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Chapter one: Seeping Through the Veins

Harry Potter walked down the old tunnel as quickly and as quietly as he could with his wand at the ready. He went down there for a reason and he'd be damned if he didn't finish it even if he was scared half to death. There was a monster down there; a snake if all the snakeskins weren't a big enough hint, and it had his best mates little sister. Ron, his best friend, came down with him too but they also brought their coward of a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher thinking he might be of some use. He wasn't, he ended up having a spell backfire on him with Ron's broken wand and caused part of the cavern to fall in, separating Harry from any form of reinforcements.

As he walked he gave himself a few gulps trying to choke back anything that would get in his way of doing his job. Harry eventually found himself in front of a large circular door, like one would see on a vault, decorated with snakes. Without a handle of latch of any kind Harry assumed that it was similar to the sink that lead him down there in the first place. Taking a deep breath and calling fourth a familiar slithering sensation in his throat that felt like it bubbled at the tip of his tongue he let out a hiss that he knew meant open.

The snakes on the door danced and slithered in patterns that eventually made a circle causing the door to swing open slowly with a slight latching sound. Cautiously Harry stepped through the opened door and looked around him before advancing. This room was grander than he had expected anything to be down there. It was a large room rivaling the school's Great Hall with a firm path of bricks shooting down the middle with golden snakes lined up on the side with their mouths opened. At the end there was pool of water below a man's face carved in the wall, if he had to guess it was in the likeness of the man who built this chamber Salazar Slytherin. But what really got his attention was the prone and motionless form of Ginny Weasley lying right before the pool of water.

He immediately ran over to the young girl with one thought in his mind "Please don't let me too late, please let her be alive!" He dropped his wand on the ground as he knelt down besides the red head and started to gently shake her. "C'mon Ginny! Wake up! C'mon, wake up!"

In his near frantic state he didn't notice someone walking towards him before he spoke "She won't wake."

Harry furrowed his eyebrows and his glasses slid down his nose a bit as he looked to see who spoke. He recognized the figure but isn't he suppose to be dead or at least much older than he looks right now "Tom? Tom Riddle?" getting was could be perceived as a positive response Harry questioned his if he was a ghost.

Tom shook his head, as he walked forward "No, not a ghost. A memory, trapped inside a diary for fifty years"

The younger boy turned his attention back to the girl lying motionless on the ground. He placed his hand on top of her near blue one and he felt his face pale "She's so cold is she…"

"No she's alive but only just." As he spoke those words he had bent down and picked Harry's wand off the ground, surprised at how well it fit him, must have been a similar core.

Harry was still panicked and wasn't sure what to do "You got help me Tom there's something down here, a monster or something. We got to get out of here."

The memory just smirked "Don't worry the Basilisk won't come until it's called."

That's when Harry noticed something was wrong; he actually noticed several things wrong. For one Ginny was holding the diary was held in before, second Tom was out of the diary and knew something was down there even going as far as knowing that name, and last Tom was holding his wand. Harry slowly rose from where he was kneeling next to Ginny and extended his hand "Give me my wand Tom."

Tom made a near playful voice "Oh, you won't be needing it."

"We don't have time for this! We've got to save her!"

"I'm afraid I can't do that, because you see as young Ginny gets weaker I grow stronger." Tom actually sounded like he chiding Harry like he was talking to some young ill intelligent child. As he watched Harry's face gain a look Tom smiled "That's right. It was Ginny Weasley who opened the Chamber of Secrets. It was her who used the Basilisk who attacked all those mudbloods and half breed filth."

Harry growled and denied that his friend's sister could ever do that, especially if she went out of her way to hurt his other best friend. Rendering her nothing more than a statue made of flesh along with several other students. "That's true, let's say she was in a trance, and you can find that I am quite persuasive. She did anything I would ask her too but she got scared. She was afraid of the dairy's powers. So she tried to get rid of it in the girl's bathroom. And whose hands does it fall into but yours…" His face scrunched in irritation or maybe anger "The very person I was the most anxious to meet." Tom pointed the tip of the wand at Harry but the boy didn't seem afraid, he actually stepped towards Tom as he asked his question.

"But why did you want to meet me?"

"I knew I had to talk to you meet you if I could." His face still had an irritated look as he gave fake sympathetic look "That's why I showed you that memory of that brainless oaf Hagrid, to gain your trust."

"Hagrid's my friend!" Harry gritted out as he realized just what Tom was saying "And you framed him didn't you."

"It was easy, my word against Hagrid's. Only Dumbledore seemed to think he was innocent."

Harry gave him a cheeky lopsided smile "I bet he saw right through you."

"He certainly kept an annoyingly close eye on me after that" he snapped before circling around Harry "I knew it wouldn't be safe to open the chamber again while I was still at school so I left behind a diary preserving my sixteen year old self within its pages, so that one day I could lead another to finish my ancestor's noble goal!"

