Author's Note: Bear with me here because it's my first foray into I actually looked up online to find actual toys so it'd be accurate...I'm a nerd for accuracy like that.

After a night spent flat on her back and Quinn's fingers and tongue buried in her for what seemed like hours on end and the blonde's refusal to let Rachel return the favor, Rachel could barely walk in the morning. Quinn brought her breakfast in bed, pancakes and bacon.

"I still can't feel my legs," Rachel said, shaking her head.

"I did my job right."

"You always have been rather thorough when it comes to sex."

"And I always will be." Quinn smirked and pecked Rachel's lips.

When breakfast was finished and the dishes were in the sink Quinn bounced back into the bedroom and dropped on her knees to the floor. Rachel watched her fish around underneath the bed and the brunette groaned.

"Can we at least wait for our stomachs to settle? I don't want to get a cramp."

"I just want to see what you got!"

Quinn pulled their blue plastic "special toybox" out from underneath the bed and ripped the top off. She pulled out one of two new packages in it and furrowed her eyebrows. Rachel stretched out on her stomach to look over the edge.

"We have this one," Quinn said, looking at the box with the translucent green silicon strap on pictured on it.

"Yes but this one vibrates."

Quinn grinned devilishly. "That is amazing." She picked up the second package and her jaw dropped and she growled. "Silk ties? You couldn't have gotten these out the other night?"
"You were being punished!"

Quinn quickly opened the box and pulled out a long strip of purple fabric. Rachel saw the look in the blonde's eyes and tried to scramble away but Quinn was too fast and she had Rachel pinned to the bed with her arms above her head before the brunette could barely move. Rachel sighed and squirmed a little as Quinn tied her wrists off and to the headboard.

"This isn't fair," Rachel said, tugging at the ties. "It's my turn."

"Oh hell no."

Rachel heard Quinn rummaging through the toybox and she furrowed her eyebrows.

"What are you looking for?"



"You can break the other one in on me later."

"Quinn I swear to God if you're getting out the purple one I'll kill you. I hate that thing!"

"No you don't! You love it but you hate it when I have the controller. I do believe there was a conversation we had last week where you described to me, in vivid detail, exactly what you loved about the purple one. While you used it. - There you are! Hello Lucid Dream number forty-two! - And besides, it matches the ties."

Quinn bounced up on the bed holding the seven-inch curvy vibrator in one hand and its attached remote and a small bottle of her favorite grape flavored lube in the other. She smiled down at Rachel and wiggled her eyebrows.

"You had better be nice," Rachel warned her.

"I'll try. Fresh batteries?"

"Changed all of them before you got here."


Quinn sat back on her knees and Rachel reluctantly spread her legs. Quinn turned the vibrator on low and pressed the tip of it against Rachel's clit to get the brunette going. Rachel groaned. Quinn pulled away to drizzle a little lube on her fingers. She pressed two inside Rachel and gave a satisfied smile before drizzling a little more on the vibrator to coat it. She pushed it in a little and Rachel gasped. Quinn turned it up to the next speed and pushed it in until Rachel groaned signaling it was at the right spot.

"You okay baby?"

Rachel nodded. "Faster."

"I can't do that."

"You…you promised you…would be nice…"

"I said I would try to be nice."

Rachel started writhing and moving her hips and Quinn knew that Rachel really, really hated her at the moment because she knew the blonde was going to show no mercy. As Quinn twisted the purple plastic she hit the button to turn it up and Rachel's hips arched off the bed. Quinn pushed a little deeper then pulled it back out and hit the down button.

"I'm…throwing that…away…when we're done…" Rachel panted.

"If you throw this one away then I'm throwing the dolphin away."

Rachel squeaked. "Fine," she growled.

Quinn hit the up button and Rachel arched her hips off the bed again. The brunette let out a string of several swear words when just as she got used to that setting Quinn punched the down button.

"I want the ring back!" Rachel managed to get out.

Quinn hit the down button again. Rachel pulled hard at her restraints and wondered who exactly taught Quinn how to tie knots and where this person was residing so she could beat them over the head with Lucid Dream #42.

"That wasn't very nice," Quinn whimpered.

Rachel opened her eyes to see the blonde smiling.

"You are evil, Quinn Fabray. You are the epitome of evil and-" Rachel was cut off when Quinn hit the up button twice.

