For a prompt on the glee_kink_meme. Prompt: Rachel/Quinn; Rachel is performing onstage (a Glee thing or futurefic or whatever really) and Quinn is in the front row. In an indecently short skirt. Massive teasing ensues.

Rachel paced back and forth waiting for the house lights to go down and the curtain to go up. The other actors periodically asked her if she was okay, she only nodded. She could understand why they were concerned. Rachel never got nervous. Until tonight.

It was Rachel's eighty seventh performance of Wicked. She knew her lines, the lyrics, the choreography. She'd performed for eighty-seven different crowds. Tonight, however, the crowd would contain the one singular person that made Rachel Berry nervous. One person, out of the thousands she had performed for, made her mind completely blank.

Rachel expected her brain to kick into performance mode when the curtain went up. It didn't. She did remember her lines and lyrics and choreography but the minute she stepped on stage she looked down to see Quinn Fabray in the front row, smiling. Rachel was late on her first cue. Quinn was to blame. The blonde was wearing what could hardly be called a dress. It was more like a long strapless shirt. By the time Rachel finished "What Is This Feeling?" she was absolutely certain that Quinn wasn't wearing underwear.

During intermission Rachel locked herself in her dressing room and attempted to stop her brain from thinking of Quinn's long legs. And Quinn's cascading blonde hair. And the fact that there was nothing under Quinn's dress. Oh, how easily she could…There was a knock on the door and Rachel growled. She exited her room and went back to the wings to wait for her cue.

Rachel's eyes again fell on Quinn and she actually stopped breathing. Quinn's fingers were running up and down her thigh as her eyes locked with Rachel's. Quinn licked her lips and she squirmed a little. Rachel had to break her concentration for a minute to move across the stage but the minute she hit her mark her eyes were back on Quinn. She had pushed the dress up and Rachel's suspicions were confirmed. Quinn was going commando. The blonde winked and licked her lips again. Rachel wondered if Quinn knew there were a lot of other people in the theater. When Quinn's grabbed her purse and put it on her lap and Rachel saw Quinn's right hand disappear behind it, it was apparent that Quinn didn't care how many people were in the theater.

Rachel figured out the pattern quickly. When she walked off stage Quinn would stop. The moment she appeared back on stage she watched Quinn's right arm make unmistakable movements. When Rachel came back onstage for the Finale she kept her eyes locked with Quinn's and when Rachel hit the last note she knew. Quinn's eyes struggled to stay open and she was biting her lip hard. When the music stopped and the lights went down the last thing she saw was Quinn trembling and moving her bag to stand up with the rest of the crowd. The lights came back up for the encore and Quinn was still standing, her hair sticking to her forehead, and applauding.

Rachel cleaned off the makeup and was pulling her jeans on when there was a knock at the door. She knew it was her assistant and didn't bother putting a shirt on before opening the door clad in bra and jeans. Sure enough, there stood the assistant but Rachel's eyes looked passed the woman and to the blonde standing behind her.

"Quinn Fabray to see you," the assistant said.

Rachel nodded. The assistant left and Quinn stepped into Rachel's dressing room. Rachel shut the door. She stayed facing it with her hand gripping the doorknob.

"You are a fucking tease."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Quinn said.

Rachel whipped around and Quinn was smirking. "You honestly couldn't wait three hours?"

"It's been four months since I've seen you. Of course I couldn't wait."

"Big mistake, Fabray. I have you for a week all to myself, you're going to regret this. I will bring out the handcuffs."

Quinn's smirk dropped off her face. Rachel stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Quinn's waist and ran her hands down to Quinn's backside. She pressed her lips to Quinn's jaw and pulled their hips together.

"Rachel…" Quinn moaned when Rachel's teeth sank into her neck.

Rachel grinned and pulled away. It was going to be a fantastic week.