'The Making of Easy Target'
Part 2

The story behing 'Easy Target' is only half the appeal. What it exels in is the pulse-pounding thrill-a-minute action sequences that have you biting your nails at the intensity.

Shampoo, I understand you helped somewhat with the choreography of the fight scenes.

Shampoo: Well, I did put in a word or two to help the scenes flow better, but WFROSE is a talented choreographer who adapted things to each of our fighting styles well.

From the fight scene between you and Ranma, I find that very easy to believe. You could just feel the aggression radiating from you two.

Shampoo: When it comes to Ranma, anymosity is just something easy to come by.

Um, I'm not quite sure what you mean there, though he does seem a bit...

Shampoo: Of an Asshole? Of a Bastard? Of a Motherfucking, shit eating, cunt licking, back-stabbing, piss-poor excuse for a human being, much less a man?

.... Your mastery over your non-native language is admirable, to say the least.

Shampoo: Thank you.

Anyhow, away from the subject of Saotome...

Shampoo: Gladly

... your weapons in the film were rather unique. That trench coat you wore was pretty fantastic; being able to cut through concrete and all.

Shampoo: WFROSE felt that I needed a weapon that could easily flow with my Amazonian Kung Fu style, while being fashionably stylish. With those qualifications, he came up with the trenchcoat. And to add to the toughgirl facade, gave me dual Jerichos for their weight and durability.

Ah, I don't have much knowlege of guns, so I'll take your word for it. About Lavender, what can you tell us about her?

Shampoo: Well, she's a clothes horse, strong willed, determined, but honorable. She stand by her allies like fellow warriors should. She's also light...


Shampoo: ... hearted [glares]. Only a few things can get to her.

Well, space cadets usually fly pretty high. You played the role pretty well.

Shampoo: [Smiles] Thank you.

[Pouts, and then grumbles about Shampoo not being as fun as Akane was] Was WFROSE rather demanding of you guys? Those scenes were rather exorbant.

Shampoo: He asked nothing more than what we were able to give. In fact, a couple of times he asked us to slow down, so the action was better viewed by general audiences. Things tended to progress to our natural paces at times.

Did Ranma have any input towards the action scenes?

Shampoo: [Grumbles] yeah, he did have a lot to say, though I think everyone tended to ignore him most of the time.

What is the source of your dislike towards your co-worker, anyhow? I was aware that you two used to be at least friends.

Shampoo: If having your friends arrested on the spot is a way of showing endearment, than I can do without his 'friendship'.

Ah, I recall hearing about that. I would have thought after he caught you sleeping in his bed with him the seventeenth time that you would have learned your lesson. He did have that restraining order on you, after all.

Shampoo: [Narrows eyes] This interview is now over.

You people love breeching contracts, don't you? Fine, let's go.

Both the interviewer and the cameraman, on there way to their next destination, walked by Akane's trailor that was rocking heavily. A masculine scream sounded, causing both men to rush to the uncurtained window to see what was happening.

"Are you getting this on tape? Are you getting this?" The interviewer shouted with a manic grin on his face. The cameraman was smiling just as heartily, as he kept filming. The cameraman tracked something to the exit of the trailor, and from it burst a naked man with a healthy build.

"HELP! SHE'S LEECHING MY WILL TO LIVE!!!!!" Before the man could get anywhere, a lamp slammed into the back of his head, and shattered, knocking him unconcious.

"Hey! I still have two more hours paid up on you!" Akane shouted, as she stormed out of her trailor, only clad in a blanket. She grabbed the sleeping man by the arm, and unceremoniously dragged him up the stairs and back inside.

"Poor guy...." The cameraman only nodded in reply.

Despite the tightly crafted gun, car, and fight scenes, there wasn't a loss for accidents to occur. We have some footage of the bloopers that took place during the filming...

Ranma leaned back as the music started over his headset, and played over the building's intercom system, and tumbled backwards off the roof.

"What... the?" The two befuddled guards posted at the door looked around in puzzlement, and then jolted at the sight of a man with a braided ponytail landing... and then slipping onto his back.

The two guardsmen quickly rushed to Ranma, making sure he was okay.

"Well, at least let me get a kick in when you're done with him," Kim replied earnestly, Ranma-chan just shrugged as the thief approached her.

Ranma calmly turned away, and brought her leg up into an ax kick. The young man, intending to bowl the shorter woman over, ended up succeeding.

The cast on stage burst out laughing, as Ranma-chan pulled her face off the floor to glare aht the nervous looking young man.

"Well, at least let me get a kick in when you're done with him," Kim replied earnestly, Ranma-chan just shrugged as the thief approached her.

Ranma calmly turned away, and brought her leg up into an ax kick. The redhead blinked, when she heard a loud 'KIA' behind her, and turned to find Joyce doing cheezy and fake looking kung-fu kicks, while the young man acted in overexadduration with the hits, while making over dramatic sound effects. Ranma put her face into her hand, and started chuckling, as the rest of the cast started to laugh.