Rachel's hips jumped off the bed again and Quinn leaned down and wrapped her lips around the brunette's clit and flicked her tongue over it. Rachel was yelling and Quinn knew it was time so she hit the up button once more and kept her mouth latched onto Rachel's clit and started pumping the vibrator in deeper and pulling out. Quinn smiled as she listened to Rachel's moans and gasps as she shuddered and, with one loud yell, jerked and finally collapsed on the bed. Quinn shut off the toy and slowly withdrew it from the panting brunette and she smiled.

The blonde snuggled up next to her fiancée and kissed her neck and rubbed her stomach.

"Do you still want the ring back?"

All Rachel could do was whimper.

"I didn't think so." Quinn reached up and undid the ties and Rachel turned on her side and wrapped her arms around the pale body next to her. "It turns me on so much when you're helpless like that," Quinn whispered.

"How much?"

"Why don't you find out for yourself?"

Quinn wrapped one leg up around Rachel's hip and the brunette slid her hand down between their bodies and ran her fingers through Quinn's completely drenched folds.

"Fuck, baby."

"I told you."

Rachel kept her eyes focused on Quinn's face as she pushed three fingers inside of the blonde. Quinn's eyes snapped shut and her fingernails dug into Rachel's back and she gasped at the sensation of fullness. Rachel grinned and kissed the blonde's forehead and pushed in deeper and harder. She set a relentless pace and Quinn matched it with her hips and growled.

"Come for me, Quinn," Rachel whispered. "You know you want to."


"Mmmm…one of those moods? Very well, then. I love being buried inside you like this, Quinn. I love it when I can feel you come. It turns me on so much, baby. I could stay like this all day, fingers inside you. Fucking you. Come for me, baby."

Quinn choked out a groan and Rachel smiled at the muscle contractions around her fingers and Quinn whimpered as she came and her hips slowed and her fingers released their grip. Rachel sighed and Quinn nuzzled closer but the brunette would have none of it. She jumped off the bed and rummaged through the blue plastic bin. Quinn whimpered. Rachel grinned when she found what she wanted.

"What are you doing?"

"You'll see."

Rachel pulled her favorite strap on out of the box and stepped into the harness and adjusted the straps just right. She grinned and crawled back up on the bed, Quinn sat up and her eyes went wide.

"The blue one?" the blonde questioned.

"The blue one."

"It's…been a while."

"I know."

"You just usually don't bring that one out so quick."

"Do you want me to get a different one?"

"No…but the blue one usually ruins all the other ones for me."

"I guess I'll just have to use my tongue the rest of the week, then. I know you can't resist that."

Quinn gasped and dropped back down to the bed, Rachel hovered over her and pressed open mouthed kisses to her neck. She dipped three fingers into Quinn's wetness and then ran her hand up and down the shaft of the thick, eight and a half-inch long, barely ribbed, translucent blue silicon. She pressed the tip against Quinn's entrance and the blonde's breath caught in her throat.

"Last chance to back out," Rachel mumbled.


Rachel grinned. "Tell me what you want."

Without hesitation Quinn gripped Rachel's earlobe between her teeth and growled. "Fuck me, Rachel. Hard," she groaned when she pulled away.

Rachel smiled and pushed in a few inches. Quinn gasped and gripped onto Rachel's hips to pull her even more and the brunette rocked just a little and pushed in slowly until her hips were pressed firmly against her fiancée.

"God I forgot how much I liked this one," Quinn groaned. She willed herself to keep calm and not release right then but the feeling was almost too much. She swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

"I'll remind you."

With that, Rachel rocked her hips and Quinn groaned again. The brunette pulled back and pushed in slowly, enjoying the sensation of the insert rubbing against her as she pushed into the writhing blonde. Quinn wrapped her legs around Rachel's hips and pulled her in harder on the next thrust. Rachel grinned and pulled out to sit back on her knees and gripped onto Quinn's hips, urging her to roll over.

"Damn it, Rachel." Quinn whimpered at the loss until Rachel smirked.

"Roll over. Elbows and knees."

Quinn's eyes lit up and she did as she was commanded. Rachel smiled and rubbed her hands up and down Quinn's back and leaned over to press a few kisses at her shoulder blades. Quinn whimpered and Rachel pressed one last kiss to her back and then with one hand she gripped onto Quinn's hip and used the other to guide the blue silicon back into the blonde's dripping wet slit and pushed hard. Quinn let out a yell at the shock and Rachel groaned. Quinn rocked back and Rachel pulled out and thrust in again. She moved one hand up to grip onto Quinn's shoulder and kept the other on her pale hip and Quinn set the pace of rocking back into Rachel when the brunette thrust forward. Rachel gripped harder onto Quinn's shoulder and fucked her like she'd asked.

