OK so this is the second installment of my series Crash and Burn the First part is Halo. Which you'll probably need to read to understand this. Enjoy.
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Jenny smiled cruelly as the loud shot echoed through the hills. She stood and watched Donna fall to the ground before running to the top of one of the hills. She knew her dad would show up sooner or later. The gasps of pain coming from Donna's mouth forced her to smile wider. She'd always hated Donna. Far too cosy with her dad, she was. Not anymore.

The sound of the TARDIS forcing itself into existence pulled her out of her thoughts. She stood up knowing she would be silhouetted against the brightness of the sun. Her father would have no idea who she was, even if he looked directly at her. She was once again puled out of her thoughts by her dad repeating Donna's name over and over. She watched as her father cradled Donna's upper body in his lap and telling her he was sorry he wasn't here sooner.

Jenny's eyes didn't leave him once as he scooped up Donna and walked towards the TARDIS or even when he abruptly stopped and turned so he was facing her. Unknown to her the Doctor could pick out certain features of her face and body. She once again smiled cruelly as she stared into his eyes and whispered to herself "I became this because i dont want to be you". It was time for her to leave now. So she did. She ran as fast as she could. To her home. To her unsuspecting family.

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