Two Heartbeats and the Red Sin

Part Four

I didn't remember being moved after that, but nonetheless, I awoke in my own dorm, my heavy head spinning. I doubled over, holding my stomach as I searched the room for the bathroom door... But it kept spinning... I couldn't... I couldn't see anything through the... And suddenly, a hot rush exited my stomach before I could lean over the edge of my bed; but there were no worries, I had a bucket right there... Where had that come from?

I suspected that the same person who was now holding some of my hair out of my face was the one who had presented me with the bucket, and somehow I knew exactly who that person was. When I was finished throwing up my guts as a result of the strength of the drug, I felt better — good enough to contimplate whether I should thank Kuran, or douse him in the contents of the bucket. While the latter made me smile, I knew it wouldn't be appropriate after what he had done for me earlier... Even I was man enough to admit that. I looked up at the dark-haired Pureblood, lavender eyes shining in the moonlight — how long had I been out? — as I searched for the words to say.

Before I could say anything, though, Kuran had taken the bucket and nodded slightly. "I understand, Kiryuu. Spare me the words of gratitude."

I looked up at him, confused. "How do you know I was going to thank you?"

"I just do." Kuran crossed the room to the bathroom where he left the bucket, and then returned to a chair that had been placed at the side of my bed. "How do you feel?"

"A little sick... but other than that, I'm okay. Nothing I can't deal with." I didn't know why I was acting this way... so tough... toward Kuran Kaname, like he really deserved it. Actually, I had a pounding headache and my throat was burning from the recently exited bile; I could still taste it in my mouth. My whole body was heating up, and I couldn't explain why.

"It's a beautiful colour on you, Kiryuu." Kuran pointed out the rising colour in my cheeks, and I turned my head away before he could reach out to stroke my face gently. "I've never seen you blush before."

"I'm not blushing," I countered instantly, feeling the colour rise helplessly another few shades. "I've got a fever."

Kuran was silent for a while, long enough for me to turn my head toward him in curiousity. He was smirking devilishly, which I only got a quick glimpse of before Kuran's warm lips met mine. I was stunned for just as long as he was silent before I gathered myself and pulled back, wiping my mouth on my arm. "What d'you think you're doing, Kuran? Just because you're a Pureblood—"

"Our ranks have nothing to do with it, Kiryuu Zero." I felt a slight tingle run up my spine at the way he said my name... What was going on here? "For some unexplainable reason... they don't matter anymore."

So... Kuran was just as confused as I was? That was... comforting.

I lowered my arm, resting it back in my lap while Kuran stared at me. I felt vulnerable under that gaze, knowing that the only thing between the two of us was the comforter that covered me. Kuran was staring at me, and I wasn't sure what he was thinking... I knew that he was reading me, though; I could feel it. I was staring at him now, examining him; and when I noticed, I tried to look purposeful... I tried to push the reoccuring thought of how beautiful the Pureblood was out of my mind. But Kuran smiled... He had caught it. Now, he moved back in, reaching around to grab a fistful of silver hair before he kissed me this time, holding me in place so I couldn't get away. Of course, just the fact that we shared a similar confusion didn't make this any more acceptable. I still tried to get away.

Of course, unbeknownst to me, I was giving Kuran exactly what he wanted while I fought; maybe he thought I didn't know how to kiss and this was my way of returning his — dare I say it? — affections? It didn't matter, he still ripped back when I bit his lip hard, drawing a small amount of blood. The tiny pinprick sealed in an instant, but the taste was in my mouth now, and my eyes began to change, my fangs lengthening. I had a fraction of a second to see the look on Kaname's face before he wrenched my head backward, exposing my neck to him. He took his time here, remembering our last encounter, breathing hot air across the extremely sensitive regions. Instantly, a chill ran up my spine and my breath hitched in my throat. It was something about the way he had pulled my hair so violently and then toyed so delicately with me. Kuran, I decided then, was a tease, and I didn't like it... but I did... What was wrong with me?