"Oh God, Rachel…Rach…so fucking…close…"

Rachel could only respond with a grunt because the insert rubbing against her clit and the sight of Quinn on her elbows and knees in front of her was driving her closer and closer with each thrust. Rachel leaned forward and the hand on Quinn's hip traveled downward and Quinn cried out when Rachel pressed two fingers against her clit and barely moved them. The brunette moaned into Quinn's pale back and kept thrusting through the blonde's orgasm. She ground hard and finally let go, the pleasure jolting through her body as Quinn trembled beneath her and tried to stay up until Rachel pulled out. Quinn collapsed on her stomach and Rachel had just enough energy to pull off the strap-on and collapse on her back next to her fiancée.

"I need…" Quinn gasped. "I need a nap…to…recover…from that…"

Rachel grunted in approval and slung an arm over Quinn's back.

Rachel's nap was short, a half hour at the most, she took advantage of Quinn still being asleep to hop in the shower. She sang quietly to herself and was halfway through "Don't Rain on My Parade" when the shower curtain opened and closed. Rachel turned to face Quinn who had a devious smile on her lips and something in her hand behind her back.

"Quinn, I'm in the shower to get cleaned up."

"You can clean up in a little bit."

"I fear you're going to get tired of this, you know?"

"Baby," Quinn cooed into Rachel's ear. She flicked her earlobe with her tongue and gently nipped at it. "I will never, ever get tired of making you come. Listening to you moan my name. Watching you quiver when I fuck you into oblivion. I'll never get tired of it."

Rachel groaned and Quinn pushed her into the shower wall. The blonde kept one hand cupped on Rachel's face not allowing her to look down and her mouth latched onto Rachel's neck. Quinn nudged her legs apart and something was running through her folds and Rachel grinned when she heard the click and a soft vibration was added.

"I thought," Quinn said between kisses, "since you used my favorite that I should return the favor. I know how much you love your dolphin."

Rachel could only respond with a groan as Quinn ran the vibrator over her clit and pressed it there. Her other hand roamed from her neck down to her hip and Quinn gripped onto her. Rachel's hips jerked and her legs quivered. Quinn giggled and ran the toy down to Rachel's entrance and the brunette jerked her hips again. Quinn pressed it inside until the protruding dolphin shape at the end was pressed firmly against the brunette's clit. Rachel groaned at the fullness sensation and shuddered a little. Quinn giggled and darted her tongue out on Rachel's neck.

"You can do better than that, baby," Quinn purred.

Rachel whimpered a little and kept jerking her hips. "Faster…please…" she begged.

Quinn obliged and turned the dial up. Rachel groaned and Quinn started twisting the vibrator just a little each way, making sure to keep the tip of the dolphin on Rachel's clit. Rachel yelled when Quinn turned the dial up again and her entire body started shaking as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her muscles. Quinn groaning in her ear intensified absolutely everything. She shook and shuddered until her body couldn't take anymore. Her muscles were burning and she finally went completely limp and trembled a little. She felt Quinn grin against her neck and place one last kiss just underneath her ear before she pulled the toy out and dropped it to the shower floor and her other hand rested on Rachel's other hip.

"I love you," the blonde whispered.

Rachel managed to gain enough strength to wrap her arms around Quinn's back and nod. "I love you, too."

Desperately needing her own release, Quinn removed one hand from Rachel's hip and slipped it between her legs. She pressed two fingers inside of herself and groaned. Rachel whimpered and tried to move but the blonde stopped her and kept thrusting inside herself. When she'd moan, Rachel would moan and it sent her further and further toward the edge. Her hips jerked as her palm pressed flat against her clit and rubbed with each thrust. She let out a low growl and shuddered, Rachel moaned again and held her up as her high subsided.

"That…was so fucking hot," Rachel gasped. "Oh my God, Quinn…so hot."

