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Two Heartbeats and the Red Sin

White-hot pain ripped up my entire body as I stumbled back against the cold stone wall. It coated my throat and mouth with liquid desire and I threw my head back, lilac eyes rolling back into my head. My breathing was heavy and erratic, quite audible in the empty silence of the cell in the basement. I supressed a scream, and it emerged as an agonizing groan in stead, straining at my slightly parted lips. Slender white fingers wound their way to silver hair and gripped hard, trying so desperately to avert my attention from the consuming distress that my entire body was under. Another scream built up, only to be realeased in a much less satisfying form. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to beg for this all to end. But I knew that if I screamed, someone would hear me, and I wanted to be in solitude at the moment.

I had locked myself in a cell in the basement of Cross Academy, desperate to keep the ravenous beast within me at bay. I knew that it wouldn't hold me for long, if not at all, and that only added to my chagrin. Recently overtaken by bloodlust again, I had done what I thought best while I was still coherent, in order to keep those close to me safe.

For a moment I was pressing my head back against the wall, my back arched as my entire body weakened and fell, gathering on the floor. My hands could do nothing to stop my head from coming forward and hitting off the stone floor with a sickening crack. What would usually be excruciating pain was only a dull throb in comparison to what the rest of my body was undergoing, and I squeezed my eyes shut to keep the tears back. It was becoming increasingly difficult to read the thoughts as they entered my mind, and in quiet desperation, I cried out — long and loud. My breathing was becoming more and more erratic, the occassional whimper escaped with it, and I could something hot and wet exit my stomach, burning all the way up, and increasing the hunger almost instantly. I could smell the repulsive fumes, but only faintly.

I felt another shockwave of pain blossom up through my insides and I picked myself up again, driving myself forward to lean against yet another frigid wall, colliding with it unknowingly. Lavender orbs flew open with the shock, spewing pent up tears that washed away small bits of the blood that poured from an open wound somewhere on my head. The blood entered my eyes, stinging and discolouring my vision until I squeezed them shut once more, crying out desperately for salvation. But there would be none, and I knew this.

My body slipped off to my left where it crumpled to the floor once again in the corner, and the tension in my muscles lessened. Finally, had it ended? Of course not, because things like this never just end or go away on their own.... It was a lust that needed to be fufilled... to be subdued, at least. To ignore it would be to undergo more pain.... More unbearably searing pain, tearing up through my entire body and bringing me to my knees. But for now, I would enjoy the short reprieve from the thirst.

I could feel the throbbing in my head now as blood pulsed out through the wound, flowing freely down my face and invading my eyes and mouth. I couldn't stop myself from laying there against the wall, facing the corner, sobbing to myself helplessly. Why did it have to hurt so much...? Why did it make me feel so weak and vulnerable? I realized that I was crying for this reason as much as from the pain, and that bothered me. There was no one here to discover my hidden truth, so it shouldn't have. My breathing softened as I wiped the blood and tears from my eyes; my lips trembled, and in turn my body followed suit. I shivered as the bleak atmosphere pressed in around me, an almost arctic cold searing skin where it met stone. I hissed gently, recoiling as tears reentered my eyes. I dashed them away in a desperate attempt to regain my dignity, which in my eyes, I had already lost.

I heard hollow footsteps echoing in the stairwell as someone approached. My body stiffened and I looked up, blood-stained, soggy, and dissheveled. Whoever it was would see my in the worst state of my life, and I already felt ashamed.

Until I saw who it was. Then I wasn't sure whether I should be ashamed, angry, jealous.... A rush of emotion surged through me — mostly hatred — and with a sharp hiss, I found myself doubling over with another wave of white-hot pain, this time significantly more manageable. Now, I did feel ashamed, but only because I knew I was inferior in his eyes, curled up in the corner of the cell in the basement, suffering my own bloodlust and doing nothing about it.

"You're falling." His voice filled the silence, overtaking the sound of my heavy breathing. My ears ached to hear voice once again, and seemed almost overjoyed, even if it was the Kuran brat himself. I growled at him, low in my throat and a smirk darkened his features. "You will soon become Level E."

