Author's Note: Oh hell yes Zero is out of character in this. BE WARNED.

Chapter Five - Finish Me

"Sebastian, grab her," I ordered. "Bring her here."

He snorted, but listened. Mid-way through her fall, he caught her with his quick reflexes. "You must think yourself pretty mighty to tell me what to do."

"You did it anyways," I snapped. As I turned to turn off the small oven, I couldn't help but ask Sebastian why he was actually being so nice. Usually he'd be twenty times as cruel and wouldn't be putting on such a facade. He was a naturally flirtatious guy, but damn, there was no way in hell he'd be so nice.

"Fuck off, asshole." He handed her limp body to me, completely unhindered by her weight. He was just about six inches taller than her, more than a foot shorter than me. "You disgust me. Loving such a hell-spawn creature . . . Ridiculous."

"If you hadn't noticed, I'm not exactly human anymore. In any case, it doesn't matter what I am or what I do with my life. I don't have a 'thing' for her," I retorted, trying to keep my voice calm.

"'K, whatever you say. I'll go get the truck ready then. I suppose you'll need someone to drive, right?"

"You're not coming. I don't give a fuck why you want to, but you are not going."

Sebastian smiled in that annoyingly condescending way and said, "You assume that I'm going to let you go run off with the Kuran princess so you can fuck her and kill her yourself? Shit-head, I'm not that dumb."

My eyes widened in intense surprise, my mouth dropped down. I'm positive it was on the floor. If my hands were free at that moment, he'd be dead in two seconds. Instead, I walked away. "Get the car already," I replied, looking over my shoulder.

"Hello?" the voice on the phone asked in Japanese. "Who is this?"


"Kiryu? Kiryu Zero? Really?" Fuck. It was that idiot Aido Hanabusa. "What do you want?" he snapped. Sebastian snatched the phone from my hand easily, keeping his eyes on the road miraculously. I hissed and when I tried to take it back, he slapped my hand away. The car swerved but he gained control easily. A chorus of car horns rang out to us in response.

I was in the back of the off-road vehicle, Yuki strewn across my lap. Her breathing was slow and steady. I couldn't just let her sit in the back while I sat next to Sebastian. Normally, I would have driven but these American cars were so confusing. It infuriated me to no end.

"No, it's more like what you want. If you want the Kuran princess back, then I advise you give me your location as of right now."

I pinched the bridge of my nose between two fingers, refusing - no, willing myself not to slap the shit out of Sebastian.

"I refuse. Tell me where you are."

"Stop it! You're freaking insane! You have no idea how pissed off Kuran will be, so don't make it any worse!" I seethed, itching to take the phone back. Sebastian started screaming obscenities into the phone, cursing Aido to hell and telling him to suck one. He pressed the 'End Call' button and threw my three-hundred dollar phone back to me.

"Arrogant prick." Sebastian fumbled in his coat pocket for a cigarette, stuck it in his mouth and lit it in one fluid movement. "He said, and I quote: 'If you won't cooperate, then we'll find you and take her back ourselves'. He must think he's the-"

"I do not want to hear one more foul word out of your mouth in the next six hours we're stuck in here."

Sebastian snorted and continued to suck in the poisonous fumes. The ride was miserable. I was dreading the moment when Yuki would suddenly wake up and attack us. Luckily, she didn't. Not even when we dropped her off.

Eventually, I had to call the Society to get Aido's number again just to figure out where exactly he was. This time, it wasn't Aido who picked up.

"Kiryu," the arrogant and dreadfully slow voice greeted. "I hope you have kept your hands to yourself."

I bit back a rude comment. My fangs dug into my bottom lip, blood sprung up and I licked it off. "That's none of your business, Kuran."

"Indeed. However, that is my future wife. You seem not to realize that."

Sebastian was obviously eavesdropping because he snickered under his breath. "Zero fucked her and everything!" he shouted. Damn! Sebastian is so moronic.

