black into the spotlight and they started cracking up. They couldn't help it. It was just far too funny.

"Nice legs, daisy dukes, makes a man go-." The song whistled. "That's the way they all come through like-," Whistle. Whistle. "Low-cut, see-through, shirts that make ya-." Whistle. "That's the way she come through like-!" Whistle. Whis-

Another white spotlight popped up. This one Raven jumped in.

"Cause I, just set them up. Just set them up. Just set them up, to knock them down!"

"Cause I, just set them up. Just set them up. Just set them up, to knock them down!"

"I think I should know, how, to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out. Now. L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce. How, do I say I'm sorry? Cause the word is never gonna come out. Now. L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce."

"Tight jeans, double D's makin' me go-!" Whistle. "All the people on the street know." Whistle. Whistle. "Iced-out, lit-up make the kids go-." Whistle. "All the people on the street know." Whistles Whis-.

"Cause I, just set them up. Just set them up. Just set them up, to knock them down!"

"Cause I, just set them up. Just set them up. Just set them up, to knock them down!"

"I think I should know, how, to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out. Now. L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce. How, do I say I'm sorry? Cause the word is never gonna come out. Now. L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce."

Raven stepped forward, her and Beast Boy formerly doing some planned dance together. She held the microphone in her hand and the lights changed color with the beat until she started singing, then they dispersed into the crowd of teenage heroes, changing them all different colors and such. She was a good dancer when she was screwing around and was teasing Beast Boy while singing.

"You know that type of- sh!" She put a finger on her lips before moving it. "Just don't work on me!" Raven winked at everyone. "Whistling and trying to flirt with me!" Whistle. "Don't take it personally." She said, walking over to Beast Boy, stroking his face. "Cause we were never in love." She shoved him aside and walked back over the crowd, trying not to laugh.

"It doesn't really matter, who you say you are!" Whistle. "Singing out the window, of your car!" Whistle. "You can find another girl across the bar!" Whistle. "Cause L-O-V-E`s not what this was. Not what this was."

"I think I should know!"




"To make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out!"




"L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce!"




"Do I say I'm sorry cause the word ïs never gonna come out!"




Raven spun towards Beast Boy, and he caught her. "L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce!"

The whole of the Titans were practically rioting as Beast Boy and Raven threw their hands up. The song was over now, for the music had been cut and they were bowing. Cheers were dying down when Raven took the mic to her mouth and asked for quiet.

"On behalf of the Teen Titans, we welcome our new recruits-!" Raven began.

Beast Boy cut her off. "To do what we do best!"

"Which is," Raven and Beast Boy said in unison. "PARTY!"

"Woo!" They all chorused before Jinx was tossed the mic (and caught it of course) as Beast Boy and Raven got off the stage.

Raven winked at her. "Already set up, show em how a real performer does it."

Jinx grinned at her. "Don't be so modest, darling. You're getting there. A real natural." Then she took off, making Kid Flash come with her.

Raven laughed at how bewildered and red Kid Flash was, but Red X seemed to be enjoying his discomfort.

Beast Boy slung his arm around Raven, giving her a kiss on the cheek as they watched their friends enjoy the celebration Raven had been planning that had gone much smoother once he'd joined in. Robin, Raven, and Starfire weren't exactly party people. Through experience and reading, Beast Boy ended up being the main planner.

"Think we did good?" He asked.

She nodded, smiling. "We did perfect."

Her head rested on his shoulder and he smiled to himself. He had the perfect life now. Adonis was gone, charges blamed on him, his friends were safe and he even had new ones; most important, he had his angel now. . . what else was there?

Nothing, he decided. With Raven cuddling into him, no one could have anything better.

She agreed completely and smirked to herself.

The End

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