I looked up at him, lavender eyes narrowing into a venomous glower that made Kuran's fist clench. Despite my current state, that was enough to adorn my own pallid features with a grim smirk. I would have been wearing the most triumphant expression manageable if not for the overwhelming pain that ripped through my body once again. I choked out a short cry, clenching my chest desperately; but, as I knew it would, the pain lingered there for a few moments before receeding. I could feel a pulsing behind my eyes, almost as if the colour change in my eyes was a state of mind rather than a physical trait. The pulsing was accompanied by a dull throbbing in the back of my neck, which slowly worked its way through my jaw and into my gums, where it became more persistant until I could feel my fangs lengthen, almost pleasurably released from their prisons. My eyes flashed upward to examine that nochalant look on Kuran's face, and I instantly felt the urge wash over me to dash forward and take him....

"I would kill you before you had the chance, Kiryuu," he hissed, as if reading my mind; and never once batting an eye. His voice was threatening and a dark, almost choking feeling entered the room along with it. I whimpered, feeling the oxygen leave my lungs, then gasped for air. A new look came over me, and I realized I was pleading to the Pureblood prince for what my body craved. But, I knew from experience that he'd make me beg for it. "With Shizuka dead, I believe there's only one thing that could possibly dissipate your hunger.... That is, if you'll accept it."

I stood, rather shakily, and pushed myself to the bars, gripping tightly to ensure my balence. My eyes bore into Kuran's, seeking to find a way through his petty little games. "I can see — you've already begun—"

"Give it to me," I demanded in a hushed, but deadly lexus, watching as Kuran's smirk returned. It was beginning, and I could feel it. This had become routine, almost. Once every six months or so — recently the timframes seemed somehow... shorter — I holed myself up in the basement and the only one who would come to my aid was Kuran Kaname. I was grateful, no matter how unwilling to admit it I was.

"Excuse me?" Kuran questioned, tilting his head slightly to one side. I could tell he was just being cute with me, and it wasn't working. In fact, I found this act rather revolting, and it only mounted on my urge to rip his throat out. "I can't hear you when you mumble, Kiryuu. Honestly, you come off like a neanderthol when you speak through your teeth like that. Have some dignity — open your mouth."

I sat through his little taunting, pushing back another wave of pain, but only barely. I let it consume me for a moment, then swallowed it whole, clenching my jaw. "Give it—"

"Kiryuu," he warned, and I shut my eyes. My jaw relaxed and I decided to just give him what he wanted. I already knew that he wouldn't tell anyone if I begged. Of course not; who would he tell?

"Please, Kaname." I bowed my head to him, so that the only thing he could see was the sopping mess that was more red than silver. The prince chuckled lightly, and I could predict the next act of this game.

"Please, Kaname?" He let his voice drag out the last syllable before I picked up and played along. He took one step toward me, and I looked up, showing off glistening lilac eyes. Fresh tears were beginning to well up under the pressure of the pain I was holding away.

"Please, Kaname-sama!" I finally broke, letting myself fall to my knees helplessly. Kuran chuckled again, with an added air of darkness, and finally stood just outside the bars. He knelt, reaching out slowly to take my chin, directing it upward. He stared at me, full-faced for a moment before pushing me backward and standing again. I was forced onto my back, sprawled out across the icy floor for the Pureblood to take a good look at my slim, cat-like figure; the way it was engulfed in the clothes I wore which appeared to be much too big.

Kuran frowned, his eyes sweeping the room for the keys to the cell. He found them, as I knew he would, disguarded halfway across the room. I had thrown them away to halt any attempts at escaping should I fall to Level E before I could be sustained; and Kaname always found them almost immediately after he began his silent, unmoving search for them.

He turned back to me, finding me sprawled in the same position, open and vulnerable. "Pathetic," he told me, then held up the keys, moving toward the cell door. He paused for a moment before the key could penetrate its matching keyhole. "Say it again, just so I can be sure of what it is you really desire."

"I need you, Kaname-sama," I cried out as that wave of pain I had so effectively held back was joined by another; and together, the force of the two ripped through me — I could barely see straight, and my lungs ached with the volume and length of the scream that left them. Through my erratic breathing, and with the blood pounding through my ears, I didn't hear the telltale click, or the agonizing squeal that accompanied the opening of the wrought iron door. I allowed myself to sob quietly under the ebbing pain that was eventually followed by a white-wash of duller pain, and then another.