Quinn whimpered and Rachel turned the pair around and pinned Quinn to the shower wall and dropped to her knees. Quinn didn't protest and instead lifted her left leg over Rachel's right shoulder and pulled her in. She gasped when Rachel dipped her tongue into the wetness and she could feel the brunette's lips curve into a smile. She immediately pushed her tongue inside and Quinn moaned. Quinn threaded her fingers through Rachel's hair and pulled her in closer, Rachel pushed her tongue as deep as she could get. She darted in and out, swirled, twisted and hummed and Quinn fisted her hair tighter and tighter. Rachel ran her left hand up Quinn's leg and pressed her thumb against the blonde's clit.


Quinn was yelling and was sure they would hear it from the neighbors later but she didn't care and just kept trying desperately to get Rachel closer to her. Quinn cried out when Rachel kept swiping her thumb over her clit and that sent her over the edge. She felt herself contracting around Rachel's tongue and she would be surprised if Rachel's scalp wasn't bleeding from her fingernails digging into it. Rachel took one last lick before she stood and embraced a breathless Quinn.

"Can I please finish my shower before the hot water runs out?" Rachel murmured against Quinn's neck. She kissed the pale skin and Quinn nodded.

Showers finished and absolutely starving, Rachel ordered a pizza. She had to keep pushing Quinn off of her as they sat on the couch to wait for their food. At one point Rachel's neighbor did knock on the door, neither girl answered. Mostly because at the time, Quinn's mouth was firmly latched onto Rachel's right nipple and the brunette was trying to keep Quinn's hands above the waist. The blonde kept her hands to herself long enough to devour three slices of pizza and she let Rachel rest because the girl really did deserve it.

Rachel waited until she knew Quinn was asleep next to her to grab the purple silk tie from the floor. Slowly, she guided the blonde's arms up above her head only pausing when Quinn would whimper or shift. Rachel finally got Quinn in the desired position and she tied off her wrists to the headboard. Rachel smirked and carefully got off the bed and slipped on the brand new toy she'd picked up that had earlier caught Quinn's interest. It took a while to get the straps adjusted and she grabbed the attached controller and turned it on and jumped a little at feeling the vibrations.

Quinn was shifting a little more and whining and tugging at her wrists but was still asleep. Rachel grinned and shut off the vibrator then crawled back onto the bed and started pressing open mouthed kisses to Quinn's neck. The blonde whimpered. Rachel was grateful that Quinn wanted to sleep without clothes on as she slipped her hand over her breast and gently pinched the pink nipple. Quinn stirred even more and Rachel trailed her tongue down the blonde's sternum and took the other nipple into her mouth and swirled her tongue over the hardened peak.

"Mmm…baby…" Quinn moaned.

Rachel moved her hand down between the blonde's legs and circled her clit a few times before pushing a single finger inside. Quinn gasped and Rachel watched her eyelids fly open when she curled her finger just right.


"You have a good nap?" Rachel purred as she kissed back up Quinn's chest.

Quinn pulled at her restraints. "Damn you," she mumbled.

"I love you too. And I have a feeling in a few minutes you'll find this all worth it."
Quinn groaned. Rachel bit down on her neck and added a second finger. She pushed in and pulled out slowly. Quinn was already panting and getting wetter with every thrust.

"I'm going to fuck you senseless, Quinn. You won't be able to walk correctly for days after I'm done with you. If you thought this morning was intense, just wait. You know I'm capable of much better than that. Do you remember the summer after high school? Remember our very first toy?"

Quinn swallowed hard and nodded. Rachel licked just under her ear.

"You couldn't walk properly for two days after your birthday, remember? Then you begged me for more. I don't know what it is I do to you, Quinn, but it turns you into a fucking nymphomaniac and it's so hot."

Rachel was still thrusting her fingers at a tantalizingly slow pace and all Quinn could manage were groans as the brunette would occasionally curl her fingers upwards.

"You ready?" Rachel asked when her entire hand was practically covered in Quinn's wetness. She knew the sheets were probably ruined by now if they weren't already.

"Please…Rachel…so ready."

Rachel pulled her hand away and coated the shaft of the strap on with the wetness. She moved on top of the blonde and with one quick motion she thrust the 7.5 inches appendage into her easily. Rachel fumbled with the remote and flipped it onto the second setting and stayed there, buried inside of her fiancée. Quinn writhed and bucked her hips, Rachel gripped onto them to still her and Quinn whimpered.

Rachel took a deep breath and pulled out most of the way and Quinn tense a little, knowing what was coming. Rachel grinned.

"You want it?"

Quinn nodded furiously. "I want it."