"Well you haven't finished it this time." Harry said glaring the best he could and keeping his voice determined "The mandrake potion will be done in a few hours and everyone you hurt will be alright again."

Tom didn't seem annoyed like Harry had hoped, more like amused "Hadn't I told you," the memory's lips twitching as it suppressed a smirk "Killing that filth isn't my goal any longer. For many months now my new target has been… you"

Harry looked taken aback and felt even more so when Tom's voice was near shaking in anger "How is it that a baby with no special talent can defeat the greatest wizard that ever lived!" he raised Harry's wand and pushed aside some stray hairs to reveal his famous lightning bolt scar "How is it that you only escaped with a simple scar, while Lord Voldemort's powers were destroyed!?"

"Why do you care how I escaped Voldemort, he was after your time."

"Voldemort," he started softly "Is my past, present and future." After that he turned his back to Harry and started to scribble letters in the air, made visible by brightly glowing flames. After he finished writing his flourished letters and paused for a second to allow Harry to read "Tom Marvolo Riddle" he swished the wand to send the letters scattering and rearranged themselves to spell out the sentence "I am Lord Voldemort".

"You're him, you're the heir of Slytherin?" He paused as what the memory said truly sunk in "You're Voldemort"

"Surely you didn't think I was going to keep my filthy muggle of a father's name. No, I fashioned myself a new name the I knew would someday be feared enough that people wouldn't even let it slip out of their lips when I became the greatest sorcerer in the world!"

"No! Albus Dumbledore is!"

"Dumbledore has been driven out of this castle by the mere memory of me!"

"He'll never be gone, not as long as those still loyal to him are here!" Harry growled out staring down the obviously angry memory in the eye. The two bore into each other for a few more seconds before they heard a loud thrill echoing through the chamber walls. Looking towards where Harry had enter they saw a familiar looking red and gold phoenix flying through the cavern towards them.

"Fawkes?" Harry asked sounding surprised. The bird swooped over Harry, dropping something in his hand, and they made a grab at Riddle who instantly ducked out of the way. As the bird flies back the way it came Harry unraveled what it had given him to only have a feeling of dread and confusion set in upon him when he discovered it was only to find that it was the Sorting Hat.

"This is what Dumbledore sends his champion? A song bird and a ratty old hat." As Harry looked at the hat in shock he heard Riddle hiss something about Slytherin speaking to him. Harry turned to look at his opponent to see the mouth of the stone face opening up and a long black tongue start to lick the air as it entered the room "Let's put the might of the heir of Slytherin against the famous Harry Potter."

Harry in a flash dropped the hat near Ginny and ran down the stone path in hopes that he could escape. He heard Tom yell a hiss towards the snake before yelling out after him "Parsetletounge won't save you now Potter, it only listens to me." Harry mentally cursed himself for not doing something similar to that to start with and pushed his legs harder, only to trip on a loose stone.

Harry franticly searched for his glasses but as soon as he placed them on he had to cover his head thinking that it was over for him. He only looked up when he heard Fawkes let out what could be described as a battle cry and sunk its claws into the giant snakes eyes. Turning to see the damage Harry got his first real look at the monster that was after him. It was a very, very large snake that was probably a good sixty or seventy foot beast with a red plum at the top of it greenish black scales. And luckily for him Fawkes blinded the thing for him by ripping out its eye, leaving only really bloody and swollen eyes.

Tom let out a furious hiss before yelling at Harry "My snake might not be able to see you but it can still hear you." Harry let out a few mental curses before trying to back away quietly only to step on some old and loose bones, making a sick snapping sound the made the snake instantly snap its head towards him.

"Crap" Harry ran straight to the left seeing an opening to a tunnel and hopefully a way to get away from this thing. He made another quick turn that leads him into a series of narrow tunnels, outside the entrance he could hear the beast crash into stone and let out a pained roar. The boy ran quickly down the old tunnels, accidentally kicking a rat or two, and made another turn only to find his way blocked off by some type of grate. He pushed and pulled at it hoping to get it loose but failed. He was about to leave and try and find another exit but a loud hiss made him stop in his tracks and hold his breath.

The snake licked the air and slowly turned its head towards Harry who was currently bending low against the wall to grab a stray stone. As the beast slowly slid into the dead end with Harry he threw the rock over its head causing a racket down the way, grabbing the creature's attention and made it slither towards the source. After Harry couldn't hear the snake anymore he made his way out of the dead end and back tracked towards Ginny hoping to get the both of them out of there.

