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DC al Coda

Chapter 3: Light and Hope

I hate how helpless how me and Kari are. It just doesn't seem really fair. The two of us keep coming to the Digital World with the other three but we're always on the sidelines, unable to do anything. If only we had DigiEggs or if there wasn't those Dark Towers, then at least Patamon could Digivolve into Angemon. My question is, are we all obsolete? Once we're used, we're no longer needed? Why did Gennai chose new Digidestined when he has millions to chose from and even better: the eight of us. I just don't get it. I just hope we can do some good. I hate just sitting around. We have to keep an eye out for the new Digidestined though.

-Takeru Takishi

TK stretched. The day was a Sunday and it had been three days since they had heard about the fourth Digidestined. This new person could have been any number of children but the thing was was that this Digidestined knew what he or she knew what they were doing. Most likely their Digimon had explained everything to them already and they were doing what they could. Still, the Digidestined needed to find whoever it was; the more they had for their "little army", the better.

The blond sighed, bored. His mother was out working on a story. He knew his father and brother were busy at the moment, even being in seperate houses. His father, Hiroaki Ishida, worked for a TV company and his older brother, Yamato Ishida, would be at band practice.

It would be an hour before he would be able to meet the others at the closed school. Patamon flew to him, just waking up from a nap. "Hey, TK, what'cha doing?" he asked, yawning.

"Nothing much," TK replied to his partner. "I'm just bored."

Patamon landed on the table next to the chair where the blond sat. "Maybe we could go meet Yolei and get snacks before we go to the Digital World," he suggested. TK noticed that his partner's mouth was slightly watering.

"You just love those Twinkies, don't you?" TK teased and Patamon laughed. "All right," said the boy to the girble Digimon. "I'll go and see Yolei and Poromon. I'm sure they're not doing anything right now."


Whack! Cody smacked his kendo stick against his opponent's, gaining a step. He relentlessly kept at it until his opponent was able to block it and give himself a wide opening where he was able to land a blow to the head. Cody had lost the match. Sighing to himself, Cody yeilded and the two combatents sat down for a break. They both took off their helmets and turned to each other. "Cody," said his opponent, his grandfather named Chikara Hida looked down at him. "You have a lot on your mind, don't you?"

Cody nodded. "Yes, Grandfather," the boy answered, respectably. "A lot has happened in the last few days, that's all."

Chikara sat down next to his grandson. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asked.

The boy shook his head. "No," he answered. His grandfather would most likely think he was crazy. For the last couple of days, he'd been having mixed feelings about the Digital World. He still wasn't sure it was a dream or if it really needed him. He turned to his grandfather.

"Grandfather," Cody began. "Why did my dad become a policeman?"

His grandfather turned to him, almost puzzled by Cody's question. "I don't know why, since I wasn't Hiroki, but I believe that he did it because it was his obligation as a human. Your father was always selfless, defending those who needed someone to stand up for them and giving a hand to those who needed it," answered Chikara. "That's why he was in the police force and died protecting the polotician. Why do you ask?"

Cody looked down. "I was just wondering," he answered, hoping his grandfather wouldn't push for a question.

Chikara nodded and grinned at his grandson. He went to a shopping bag and pulled out two packets of slurpable yogurts. He handed one to Cody, who took it and stared at it for a minute. "Oh, I love these!" said the grandfather, giddy as a child on Christmas morning. "I always loved these since you never needed a spoon."

Cody smiled at his grandfather and began slurping the yogurt from the packet.


Kari blinked. I fallen asleep again, haven't I? she wondered to herself. Gatomon was at the kitchen table, drinking a cup of milk. Her mother and father were away for a shopping trip. Tai came out of his room and looked at his younger sister.

For the last couple of nights, she had been having nightmares. Tai knew this, even if his sister refused to tell him. Kari had also been a tad bit jumpy and tired. The girl yawned again.

