Title: Boy Crazy

Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter

Summary: Shawn used to go through boyfriends like crazy, until Lassie.

Notes: I own nothing.

Shawn found it hard staying with someone. It wasn't like he had a problem with it, but the fact was that girlfriends and boyfriends never ever lasted very long. Sometimes it was because the initial attraction was just for sex, and both parties were okay with that, so the sex was done and they'd never see each other again. Sometimes it was because Shawn's amazing perception saw something that just ruined the magic for him. Sometimes the other party would find Shawn's relaxed attitude too aggravating to stay with.

It was a wonder that him and Lassiter managed to stay together. Especially since Shawn's relaxed attitude seemed to piss Lassie off to no end, and the other man took every opportunity to tell him to be more serious about the case or whatever it was they were doing at the time. And there were a lot of things he saw about Lassiter that, if he had seen them in anyone else, would have made him run the other way.

If being with Lassiter hadn't matured him (a little) he would have supposed it was just the amazing sex that kept them together, but then that would be a lie. Though the sex was awesome.

They did get along (on an amazing level that only those who understood them would comprehend) and they did care for each other. Deeply.

And Shawn was okay with that, even if the thought scared him. That he could care so much for someone and have those kind of feelings.

Lassiter had not gone through mountains of boyfriends like Shawn (though that may have been an exaggeration) so he didn't have the same hesitations about putting a name on their relationship. But it was still fairly early in their thing, and he understood and didn't press the issue.

Because he knew Shawn, and he knew the man would only be crazy for him now, and that was enough for now.