La Blue Wizard
a Harry Potter/La Blue Girl cross-over fic

A/N: This was born sparked by a plot bunny posted by hellishlord in the Seel'vor Yahoo Group. It deviates significantly from his idea though, so don't blame him if you don't care for this story line. Also, I'm not into manga/hentai, and have only picked up bits and pieces of the Shikima story from the Seel'vor group and wiki. There's near certainty that I'll muck up the "La Blue Girl" side of the story, so apologies to all hentai fans in advance. This story will stay firmly in the HP universe, with no current plans for Miko and her friends to make cameo appearances.

Finally, many of you may know that I've posted this WIP elsewhere. Over the past year, I've seen M-rated stories on this site that extend well beyond what I had thought that rating meant. Using those fics as a guideline, my earlier concerns about content appear quaint. So this is for those of you who might not have seen this on other sites...I've done a bit of nip and tuck to tone a few scenes down, but nothing major. The posting also gives the others a chance to refresh memories in advance of a major update, and gives me the chance to re-read, review and revise after having put the story on my back burner for most of a year.

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Chapter 1: The Wet Nurse

It took a few moments for Emmeline Vance to remember why she woke up with a smile on her face. It was, after all, a miserably cold and wet December morning, and smiles had been in increasingly short supply as Voldemort and his Death Eaters ramped up the rate of their attacks.

"Oh, yes…how could I forget?" she thought to herself. "Tea with Lily this afternoon."

Looking at her bedside clock, the nineteen-year old witch decided that she could afford a few more minutes of lay-about. She snuggled back underneath her duvet, and wondered what her friend was doing right at that moment.

"Something that I probably wish I was doing, no doubt," she thought.

It had been far too long since her last get together with Lily. They had seen each other at Order meetings, of course, but that was all about the War. And their schedule rarely allowed time to meet otherwise...between Emmy's apprenticeship at the barrister's, and Lily's job doing whatever she did at the Department of Mysteries. And then there was Lily's year-old marriage to James.

James…now there was a perfect excuse for a smile on a witch's face and a damp spot on her knickers.

Lily's husband was, of course, part of the reason why the visits had dropped off…given everything that happened before their marriage, and the "accident" that had taken place just after the honeymoon. Ever since that day, James had been very careful to make sure that he was at work (or better still, out of town), whenever his wife invited any of her female friends over for tea. Not that Lily had ever blamed anyone for that unplanned orgy involving James, herself, and her three bridesmaids…these sorts of things were almost expected when you married a wizard with demonic heritage and a nearly-insatiable sex drive.


Fingers that had crept towards her knickers on their own initiative suddenly seemed small and inadequate, as images flashed in sequence through her brain.

She needed her "Octo-Jimmy."

The wand kept under Emmy's pillow at night was quickly drawn, and pointed towards a blue flurry plushie that was sitting on top of her duvet. She touched the wand's tip to the stuffed octopus's head and sang the activation phrase.

"I'd like to be…under the sea…"

The magically charmed plushie animated in response. A smile grew on its face, two blue bull horns grew out of its head, and each of the eight tentacles began to extend in length.

Octo-Jimmy had been a gift from Lily, presented to all of her "special friends" on the night she announced her engagement, and declared that from that night forward, she alone would be meeting her future husband's "special needs." The present was a consolation prize of sorts…a reflection of both Lily's magnificent charms work, and James's magnificent appendages.

Emmy reached out to bring the toy closer to her chest, but it had other ideas. One of the tentacles wrapped itself around her hand and pinned it down against one corner of the bed. A second tentacle caught the witch's other hand and extended it out on the other side. The plushie then used these two points of contact to lift itself up into the air, so that its other tentacles could make quick work of removing both the covers and Emmy's knickers.

The now naked witch let out a moan of pleasure as arms darted out and wrapped themselves around each of her ankles. She spread and lifted her legs, helping the plushie do its work as it tied her feet to the front bed posts.

The four remaining limbs then reached down and made much more intimate skin contact. Two arms wrapped themselves around the base of her breasts and began to tease her hardened nipples. The final two found targets farther down Emmy's bared torso, and she cried out in delight at the double penetration.

Lily Evans Potter had first-hand knowledge of what made her good friend Emmeline Vance all hot and bothered. First-mouth knowledge as well, and all of that information had been programmed into "Octo-Jimmy". The toy knew just the right spots to tickle...just the right depths to plunge to…and just the right speeds to stroke. The results, therefore, were predictable and completely reproducible. Within minutes, Emmeline Vance was riding the crest of the first of multiple orgasms.

When the waves began to bunch together to form a nearly-continuous peak, and when every nerve ending in her body tingled in near-paralysis, Emmy shouted out the "safe word" that brought Octo-Jimmy back under control. Arms and legs were released, breasts were unwrapped, and points of penetration emptied.