Kari checked her watch. "Hey, Gatomon," she said to the Digimon at the table. "It's time to go." Gatomon nodded and jumped into her partner's arms, leaving the milk on the table. "Tai, do you think you can take care of that?" she asked, pointing towards the milk before leaving the apartment.

Tai sighed. "I wish I was able to go to the Digital World," he said to himself. "I'm just completely useless there and I have to cover for everyone else."


The five humans and five Digimon went to the Digital World. Izzy was acting as a watchtower, keeping tabs on the land and the energy feilds and making sure nothing was out of turn. A sudden beeping from all their D-3s alterted the Digidestined when they touched down in the Digital World, once again in a forest area.

They all took out their devices to see two dots blinking wildly at them. "A new DigiEgg?" questioned Cody curiously.

"But we already have ours," Yolei pointed out.

"Maybe it's the new kid's DigiEgg?" suggested TK.

"Maybe we should go and look for it before we're attacked by the Mikado," purposed Patamon, landing on the ground next to Gatomon. The kitten Digimon agreed with a nod.

Just as they were about to get going, a rock fell past them. "You!" shouted a voice from somewhere. "Get out of here, Mikado scum!" Suddenly, a boy with unkept and spikey dark brown hair and brown eyes approached the group followed by a bear cub about half his size wearing a blue baseball cap and blue wrapping around his fists. The boy wore tan gloves, baggy tan pants, a red short sleeve zip up, black tennis shoes, and a yellow scarf tied around his neck. A yellow backpack was strapped over his shoulders.

Patamon, Gatomon, and Veemon gaped. "You're the final Digidestined?" asked Davis nonchalantly. He walked over to him, ignoring the comment about being "Mikado scum" and held out a hand.

"Ryo?" asked Veemon, dumbstruck. Davis looked back at his partner.

"You know him, Veemon?"

The new comer looked at Veemon with question written upon his face. "Do I know you?" he asked. "I know you're a Veemon but I'm not this 'Ryo' everyone thinks I am."

"Ryo?" asked TK. "That name sounds familiar."

Patamon nodded. "Back when Milleniummon was terrorizing the Digital World three years ago, he had kidnapped all of you. Ryo joined up with Agumon and saved us all. When he saved you from being frozen in stone, you were out of it, TK."

"The same thing must have happened to me," said Kari. "I can vaguely remember the name."

"How can he be Ryo, though?" wondered Gatomon. "I remember hearing he died in an explosion along with Milleniummon about two and a half years ago."

The boy then nodded. "Yeah," he said. "How can I be this 'Ryo' if he's been dead for two years? My name is Noah. Now, what are you doing here? Have you come looking for me for the Mikado? I'm not going without a fight!"

"We're not working for the Mikado!" cried Yolei at the same time Cody asked, "The Mikado's looking for you?"

Noah gave them a skeptical look. "If you're not working for the Mikado then who are you?" he asked.

"We're the Digidestined," Davis said before TK took over before doing something stupid.

"We're fighting against the Mikado," he added. "You must be one of us since you have a Digimon with you and you have been able to get into the Digital World."

"Digidestined?" he asked. "What do you mean about coming into the Digital World? I've been here for as long as I could remember."

This caught everyone off guard. As they tried asking him for information but were cut off when a loud roar stopped them cold. That's when the five remembered that they were in the Mikado's territory. They looked back to see a group of Flarelizardmon, Dobermon, and Dinohumon rushing at them.

Gatomon hissed at the Dobermon that launched themselves at her. Jumping over them, she punched one in the head while Patamon fired a Air Shot at another.

Davis, Yolei, and Cody had their Digimon Armor Digivolve into Flamedramon, Halsemon, and Digmon. Digmon made a crater in the earth to cut off a majority of the approaching Digimon allowing Flamedramon and Halsemon take care of the ones that had made it over to them.

Noah's partner, Bearmon, had swiped at one of the three Dobermons that had managed to get over to their side. The humans ducked out of the way as the Dinohumon that had followed the Dobermons tried to cut them down.

"I wish I could Digivolve," cried Bearmon towards his partner. Noah agreed as he jumped out of the way of a black energy blast.