"You have a friend with you?"

"What if I do? I can't be a hundred percent sure that I won't be attacked as soon as I get there."

"Have faith in me, Kiryu. If you weren't returning her to me, then most likely, yes, I would attack you. Shall I give you the address now, then?" His voice irritated me to no end, I couldn't bear another five minutes on the phone with him.

I sighed and then replied with a curt yes. He gave me the address and then hung up abruptly. Sebastian's face looked amused in the rear-view mirror and I scowled, not even wanting to give him the satisfaction of annoying me successfully.

Once we arrived, I could tell already that there were more than twenty vampires in that one hotel. Not all were a part of Kuran's group, though. I carried Yuki into the expensive hotel, running through the horrible, wet rain. I didn't even stop to wipe my boots off. The staff gave me wild looks as I passed through, but none said one thing to me surprisingly. The room was at the top level, the most luscious and luxurious part of the hotel.

The door was already open, he was leaning against the doorframe. Sebastian trudged past me and towards him. He was such an idiot. "I advise your friend to watch himself in there," he threatened in a deep and menacing tone. Sebastian was more than five feet away. "You can bring her in here."

As I walked into the room, fury and spite rose in me. All of his little followers were in there. They glared, hissing and baring their evil fangs. I kept my head down, shielding my face. Sebastian smirked at them, and boy, did it throw them off.

"He smells like a Drain-" Ruka began to whisper under her breath to Kain.

He turned to Souen Ruka and cocked his head to the side, pressing a leather-gloved hand to his chin. "You smell like a slobbering dog attached hopelessly to her master."

Aido growled. Ice formed on Sebastian's legs and slowly made its way up to his midsection. "Aido!" Kaname growled, whipping his sharp nails against his skin. The ice shattered abruptly with the smell of blood.

"You better knock it off, Sebastian," I threatened, my eyes narrowing at the smirking man.

"Zero, you may be my superior, but that doesn't mean I have to listen to you."

I could hear the snicker in Ruka's and Aido's empty heads, and I tried to ignore it best as possible. I was sick of it - Kaname's act to embarrass me, Sebastian's stupidity, my own foolishness and this idiotic girl in my arms.

"Go into that room-" Kaname pointed to another door across the room "-and set her on the bed. I'll give you two minutes."

Sebastian sighed, tugged at my arm and practically had to use all of his strength to uproot me from my spot. I was positive I looked like I wanted to kill someone. The room consisted of a large, plush bed, a bathroom scrubbed to the maximum shininess, and a great wall of windows. The room itself was three times bigger than the small living room back in the hideout. I wasn't surprised at all. The best for only the best, I suppose.

He whistled a low and astonished noise. "He's got some money."

"He's a Pureblood, what do you expect?" I laid Yuki on the bed, pulling down her completely dirty shirt so her pale stomach didn't show. I brushed her hair off of her neck so I could see the puncture wounds. They weren't going to go unnoticed. I told Sebastian to go in the bathroom and sit there for a few minutes. I shut the door to the outside room, ignoring Aido's loud and obnoxious protests.

I sat back down next to Yuki's limp body. Running my fingertips over her soft skin made me shiver. This would be the last time I'd ever see her. I had made up my mind. I was promising myself that if I did ever see her again, it'd be in Hell where all vampires belong.

Yuki, my first and only love. Why did you have to come back to me? You've caused me so much pain, I can't even bare to stare at your face anymore. You could barely imagine how many times I tried to get drunk, to try to lose myself in the euphoria of emptiness. That only happens when I'm drowning in the painful bloodlust, and it's not like I could satiate it easily. The blood tablets did help some . . . but not enough.

"Oh, Zero, you've lost!" Saoiji obnoxiously laughed, throwing down her cards to show a winning hand.

I groaned, taking another swig of alcohol. I pushed my pile of money to her and she took it greedily, stuffing it in her shirt. "Now you owe us something," she grinned. "Take your . . . shirt off!"


