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Kendappa-ou: This is just sad. Your preludes suck.

Me: ... I'm trying my best…kind of

Sohma: My lord….


Love... It is a beautiful yet cruel thing. To fall in love and to be pitted in a battle against the person most dear to you. To have to cast it aside than be full of regret again. The person I love the most... to die in her arms is what i always wanted but not like this. For as long as i can remember i had wanted to hold and kiss her. I knew my feelings would never be returned for i am a mere servant. Her servant. As i had sworen not to fall for her i swored not to confess my love. Both oaths were broken. The last thing i saw was her face. The last thing i heard was her vioce.

"I love you"

As i close my eyes i felt my life being emptied out as i closed my eyes. My tempature lowered until i was colder than the air of the night. i wanted so badly as to say "i love you too" back but instead i made a prayer to the gods. I beg you... if i am ever to be reincarnated let me be with my lord.

Author's note: In case you got confused in my story i wanted to make it romantic so i changed it a little.