"Kiryuu, I'll let you in on a little secret," he breathed, pressing his lips against my neck, just below my ear. He sucked there for a moment, scraping unlengthened fangs against my skin. I bit my lip, forcing myself to calm down... just... breathe... It was becoming increasingly difficult. "Pure blood negates the effect of the Hunter drug that you so cleverly implanted in my system. Even once ingested into a foreign system; say, perhaps, a Level D's."

This startled me slightly... So, did that mean that earlier... everything Kaname had felt during my... attempt at revenge... that was real?

Furthermore, the things that Aidou made me feel were real? I hated myself.

"But, it does taste horrible on the way back up, doesn't it?" Kuran was smirking, and I could hear it in his voice. I couldn't care less about that stupid attitude of his now, anyway; as long as he kept going, I didn't care.

"Why don't you find out for yourself?" I hissed seductively. Kuran released my hair, allowing me to meet his lips full on when I tilted my head back down. I was so lost in Kuran Kaname, and I couldn't figure it out. I hated his guts, so passionately, it made my stomach turn and tighten when ever I came near him or thought about him. I hated him so much... and yet... he envolked this need in me... This heated desire which engulfed my entire being. I wanted Kuran Kaname so much that I couldn't even describe it in the right words.

I was falling in love with him.

Kaname bit my lip, gently, slowing the kiss considerably, as if he thought he were hurting me and didn't mean it. Or as if he had caught my thoughts somehow and knew what I was thinking. He pulled back, resting his forehead on mine, his breathing deep and even. "Is this what you want, Kiryuu?" he asked, reaching up to cradle my face in both his hands. I let my head drop slightly. This was stupid... What did I want? Taking this as a positive sign, Kuran kissed me again, lowering his hands to trace down my bare chest, outlining the firm abdomin with ghostly contact. Almost without my consent, my body lurched forward, forgetting my nakedness, and searched desperately for Kuran's warmth. The Pureblood met me halfway, throwing the blanket aside and wrapping his arms around my waist. He held me close, gripping me as if he might lose me. It really vexed me to think of this kind of behaviour coming from the greatest living Pureblood.

It was like the darker, sexual side of The Prince and the Pauper, and I wasn't sure where I stood on my rating yet. I felt Kaname groping at my ass, kneading it gently as he snuck closer to the back entrance. I tensed up when he ran his fingers over it, instantly recalling our most recent encounter in the basement. If I did one thing wrong... would he do it again? This was Kuran Kaname we were talking about, after all... He was so unpredictible. Could I trust him?

Feeling my hesitancy, Kuran let go of me, stepping back. "Is something the matter, Kiryuu?"

I blushed; I didn't know how to tell him. I mean, you can't just come out and say, "Hey, you raped me last time, remember?" That ultimately ensures that neither of you are getting what you want. So I stayed silent, sitting back on the bed and looking as far away from the Pureblood as I could.


I resisted.

"Zero, are you uncomfortable with this? I need to know these things." He was calm and concerned, a little worried. I finally looked up out of the corner of my eye just in time to see him lean toward me, resting his head on my shoulder. "We don't have to if you don't want to."

I looked down at him now, completely astonished. "What? You mean, I actually have a choice this time?"

Kaname closed his eyes, as if to show his apology. This was a special thing for a Pureblood to trust someone this much, especially a lowly Level D like me. I knew then... He felt it too. "K-kaname... You're acting strange. Even I know that. Why?"

He sighed, I thought for a moment he might be asleep, but he responded. "I can explain it no better than you, Zero. I hate you so much that I've become absolutely passionate about you. I believe I..." He stopped. He didn't have to finish; I knew what he wanted to say. "It's perfect, by the way."

"What is?" I asked, completely dumbfounded by this sudden remark. He could really be something sometimes.

"The way you say my name."

