Rising Darkness




Gary:18 1/2







Mysterious guy:24

In a dark distance place called Structure lived a cruel king named had long black hair,black eyes that can pierce through someone's wore a dark red cape with a black shirt and blood like red in this town feared him and legion of terror."So my region will enough I will take this kingdom by fear and terror."He stormed throughwith black horses which symboled death."I must kill the ones who can stop chosen 4 warriors."Seth said with angst.

"So my king who are the warriors."Mysterious man said.

"THe legend says 'These 4 warriors will protect 4 princesses of are the bridge of light and darkness.(Warriors of Legend)These warriors will fall deeply in love with these girls but they are nothing but outcasts through out have to stop any terror befalls these girls even to die for will safice their lifes for the kingdom'The legend stated."Seth said."`I have to stop them by any needs."Fours guys in black hoods that hides their faces appear.

"So It finally begins."Cloak guy with a rose in hand said.

"Yeah destiny chosen us to stop Seth beside I have a score with him."The cloak guy with a Pikachu on his shoulder and a dagger in his hand.

"WHatever he will die to us."This one was pissed by Seth.

"Seth have no idea we are here we're outcasts from light and that all we will never be accept by no one."You see brown hair standing a private school for people with special the school lies 4 girls who were best friends for had Orange hair with a ponytail she was had orange hair too but shorter she was Zoey.A brunette with a well devolp chest she's May and a blue hair girl with dark blue Eyes her was DAwn."This is way to easy to control guys with our a challege." Dawn the 4 mysterious guys shows up to the school.

"Wow newbies time to test them."Misty started to flirt with them."You're new huh I'm Misty the blue hair named Dawn the red hair Zoey and The brown is MAy."They didn't care."Hey are you even looking at us?"They hide their 6 guys taller then them about 6'7 walked up to them.

"You guys think you have rights to flirt with our teach some manners."The cloaked guys turned to them.

"You really don't want to fight 're the darkness warriors of Newos god of light and darkness."

"Yeah well I challenge all of you to battle me."The leader named Kiba said.(Took from Naruto)"You will die in my gangs can show your faces when we kill you guys."They throw the cloaks off.

"Wow they're hot!!!!"The girls shouted out the girls was love strucked by them."Why they wore those cloaks?"Dawn asked.

"So what they're pretty boys I beat them so hard they don't remerber their own names."Kiba said with purple hair walked to him his name was PAul.

"Name's PAul Shinji I'm warrior of rage.I feel nothing but anger and hate towards everyone."Paul stands to battle the guy with the brown hair walked up to him.

"I'm Gary Oak warrior of knowledge.I use wisdom to defeat my ememies."The green hair guy with the rose stepped forward towards Kiba.

"I'm Drew Shu warrior of love.I just carry rose to symblize love or hate."Then finally their leader steps Pikachu on his shoulder.

"I'm Ash Ketchum warrior of life and death.I deal with the cases of life being born or a life taken away."Kiba got mad so did his gang.

"We don't care who you guys are you still going to die by us."Kibha smirked but they wasn't scared."Why you guys aren't scared of us."Kiba walked backwards to the came to one of his gooks and jabbed him in the intial part of his all of a sudden flames came from the gooks body.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!"He screamed as the flames surrounds was scared and shocked by this.

"What did you do to him?"Kiba said.

"Paul send him to the Netherland."Drew was scared now of these 4 girls were impressed by these powers.

"Netherland what that?"Misty wanted to know which Gary caught on.

"Netherland is when warriors like us kill someone they get send to the place that know as the a evil place which your soul gets tested if evil gets burn alive."Gary girls was shocked to hear such a outcome but they admire the guys' all blushed and they let out a girl guys looked towards Kiba with a murderous look on his face.

"Time to die Kiba Samuels!!!"Ash spoke like a dragon demon.

"No wait I'm sorry We're all are."They were so scared."

"Too late and your gang are going to hell."Drew said in a fox demon voice(Naruto).

"Yeah Kiba you can't escape your destiny now."Paul said in tiger demon voice.

"Time to DIE!!!!"Gary said with a lion demon screamed as they charged towards ,Drew,Gary killed the gang while Ash wented to kill jabbed Kiba in the heart.

"Your soul will burn in the Kiba scremed in pity.

"PLEASE SAVE ME!!!!!"Kiba looked at him patheic look.

"Nothing can save fate is sealed."Ash said as Kiba's body burned girls ran up to them.

"That was guys are so cool not metioning hot!!!"Dawn said with a blush covering her just walked off and Drew,Paul and Gary followed him.'I wished they notice us'

"Man that was so they were nice."May said and Misty and Zoey looked at looked pissed.

"WArriors of light and darkness my are nothing."Zoey nodded as they walked to their dorm.


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