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Meet the Hydes

A That 70's Show- Jackie/Hyde Fan Fiction

It started off as a normal day…

The gang is seen sitting in the basement. Eric, Hyde, Kelso, and Fez are seen standing in the kitchen, looking nervous, as Red glares at them. Donna and Eric are seen giggling and cuddling with each other in the living room.

Until everything turned upside down…

The gang is seen sitting in the living room, sitting the way they would if they were in the basement. In the kitchen Red is seen smiling at Eric, Hyde, Kelso, and Fez—they still look a bit nervous. Donna slaps Eric on the cheek.

And it all started with five words…

Jackie is in the kitchen looking a bit worried; in the room with her are a young brunette woman and a blonde haired young man. They frown at her as she wrings her hands and looks around the room, out of nervousness. Suddenly Hyde enters from the basement.

Jackie sees Hyde and smiles back at the couple in front of her.

"This is Steven. My husband."

Hyde swings his head to look at Jackie. He frowns a deep frown at her as she links their arms together.

Kelso, Fez, Donna and Eric are sitting in the basement as Hyde and Jackie standing before them.

"Ha ha!" Eric teases as he points his finger at Hyde.

Hyde, looking very bored, is seen in the living room talking to the couple from before. Eric enters the room and Hyde stands up to introduce them.

"Phil, Annie, this is my brother Eric." Hyde explains and the two men shake hands, "He's gay."

Eric's eyes go wide as he looks at Hyde who just smirks.

And just when you think it can't get any weirder…

"I wanna play!" Kelso exclaims as he sits in the lawn chair in the basement.

Everyone, the gang and Phil and Annie, are sitting in the living room talking. Kelso is sitting in Red's chair, trying to look important as he talks to the new couple.

"Yeah, I've gone all the way to playdo." He says as if it's nothing.

"You mean Pluto?" Annie asks sounding confused.

"No." Kelso snorts, "That's Mickey Mouse's gay dog."

"Um excuse me." Phil calls out to Fez, while holding up his glass, "Mucho watero."

Fez glares at the man, "I'll give you mucho watero, you sonofa…"

Thinking quickly, Jackie jumps up from her seat and over to Fez where she covers his mouth with her hand. Fez glares at her through the corner of his eye while Jackie just gives a small smile.

"He's just learning English." She informs them and the others nod.


Jackie and Hyde are seen trying to cook breakfast, but not doing a very good job. Kelso is seen trying to put a fish bowl over his head. In the living room, Eric smiles and puts his arm around Donna who looks anything but happy.


Fez is seen eating off the silver platter he is holding. An angry looking Red and a disappointed Kitty are seen walking into the living room where everyone is, each of the gang display a look of shock and worry. Jackie and Hyde are seen lying in the Forman's bed; Jackie tries to make herself comfortable while 'accidentally' kicking Hyde in the process.


Get ready for some confusion…

In the living room, everyone except for the Formans and Jackie and Hyde are sitting down. Red and Kitty are standing by the kitchen door, frowning as Jackie and Hyde stand beside them.

"Well thanks for inviting us!" Kitty says sarcastically as she moves her hands in the air.


Upstairs in the hallway, Jackie and Hyde are seen arguing. All of a sudden, the bathroom door opens and Fez walks out wearing a towel dress and a matching towel wrapped around his head. Jackie and Hyde frown and watch Fez walk past them without a second thought.

Lots of confusion…

Red and Kitty along with the kids are sitting in the kitchen. The gang is standing and listening to what Red has to say.

Red smirks at them, "Good luck, dumbasses."

Coming February 26, 2010

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