Inspired by the motion picture 'The Big Hit'
Ranma 1/2
'Easy Target'

"Special delivery from the Happy Riding Texas!" A cute and perky voice called to the servant's door. A burly Korean man opened it a crack.

"Who for?"

"Uhhhhh...." the redhead seemed to think, the door guard could almost see the wheels in her head, "Huei Jun Pa?"

The man's eyes narrowed before replying, "He didn't request any whores today."

"Oh! They said it was an emergency!" The redhead wearing the tight green leather petticoat and miniskirt with a black blouse replied frantically.

The man snorted, "I see... I haven't been told of any 'emergencies', so you won't mind having to wait to get this cleared?"

The redhead looked around nervously, and leaned in closer to the door, "Well, you didn't hear this from me, but he has the worst case of blue balls..."

"Is that so?"

"Absolutely!" The prostitute chirped up, "You know he's not gonna like you ask'n about it, but you ain't hear'n this from me."

"On my mother's grave," The man's eyes turned further into slits, this just had to be another down on her luck whore trying to get in to get herself a sugar daddy.

"And you don't wanna hold me up, his genitals can explode!" The woman then gestured a massive explosion, intending to explain the severity of the situation.

"That would be tragic..."

The redhead gave a huff of exasperation, obviously the man didn't believe her story, she should had come up with a better lie, "Well, if you need to clear it with Mr. Huei, Can I at least go to a comfy waiting room, it's kinda cold out here!"

The prostitute noted the stalky man's eye's travel down to bust level, his face lighting up with a smirk, "I can see that."

Rolling her eyes, she asked again, "So a kind man like you will let me come in and warm my petite, luscious body?"

The man grinned, and opened the door more. She wasn't getting anywhere near the boss man, especially with the important meeting he was in, but the door guard was due for a break himself, and it just seemed like he found the ample opportunity to pass the time.

"So, what's your name, cutie?"

"Tee hee, it's...." The redhead stalled, she hadn't made it this far in her planning, "Uh, Nabiki."

"Heh, you look like a 'Nabiki' to me," the Korean man smirked, while getting eye rolls from the three other sentries in business suits that were standing in the long corridor of the entrance, "Nabiki means 'Tight Little Box' in Japanese, right?"

"I guess..." the redheaded woman gave a lecherous smile. Not five paces from the door, an alarm went off.

"Oh, looks like we're gonna have to search ya," the Korean man stated with a leer, his comment got the other three guards' interests, "Why don't you strip down and... we'll forgo the gloves for your comfort." He wiggled his eyebrows meaningfully with the comment.

Ranma-chan looked up at the siren, and then quickly reached up behind her petticoat. She quickly withdrew her hands, each one holding something spinning like a buzz saw. She stopped her custom made daggers in a reverse grip, and used the right one to stab the guard that had let her in and was standing by her right side.

The other three guards were quick to immobilize after seeing the lead door guard stabbed to death, and reached for their guns. Before they got their rounds off, Ranma pulled the body of the first man in front of her and used it to shield her from the bullets. She turned around and put her back against the dancing corpse to support it, and reached her hand into her cleavage to pull out a cylindrical object about the size of her fist. She tossed it overhead, and heard the shattering sound it made. She counted to seven, and then moved out from behind the body that was now just sculpted hamburger, and dove into the smoke. Whirling blades were heard, closely followed by screams of three soon to be deceased men.

Three more men arrived, and without giving warning, fired into the smoke.

Each man exhausted all fifteen rounds in their clips, and then released the clips and reloaded. After a few seconds of silence and waiting for anything to emerge, one man spoke up, "We get her?"

His question was answered by a redhead rolling in a fast tumble on the ground towards them. She sprung into the air with the right hand drawn far back with the dagger held in a reverse grip. Ranma drove the blade right through his chest, splitting it open from the clavicle to the sternum, and quickly kicked to her right, catching second guy in the head and trapping it against the wall, while her left hand punched the third guy away about six feet sliding on his back.

Ranma didn't remove her right foot from the guy's head she had pinned, but instead twisted her torso so her face was facing to the ceiling, which caused her heel to grind into the side of his face, bent back while bracing her hands against the opposite side of the corridor, and brought her other leg up so she was parallel with the floor. Bringing her left knee to her face, Ranma shot her left leg towards the guy's neck, earning a satisfying 'crack'.

The third man recovered and drew his gun again. Ranma-chan saw this, and dropped to the ground spinning like a yo-yo unwinding from a string, and landed on her side. A loud bang like heavy steel striking heavy steel sounded, and the remaining man dropped.

Onna-Ranma kicked herself to her feet, spinning her left hand to blow out the smoke coming from the little hole that was in the hilt that opened up towards the blade.