I chuckled slightly, resting my head on Kaname's, reaching up to stroke the Prince's silken tresses. Speaking of strokes, Yuuki would have one if she ever caught us like this. This made me smile, and I closed my eyes as well. "That's cheesy, Kaname—"

"I love you."

It was one of those things that are so inappropriately timed that you can't possibly comprehend or prepare for. It made my heart skip a beat, and I stopped breathing for a moment. He was so serious... Was he telling the truth? I couldn't say anything, just for fear of his response. There was something wrong with him tonight... This was way too strange to be real.

"Kaname? Are you—"

"Zero, I love you. I don't understand why, but I'm certain of it." Then he paused, sitting up and capturing my lips again, this time prodding at my lower lip with his tongue. It took me a moment of silent contemplation, but I let him in, meeting him to fight a vicious battle, a sinfully delicious dance. He pushed back on me now, and I allowed him to dominate me, pulling back to kiss my neck and collar bone, then down my chest. Occassionally he's stop to suck in the more sensitive places, causing me to arch up toward him and bite my lip to avoid releasing any sound. Kaname worked down to my navel where he dipped his tongue and lavished heated affections. I tried not to watch him, but his work was making me feel the need to see. I watched him reaching between my legs with his vice grip ready, and when he took ahold of my length, I gasped, curling my fingers in the sheets. His grip was tighter than before, or was I imagining it?

I threw my head back, trying not to buck when I felt Kaname's hot breath on my head. I wanted him so badly that I was already straining at the force of my cries, and he had barely even touched me. I could quite easily remember what Kaname had done last time I had attempted to help myself to his intoxicating touch, I had been punished immensely, so I held myself back as hard as I could. Kaname was absolute tainted bliss — this was so wrong, and it felt so right. It was difficult to keep myself under control.

"Zero," Kaname let go of me, and I groaned. Why did he do things like that? He moved back up to my neck, and kissed it gently. "Let me make a Blood Bond with you."

"What?" I had no idea what he was talking about. I think he might have forgotten that I had only been a Vampire for less than a year and wasn't familiar with all the terms and traditions.

"You've taken my blood, and now I will take yours in return." It was a short explanation, but it wasn't like I really understood anyway.

"I don't care. Do what you want." I was somewhat upset about Kaname's abandonment of the ministrations to my nether regions, so I was acting bratty to see how he'd react to it. He ignored it, and I felt his fangs lengthen against my skin before they penetrated; I hissed with the expected stinging. But the pain faded as the sensations given off by the blood exiting my body became more demanding, and a white-wash of something — neither pain nor pleasure — heaved over me. I reached up, instinctively, and gripped onto Kaname hard. What was this change that I felt? What was going on?

"I'm here, Zero. Just stay calm."

Kaname's voice was ringing in my head and I let my breathing return to normal as the wave receded and I returned to my natural state. What... was that? I watched Kaname, confused that his lips weren't moving with his words, and cocked an eyebrow. The Pureblood hovered over me now, smiling gently.

What's going on...?

"This is the Blood Bond, Zero." Kaname's voice again... "It enables us to contact eachother at any moment simply by willing it."

I don't get it...

Kaname chuckled, outwardly this time; I was relieved to see his mouth moving in sync with his words. "You will, in time."

Before I could answer, Kaname brought three fingers to my mouth, tracing my lips gently. I had an idea of what he wanted, and an idea of why; but I still wasn't sure... After the last time that Kaname had taken me... I just couldn't be sure. A dull throb arose in my rear as I remembered the aftermath of Kaname's rage. What had that been about anyway? Just me spitting up? Was that it? Because it was a really lame reason, he couldn't have expected a first-timer to— He had warned me... Hadn't he?

"Kaname... hold on," I whispered, my face reddening against my will. "I'm sorry, but—"

"You have no need to apologize. I acknowledge that I lost my temper with you our first time, and I should be the one apologizing to you." It shocked me to hear him say something like that. I wondered if the Pureblood Prince hadn't been drinking or something... This was so irregular. It was a dream; that was it! "That was the last time I will hurt you, Kiryuu Zero. My honour as the Pureblood Prince."