I felt myself lifted off the floor and into a warm embrace, my head rested on a bare shoulder. The skin underneath me trembled as it realized my temperature and held me tighter. I made no move toward the flesh that was at my disposal, and Kuran shook me lightly to bring some coherence back to me. "Drink," he instructed gently, pushing my head farther into the crook of his neck. I forced my head up lazily until my lips found the tender flesh, grazing it gently with razor fangs. Almost instantly the sweet scent of his blood filled my senses and I dove in, burying extended fangs to the hilt in Kuran's neck.

He grunted, tensing for a moment at my rough entrance, but soon relaxing as the blood flowed up around my fangs. I covered the wound with my mouth, lapping at the blood and sucking desperately. I jarred my fangs upward, allowing a greater flow expelled from Kuran's veins. I tended to the wound, lapping and sucking like a starved animal, most likely allowing more blood to escape than I could award to my own body. I pulled back in attempt to clean up my mess, but the wound healed over almost instantly, and I frowned. But, despite my disappointment, I got to work cleaning up after myself, starting at the wound and working my way down Kuran's shirtless torso. I brought the skin into my mouth gently, massaging with my tongue to release the blood from his flawless skin. Effective in doing so, I continued on, following the trail down his body — my mouth went obsequiously where ever the blood chose to flow, and it drew a path just to the side of Kuran's left nipple. I felt him shudder, but no further action was taken.

I sat up straight, finding myself on Kuran's lap, wrapped in his strong embrace. My hunger was being sustained, but I feared that it wouldn't be for long.... I needed to take extra precautions, and made a slow, hesitant move for Kuran's neck. My fangs penetrated once again, and a sharp hiss of air entered Kuran's lungs, followed by a long, strained sigh. It had hurt him. I couldn't understand why, but I felt almost... sorry for my choice location and began to draw back. But my head met Kuran's hand, and was firmly halted. Without a word, he pushed me back to the neglected wound where he held me until I continued my meal.

His hand slipped away, supporting my back and holding me tighter as I emptied him of his blood. Eventually that hand sought to pull me back. "Enough, Kiryuu. Save some for later."

I found myself coherent, but reluctant. After all, Kuran's blue blood was so much sweeter than anyone else's. It was rich and thick; it ran through my system, coating it with an addictive tingling sensation that brought more pleasure than was originally intended for this forbidden act. I released only to take a deep breath before forcing the wound open once more to receive my much sought after prize. Kuran's fingers laced into my blood-stained hair, pulling backward on me, but I refused to relinquish my position. Finally, Kuran's hands both made their way to my chest, shoving me off him with such force that I cried out when I hit the ground.

I watched Kuran's wound heal up with lightning speed, and he smirked, running his fingers over his neck in silent inspection. He smirked darkly. "Not a scratch, Kiryuu. See?" For the most part, I really couldn't — not with his hand in the way, anyhow. But it hardly mattered anymore when I noticed his advance on me, like a cheetah stalking its prey. My whole body froze under his glare, which glowed a vibrant crimson in the darkness. Had they already been like that? "Now," he teased gently, leaning over my body with foreboding force. "It's my turn."

Kuran fingered the top button of my shirt, slipping it out of the loop and sliding to the next one. I watched him, wanting to fight so badly; but finding myself unable. The prince was using his Pureblood will to keep my body in place and I had no choice but to obey. I watched helplessly as he continued down my body, unbuttoning the ripped and blood-soaked shirt with careful delicacy, and it took me a while to realize where exactly he was headed. In my head, I squirmed and struggled to be free of Kuran's invisible grasp, but he refused to reliquish his postion.... Was this payback?

He pushed the shirt open carelessly, moving back up to tease the junction between my shoulder and neck with his fangs without actually puncturing my skin. I gasped when I felt his tongue dart out from between two full lips to moisten the skin there and clean up the small amount of blood that had dripped out of my hair. He began to suck shortly afterward, mimicking the act of drawing blood and I hissed, feeling a tingling sensation rise up the back of my neck and then straight downward again. He moved lower, finding my collarbone with ease and laying soft, chaste kisses along it until I let out a short and stiffled moan. The tingling became denser and I tensed, finally feeling some freedom return to my body. I squirmed underneath him, my breathing quickening as the feelings began to build up in my lower regions.