He just over to the now deathly pale blue Ginny Weasley and a patiently waiting Tom Riddle who had a smile on his face "Yes Potter, the process is nearly complete. And in a few minutes Ginny Weasley will be dead and I'll cease to be a memory. Lord Voldemort will return, very, much, alive." As he finished his sentence he raised his hand and seemed to admire the fact that the translucent nature that he one had was slowly starting to fade, he'd give it another ten minutes before he was whole again. He could already feel his magical strength returning to him.

Harry let out a sorrowful "Ginny" and tried to shake her awake. While he did so he noticed she still had the diary in hand, he thought maybe if he got rid of it there might be a chance of saving her. As he went to reach for the diary he heard a large explosion and a very familiar hiss. Turning around he saw the giant snake Tom called a Basilisk Slamming out of the pool of water making Harry wonder how it got there.

He cursed out loud as he got to his feet and looked around for anything that he could use as a weapon. Looking down where the sorting hat laid he saw the hilt of a bright silver sword with rubies embedded in the hilt and guard. Not sure of what else to do Harry grabbed it and pulled it out of the old hat. He was surprised by the length of the sword but he reminded himself with magic near anything was possible, not that he had much time to think about it as the snake took a dive at him.

Reflexively Harry slashed the sword down as the creature passed him, cutting it deep and having its blood spill on the ground. The creature let out a horrible hiss and whacked Harry with it tail. Harry tumbled down the stones for a few moments, scrapping himself bloody on the jagged rocks. Harry quickly stood up realizing that it's either do or die right now and like hell was he dying without dragging something with him. He made a run for the snake again only to be banished into one of the stone snake statues. Harry groggily shook his head and looked to see Tom holding Harry's wand in the ready position "Did you really think I was going to stand here while my pet did all the work?"

It was only the slight grunting sound of the basilisk that forewarned him to move out of the way as the creature bit into the statue, both crushing it from the force and melting it from its venom. Harry made a desperate dive as he saw a sickly pink ball of light shoot towards him. He didn't care to know its effect he just knew he had to dodge both it and the blind beast. Harry made another desperate dive as the snake took a blind dart towards him, again after the passing he swung the silver sword wildly drawing it thick black blood.

As Tom readied himself to send another spell a burst of flame appeared before him and swan like hawk started to attack him with its talons "Get off me you bloody bird!" Tom sent out a small barrage of spells after the bird as it flew away to avoid him. But he finally got the bird with a cutting spell, unfortunately since he wasn't at full strength it only left an extremely deep gash on its front and didn't cut it in two like he hoped. But the memory was pleased to see that it effected Harry long enough to yell "NO!" giving away where he was to the beast who instantly lashed out and sunk its fangs deeply into the boy's shoulder, chest and right arm.

Harry let out a loud yell as he felt multiple fangs pierce into him and the force snapping and breaking his bones. But his pain was only just starting as the creature let loose a flood of cold liquid that made his body feel like it was on fire. Despite his pain he managed to raise his arm up and jam the sword through the roof of the snake's mouth, pushing all the way to the hilt and twisting it for good measure.

The creature let out one last hiss of pain and its body started to spasm as it started to shut down. The snake's large body started to whip around with Harry still in its jaws. The basilisk last spasm made it slam its head on the ground near Tom, who looked slightly disappointed that his pet was dead but it was more like the look people get when dirt gets on their new shoes. He did seem somewhat amused when Harry tore himself from the creature's mouth with a fang or two still stuck in him.

Harry started to stumble over to his fellow housemate and looked at her in worry. He could feel the venom from that monster seeping through his whole body. He felt like screaming but he knew that it would do him no good; he had to help Ginny, somehow. "So this is how the great Harry Potter dies. On his knees unable to help one little girl"

Harry looked up and scowled only to earn himself a smirk "Isn't it funny what a simple book can do in the hands of one foolish girl." Harry still glared at him as he reached for the said book startling Riddle and sending a ripple of fear through his near corporal form "What are you doing Potter?" his voice was uneven and the way he held the wand was too tight.

The boy didn't say anything he just flipped the book open and tore out the fang that was embedded in his should, only letting out a small grunt as he did. Ignoring Riddle's protest Harry plunged the fang into the right half of the book and watched as ink and venom started to bleed out of the pages. As he did so a burst of light erupted from Riddles stomach and started to spread to his arms as Harry launched another stab into the left half. Tom tried to take a step forward and stop Harry from completely destroying him but when he flipped the book close and jammed the fang all the way through from cover to cover he was nothing more than light and dust.

After seeing Riddle become nothing more than what he deemed pixie dust he let out a sigh of relief and fell on his back. He felt something warm and wet starting surround him. Looking up Harry should see it was the Basilisk blood pouring out of all the wounds he made on it. He felt a little bad for the creature since it was only a tool but it was either it or him and Ginny.

