Well Everyone this is the final chapter of Rising ending.

Chapter 10:Rebirth:Warriors return.

Ash kill Seth but with a terrible had to kill himself to kill is on her knees crying her eyes was holding Ash in her arms.

"Ash please you can't can't come back."She hugged him that Ash will come back to He was body was a rotting corspe ,Gary and Paul die as die quickly but Ash's death looked painful than the warriors were pawns of used them to kill his own and Newos never always hated blames himself for Seth's darkness appearance.

"This is Newos' fault send them to kill Seth.4 teen boys to kill Seth."May said to looked at May as she was holding Drew's dead body."NEWOS! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!"May broke down into a temper."THIS IS ALL YOUR DOING!BECAUSE OF YOU DREW IS...DEAD!"Dawn was still and Misty watched May's meltdown.

"May calm down."Misty tryed to reason with her but Zoey put her hand on her shoulder and shook her head.

"Misty let her releash her will keep them bottle not healthly to seal them away."Misty looked at Zoey as she looked at Gary lying dead on the started to tear up.

"WHY NEWOS WHY DO THIS! WHY THIS WAR WITH SETH WHY!"Misty asked as Newos appeared towards stared angry at Dawn had the most rage bulit inside her ready to take it out on Newos.

"NEWOS YOU SON OF A BITCH!Why they had to fight Seth why?"Dawn stared at kept quiet."ANSWER ME BECAUSE OF YOU ASH IS DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU YOU...JACKASS!ANSWER ME WHY ASH WAS CHOSEN TO KILL SETH WHY!"Dawn's eyes was tearing eyes were so red and puffy.

"Please Dawn I reget everything I have done I'm sorry."Newos looked at ,May,Misty and Zoey looked at him pissed.


"If you had problems with Seth why used them for this war."Misty said as Newos explianed.

"To protected you."

"Huh?"The girls just sighed.

"The four are the chosen princess of light and their mission was to protect you at all cost."The girls was shock to hear that they were the princesses of said that they were the key of saving this land from the darkness.

"But We are these princess of why us?"Dawn asked and Newos smiled.

"Because you have the power to do anything impossible even.."Newos looked at the dead bodies."Bring the dead back to live."The girls was shocked to hear can bring Ash,Drew,Paul and Gary back from the dead.

"But is this possible for us to bring back the dead.I mean are we messing around with death?"Misty looked at just smiled.

"No You will help them break free from the powers like yours you can do anything you have to do is believe."The girls looked at the guys that they loved thinking that they will not return from the dead."Trust yourself and they will be reborn as more as warrriors but orignal served their destiny now you can get your wish that you think will be possible for you and you only."Newos girls walked to the dead bodies of the got on the they put their hands on their body.

"We wish for Ash Drew Paul and Gary to return from the dead."Four lights beamed down on the four couldnt believe it but they were being reborn in front of wounds were blood was clothes were fixed and had a new slowly opened their eyes.

"Huh how are we alive?Did we die doing the battle with Seth?"Ash said and Dawn was happy to Ash alive again."Dawn Is that you?"Dawn was in tears of joy as she hugged Ash.

"Ash you're back!"Ash smiled as he hugged looked at he smiled at her May aimed her lips towards hugged Misty and Zoey was glad Paul was alive but he really didnt care.

"Good to have you back Paul"Zoey kissed him as Paul returned the looked at Dawn as Dawn looked at him.

"Dawn was this your doing?"Dawn just nodded."Wow I guess Newos was r..."Dawn kissed him.]

"Shut up and kiss me."Ash smiled to smiled as Ash kissed Dawn with knew his work was done.

"Newos wait."Newos stopped."Well I want to thank you for everyone you done for us."Newos smiled as he left.

"So now what?"Gary questioned while holding Misty's waist.

"We live our new lifes."Ash looked at Dawn as he kissed her again.

15 yrs later

Ash,Gary,Drew,Paul lived happy wasnt the warriors of Newos no more they were the own person free to decide their own and Dawn got married as did Drew and May,Misty and Gary,As well as Paul and was shocked to hear Paul getting was a shock to and Dawn lived in Pallet Town while Drew and May lived in Hoenn.(You decide where they live)Paul and Zoey decide to stay in Snowpoint City after Structure was reborn into a region called and Gary also live in Pallet all had believe that they all had boy,one girl.

Ash and Dawn kids:Shawn and Sheena Ketchum.

Misty and Gary:Damien and Lily Oak

Drew and May:Jasper and Tiffany Hayden

Paul and Zoey:Jason and Sam Shinji

These kids live as friends as their parents did now and forever.

The End

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