As the sweat poured off of her body and she regained control of her breathing, Emmy reached down and petted the plushie that now sat on her stomach.

"Thank you, Jimmy," she hissed.

The charmed toy winked in response to the deactivation phrase, and went limp.

The witch pulled the plushie to her chest, squeezed her legs together, and rolled over onto her stomach. She praised Morgana...both for Lily Potter's skills as a witch, and for the source of her inspiration.

And not for the first time wondered just how truthful her friend Alice had been when she claimed to have stopped using her own "Octo-Jimmy" once she became Mrs. Longbottom.


"So tell me, Miss Vance," Lily asked teasingly, as she poured the tea. "Have you met any hot wizards at the barrister's office?"

"Not really," Emmy sighed.

"Any hot witches, then?"


"What?" the hostess asked with a sly grin. "It never seemed to matter much back at Hogwarts, did it?"

"No, it's just that...well, after James, it's been bloody impossible to find someone to fill my needs."

"Fill your needs, or just fill you?"


Lily snorted. "You haven't become addicted to your plushie, have you?"

"No, of course not," Emmeline said defensively. "So how about James and you...any problems meeting his needs?"

"No," the red-haired witch replied with a smile. "In fact, I may have done too good of a job of keeping my husband in a thoroughly shagged-out state."

"What do you..."

Emmeline looked at her friend's face and recognized a certain type of glow.

"Oh, Lily!" she said with excitement. "Don't tell me that you're...."

"Pregnant?" the witch replied, as she nodded and reflexively placed her hands on her stomach.

And there was much squealing, and hugging, and shed tears of joy.

"Oh, I'm so happy for you!" Emmy exclaimed. "What was James's reaction?"

"He's thrilled, of course."

"How far along are you?"

"Just six weeks."

"So is it a boy or a girl?"

"It's much too early to tell, even with magic."

Emmy nodded. "But can you tell if it will have...if it will take after James?"

Lily shook her head, and admitted that they had no idea if or when that could be determined.

"But surely this has happened before, right?" asked Emmy. "I mean...James?"

"Unfortunately, his parents have passed, and aren't around to say one way or the other," Lily replied. "We haven't found any information on who might have helped deliver wasn't Poppy, and there just aren't any British Healers with expertise in prenatal care for partly-demonic newborns."

"Maybe not British, but Japanese?"

Lily shook her head. "That was one of the things we tried to find out during the honeymoon in Japan. I'm sure that there are Japanese ninja-midwives who could tell us, but the clans were very tight-lipped and most unhelpful when we made inquires."

Emmeline expressed sympathy and patted Lily's thigh.

"So what about Poppy?"

Lily nodded. "Madame Pomfrey was the one who confirmed my pregnancy, and she's already promised her help. She doesn't know what to expect with the pregnancy, but at least she's aware of James's condition."

"So what can I do to help?" Emmy asked. "Research? Organize a baby shower? Whatever I can do, just let me know."

"You might want to be careful issuing blanket offers of help, sweetheart."

"Why is that?"

"Because...well...don't know how I can ask..."

Emmeline noticed a blush growing on her friend's face.

"Oh, come on Lils," she said. "After all that you and I have been through...after all that we've shared...not to mention whom we've shared..."

That last part had been added as a joke, but it appeared to have backfired when Lily bit down on her lip and a tear formed in her eye.

"Oh, Emmy, I'm so worried!" the pregnant witch cried. "I'm going to be so big, and ugly, and how am I going to be able keep James happy?"

Lily's friend reached out and pulled her close friend into a hug. "Hush, now...none of that. Have you expressed these fears to James?"

"Yes, and he says that he loves me, and I'll be even more beautiful, and he doesn't need anyone else, but..."

"So there you go."

"But that's not all," Lily said with a sniff. "What if it is a baby boy with James's heritage? What if he transforms inside of me, or right after he's born? He'll need more than mother's milk to keep his demon in check!"

These newly expressed concerns caused a good bit of confusion.

"But didn't James's first transformation take place when he turned sixteen?"

Lily nodded into her friend's shoulder and replied, "But that's not normal...his parents never mentioned his heritage while they were alive, but they left a note with their wills. There was a magical block placed on his demon-side until his sixteenth birthday."

"But why would his parents have done that?"

"Think about it, Emmy...think about what a part-Shikima needs."

"Oh, yeah...good point...once James turned sixteen he blended in with all of the other horny teen-aged wizards."

When Lily agreed, Emmy asked, "So wouldn't putting the same kind of block on your son work?"

Lily sighed, and sat back up in her chair.

"James doesn't want to even consider it."

"Why not?"

"There are some good reasons, actually...beyond James's comparison to what he called 'the barbaric Muggle practice of male circumcision'."

"Like what?"