"We have to find those DigiEggs," Cody cried towards Kari and TK. The two nodded. Knowing that they would just be third wheels, Kari and TK followed Cody. He looked back at Digmon. "Digmon, you keep them at bay until we get back."

"Got it, Cody," answered Digmon before drilling another fissure into the ground.

Cody, TK, and Kari ran off in the direction of the signal. Kari pulled a reluctant Noah along with them and Bearmon followed along with Gatomon and Patamon.


The four followed it into a nearby cave. The humans caught their breath. "Why don't you know what a Digidestined is?" asked TK.

"I just don't, okay, blonde?" answered Noah. "All I know is that when I got here and met Bearmon, the Mikado was after me and I had this thing." The dark haired boy pulled out a Digivice that was the same model as TK and Kari's.

"You must be one of the International Digidestined," Kari said. "Izzy mentioned those. Which country are you from?"

"I don't know," Noah answered. "I don't feel like talking about it either, so how about we drop it and find whatever we're looking for?"

TK sighed angrily. "You don't have to be like that," muttered the blond. "We just want to know why you're here."

Down the corridor of the cave, Cody noticed two things gleaming in the twilight. "Hey, are those the DigiEggs?" he asked, pointing towards the objects. The seven crept closer.

"Hey, those have the Crests of Light and Hope," Kari noted when they got closer. One DigiEgg looked like some sort of white bird hiding itself in its wings and was wearing a gold Egyptian burial mask. The other was a gold helmet looking object with bat like wings coming out of the top and fur sticking out of the back.

"Two?" wondered TK. "But I thought that there was only one other Digidestined." A surge of hope ran through the two. Could they be for us? he thought.

"Maybe Noah should try it," suggested Cody.

"Yeah," agreed Kari. TK frowned at what she was saying. Didn't she want to help kick Mikado butt?

Noah followed the instructions that Cody told him. He approached the one bearing the Crest of Light and tried picking it up. It wouldn't budge. Noah turned back towards the and raised an eyebrow. "Try the other," suggested Bearmon. The boy did the same with the one bearing the Crest of Hope on it but got the same result.

Defeated, Noah walked back towards his partner. "Well, what a load that did," muttered the boy.

Patamon approached the DigiEgg of Hope. "TK, Kari, you two give it a try," he said.

"But we already have you guys," objected Kari.

"It's worth a try, isn't it?" said Gatomon, walking over to join Patamon. "Even if you get new Digimon, we'll fight right by your side."

"But-" Kari began but was cut off by Cody and TK.

"We don't have time," the two stated. Kari gave in and went up with TK. TK wished that it'd work for him and Kari. It just had too! On the other hand, Kari felt guilty. If this DigiEgg didn't belong to her, she would be stealing it from its rightful owner.

Just as they got only a foot away from the two eggs, there was a bright yellow and pink glow from their pockets. Alarmed, they pulled out their Digivices only to watch dumbstruck as they turned into the same model as the other three Digidestined had. Kari's had a pink grip while TK's had a green grip.

The two looked to each other with looks of surprise and happiness on their faces: they weren't obsolete after all. With renewed confidence, the two picked up the DigiEggs. In bright flashes of pink and yellow light along with the shout of "DigiArmor, Shinka," Gatomon and Patamon evolved.

Now each were winged animals. Gatomon had became a white sphinx with a gold and silver Egyptian burial mask over her face and chest armor. Patamon had became an orange winged horse wearing a gold helmet over his face and gold boots over his legs.

"Gatomon, your evolution is beautiful," commented Kari as she patted the new Digimon. "Now we don't have to walk."

"Let's just hope I can break these wings in quickly," joked the Digimon. "It's the nice thing about being Nefertimon, I guess."

TK hugged the horse's muzzle. "This is great, buddy!" he exclaimed.

"Yes," agreed the winged horse. "Now that I'm Pegasusmon, I can now help out."

