Feel About You

By Devon Masterson

Chapter One

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Mai fiddled with her braid nervously as she strained to see around the bend of the old mountain road. Her grandfather and Andy would be back soon. She pouted as she shaded her eyes and looked at the sun. It was early evening; they should have been there by now. "I wish I trained harder then maybe he would have taken me too," she thought as she straightened her kimono. She wanted to look perfect when he saw her again.

She had done a lot of developing over the summer and was quite pleased. There would be no more crying over pictures of super models from the latest magazines then looking at her own cutting board chest and wondering why was she cursed. Thought left behind, she made sure she did not waste the summer. She was no longer that child that Andy practically ignored except when she attacked him. No more 'little sister' comments while he patted her head with fraternal passion. He would soon sit up and take notice and he would be all hers.

The sound of voices coming towards her brought a smile to her face as she realized her patience was being rewarded. "Finally," she sighed happily. She picked up her water can and started watering the plants in the strategically placed window box. As the voices got closer, she turned around casually. Andy had changed as well over the summer. He had grown six inches closing off their near perfect height match and making it possible to tower over her statuesque frame. He still looked as handsome as always and she fought against her other instincts to run and tackle him to the ground like she did as a child. She was a lady; she would greet her grandfather first then Andy if she saw fit. "Grandfather," she called as she put down her can and ran gracefully to meet him.

"Mai," he greeted. He hugged her then held her at arms length as he looked over her changes. "You've grown up so much." He was proud that she was turning into a lovely young woman like her mother. He was also impressed that she did not dive on Andy first and ask questions later. "Leaving her behind was an excellent suggestion. She used her time wisely," he thought as he studied her movements. They indicated that she was ever faithful to her studies for her fluidity went beyond just natural grace. "You've become a beautiful lady."

Mai blushed. "Thank you, grandfather," she beamed. She casually turned her attention to Andy. He seemed to be utterly shell shocked, this information made her smile even brighter. He would be hers before school started next week. "How was the training, Andy?"

"It was fine," he said lowly finally tearing his eyes away from her. She was absolutely gorgeous. Before she was sort of cute, but now she was…amazing. "I'm going to practice. Slacking off now that I am home will ruin all that I gained while on the trip. Master." He turned toward his master and bowed.

"Do you need me to spar with you?" she asked hopefully.

"No, thanks," he answered as he darted off in another direction.

Mai sighed. She had hoped seeing her would change his mind, but she was starting to think he was frigid. "Have faith, Mai, his is a road that he believes that he has to walk alone, but he will eventually see there is no shame in having companion ship, whether be friendly or otherwise."

"Yes, grandfather," she replied.


Mai looked around the tall building nervously and grabbed Andy's hand. The atmosphere was certainly different in high school, everyone seemed so mature. Andy did not seem so odd anymore now that she saw the older boys. He was all that she had since none of her other friends got into Ichiose High School. She had to study hard just to make sure she scored high enough on her exams to get into the first rate school. She kept thinking about spending another year without him in school and hearing her grandfather rant about how the body needed to be hard like stone but bend like grass and the mind had to be sharp like a blade.

Now here she was grasping on Andy like some scared child. "Mai, you'll be fine. You'll have your own circle of friends by lunch," he breathed into her ear.

Her cheek warmed. That was the first time he ever tried to comfort her. Perhaps showing her vulnerable side has some points. She took a deep breath and turned to face him. "Thank you, Andy," she smiled then gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "I better go or I'll be late." She turned from him and lifted her head proudly with confidence. He had faith in so she should have faith in herself.

Andy stared after her as she glided towards the freshmen wing of the school. His cheek still burned from where her lips were pressed against his flesh as his eyes slid to her derrière moving in time to his heartbeat. "Whatcha' lookin' at'?" Joe asked suddenly as he put a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Geez, Joe," Andy said startled then balled his fist in anger. No one had ever to sneak up on him before and he did not like. His recent fascination with Mai was going to be a problem.

Joe smirked realizing that he got the better of friend. "Caught you being a pervert," he snickered, "but I have to admit that is one hot little number. What's her name?"

"Mai," Andy answered pulling away from Joe, "and she's off limits, Joe. She's a freshman."

"I'm a sophomore," he replied, "I can broaden her horizons with my experience."

"I mean it, Joe."

"Oh wait a minute, Mai…flat chested elementary school Mai? The one that moons over you all the time."