Ranma braced herself against the side of the wall as she made way down the corridor. When she got to the exit, she was met with several armed men. As they took aim, she quickly pulled out something that looked like a reflector for a bike. A brilliant flash blinded all dozen gunmen, causing them to panic and open fire. The Redhead was already on the move when the flash went off, strafing to her right as quickly and silently as possible. She became a human whirligig that cut a bloody swath through small troop, quickly dealing with the obstacles so that she may get back to her mission before it was too late.

"So, now I am certain you see why a collaboration on each of our parts would prove most beneficial. Opening exchange through North Korea to China would give us smaller houses power over the North Korean families..." Huei Jun Pa paused, and gave a terse glare to the nervous man that approached him and whispered into his ear, "You mean to tell me that a whore is running through your best trained men? I find that unacceptable. She will be stopped before reaching this room, is that clear? I do not want any more distractions." The man slowly nodded, and went to his task.

Ranma dodged to the outside of the man's right punch, and drove her right blade into the tough's back in the kidneys. Ranma then wove back under his arm, and used the leverage she had on him to trip him onto his side, where she then slashed her left hand's dagger across his throat.

Ranma then spun around, griping the blades in the standard grip, and began to pull the triggers that were on the sides of the hilts. The redhead unloaded the clips of both dagger guns, before moving behind a wall for protection.

"Squeaky," Ranma called into her headset, "HEY, SQUEAKY!"

"Yeah, Ranma?" the other voice answered, sounding a bit preoccupied.

"I'm getting pinned here, need you to circle around to the east side, and lay a short strafe, then pull out."

"Uh, can't right now, guards posted on east. Uh, hope you don't need it too bad. Wish you best of luck!"

Squeaky cut the communication, and turned back to the woman sitting next to him at the bar, "That is pretty neat, can you show me how to tie a cherry stem with your tongue again?"

"WHAT?!?" Ranma screeched, "Squeaky, SQUEAKY!!!!" The redhead cursed at the line going dead, and released the spent clips from her weapons, and lifted up her short skirt. In each garter belt she wore high onto her thighs, were five clips of ammo; without removing the clips, Ranma shoved the hilt of her daggers into each garter, reloading them.

Ranma-chan then pulled out another cylinder from her cleavage, and slid it out into the hall on the floor.

The guards were thrown into chaos at the explosion, and Ranma moved in to take advantage. The redhead ran in, methodically taking aim at anyone who seemed to get their bearings straight. Each shot she made hit dead on target, while anyone who was unfortunate to be close enough to her met with the daggers she wielded skillfully.

Thrashing out with her right leg for a back kick that caught one guy in the groin, her left hand flashed out at another man's neck, cutting it the blade spinning like a buzz saw. After dealing with him, Ranma brought her leg down and her left weapon towards the guy rolling in agony on the ground, and sent one shot into his dome.

Ranma suddenly swept out with her right leg, catching the ankle of a guy bearing down on her with a fire ax. She used her left dagger to block the head of the ax at its base at the handle, and the second dagger to sever it from the handle. Ranma then used her left dagger to fling the ax head at another one of the guards, allowing him to catch the edge right in the forehead. Before even knowing the projectile would connect, Ranma turned around and jammed her right dagger into the tripped ax wielder's chest.

Ranma made the prudent decision to move on, as she heard the footsteps and yells of many more men about to arrive. But before she left, she turned and looked at the mass carnage she had left.

"Damn," Ranma-chan voiced, rather impressed with herself.

"STOP HER! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO INCOMPOTENT?" Mr. Huei growled, trying to placate the five other important men in the room that everything will be under control in a short time. His underling was about to answer, right when the door exploded inward.

Ranma slid into the room on her back, shooting at anything that moved for her. The redhead came to an end to her slide, and split her legs, then scissored them into a twist that kicked her back upright. With ease, Ranma gave one shot to each minor crime boss and their bodyguards.

Ranma looked around in satisfaction, this hit went off easier than she thought.


Ranma-chan did a double take to the door, there was now an army heading towards her. Without precaution, she leapt through the window of the third story. As she was falling, she turned and tossed one last cylinder into the shattered window.

Ranma hit the ground on her back, and rolled herself back to her feet and ran like hell, dodging the flaming debris that was blown out of the building. She ran, not even bothering to return fire to any of the guards, only concerned with making her escape. In a single bound, Ranma leapt over the gate, and growled when she didn't find the getaway vehicle in the place it should have been.

She turned and saw several dozen men heading around the corner for her, and then she turned to the deep canal that ran on the side of the road by the mansion.

Ranma shook her hands once, and between each finger appeared several small capsules that looked similar to the larger explosive ones she used in the mansion. Ranma ran backwards, tossed them at her pursuers, and then dove backwards into the canal.

The Gunmen that didn't get caught in the multiple explosions and made their way out the smoke, fired indiscriminately into the murky waters.