"These?" Kim pulled out a couple of clips for display, which promptly slipped from her hands. The clips bounced off the back trunk door of the car, and straight towards the humvee, into Shampoo's face.

Joyce started to exclaim nervously, as Ukyo checked the unconcious woman with Akane looking up in concern, while Ranma sat back into her seat with a rather smug expression.

The McLaren fell back flat, causing Ranma to readjust her sitting. Looking up, she noted the top of the cliff side they were driving next to was littered with trees. The redhead leaned back over the windshield and onto the hood, her legs still dangling next to the steering wheel. Unfortunatly, her legs weren't that secure, and ended up rolling off the hood of the car.

Joyce screamed, as the car bucked from running over a bump with an audible 'BADUMP-BUMP', and stopped the car to get out and check the other actress, with Ukyo and Akane doing the same. Shampoo wiped the tears of laughter from her face.

The pony tailed woman underestimated Scarlet's strength, as she pulled her arm back up, with Ranma still wrapped around it, and swung it backwards against another part of the wall that was still standing.

"CUT!" Shouted WFROSE, "Ranma wasn't grimacing enough, let's try that again."

Ranma sighed, and then got back into position for another take.

The pony tailed woman underestimated Scarlet's strength, as she pulled her arm back up, with Ranma still wrapped around it, and swung it backwards against another part of the wall that was still standing.

"CUT!" WFROSE shouted, and then sighed, "Akane, please put a bit more effort into it, you're not slapping with a wet noodle here!"

"What the Hell?" Ranma shouted, "She fucking nearly snapped my spine with that blow!"

WFROSE ignored the pigtailed woman, and motioned everyone to get into position for another take.

The pony tailed woman underestimated Scarlet's strength, as she pulled her arm back up, with Ranma still wrapped around it, and swung it backwards against another part of the wall that was still standing.

"CUT!" WFROSE shouted, extremely irritated, "I'm TRYING to make a Fanfic here, and you people WILL NOT cooperate!!!"

"What did we do this time?" Ranma growled, barely holding her temper in check.

"Just... just don't fuck it up this time!" WFROSE hissed, then returned to his seat and motioned everyone to get into position for yet another take.

The pony tailed woman underestimated Scarlet's strength, as she pulled her arm back up, with Ranma still wrapped around it, and swung it backwards against another part of the wall that was still standing.

Akane and Ranma paused, and then turned to look at WFROSE.

"What, nothing wrong this time?" Akane asked with a puzzled voice. The expression on Ranma-chan's face showed the same bewilderment.

WFROSE just stared blankly back at the two, "Uh, nope, you only paid me for ten takes, Akane."

Ranma-chan glared daggers at her co-worker, who was scratching the back of her head with a nervous chuckle.

"Wish I had thought of that," Shampoo grumbled from her seat.

Ranma Saotome, it's nice that you are finally able to meet with us.

Ranma Saotome: Whatever, let's hurry this up, alright?

Understood, your time is more valuable than any of ours.

Ranma: Good you understand.

Anyhow, compared to all the trillion or so fanfics, not to mention original canon and Anime series you've starred in, what makes 'Easy Target' different from the rest?

Ranma: [Rolls eyes] Nothing.

Huh? You find nothing unique about this project?

Ranma: Why should I? I mean sure I use guns this time, yeah I'm killing bad guys, yeah I'm going up against my three fiancees, yeah I'm doing some slick action scenes, yeah I'm...

Okay, okay, with those exeptions, there's not much going for it, I understand. Are you sure you're not just being overly critical over this, like looking for a complete and total never-before-seen idea that ends all? I mean like I said, there are a trillion or so fics out there.

Ranma: Come on, this is just another project by a fanboy among millions, how original can it be? Just once I'd like to be in something serious, you know?

There was Ranma and Akane; A love Story....

Ranma: That doesn't count, it's not even finished yet! The guy hasn't even returned my calls!

Anyways, I would at least presume it was a nice change of pace for you.

Ranma: Well, I guess, I got pretty tired of those Dragonball Z ripp-off fight scenes.

Amen to that. So, how do you get along with your co-workers on the set?

Ranma: [Narrows eyes] what do you mean?

Well, I mean how is working along with them? Does tension tend to run high on the set?

Ranma: What business is it of yours?

Well, a great deal of it, actually. That's the point of all this.

Ranma: Well, I ain't got much to say about that group of harpies, so let's change the subject.

Harpies? I was referring to all your co-workers, just not the girls.

Ranma: [Growls] Just what are you trying ta say?

[Raises eyebrow] Well, if that's a touchy subject for you, we'll just move on. From the looks of things, you had to do some of your most exertive stunts as a woman, is this true?

