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"Tonight we leave for Denali, staying at their house as a honeymoon for a while."

His smooth voice sounds calm and collected. But the thought of leaving Forks tonight, it takes me a moment to comprehend. Shock is the first thing I feel and holding my breath, I mentally count to ten. Letting the information sink in.

"There is no need to worry. Our plans haven't changed, it would just be safer for you. Alice is packing right now while Jasper prepares the car, they will come with us."

His voice sounds slightly panicked now. Relaxing I exhale, finishing my counting and slowly releasing all the air I'm holding captive.

"What time do we leave?" Not looking at him, I keep my eyes on Charlie. He's talking to Irina and Kate. Tanya is standing to the side but she is looking at us, smiling at me. I misjudged her earlier and I smile back. Knowing that after tonight we have some silent friendship, unlike the one I have with Rosalie or Alice. But reliable when needed.

"When you are ready." Edwards voice still sound a little bit tense. Leaning closer into him I wrap my arms around his waist and let my head rest against his chest. Glancing up, I can just see his face. "I'm ready."

As soon as the words leave my mouth, Alice shows up to help me get changed. The getting dressed part took hours, changing into something more comfortable to wear while travelling only takes minutes.

Carefully I take both Esme and Tanya's jewellery off and place it on the small writing desk. Knowing they will find it.

When I return downstairs, Edward is already waiting for me. Standing next to him is Carlisle with Esme and Charlie. My dad looks so extremely sad. For a moment the guilt at taking this path in life overwhelms me. I find the strength to step close to him and hug him. He hugs me back and let's go. "I love you." His voice sounds so proud, and as he let's go Esme surprises me by taking one of his hands.

Leaning into Edward I try to hide my tears at Esme's gesture. Letting me know, they will watch over Charlie while I am away. I don't want to ruin the moment by crying. But it's impossible to stop. Edward holds me close to him as we walk to the car. Jasper is already sitting in the driver seat. Without a word I let Edward help me into the back. When we sit down he pulls me to his chest and I can see Alice sit in the front next to Jasper.

Now it is just the four of us. Through the small rearview mirror, Jasper looks at me. As he does his power washes over me, calm loving feelings. It works a little bit and I smile a quick thank you at him. Then I close my eyes, resting my head in my husbands lap and fall asleep.

The next thing I notice is the rocking sensation of being carried. When I carefully open my eyes, the surroundings are similar yet different. A large open house with a welcoming interior and light furniture. To the back of the house there is a large glass wall, similar to the Cullen's. It allows me to look outside and notice the sun softly shining over the white winter forest. Thick snow is everywhere, indicating we are in fact really in Alaska.

I'm in Edwards arms. My head securely tucked away under his chin as he carries me upstairs to the room where we will be staying. Neither Jasper or Alice are anywhere to be seen. They must be giving us some privacy, waiting for us. Like I know everyone that is left behind in Forks will be there waiting for me to return and join them forever.

Grabbing hold of Edward tighter, I wrap my arm around his neck and notice the ring. The ring around my finger telling me I am now a Cullen and my heart starts pounding more excited with each step Edward takes towards our room. Bringing me closer to finally belonging with him forever.

Upstairs he takes the last door in the hallway, opening up to a large bedroom. A large bed sits in the middle, covered by flowers and candles are arranged around the room. Sitting down on the bed, with me on his lap. I lean into him wrapping one of my arms around his body. Holding him just like he is holding me. Tilting my head to the side I push aside the soft scarf that is draped around my neck and shoulders. Fully exposing my neck to Edward.

The soft hiss from his mouth, tells me. The exposure of my neck, tonight in this way. It is something he wants also. He makes another sound, something, too soft for me to hear. I don't care because at the same time he pushes aside my hair and traces the exposed veins with his fingertips while slowly exhaling his cool breath on the skin he has just touched.

His hand stopped moving and I felt his cool lips brush the skin of my neck. Lingering at the most sensitive part right behind my ear. I shudder and grab the fabric of his sweater tighter. It feels like my spine is about to explode when he finally kisses me. Slow and deliberate small kisses carefully placed along my jaw, all the way to my lips.

When he pulls away I whimper, missing his lips on my skin immediately. Looking me in the eyes for a moment I can see how tense his face is. His eyes are darkening, to a color darker then anything I have ever seen.

This is it, the moment we both have been waiting for, anticipating, fearing and wanting at the same time. The reason why our honeymoon is in a park up north somewhere in Alaska.

Placing one hand on his face, I softly cares his lips. He watches me with heavy eyes, the last specks of gold swimming in the deep dark pits of his, slowly turning to a complete black. I know this look, it's one of lust. Smiling I lean closer to him, placing my neck close to his lips. "It's a perfect day to die."

"An even better day to live." Is his immediate response. His voice is rough and for a moment I fear that he will loose control. But then the next moment I can't think because he sinks his teeth deep into my neck.

Biting my lip I exhale roughly, groaning at the excited sensation I feel at this one perfect kiss that will make me immortal. The moment lasts only a few seconds because Edward pulls away. Kissing me on my lips one more time before pulling my body in his strong arms, pinning my body to his. Holding me still as the fire slowly starts to burn through my body.

Pain pushes everything to the background and trying to safe myself I desperately fight the only way I know possible. I hold on to Edward with all my strength, inhaling his sweet scent and focussing on him rather than the pain. Knowing that showing my pain would hurt him also.