"Well, first off, the block wouldn't eliminate the need to just delays it, creating all kinds of pent-up frustration and hunger that's released all at once when the block is removed. You remember what James was like those first few months, don't you?"

"Oh, yes…I remember," Emmeline admitted. "How could I, or Alice, or Carol ever forget?"

"Then you can understand how reluctant I am to have a child of mine go through a similar situation."

"Oh, I don't know, Lily...I don't remember you or James complaining too much back then."

"Stop it," the auburn-haired said with a bit of a scowl. "Even if that wasn't an issue, Poppy is fairly certain that James's block negatively affected his magic. He was, if you recall, rather unsteady with a wand during those first months."

"No, actually, I don't recall," Emmy said with a smile. "From what I remember, he spent far more time playing with all of his other wands. So did you."

"Well, even was an issue. And there's a third to explain to our child why daddy is a little bit...different?"

Emmy grinned, and quipped, "As well as explaining why Mummy and Daddy need five or six 'naps' each day?"

Lily's friend was busy laughing at her own joke, when a terrible thought came to mind. Her face paled, and she asked, "So if you're thinking about having a baby boy feeding, just like his daddy does...surely, you're not asking me to shag..."

"No, no, no...oh, Merlin, no!" Lily said with a severe shake of her head. "How could you even think that?"

"Well, that's how you keep James's demon side under control, isn't it?"

"Yes, turns out that James doesn't have to be physically involved in producing the sexual energy that he feeds on."

"He doesn't?" Emmy asked sharply. "That's not what he told us back in school!"

Lily pursed her lips. "Yes, I am quite aware of that fact, and I was most displeased when I learned otherwise."

"How did you find out?"

"When I caught that that stray Death Eater hex, six months ago," Lily replied. "Remember how I was laid up and unconscious for a few days? When I first woke up, I expected James to be in a right state for not having fed."

"But he wasn't, was he?" Emmy asked. "I remember now...he was by your bedside, looking perfectly normal when you regained consciousness."

Lily nodded. "I wasn't very happy about it, and demanded to know who he'd fed off of...and that's when he explained that he didn't need to shag the women that were feeding him."

"He doesn't?"

"Doesn't have to be a woman, either."


"I guess orgasmic energy is orgasmic energy, whether it's male or female...straight or gay..."

"And he can get that energy without shagging a person?"

"Apparently so...the energy sticks with a person for a while, and James can tap into it later on with a handshake, or other flesh contact. Says if the energy level is high enough he doesn't even need to touch a person...he can soak it in from the air."

"So when you were laid up in hospital...."

Lily chuckled. "Apparently, you and and more than a few other visitors to my bedside had energy to spare...and energy to share everytime you gave my husband a consoling hug."

"What? I wasn't trying to...those hugs were innocent...didn't realize...and how...not like I was shagging anyone at the time?"

"Not even Octo-Jimmy?"

Emily caught her breath. "Really?"

"Energy is energy, I gather...doesn't matter if you have help generating it...or not."

Lily's friend pursed her lips. "I do hope you punished your husband for this factual omission back at Hogwarts. I'm sure there was no shortage of wankers in the boys' dormitories."

"Oh, yes...he was punished most severely."

"Good," Emmeline declared. "So we were talking about how your lovable demon-baby might need to feed, right?"

"Yeah, we were," Lily admitted. "It is my husband's 'expert' opinion that his sexual skills are so well-developed that the orgasms he gives me deliver far more energy than he can absorb all at once. But even if that's true...there's no way that I'm going down that path. Far too Oedipal and icky to think about my baby benefiting from my getting off that way."

"But not too icky if your son feeds off of another witch?" Emmy asked. "Don't you think your son would be able to absorb energy just like James? Whenever somebody with leftover wanking energy touched him?"

"Dunno," Lily admitted. "And I'm not so sure we'd want our child handled by a lot of different people, especially given how dangerous it is out in public right now."

"So, you'd rather rely upon one specific person...somebody like me?"

"Well, Emmy, you have to admit...aside from being a close friend, you would be a reliable source of energy, right?"

"And what are you implying?"

"That I did a good job enchanting your well-worn and often-used plushie?"

"Oh...gah!" blustered Emmeline.

Lily took in a deep breath, and then expelled it. She was about to apologize for even asking such an embarrassing favor of her friend, before a wicked grin on that friend's face gave her pause.

"What's so funny?"

Emmy smiled and replied, "I just realized that you're asking me to be your wet nurse."

The pregnant witch frowned. "No, I am definitely planning on breastfeeding my helps stabilize their magic, and helps their immune system, and helps bond with the parent, and..."

"No, no...I'm talking about a nurse who would need to be wet...someplace lower."

Lily's eyes went wide, and she slapped her friend's arm in disgust. Not that this disgust kept her from laughing out loud.

"Oh, are terrible!"

"But am I right?"

Lily was reluctantly forced to agree.