Ranma: [Pauses with a wide-eyed stare, and then whispers] You're com'n onto my female side, aren't ya?

Uh, not that we're aware of.

Ranma: [Scoots backwards in seat] So you're gay? I ain't like that!

Are we having a conversation that I missed somewhere?


At the fear of another Mouku Takabisha, the interviewer and cameraman made their leave. Ranma slumps back in his chair, and then pulls out his cell phone and presses the speed dial #1

Ranma: Yeah, it's me again. I want you to find whoever it was that conducted this damn 'Making of' fic, and have a restraining order put on them! I don't care if it's ruining the credibility of the previous ones, I don't want the two jerks that were just in here near me ever again! Are we clear? Good!


Carl Bishop: [from inside] Come in

Hello, Carl Biship, we came to talk to you about your role as Squeaky in... the... [Spots what's on the TV that has Carl's attention] HOLY SHIT!!!! THAT TAPE'S REAL?!?!?

Carl: Hush! They don't know about it! Look, It's getting to the best part!

The interview was never held due to a lengthy distraction.

Well, that wraps up our documentary over the making of 'Easy Target'. By the time you've read this, the fanfic should be completed and out for viewing. In the meantime, we'll leave you with a taste of the follow-up project in the works by WFROSE; a prequel to 'Easy Target'. Enjoy.

Ranma rolled, while tucking his trenchcoat around him to protect himself from the glass shards from the window he just busted through. Before any of the armed men in the large hall could gain their bearings, the braided ponytailed man drew two berettas, and opened fire. In the first barrage, Ranma dropped nine men, all while diving under a table, and kicking it over to provide cover.

Bullets began to annialate the fiberboard table, forcing Ranma to dash from behind it, opening fire in his strafe. The twenty remaining men kept their gunfire on the invader, forcing him to barely evade the hail of lead death raining vertically at him. In a gravity defying move, Ranma started to run up the curved wall of the circular hall, while concentrating on taking out the ones who seemed to have the most solid aim on him.

Before the gunfire became too concentrated on him. Ranma pushed away from the wall and into the air. As he soared over the remaining men, Ranma fired again, and found himself out of bullets. The ponytailed man changed the grip on his guns to the barrel after releasing the clips slightly, and launched the spent clips at the crowd, connecting with two gunmen.

Ranma didn't bother to reload his guns, instead holstering them, and running at the gathered crowed of frantic men, while weaving between bullets. Ranma dropped into a slide, taking out two men, then rolled and thrust both feet into the jaw of another man. Ranma picked up the dropped gun, and pointed at another guard at point blank.

After dealing with the last man, Ranma leapt up into a right spin kick, that caught an approaching man in the head, causing his neck to twist farther than capable. Ranma continued the kick around, and turned it into a thrust kick that sent another guy flying. While still in the air, Ranma brought up his left leg, and performed another side kick to one other man to keep him away, and finally landed in a low right sweep that took out two other men.

Ranma quickly stood up, and delivered a left back fist to yet another aggressor, and gave a push kick to the groin to another one standing in front of him. Ranma then quickly leaned to his side, allowing a bullet to fly right by his head, and strike the man behind him.

The ponytailed man bent back, evading a punch from one man, and delivered a snap kick that pushed his nose into his brain. As the man fell back, Ranma gave him a thrust kick in the gut, sending him into another group of men. Once they were delt with, another man tried to attack Ranma from the side, but a well place elbow into his back sent him stumbling backwards. Before he got too far, Ranma jumped up, and hooked his right leg around the guy's neck, while driving his left foot's heel into the guy's abdomen and causing him to double over. Once in position, Ranma brought the gun to the guy's temple.

Seven more men rushed at Ranma, and the ponytailed man rolled backwards, and kicked the man he had just killed into them. Continuing his roll, Ranma picked up two more guns, and came to kneeling. Without pause, Ranma emptied the clips of the glocks in his hands on the oncoming crowd. He ran out of bullets, just as they all dogpiled him..

The men rolled off of the downed man, only to find it one of their own, with his neck broken, and holding a mechanical dolly. The doll waved its arm as if saying bye, and pinned to it, was a note:

From Salvador, with love.

Ranma was almost to the window, before the explosion occurred. With a gasp, he was thrown through it unceremoniously by the force, and out into the yard where several dead men lay. His body came to a stop next to a somewhat tall man with red hair and a stock build. In one hand he held a dagger with a gun built in, and was using it to clean his nails.

"First of all, you were only supposed to get in there, plant the bomb, and get out. Second, all that grandstanding *should* have gotten you killed. Third, get rid of that trench coat, you look rediculous with it."

Ranma turned to his partner in his sitting postition, and chuckled nervously while scratching the back of his head.

Easy Target 2
'Dirty Shot'