Thank you for taking an interest in this story. I've never ever in my life have written anything..

Friends suggested i'd get rid of my crazy Twilight addiction by writing my What If ... moments in a story

That didn't really help :P

Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight and all it's characters


The wind sweeping past my body made me skin tingled making me feel alive. Perhaps after all that had happened..... This is the best solution, even the wild water crashing violently into the cliffs underneath me couldn't frighten me. After the past few days, the cold and cool water looked inviting.

As soon as my body hit the water that feeling changed, no longer did the cold feel inviting. I was pulled under not knowing or feeling what way was up anymore and soon I knew.

My life was finished, offcourse even if i would get out of the water now..... I would still be a danger to my father and friends.

The thought of Charlie made me panic, he wouldn't know what happened to me and I hadn't had a chance to say good-bye. Right now, all i wanted was to say good-bye and not being able to say good-bye made me want to fight.

Kicking my legs I found my way up to a lighter part of the water, following the light must bring me to the surface. Knowing these action were my only chance at saying good-bye I made the decision to say good-bye to the only person who would see.

Perhaps they had left me in person but were still thinking of me and would get this message. I remembered the beautiful house that I had visited so often, and my other family. The person I loved most in this world easily came to my mind but for once I wasn't desperate to see his face, who I needed most was Alice. I knew that Alice would see my visit to her as soon as I had decided I would because she was always looking out for her own future.

I pictured myself.... wrapping my arms around Alice her small body and telling her it was ok that they had left, that now i understood. Hoping this would work I also asked her to let Charlie know what had happened and last of all i thought about him. It hurt... but if my life was going to end I wanted for Edward to move on. I said my good-byes to each and every one of them, strongly thinking of meeting Alice as the last little bit of control left my body and I was sucked under again in the pain.

Ice cold water washed around me causing me for a moment not to feel my body before my back slammed into the rocks again. Pain rushed back through my body before something hit my head and a sudden sharp pain started to take me under.

As the world around me slowly started to slide away into an all consuming blackness I gasped his name for the last time…Edward