"Let's get going," suggested Cody, breaking up the celebration. "Yolei and Davis need our help."

"Right," the new recruits agreed. The three hoped on the backs of their Digimon but before taking off, Kari noticed that Noah and Bearmon had disappeared.

"I don't know," answered TK, "but we don't have time to look for him now."


Yolei, Davis, Veemon, Hawkmon, and Armadillomon had been sent running after being overpowered. They had managed to free two FlameLizardmon before the Dobermon and Dinohumon had made the Digimon de-evolve. "Gah, where are the others?" cried Yolei as she and their Digimon ran for it.

The next thing they knew was that they were cut off by a raging river in front of them with no way across. When they tried to run one way, the Dobermon herded them into running the other but Dinohumon had stopped them. The Dobermon growled and snarled and Dinohumon pulled out one of his swords. Just when they were about to leap for the kill, attacks rained down on the three Digimon.

Looking up, they saw two flying animals firing needles and lasers. "Hey, it's Kari!" cheered Davis.

"And Cody and TK!" added Yolei.

The two Digimon turned towards each other in mid flight and created a golden rope with the shout of "Golden Noose." They used it to tie up the Dobermon that had began running towards them. Dinohumon rushed in to attack them with his giant swords but Nefertimon and Pegasusmon rose into the air to dodge it.

Davis and Yolei took advantage of this and had Veemon and Hawkmon Armor Digivolve. Halsemon and Flamedramon took care of the rings on the Dobermon while Nefertimon and Pegasusmon took care of Dinohumon.

The three Digimon collapsed. They went through the regular questions and answers before the Digimon ran off. "And good riddance," muttered Gatomon towards the Dobermon that ran off. "I've never liked those pure breed mutts."

Kari giggled as she picked up Gatomon. Davis ran over to her. "That was amazing! You guys are part of the team, then?" he said. "You looked amazing out there, Kari!"

"Yeah, what am I? Chopped liver?" said TK rolling his eyes with a smile. Patamon landed on his head.

"You didn't do anything, TP," Davis said. "It was all Kari." Kari just sighed along with Patamon and Gatomon.

"Hey, where's Noah?" asked Yolei. "I didn't see him running with us. Was he with you?"

Cody nodded. "When we were about to join back up with you guys, he just disappeared into thin air."

"No one can just disappear, Cody," pointed out Armadillomon. "Maybe he tunneled out?"

Hawkmon shook his head. "I highly doubt that humans are able to do that. As weird as their culture is, I don't think they can do that," he said.

"We better get going," suggested Kari. "It's getting late. Maybe Izzy can contact Gennai about Noah. He didn't even know what a Digidestined was. Maybe Tai and the others know who he is."

"But he still looked like Ryo," said Veemon. "I don't think Ryo had a little brother."


Bearmon had known the cave like the back of his hand but he admitted that he had never seen those Eggs there before. "I never thought that the Digidestined were going to be called," he said to Noah as he sat on a rock. "Why did we have to go anyway? They seemed to know you. They might have known where you came from."

Noah looked back at his partner with a cynical look. "No one knows where I came from," he said. "They said Ryo was dead, so they can't know me."

"But-," argued Bearmon but cut himself off. He sighed. "All right, Noah. I was just thinking that it could help with your amnesia."

I'm glad that we can help out Davis and the others. Since me and TK are more experienced, we could help out a whole lot. I was hoping that we could find the sixth Digidestined but instead, we found Noah. Why is he here? Why did he say that he had been in the Digital World for "as long as he could remember"? What did that mean, even? Something doesn't add up at all. No one seems to know about him. We have to find him and the sixth Digidestined before the Mikado does.

-Hikari Kamiya

Chapter 3: End.

It kind of annoyed me that TK and Kari didn't feel left out in the first few episodes when they weren't able to fight. Wouldn't they feel useless since they couldn't evolve because they didn't have their Crests and the Dark Towers restricted Digivolving? OH! It's a OC! Don't worry, he's not the sixth member, as you all may know. XD That's Ken.

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