I let my head fall, and my lips parted, taking Kaname's slender fingers into my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around them, each one seperately, and coated them well with my own saliva. It took a mere few seconds for Kaname to pull his slicked fingers back, and trace my entrance with them. Slowly, he inserted one, watching me bite my lip from the foreign intrusion. It was strange for me, seeing as my first and only time had been more than just a painful experience triggering bad memories. It had gone from non-consensual sex that I could have put up with, even lived with, to rape. And it was by this man, hovering above me, who professed to love me. The man I had hated since the very first time my unusually sharpened Hunter skills had picked up his Vampiracy. Who I had fought over the same girl for an uncountable number of years with. There was no way I was actually letting this happen.

A second finger prodded at my rear, contemplating entering. My muscles tensed at the thought, and I heard Kaname sigh. "Zero, breathe. Just relax, alright?"

I did as told. Taking a deep breath relaxed the tight ring, and allowed the second finger to join the first. Immediately, they tightened around the new object, making it difficult for Kaname to move; but the friction he could create was becoming less painful and more pleasurable with each restricted stroke. I began to relax, even press back to meet him as the strokes became more thorough, and a third finger had been pressed in before I had even noticed. I yelped slightly, biting my lip hard; Kaname slowed down for me, and I groaned.

No... Keep going... Please!

I begged Kuran in my mind; I was too embarrassed to say it out loud, and I had nearly forgotten about our newly-formed bond. So, it worried me slightly when Kaname worked back up to his former speed, almost as if he had heard my thoughts. He began to stretch at the ring now, pushing it outward in three directions now, effectively loosening it just a little more. Evidently, just enough. He pulled his hand away, and I whimpered, wanting to feel him close to me again. Kaname only smirked now, sitting up to unbutton his black dress shirt, and then stood, moving completely away from me, to remove his pants and underwear. I hissed as cold air rushed in between us at the separation, and the new sensation made me stiffen just a little more.

Kaname moved back up to the bed, pulling something out of his pants pocket before he disguarded them on the ground. It was a small plastic bottle, and I could tell what it was for until Kaname took a small amount in his hand and began to give his erection a full, even coating. Oh... That was a good idea. Kaname tossed the lube bottle on the floor with his clothes and came back up, laying his body across mine. "Kiryuu Zero," he whispered lustily in my ear, tracing my entrance with his slick head. I growled and waited for what I knew was coming. "Do you love me?"

Or not. I stared at him, a little dumbfounded by the question. What does one say to something like that? It could be a trick question for all I knew — 'Say yes, and I'll make sweet love to you. Say no, and I'll rape you until you puke up your own liver'. Kaname seemed like that kind of guy. I was still having a hard time trusting him. But, slowly, I nodded, and Kaname smiled. It wasn't a real answer, but I supposed that Kaname could probably feel the decisions and the conflicting emotions, which was why he pushed forward, moving himself into me with a carefully guided thrust. I gasped, wrapping my arms around Kaname for the sake of finding comfort from the sharp sting that resounded through my entire body when Kaname began to pull back out. If this was what it felt like consensually — rape was still about a hundred times worse, and mentally scarring besides — then maybe a really wanted no part of this. Feeling this, Kaname stopped moving completely.


It hurts, Kaname... Alot. I don't know if I can deal with it. My admittance to him was something that was only for him. I was weaker than I wanted everyone to believe. I felt pain, like everyone else did; and my ability to shrug off minor wounds was all in my head. Things that would normally damage any other person — Human and Vampire, alike — most certainly damaged me as well. My eyes were beginning to tear up from the not-so-pleasurable sensations that Kaname was elicting.

