Jacob and Bella

Jacob's POV

I sat alone by the boarder of the woods and civilisation.

I would've been at the ceremony, I wanted to be, but not as a guest of honour (although that is pretty awesome) but as…

It pained to think about it, although I wasn't that much away from the church.

Achingly, I could peer round a tree and set an eye or two on the prestigious building.

I looked down at the gravel unblinkingly, kicking a stone half-heartedly with the edge of my trainer.

Bella would've been disappointed that I didn't' come but I was in fear of hitting out on 'Edward Cullen'.

I thought of his oh-so-perfect vampire features and abilities.

Abilities to kill…

I ran my hands roughly down my cheeks as I attempted, weakly, to kick myself into shape.

I couldn't change anything now and Bella had no way of changing her mind after the…'deed' was done.

She'd be one of them.

On the other side of the damned treaty, against me…

Come on Jacob, be a man! I thought aggressively as the emotions I felt tried to flood me in sorrow and all that cheesy stuff.


But, it was agonising, knowing that the girl I loved, had chosen another who, literally, was going to sort of kill her.

That's immortality for you.

The sun was trying to bleed through the clouds, myself having wished it enough to expose Edward as the vampire, diamond kin he was.

Stupid bloodsucker.

But, my mind flew back to Bella and how sad she'd be if either of us harmed one another.

Even though I desperately wanted too, and not just because of the treaty.

Feeling around in my pocket as I mentally tortured myself, unwillingly, with Edward's sickly perfect image, I miraculously discovered a scrap bit of paper.

Staring at it's creased white surface for a few studying moments, I thought it best to note down my feelings instead of choking myself with them.

I fished a biro from my denim shorts and began to scrawl in curved handwriting:

Dearest Bella,

Thinking of you on your wedding day! Huh…

All I can say is, I hope you're happy and that's all I wish you be, other than the impossible title of being mine.

Every night I'll think of you, when I see the moon and the jewel encrusted sky.

I love you honey and sorry I couldn't deliver all Edward seems to have done.

I guess I wasn't the right guy and… I'll deal with it in time.

For now, goodbye.

Because now I'm letting you go and you know why.

x x Jacob

I glared down at my own words, eyes stinging, cheeks colouring, muscles contracting with tension, my whole body thriving with all the emotions of heartbreak.

I unconditionally crumpled up the note, hot as the heated blood aided my fists in anger.

The note fell to the pathway, I wasn't sure where and didn't care.

I didn't mean anything anymore.

I never meant anything, it never had.

It hadn't meant as much as 'pretty boy'!

Edward's mocking, crooked smirk pasted itself upon my conscience and sent me into a depressed fury.

My body writhed as hair and canine like features began to form, my pain fuelling the transformation.

My paws dusted over the pathetic, disintegrating foot path as I pounded away into the forest, darting through and bulbous thickets, tearing at my body.

My animal eyes fizzed as a single tear picked it's way down.

I visualised the bell, the sign of Bella's new life as an immortal.

Without me…

I let a long winded, pitiful howl into the purple sky, the echo of it carried away with the easy, twilight breeze.

Bella's POV

I was more than excitable as I listened to the chatter of the guests in the booths of the decorative hall.

It was only bare minutes before 'd be with Edward forever.

He'd have no reason or lame excuse to lay off the deal and I was anticipating the moment.

My heart pounded, animatedly.

Yes, the transformation was most definitely going to be painful, but it would be worth every stab.

Just to be with Edward, feel him, see him…forever.

I hadn't noticed that Jake wasn't in the booths, smiling warmly and sheepishly as he did.

In fact, I was utterly gutted when I finally noticed his absence.

And had no idea why.

Charlie was in the audience, looking on with the faintest of a tear in his eye.

He was proud.

Part of me, deep down inside, wished that Renee was here (on time) but how would I would explain Edward, in all his glory.

I'd be tongue-tied for explanations.

Looking on, my hand twitching over toe Edward's lovingly, I saw the vicar organising the rest of the components needed to complete the ceremony.

I brushed Edward's cold skin and he smiled in the crooked grin I adored.

Lucky Edward couldn't read my mind or he'd see how ecstatic I really was to almost be a part of the Cullen family!

I suddenly felt a light breeze bite against the exposed skin of my neck.

It was harsh but had a strange meaning to it.

Edward gave me a sceptic side glance, analysing my expression.

I seemed to have been staring into space with an absent look on my face.

Abruptly, an obscure paper article, of some kind, rode in on the breeze and nudged my ankle.

I froze for a moment.

Whilst no one was hopefully looking, I reached down and grasped the screwed up thing.

I lifted it to my gaze and unfolded the paper note.

I held it between my fingers and read.

A sudden frown formed on my face and sorrow befell my body.

My whole body seemed to dissolve to jelly almost.

Edward tried to look at my note but I swiped it out of view.

"Sorry I'm late!"

I barely heard Renee as I re-read the paper over and over.

Alice peered at me, concerned.

I couldn't.

I just couldn't do this.

My head ached and I found my other senses blanking.

I'd made my choice but…

I hesitated, weighing the consequences.

I dropped the note, it rolled and I fled through the church doors.