Speaking of the girl Harry could tell she was going to make it from here, she was starting gain a warm look to her face and the blue was starting to just fade away as the seconds trickled by. She was going to live, which was good, but he wished he could have said the same thing for himself. He could feel the poison already ripping through him. He was already near numb to it but he knew he was going to die soon. But hey at least he went out with a bang. Seriously how many people can claim that they died killing a few century old basilisk, that better be on his chocolate frog card after this. And if it isn't he'd haunt that factory silly, especially if they put him down as the defeater of Voldemort down. As far as he was concerned that was his parents' doing not his, sure he just beat a younger version of him but not the terror everyone else knows.

It felt good to actually earn a reputation and not just stumble into it. Unfortunately he wouldn't be around to see it. He wouldn't even have a chance to say goodbye to his friends but he hoped that they'd be proud of the way he went. He knew he was.

He was brought out of his musing by the feeling of something crawling onto his chest. Painfully dragging his head up he could see a bleeding phoenix crying its tears into every wound it could find. He felt as it tried to soothed neutralize the toxin that was killing him but a quickly as his heart beat the pain came back with a vengeance. With every thump the freshly healed system was torn through and brought to the brink. It was maddening but he fought through the pain as he spoke to the bird "Thanks for trying Fawkes but I don't think it's going to work, this is probably the end for me." As the Phoenix stopped crying into his wounds he could feel the two forces fighting at each other and going against the tears well meaning tearing him apart from the inside out.

The bird let out a sad thrill sound form its throat as it watched Harry ease off despite the pain "I put up a good fight didn't I Fawkes" The bird nodded its head as it watched the boy slowly close his bright green eyes. No. It refused to let such a child die so young and before he could reach his full potential.

Fawkes called its flames from deep inside and forces it further than it had ever been before. It was a few days before it had its rebirth day but this was an emergency. The phoenix forced its flames to wrap around Harry and burn like it does ever so often. Fawkes was briefly worried as it started to reform from its ashes that its plan didn't work but when it saw the boy starting to reform with it Fawkes let out a happy thrill in its chick form as it laid on the naked boys chest. But even in its joy it could feel it, something was off about the boy now. Something had changed and until someone came to get them or until five hours passed to let it grow there was no way to tell.

Two hours later feathers started to grow on its naked skin and its wingspan started to increase. It would take another half an hour or more before it could use its flame to teleport them out of there even with Fawkes forcing itself to grow at such a fast rate. It was damaging to do so and would take another three rebirths to heal the damage it's doing to itself but it would be worth it.

Hearing a groan to the side Fawkes turned its head to see the young red head witch starting to wake up. He thought it was good she was waking up even if she just suffered mass amounts of trauma she could be of use. But all she did when she woke up was stare at Harry, blush and seem to stutter over herself as she debated if she wanted to cover her eyes of not. It actually seemed like her brain loss all function as she just stared at Harry making Fawkes think she was useless.

After reaching about a fourth of its true size it flew over to the useless girl and dragged her over to Harry. Once the phoenix grabbed a hold of the boy's wrist it dragged them through its flame and teleported them to the hospital wing where it's master Albus Dumbledore and the healer Madam Promfrey where waiting for them.

"Aw Fawkes, its good to see you…" Dumbledore trailed off when he noticed a dazed Miss Weasley and an unconscious nude Harry Potter in his familiar's grasp. Madam Promfrey descended on them quickly, checking over Ginny first and summoning a potion with her wand for the girl to drink.

After Ginny drank the potion and started to waiver into dreamland the healer spoke to her employer "She's been through a lot, there is probably some trauma that only time can fix but she'll be fine." The old man nodded as he and his familiar watched her move towards the nude boy lying on the ground.

As Pomfrey levitated the boy into a nearby bed Dumbledore spoke to his familiar "Fawkes my friend, would you be so kind as to retrieve mister Weasley and Professor Lockheart?" The bird gave its master what could be seen as a scowl but nodded its head and flamed away as Dumbledore watched Pomfrey cast a number of scanning charms on the boy. He recognized a few, a bone checker, poison detector, a vital shower, all the others he didn't or couldn't recall, he wasn't a healer and his memory was starting to fail him in his old age.

He watched in curiosity that with each passing Charm Pomfrey's face went from confused to worry to a near state of panic. "Poppy what's wrong?" he asked caving into his curiosity.

Poppy even in her state of panic remembered her healer's code and was hesitant to answer. But in this school Dumbledore was granted access to near any and all information pertaining to a student's well being while in the school. "I'm- I'm not sure. His temperature suggest that he should be burning up but his complexion is completely fine, the bone scan shows no broken bones but it says their hallow, there is a large amount of poison in him mostly focused where his tonsils should be but it's not harming him. I don't know what's wrong with him and I can't use my more advanced scanning charms till he wakes up"

Dumbledore frowns at this news and stares at his now covered student and noticed a few subtle differences in him. Something was wrong and they had to wait to find out what.

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