"What?" Sebastian protested. "It's the rules, man. Do it or die." He pulled out a dagger and held it between his two index fingers, one on the point of the blade and one on the other end.

I scoffed, shaking my head. "I never agreed to the 'strip' part of poker. I told you that before you got piss-faced drunk. Either way you haven't taken anything off."

"Do you wanna see that badly, Zero?" he grinned.

Midori stood up, her hands slamming down on the table. "Hurry the fuck up already, Zero! I want to see that chest of yours!" Takeshi wrapped his greedy hands around her waist to pull her back onto his lap. She wore nothing but her bra and underwear.

I took a deep breath through my nose. "Then I'm not playing anymore with you anymore. I'm not taking any garment of clothing off."

"Then I will," Saoiji giggled drunkenly. Unfortunately, and much to my dismay, she was naked except for the thong she had on. She sat down on my lap and tried to unbutton my shirt but I pushed her off.

"Don't do it. Or I swear to God you will regret it." Saoiji still continued to undo my shirt, finally, I let her. The warmth of her skin was too much for me to take in at once. Her skin was completely exposed, tanned and taut. The smell of blood and the chemicals in her perfume taunted me. My eyes turned a startling red, and I closed them, wanting to push her off, but couldn't.

Without thinking, I grasped the back of her head and I sank my teeth into her shoulder. She cried out then slumped forward onto me. I marveled at the taste of her damp skin mixed with the intoxicating mixture of blood.

"Zero's, sucking her blood, that ass!" Sebastian yelled, pointing. At that point, I couldn't care what they said. I needed the blood. I hadn't had blood tablets in weeks, and all of these thoughts of Yuki needed to be gone. This is what I had to do for the freedom from her iron grip.

" . . . more," Saoiji moaned. "No . . . no . . . more."

Finally the scene snapped into my mind. I flung her off of me, letting her crash into the round table and I ran my hand across my blood-stained mouth.

"Holy fuck," was the only sound in the room.

I came back to my senses seconds later to the new presence in the room. I had Yuki's hand pressed against my face, tears staining her porcelain skin. I could see why Kuran came into the room. Her blood had alerted him. "You've had enough time to say goodbye, Kiryu. It's time to leave." His posture was lax and peaceful, but his fangs were bared. "If you won't move, I can always help you."

Sebastian, being the nosy bastard he was, stuck his head into the room and then ran over to me. "Zero, it's time to go." Using all of his strength, he eventually peeled me from my spot. I refused to cooperate. I was suddenly too depressed to even open the door leading to the elevator.

"You're such a retard, you know that?" Sebastian threw me into the truck, slamming the door, and walked to the driver's side again. "Fucking stupid as hell."

He reached for another cigarette, his fingers were trembling with fright.

I didn't notice anything, only the hole that was in my chest. It throbbed and cursed me for being such a sympathetic creature. I didn't want to listen to it anymore. The pain rose and dropped, leaving me in a mental standstill. I couldn't think anymore. I wanted - no, needed to tell Sebastian something.

Finally we had pulled over for gas somewhere in Indiana. I didn't let Sebastian get back into the car, instead I pulled him into the nearby woods.

"Do you have your gun with you?"

"Yeah, why?" Sebastian flicked his burnt-out cigarette onto the ground. "Are your spidey-senses tingling?"

"Take it out." He pulled out his gleaming handgun, it shone brightly in the moonlight. I looked at him with sorrowful eyes. "Kill me. I want you to kill me now. Please, I'm begging you."

Nope. No. I refuse to tell you what happens! I think I'll make a sequel, but I'm not telling you how this one ends. I can tell you one thing, SOMEONE DIES! Gasp! Not telling who, and don't think the obvious. It can be anyone- Sebastian, Ruka, Zero, Kain, Takeshi, Midori, Kaname, Yuki, Aido or Kaien. Ya never know.