He moved again, lower. He seemed intent on pleasing me in one way or another, and I didn't understand this. Evidently, I didn't really care either. Kuran latched onto my left nipple, becoming rougher than before, and the tingles grew until they were jolts of electricity. Although I tried to stop it, I was too late, and I let a singular moan fill the basement, echoing off the walls in the dead silence. I could feel Kaname smirk against my skin and he switched sides.

"Ka... Kaname," I gasped with the unexpected change, my hands finding his silky chocolate tresses and tugging feverishly at them. I was unsure of whether I wanted him to stop — knowing that this was wrong on too many levels — or wanted him to keep going — knowing that it felt perfect, no matter what was wrong or right outside the walls of this basement.

I couldn't decide, but my hesitancy didn't stop Kuran from laying those gentle kisses along my abdomin until he found the top of my pelvic bone and began to run his tongue over it. The muscles jolted and spasmed beneath him and I whimpered, thrusting upward in attempt to satisfy the bulge that had grown in my pants over the past few minutes. One hand reached up to massage the painful erection, and after I had thrust upward several more times, Kuran unbuttoned my pants, tugging them down far enough to free it from its suffocating prison. I sighed, relieved to be released; but I noticed that Kuran's beautiful ministrations had ceased and peered down along my own body curiously to see what he was up to now.

He was unbuttoning his own pants.

Kuran glanced down at me, crimson meeting lavender, and he raised one eyebrow. "Remove your clothing, Kiryuu. What are you waiting for? Hopefully you don't expect me to do it for you."

My brow creased. Did I really need to take off my clothes? How far was he planning to take this game of his? I watched him for another moment before I played along, throwing off my clothes and tossing them in a pile near Kuran's neatly stacked and folded clothes. He glanced at them, almost disgusted, and I glowered at him.

Kuran returned to me, kneeling between my legs to gently dip downward. I was anticipating the feeling of being engulfed in his warmth, but no such sensation occured. In stead, I felt his tongue run a thin, firm line up the underside of my length, moving from the base up. When he reached the top, he took the head in his mouth, sucking gently. But it was enough to make me see stars. I bucked up into his warmth, but he pulled back before I had the chance.

"No, Kiryuu. When I say so," he scolded, moving back up to lavish heated affections on my neck again. I whimpered, waiting for him to satisfy me below, but it didn't happen. He sat up again, displayed before me fully in all his glory. He examined me for a moment, crimson eyes sweeping over my neglected body, coming to some sort of conclusion.

Evidently, he made a desicion, returning to hover just above me. He pressed his lips against mine, but I didn't respond, too shocked to bring forth a logical reason for his actions. "You belong to me, Kiryuu Zero," he whispered against my lips. His eyes met mine again, half-lidded and lusty. "You are mine."

His lips met mine once again as he kissed me tenderly, and I was genuinely frightened. But I felt his body lower against mine, and he began to rock his hips firmly against my own, finding the most exotic curves to press for the most beautiful friction. I gasped, parting my lips only slightly, but enough for the prince to slip his sinfully experienced tongue into my mouth, exploring every inch of the hot, wet caverns. And when he was finished, he began to coax my own tongue into the same delicious dance — lost in the heat between our bodies and the building ecstasy, I had no choice but to comply, wrapping our tongues in an inseperable knot. I forced back against him now, above and below, and it shocked him enough to release a moan that was soley his. It was louder than mine, and it hung in the air above us longer as a result.

Tentatively, he slid his hand down along my side, coaxing another gasp from me, and slipped it between our feverishly rocking bodies to grip onto me and tug firmly upward. His grasp was so beautiful, and it more than made up for the friction lost between our bodies.... But soon that disappeared as well as he coated his fingers in my precum, diving directly for my back entrance. As he inserted a single finger, I mewled gently, caught between the pain of an unexplored region and the pleasure derived from the length of Kuran's finger. He pushed up until I coiled, my body spasming and convulsing over the pressure. He smirked and withdrew the finger, shoving back up to meet that spot again. I moaned, finally releasing the care that someone might hear us and letting loose the pent up volume.

