Chapter one- …indeed…

The day three mental teenagers walked into the skulduggery pleasant characters lives was a day full of swearing, singing, tears of laughter, and Fletcher on fire.

I COULD tell you about that day, and probably will, but not now. Because it is hard to explain a flying octopus, incense sticks on fire, dancing crabs, and jimmy the penguin boy. That's the world in a nutshell. So im now going to tell you, about a great deal of randomness…

Druna, Shakra, flaring, Valkyrie and Fletcher sat in the school canteen, staring at their none too appetizing food in disgust. Valkyrie wasn't entirely sure what was in her sandwich, but it did not look appealing

'I think my sandwich just moved' she said

'No kidding. Theres a whole new world in my soup' druna said, examining her soup with a microscope. 'here' she said, pushing the bowl and microscope towards valkyrie who peered through and was shocked to see thousands of little people dressed in plaid suits going about their daily life in drunas soup.

'Good lord' she muttered

Fletcher moved away from the soup

'What about your food, flaring?' Shakra asked

Flaring, all the while, had her head stuck in the soup cauldron, and she pulled it out and grinned

' I love this cauldron' she smiled


Druna opened her carton of green grapes and poured them out on the table.

'Oh look! That ones got a bit of black on it!' Shakra said, pointing to a black and white grape

The grape started to roll of the table

'Stop rolling, Michael!' druna said grabbing the grape

Flaring and Shakra nearly died laughing at the idea of Michael Jackson the multiethnic grape.

'I…grape….Michael!' flaring gasped, before laughing more

'big tuna!' shakra yelled

'What?' Fletcher asked, confused as usual



'I said rit-tit-tit-chu!'

'Dude stop breaking Fletcher by quoting Patrick Stump' druna muttered, squishing the mini world in her chicken soup.

'You take all the fun out of life'

Fletcher really wanted to back away.

Druna reached across the table suddenly and twisted fletchers nose. She did things like that. A lot.

'Oh no you did not just twist my nose'

'Fletcher, I believe I did'

'Oh, oh, yes of course'


' you know, we should all take dancing lessons…'