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Davis: Hey, didn't you write a script for this?

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Kai Luck: Thank God. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah! The author's notes! Well, this is an AU that hit me when I was getting ready to go home and it just hit me like a freight train! About seven hours later, I'm now writing this and-yeah.

Sunmon: Hey, what's taking so long? Why don't you start the story already?

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DC al Coda


How precious is time? How can change in an outcome change a timeline forever? We all know of the story of the Digidestined and their battle against the Digimon Emperor.

His beginning started because of a dark remains of a Digimon that was newly defeated, taking a dark destiny that was truly meant for someone else. How can a timeline change if he didn't save his friend and wasn't infected?

What if it was something else happened? Now, my friends, we take a DC al Coda back to the beginning, like a piece of music to see it be played differently. From the fatal loins of one single battle, a world can change. Destiny is a cruel tyrant, as is such a destiny for a boy caught dead in a battle with his own partner.

The young boy watched with startled eyes. Could all this be happening? How-? "Ryo!" shouted the young boy but the computer screen kept him from seeing his friend. All the boy knew was that something bad was happening. He cursed his sickly body at that moment.

The boy didn't just want to stand there and watch his friend fight but he had no choice as his power here was useless. Milleniummon was killing his friend but in return, the boy fought back with his partner just as hard. Everything was going horribly on both sides.

Then, something unexpected happened: the computer screen went blank and fuzzed like a TV that had no signal. Finally, it was picked back up and with wide eyes, Ken watched as the floating island explode.

"Ryo!" The boy watched in horror as debris rained down into the ocean. "No. No! NO!"

On the other-side of the connection, Gennai let out a gasp of horror. "Ryo!" he too cried. In a flash, flying Digimon took to the sky and swimming Digimon took to the sea.

From outside the room, the boy's parents burst into the room, anxious about the sudden outburst from their son. Shun Ichichoji looked towards the computer monitor and saw a group of monsters flying and swimming away from the screen. "Ken, you know you shouldn't be watching movies this late," he said, trying to shush him.

His mother, Tamiko Ichichoji, cradled her son and tried to comfort him. "It's only a movie," she said in a soft whisper but that only mad the young boy angry. He shoved himself away from her and crawled into bed.

"It wasn't a movie!" he sobbed. Why couldn't they see that he had lost something else that was valuable to him? First his brother, now his friend. What else could happen? What else could go wrong?

Shun and Tamiko weren't sure what to do. They did come to a tacit agreement that no movies with people dying were to be seen by Ken for a while, ever since his older brother was buried in the ground. They left him to wallow with reluctant looks. Before leaving after his wife, Shun turned off the computer screen and shut the door behind him.

Oh, how destiny is a cruel tyrant. Like a DC al Coda, we head back to the beginning but the sheet of music has fallen away and time must improvise. In improvising, changes in the original score are made but the audience doesn't know except those who have played the piece before.

Destiny takes it course.

Overture: End.

Davis: What was with the weird DC al Coda thingy? I don't get it! I'm not a math person!

Kai Luck: It isn't math, it's music. A DC al Coda is a repeat thingy where you go back to the beginning and play music again until you get to a sign and jump to a coda, an alternate ending. Those of you who take any music lessons or had music in school may know what I'm talking about.

Davis: I'm still confused.

Sunmon: I don't get it either. Let's leave the musician be, okay, Davis.

Kai Luck: Whatever. Okay, how about we end it here. See everyone next chapter!

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