That was all Rachel needed to hear as she thrust hard and deep into the blonde and kept thrusting relentlessly. With each thrust, Quinn's moans got louder. Rachel turned it up to level three, the second highest, and Quinn's groans were almost screams. Rachel was willing herself not to come but it was hard with the vibrations and listening to Quinn moan her name. Rachel sank her teeth into Quinn's neck and wrapped her arms around the blonde's arched back and dug her fingernails in deep.

Quinn's words were getting more and more incoherent and there were more swears being thrown in as Rachel kept slamming into her. The blonde managed to get out that she was close and begged Rachel not to stop, the brunette somehow managed to get deeper inside of her. Rachel felt herself get close as well and started shuddering seconds before Quinn. The blonde tensed up hard and Rachel swore she could feel the woman come undone. Rachel gasped for air as she slowed the thrusts to a stop, keeping the green silicon inside of Quinn while she took a few seconds to regain her composure.

Rachel started moving her hips again after counting to sixty and Quinn gasped at the first thrust.

"Rach…I don't…I don't think I can…"

"You can." Rachel pressed deep. "Come for me again, Quinn."

Quinn groaned when Rachel angled her hips just right with the next thrust to hit her sweet spot and she bucked her hips up. Rachel resumed nipping and biting at Quinn's neck as she kept thrusting, not as hard as she had been the first round, but still a little rougher than normal. Quinn moaned and was begging for more. Rachel took a deep breath and switched the controller to high and she shrieked and her hips started an erratic involuntary rhythm which took her a little bit to get under control but once she did it was heaven. Quinn was practically levitating her entire body off the bed to meet each of Rachel's thrusts and the brunette could tell she was closer than her fiancée so she moved one hand between their bodies, both slick with sweat, and she started rubbing her fingers around Quinn's clit. The blonde screwed her eyes shut and Rachel captured her mouth in a sloppy too-eager kiss but neither of them cared at that moment.

Rachel's shudders started first again, her body was tensing and relaxing and she was sure that she was about to die. Her heart was beating so hard in her ears she could barely hear Quinn's muffled moans into her mouth. Quinn froze and Rachel broke away and used everything she had to keep thrusting as the pair cried out at the same time. Rachel's entire body was wracked with tremors and the waves crashed through her body as she came with her lover.

Quinn was close to tears when the second orgasm surged through her. She was incapable of any thought except what was inside of her and Rachel's fingers pressing against her until the pleasure started subsiding and the world around her got darker. She tried to fight off the darkness but it was no use.

Rachel collapsed on top of Quinn and grabbed the controller again, this time switching it off. She pulled out of the blonde and rolled over. She could barely feel anything on her body. Clumsily she somehow managed to get the straps undone and she dropped the toy to the floor. Quinn's eyes were still closed and the blonde's chest was heaving. Rachel pulled at the ties and Quinn's arms stayed above her head and she whimpered a little bit. The brunette curled into Quinn's side and pulled her arms down, the blonde shifted a little bit letting Rachel know she was okay.

The next thing Rachel was aware of was the fact that it was very, very dark. She squinted to look at the alarm clock, they'd somehow managed to sleep past nine o'clock. Rachel's entire body was sore and she knew Quinn probably was much worse off than she was. Rachel reached up and pushed Quinn's hair back from her face and watched the blonde sleep. Quinn's breathing got shallower and Rachel smiled when hazel eyes fluttered open to look into her own.

"Hey," Rachel whispered.

"I think I passed out."

"I'm just that good." Rachel reached forward and pecked Quinn's lips.

"I love you so much," Quinn mumbled.

"I love you too baby."

Quinn rolled over to face her fiancée and she hooked her leg over Rachel's hip and pulled the brunette in close and kissed her.

"I want to spend forever like this," Quinn sighed. "Just you and me."

"I'm up for that. I just want you to be happy."

"Nothing's better than your touch, Rachel. Nothing. No matter what happens in our lives, as long as I get to hold you like this then I'll always be happy."

Rachel smiled and kissed Quinn again. Their tongues danced together slowly and Rachel gripped onto Quinn's back. The blonde pulled away and grinned then kissed the tip of the brunette's nose.

"Are you trying to tell me you want to do it again?" Rachel asked as Quinn's hand trailed down her back.

Quinn giggled. "For once, I'm content to hold you. But if you're up for it…"

Rachel rolled her eyes. "I think what I want is a bath and then we can order dinner and snuggle back up in bed…after we change the sheets."

"Sounds perfect."