The Inoue/Arisawa Super Fun Field-trip Video Diaries.


(*the following footage will become extremely violent, so anyone with weak constitutions, Hemophobia, or is prone to nightmares should leave now. This series of recording begins with two girls, Inoue Orihime and Arisawa Tatsuki, as well as their friends, in front of their local high school...*)


Orihime; OK, we're ready to begin!

Tatsuki; Um, I hate to break it to you Hime, but you left the lens cap on.

Orihime; Darn it, I always forget to take it off!

*lens cap is removed*

Orihime; There, now we're ready to begin!

Tatsuki; Wait, you mean I have to do it too!?

Orihime; Well duh! I can very well leave my best friend out this, now can I? It is named after the both of us.

Tatsuki; But it's

Chizuru; Too cute!

Orihime; Oh, konichiwa, Chizuru-chan.

Tatsuki; What are you doing here?

Chizuru; I was just walking; there's no law against that, is there?

Tatsuki;*mutters under breath* For you, there should be.

Chizuru; Anyway, I saw what my little Hime was doing over here and I just had to come by and see!

Orihime; Aw, thank you, that's sweet.

Chizuru; Not as sweet as you are! In fact, if you got any sweeter I might get nosebleed.

*Tatsuki punches Chizuru, sends her flying*

Tatsuki; That enough nosebleed for you, ya damn pervert!

Chizuru; Oro...thank you sir may I have another?

Mizuiro; Oh, hey girls!

Orihime; Hi there Mizuiro-kun, where are you going in such a hurry?

Muzuiro; AP French. If I'm late for another class then Ochi-sensei will have my hide.

Tatsuki; I didn't know Ochi-sensei knew french.

Orihime; Me either.

Mizuiro; Neither did I before I started taking it. Oh, by the way, I just saw the rest of the girls heading to the bus; so you might want to hurry if you don't want to get left behind.

Orihime; Arigato, Mizuiro-kun! *Orihime drags Chizuru across grass* Ugh, Tatsuki, grab the camera and help me carry Chizuru-chan!

Tatsuki; Sinse when did I become your Roadie? And why are we carrying her anyway? I didn't hit her that hard; she should come around in a few minutes.

Orihime; But then she might miss the bus.

Tatsuki; Fine, but should we turn the camera off before we do? Chizuru's not as light as she looks and you wouldn't want to waste tape recording nothing.

Orihime; But it's digital.

Tatsuki; Sigh, you know what I mean.

Orihime; Wait, we still haven't done it yet!

Tatsuki; But-Oh whatever, let's just get this over with. I've been waiting for this trip all semester, I'll only end up missing it if I argue with you, anyway.

Orihime; Yea! I'm Inoue!

Tatsuki;*unenthusiastic* And I'm Arisawa.

Orihime; And these are, badubadubadubadubadup!

Both; The Inoue/Arisawa Super Fun Field-trip Video Diaries.

Orihime; See, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Chizuru;*weakly* Perfect, as usual....

Tatsuki; WHO ASKED YOU!?! *hits Chizuru again*

----(Scene changes)----

Orihime; Isn't this fun, Tatsuki? We're going to stay at a real mountain temple!

Tatsuki; For once, you're right. It feels so great just to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. *looks behind her, turns back quickly* Though Chizuru here I don't know how much peace and quite we'll really have.

Michiru; I agree; she's kind of scary.

Orihime; Oh, hey there Michiru-chan, I didn't know you were sitting in front of me.

Tatsuki; Yeah, don't you normally sit with Kunieda-san?

Michiru; Well, Chizuru-chan was harrasing her earlier, so now she's in one of her "moods"-

Tatsuki; Point taken.

Michiru; -and Mahana-chan is making sure Ryo-chan doesn't kill anybody, so I really wouldn't be much help there.

Orihime; Aw, don't worry, you can sit with us!

Michiru; Arigato, Inoue-chan. *Michiru climps over seat and sits between Orihime and Tatsuki* Um, what are you doing with that camera?

Orihime; We're making super awesome video diaries about the trip!

Michiru; Really?

Tatsuki;*wryly* I know. I couldn't believe it when she first told me, either.

Orihime; It just sounded like such a fun trip that I had to record every minute of it!

Tatsuki; Hey, Orihime, exactly what did you eat before we left?

Orihime; Well, I think it was teryaki chicken with red bean paste, octopus, Starbursts, and mayonnaise, all on pumpernickel rye bread! Why?

*Tatsuki and Michiru sweatdrop, Tatsuki looks green*

Tatsuki; Never mind.

Mahana; Sigh, it'll forever be a mystery how that girl can eat what she does and have that figure.

Michiru; Oh, Mahana-chan! Did something happen with Ryo-chan?

Mahana; Nah, she just got too engrossed in her book.

Tatsuki; Yeah, she sure does love to read.

Mahana; I am a bit concerned that someone might accidentally set her off if they say the wrong things to her, though.

Orihime; Like what?

Tatsuki; Let me guess, anything to do with Chizuru, right?

Mahana;*nods* Yep.

Orihime; Ooh, maybe if I interview her for the diaries, it'll cheer her up!

Tatsuki; Whoa, hold your horses there, Sport. Maybe we should just leave her alone for now, 'K?

Chizuru; Leave who alone?

Tatsuki; Ack! I thought you were still unconscious.

Chizuru; Oh, I came to just now. So, who's getting left alone?

Tatsuki; None of your fricking beeswax!

Orihime; Tatsuki, that's rude.

Mahana; Ryo-chan's in one of her moods.

Chizuru; Really, why?

*everyone sweatdrops*

Mahana; It's probably best you don't know.

Chizuru; Um. OK? Sure.

Michiru; By the way, Hime-chan, what's so special about this temple we're staying at?

Orihime; You mean you don't know?!

Michiru*blushing fiercely* I was kind of distracted when they told us about it.

Mahana; Hey, Ryo, could we see that brochure for that temple? *Ryo deftly throws brochure without looking up from her book. Mahana catches it* Thanks!

Michiru;*reading brochure* "Built twenty years before the beginning of Meiji, the Isshida shrine has always been a reliable stopover for travelers with it's family run service, captivating mountain views, and beautiful sakura gardens. Since it's rebuild in 1946 after a mysterious fire, it has been an excellent example of Western and Eastern blended architecture."

Orihime; Wow! It sounds so cool!

Tatsuki; Except for that fire. I'm surprised it's still open to the public after that.

Chizuru; Pfft! Don't be such a worry-wart, Ari-kun. That was over sixty years ago. I'm certain nothing like that will happen while we're there.

Tatsuki; Oh, and you'd know, right? Since when did you turn into an omnicient wise-woman!? And don't call me "Ari-kun".

Mahana; I'm going back with Ryo-chan, at least with her it'll be quieter.

Orihime;*to camera* And this only the bus ride up! Imagine the fun we'll have when we actually get there!

Chizuru;*suggestively* Mmm, yes, what fun indee-urk!

*Tatsuki chops Chizuru on the back of her neck*

Tatsuki; Don't you have any shame!

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