Kaname smiled softly, brushing my bangs off my face. "Hush, love. Give it time. It is certain to hurt at first; but it's because this is only your second encounter. These things take time; you just need to be patient." With this, he continued, slower this time. I waited as he had intructed, and slowly, the pain disisted. Warm waves of pleasure began building in an ebb and flo motion, just as Kaname moved in and out of me — filling me completely, and then leaving my body again. In what seemed only a few short moments, I was moaning loudly, unable to form a coherent thought to tell Kaname to speed up, or pound harder, to stop going easy on me. And every time something even remotely close to a thought crossed my mind, Kaname would give me exactly what I needed, keeping me in the throes of pure, untainted bliss until I secumbed to the beautiful ministrations for the first time.

This didn't stop Kaname. He didn't even bat an eye. In stead, he reached down and began to pump at the already semi-reinterested flesh, forcing it to harden once again; then raised my legs and told me to wrap them around him — an order which I obeyed obsequiously. Still riding out my first orgasm, the pleasure nearly doubled when Kaname sped up exponentially. I could feel myself getting close again already, and I knew he must be, too. My back arched against him, and he released my member, snaking his arm around my body to support me.

Ka... Kana... I wanted to tell him how I felt so bad; but the pleasure was disrupting my thoughts. I pushed at it, moving it to the front of my mind, forcing it out, until...

"Kaname!" My exclamation came just as I erupted a second time, over both my own and Kaname's writhing bodies and heaving chests. The force of this climax made me see stars, little flashing balls of blue and white lights that danced around my head in a mocking pattern. It seemed like all my muscles tightened around Kaname at once, and the Pureblood lost control, causing a hot, thick liquid to fill my insides, and a bright white wave to flush over my senses, drowning out the little dancing fireballs.

The Pureblood kept his body against mine, rocking our bodies together as we rode out our orgasms. Finally, Kaname pulled completely out of me, but didn't move. In stead, he just laid there, staring into my eyes, crimson clashing with lavender in a dangerous beauty. It seemed like ages before either of us spoke.

"Zero..." My name escaped his lips as a sigh, and he lowered his head to my chest, listening to the pounding of my heart in my chest. I wrapped lithe, white arms around the creme body above me, sheened with a thin layer of sweat, while his hair clung to both of us desperately. "Gods, I love you."

I smiled, but it wasn't with any sort of light-hearted emotion. It was rueful, because while Kaname gave me all this pleasure and all this beauty, I couldn't rightly say I loved him in return. However, when he turned his head to look up at me, I made sure it was — or at least appeared to be — genuine.

"I love you, too." Somewhere inside, I knew these words were real. They were. They really were. But somehow, I still wanted to cling to the bitter hatred I held for him. Gods, how naive I was! It was never hatred! I had been in love with the Pureblood the whole damned time, since about the same time I entered Cross Academy; I was just jealous that Yuuki loved him so much, and he seemed so fond of her. That was it! I nodded slightly as this crossed my mind, and I smiled again, brighter this time. "I love you."

And suddenly, I could say it. It was that easy. I could say it and accept it within only days of that realization. Within a month, we became more open about our relationship, having stopped fighting on campus to keep up appearances. In fact, as Kaname passed by me one evening, he pulled me in with the arm unoccupied by textbooks and clashed our lips passionately, letting his tongue enter my parted lips. I think the Day Class girls — each and every one of them — all simulateously had heart attacks, including Yuuki. The crowd fell silent, and no one moved as the Night Class students made their way into the school building while I stood there grinning blissfully. Probably the best moment of our relationship came at about noon, four months after our first official bedding; where Kaname came to visit the Headmaster and ran into me in the hallway. A group of three Day Class girls and a teacher came to investigate when I accidently let a loud, sultry moan out and we were caught in the act. The teacher passed out, two of the girls stared in awe, and the third ran off with her hands covering her eyes. Of course... Kaname and I were both suspended for this, a week each, and told to control our hormones.

Now what kind of intelligent person tells that to a teenaged boy?