Bella's POV

I scrambled through the thickets that scratched my legs and tore at the rim of my trailing white dress.

I dove through the bracken and dodged the thick trunks of the oaks and ancient pines.

Suddenly, gasping for breath, I reached a clearing where the dust glowed in the aura of the intense moonlight.

The feature, above all, that stood out, was a lowly wolf, his ears mildly raised as he sensed my approach.

"Jake?" I whispered, as the wolf's eyes met mine.

They sparkled at me in restrained happiness.

A dim moonlight beam shone down on him like a spotlight, as if this meeting was meant to be.

As I edged closer, I could read his expression through his eyes.

It was if he was saying, through his animal eyes, that he hadn't wanted me to see him like this.


I ran up and knelt down, at eye level with Jacob's large, furry form.

He looked at me with weepy eyes and a glimmer of surprise.

"I read your note.." I mumbled, not exactly sure how to handle the situation without breaking down.

Of course Jacob couldn't talk in this form.

But, his chocolate eyes explained his feelings clearly enough.

He looked guilty, as if he was ashamed for messing up my day.

"You were best man, why didn't you show?" I asked tenderly.

If he were his russet skinned, dark haired human form, he would raise his thick eyebrows at me.

I got it.


"Jacob, I'm sorry but you know how hard it is.." I attempted, feeling my windpipe unusually contract to choke me.

Jacob eyed me secretly and snorted silently.

I leant my hand over his ears and stroked the fur on his head, gently.

I couldn't believe I was stroking my best friend's fuzzy head.

His eyes narrowed in faint pleasure.

He didn't move his head from his crossed paws once.

I tried to think of something.

It was terrible seeing Jacob looking so vulnerable.

"I'm not so sure now…" I said quietly to myself.

That was an understatement.

I was completely perplexed.

And not just because I was taking pity on Jacob, that wasn't fair.

Jacob tried to hide the fact he'd overheard.

Damn his super-hearing.

Then I thought of how impossible it had been to be apart from Edward, even for a minute and my decision became apparent.

I could no longer possibly stick with what I'd chosen a few months ago.

I was being ripped in two again, but one side was heavily weighted.

I could feel Jacob's warm eyes on my slideshow of expressions face and the vote continued swaying.

Could I make the choice again, quickly?

My heart was beating fast, too fast for me to concentrate with the blood pulsing in my ear.

It was like a soccer ball flying at incredible speed to the goal- me being changed into a vampire- and then swerving at the last centimetre.

I felt horribly compelled to ditch the forest and flee to Edward but I couldn't and I didn't want to.

I shifted on the forest floor, noticing minor grass and leaf stains appearing on the fabric of my dress.

I lifted my head to examine the few perfect stars I could see visible through the forest roof.

It was the perfect hideaway.

Probably why Jacob was drawn here.

"Jake…I…" I began, uncertain of my dialogue and tone.

I took a breath, Edward's face piercing my thoughts.

"Jake, cant you come back?" I pleaded.

He did a faint shake of his shaggy head.

Stupid question.

And I obviously wasn't in time for the wedding now.

I didn't even know if I wanted it to happen.

"Do you want the good news or the bad news?" I finally asked.

Jacob watched me intensely, pain seeming to smoulder his eyes.

No, Jake I don't mean that!

"No, I'm not going to leave you!" I assured.

Jacob relaxed a little.

"The bad news is…" I choked halfway through. "I don't know who I'm going to chose"

Jacob lowered his eyes, jumping to the conclusion that he had no hope.

He was wrong.

"But the good news!" I interrupted his unnecessary sorrow. "Is that I think…" -my head throbbed- "The majority is swaying"Jacob's head lifted rapidly and his eyes were glimmering with hope.

"I make no promises, you know me"

I caste my mind back to all the situations me and Edward had endured because of our hazardous relationship and Jacob always being there to look after me…

But, then Edward had saved me from James and Jacob had saved me from Laurent…

They both had saved me from Victoria..

But, Jacob had controlled the wound that Edward cut after he left…


The conflicting thoughts and memories were endless.

I gazed at Jacob's furry self whilst he watched a deer dart behind a tree.

I kept telling my self to follow my heart as I looked at Jacob.

I was edging nearer and nearer to the final decision.

The FINAL decision.

This one would be the last and if I chose Edward then there would be no change.

This one I would stick with.

I focused.

I could be with Edward forever, the Vampire I'd fallen for those few years ago, or months.

I couldn't really recall with this much concentration poured into one thing.

My whole existence had revolved around him -and vice versa- and his presence enriched my life.

But, now I was magnetically drawn to Jacob, that single note seeming to have broke through to me like a dagger through a marshmallow.

My Edward and Jacob favouring sides were slaying me mentally.

It finally clicked, something pulled at my heart as I touched Jacob's fur.

I had almost made my decision.

It was killing me, ripping me open…but I contained it.

I hoped.

"Jake, follow me" I smiled, trying to look cheerier than what my conflicting sides were doing to my expression.

Jacob followed me and I winced.