After my muscles had relaxed, Kuran inserted another perfectly manicured finger, pressing inward faster and more forcefully. I cried out, once again in more pain than pleasure, and then coiled as he hit the spot. Beautiful.... He stretched at the muscles, pulling and pushing out, working as gently as possible to prepare me for what was to come.

"Kiryuu." He caught my attention almost instantly as he raised himself until he was sitting just above me. "It will feel better if you do."

Without hesitation, I engulfed his whole member within my mouth, encasing the pulsing object with as much care as possible to avoid scraping my teeth against it. But it was more difficult than I had expected, and I gagged, pulling back quickly. I frowned as I felt my cheeks heat up and heard Kuran chuckle, but tried again. This time, I took him in slower, using my inexperienced tongue to coat him entirely in my own saliva. He moaned deeply, and I could tell that he was holding back from forcing himself into me. Eventually, my throat muscles relaxed and I pushed forward, sheathing him within my mouth. He was still for a moment while I lavished heated attentions on him with a quickly tiring tongue, sucking gently all the while. Eventually, he commanded me to stop, his voice shaking and breathy; and as a reward I began to suck harder, pulling back slightly, and then pushing back up on him.

"Stop, Kiryuu," he hissed, and I felt his entire body clench. He gave me one more shaky warning, but I could barely hear it. For my disobedience, I was also rewarded. A hot, sticky liquid filled my mouth, and I choked, pulling away from Kuran as quickly as possible. I spit it all up on the floor, finding the thickly salty taste rather revolting.

Kuran growled behind me, and I turned to see him glaring at me. Instantly, he raised one hand and slapped me hard across the face. My face grew hot and a throbbing rose where his hand had connected; I bit my lip and winced slightly. Kuran's overbearing presence always seemed to weaken me, especially after I had taken his blood. "I instructed you to stop, Kiryuu. Now look what you've done; how insulting." He motioned at the mess I had made of the floor, and I turned, grinning. I had offended him by spitting his precious Pureblood heirs-to-be on the dirty basement floor, and I couldn't help but derive some pleasure and satisfaction from that knowledge.

Unfortunately, my glory was short-lived. Kuran pushed me down before I could react and forced into me with no warning. I cried out with the pain, hoping for that beautiful burst of pleasure to follow, but it didn't. As Kuran continued at incomprehensible speed, I cried and whimpered, trying desperately to hold back a scream that was growing under the unbearable pain. My eyes were squeezed shut, trying to ignore everything that was happening; but when I opened them briefly to survey my surroundings, I found Kuran smirking darkly. Weak hands reached up to push him away. He took both wrists, forcing them above my head with little effort at all. Why was I so powerless?

Tears escaped my eyes, and I didn't care anymore. This was understandable, wasn't it? I felt Kuran plunge deeper and deeper, eventually reaching that spot; but I didn't coil around him with pleasure. I could only cry silently as he penetrated me, claiming every inch of my body. I closed my eyes again, and I could still feel Kuran's gaze upon me; I wanted to writhe underneath it, to fight to escape, but I found that I no longer had the strength to fight him. I was just his plaything now, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Eventually, I felt him begin to falter and his thrusts became more desperate. Each penetration grew more painful and as he released I screamed at the top of my lungs as if someone would hear me.

And before the moment even had time to lose heat, Kuran had dressed and was headed out of the basement. I was left in the dark — stunned and alone — to suffer the reoccuring memories of Kuran's even darker side. All at once, as I heard his footsteps retreat up the stairs, the thickness of the air — which I had failed to notice because of my heightened state of deliria — vanished completely. I attempted to push myself up, refusing to lay back down no matter how painful my lower regions were.

It had taken what seemed to be ages, but I managed to dress myself and work my way out to the stairs. I knew that this would probably out-class any of the other pains I had felt up until now; but I didn't really care. There was one thing that rested prominently on the forefront of my mind — how would I strike my revenge?