As I do the fire is pushed back to a dim tingling sensation and I feel like I'm being pulled away from the room, from Edwards arms. I smile for the first time as the threat of darkness tugs at my consciousness. "Mine." Is the only word I manage to utter, knowing it is exact the thing going through Edwards mind.

When I focus again I'm no longer in his arms but standing in my room at Charlie's house. I'm in my mind again, but this time I'm not alone.

There in front of me he stands waiting for me, in my room with a single white rose. His face just as shockingly beautiful as I remembered him to be. Smiling down at me as I carefully lay my head on his shoulder.

Edward pulls me closer to him, softly swaying to the perfect piano music playing in the background. As he does, I know everything is going to be alright, finally I am home.

"It feels like dreaming, it's been so long since I've dreamed." His usually smooth voice sounds even better in my mind. "How did you do this?" Leaning away from me, I can see his eyes are back to the bright gold color I love so much.

"After Rosalie and Alice managed to figure out, my gift is in my mind. I knew using it would either be really scary or really good. So far it is really good." Smiling at him, I let him twirl me around. Catching me from the back, holding my back to his chest. Leaning over my shoulder, he kisses me in my neck. The same place where he has just bitten me.

"It's amazing to be able to see in your head, in your dreams. If this is a dream?" He sounds truly grateful and I can't help but rejoice. Turning my head, my lips brush past his. "It's a dream but you can see it, feel it and taste it. My dreams are very real." Brushing past his lips again, I emphasise how real it is. His body tells me, he feels how real this is also.

As we continue dancing together, neither of us get tired. But as we do, I can feel something change inside of me. It's almost like the vision in my already perfect dream enhances. Then when I least expect it, everything crumbles. Around me the familiar surrounding of my bedroom fall away. Leaving me standing in the garden. As I do, my hands try to find Edward. He is gone.

When I look over my shoulder, the house seems to grow smaller and smaller, disappearing also. But even as all of that happen, I don't feel any fear. I feel calm.

When the house is gone, the trees flash by, La Push beach passes me, followed by the warm sun of Arizona desert and my mothers house, our old house.

Confused I peer at the sight in front of me, before I can figure out what is going on. The same flashing starts again, moving me further back... or is it forward. It's all a blur now as images flash by. The heat from the desert is still here, increasing until I can feel the scorching heat inside of me. Alarmed I feel the pain and want to scream but can't. It lasts for a second before the feeling fades away.

Finally the flashing of images around me stops. In my dream it is black, no matter how hard I try there is nothing left to see. The only thing I notice is the soft touch of a hand in mine, the taste of Edward on my lips and his soft voice calling me.

Trying to take a deep breath, the taste grows stronger.
The air is burning my throat in an uncomfortable way and with realisation my eyes snap open.

There sitting with me, exactly how we were when I closed my eyes, is Edward. Except it feels like I have never seen this Edward before. His beauty is overwhelming, making me wish I could cry but knowledge tells me I can't.

Lifting my hand, I marvel at the touch of my hand to his face. It feels smooth and warm. Tracing his jaw, I touch his lips with my hands. All the time he doesn't move, holding still like a statue. The only thing that shows life are his eyes as he watches me.

"Edward?" My voice sounds soft like silk, matching his. "What's wrong?"

Intense fear floods my body as he still does not move. Panicked I move away, misjudging the distance and standing on the other side of the large room in a second.

He sits still on the bed, his empty hands stretched out after me. Nervous I watch him rise to his feet, walking over to me in human speed. Each step he takes closer his eyes calm. Until he stand in front of me, tall and handsome. His hair is even messier then I am used to.

Lifting my hand, he kisses the palm of my hand before looking me in the eyes.

"Nothing is wrong, all is right." Placing our hands against his chest, I can feel the familiar current run through my body.

"Then why were you so silent?" Speaking again, I hear my own voice like it belongs to a stranger.

Edward's eyes darken slightly when he looks down to our hands for a moment.
Then he smiles, a triumphant glorious smile that would have stopped my heart, if it was still beating.

"You my beloved, are the most stunning creature I have ever seen."

Leaning closer I can taste his sweet breath on my lips.

"You left me speechless and in awe."

If it were possible his words would have made me flush, but I know that's not an option either. Mentally I note, many subtle ways for Edward to read me are no longer existent. As he waits for me to reply I giggle softly. "At least now you know how I feel whenever I am around you."

The corner of his mouth twitched, telling me he is trying to stop from smiling at my response.

"Can I kiss you?" His words are hesitant and take me by surprise. Before knowing what I'm doing I respond and lean into him, grabbing him at the shoulders and placing my lips on his. The moment I do, his arms wrap around my waist. I can feel how his fingers apply pressure like he couldn't before.

The kiss is deep and seems endless, marvelling at how neither of us need air. I continue to trace his lips, explore his mouth and mold into his body. For the first time ever it is Edward that needs to brake away our kiss.

"I take it that was a yes?"

His eyes tease me and I lower my face in humiliation.
Nodding at him, without looking him in the eyes.

Cupping my face he gently nudges my chin, relaxing my head I allow him to raise my chin, to meet my eyes with his.

"Bella, please never hide from me. I love you and we have forever together to love each other."

His words warm me, calm me, excite me and awe me at the same time. And carefully I slide my arms around his waist, allowing him to hold me.

Knowing that from this day forward, I am his and he is mine.

Nothing will stand in the way of our love. We will be together, for the rest of eternity.