Title: For You

Pairing: Spanner/Shouichi

Summary: Spanner would do anything for Shouichi.

Notes: I own nothing.

When Spanner first met Shouichi at the International High School Robotics Engineering competition, he was entranced. The boy was not only smart and amazing at robotics, but he was striking and polite, if a little shy and nervous. Which just made him seem all the cuter. He regretted having to leave.

It was years before he found him again, a chance meeting in university, where they talked about high school and generally caught up with their other's lives. There he met Byakuran, and was eventually introduced to the mafia he and Uni shared. They could use his mechanical know-how, and once he had confirmed that Shouichi was part of their ranks, Spanner agreed and became a member of the Black Spell. He wanted a chance to fully expand on his robotic designs, and if he could watch over Shouichi at the same time, well, it was all good.

When Byakuran's plan started coming into view and the young Vongola Tenth faced off against his Strau Moscas, Spanner decided to help him. He never joined the mafia for Byakuran's sake, and his love of engineering came first. He would help the Vongola with their plans, but surely he could save Shouichi. He never doubted that Shouichi would do the right thing. He hadn't expected the elaborate ruse the man had cooked up, but it just made him feel all the better.

If he hadn't already joined Vongola, he would have as soon as he learned Shouichi had. Because he had realized he would do anything for the man. He made robots and bases and all sorts of things for the sake of the other man, the one he loved, to make sure he was safe. Even if Shouichi would never know it, he was the reason for everything Spanner did.

He'd do it all for him.