"She was in junior high." Andy frowned at his harshness. "The summer has been good to her."

"Oh hell yes," Joe commented as she reached the end of the hall and turned the corner. He put his fist in his mouth and bit it as if to contain himself. "I admire the freshmen, I used to be one…"

Andy's eyes narrowed. "Don't even think about it," he warned.

"What, do you like her?" Joe asked. A stupid grin spread across his face as he saw the nervous look on Andy's face. "You do like her. Good work, Andy my man, you got in there before she looked good and now it'll be smooth sailing."

"It's not like that," he said almost shyly.

"Right," Joe replied unconvinced. "You don't have to hide anything from me. I'll just keep the paws off so you can get in there." Joe winked then darted off to class as the bell rang.

"Great, I'm late the first day," Andy sighed as he started for his Algebra class. "That guy never cuts me a break."


Mai and a group of girls walked down the hall talking animatedly about all the subjects important to most fourteen year old girls; shopping, fashion, and boys. As the group of girls strutted down the hall causing the eyes of the opposite sex to covet and of the same sex to envy, Mai spotted Andy at his locker getting his next class's books. "That's Andy Bogard, he's just a sophomore. I've heard from the sophomore girls, he's one of the more datable ones if you can get his attention that is," one of the girls informed. "I heard a junior tried to get his attention and he totally ignored her."

"Really?" the other girls asked very interested.

"I heard he might be gay, but the only guy he hangs around is Joe Higashi and Joe has been around too much be his boyfriend. I think Andy might like Joe…"

"There's no way," Mai interrupted. "Andy's not gay."

The girl looked towards the redhead with an arched eyebrow. "Do you have some inside information, Mai?"

"I've known Andy for years, he studies with grandfather," she answered.

"So he's one of those martial art types," the girl concluded. "He's just frigid."

Mai's eyes flashed in indignation. She was not about to take anymore Andy bashing from this girl especially since she only knew them for a couple of weeks. "Andy is just as passionate as any other guy, more." She then stalked over to Andy. She was determined to prove that there was nothing wrong with Andy. "Andy," she said softly.

"What is it, Mai?" he asked. She had a strange look in her eyes as though something was wrong and she was going to try and fix it. Whenever she had that look, it always meant trouble for him. Before he could react, he felt her wrap her arms around his neck and press her lips to his. They were warm, satiny and inviting him to go further with them being slightly parted. He obliged his hormones for the moment and parted her sweet lips. She tasted heavenly just like she looked and he soon found himself wrapping his arms around her waist as the kiss deepened.

The two might have stayed together lost in the moment if weren't for the cheers and whistles bringing them both to reality. Andy quickly opened his eyes and pulled. He hadn't counted on himself feeling so at ease at kissing someone given he had never done it until then. They blushed furiously as they saw a crowd of students standing around them looking. "Mai, why didn't you tell us he was your boyfriend."

"Well I…" her sentence trailed. She was trying to think of how to explain, but she did not know where to begin. She only intended to kiss him quickly on the lips before he could pull away, but then he kissed her back.

A classmate of Andy's punched in the shoulder playfully. "Dude, I thought you were gay, but you were just dating a freshman. It's okay, everybody knows now."

"It's not what you…"

"Honey, our secret's out," Mai commented as she wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his chest.

Andy found himself folding her into him then sighed at his response. There was no taking it back. He knew he was being set up for something. "All right give the lovebirds some air," Joe replied shooing the crowd away. They started to disperse slowly some of them still in shock at the obvious display. "I've got it covered."

Andy pulled Mai through the opening in the crowd and off into a private hallway. "What was that?" he asked. "Why did you tell them that?"

"They were saying awful things about them and I wanted to prove them wrong," she commented. She knew she it was wrong but she could not help it.

He sighed. He had a pretty good idea of what those awful things were, he was not deaf. She was just trying to help him out, but he knew she was getting something out of it as well. "Mai, lying isn't honorable."

"I did not lie," she commented. "I am a girl and your friend. You like me, I like you."

"You know what I mean," Andy replied.

"You kissed me," she continued. "Are you saying that you kiss every girl that you come across? I am a vulnerable young school girl who dreams of finding the right guy and marrying him this kind of treachery could destroy me."

Andy raised an eyebrow at her melodrama. "You kissed me," he corrected.

"I pressed my lips to yours and you put your tongue in my mouth and pulled me to you, therefore you kissed me," she explained. She stood on her toes and kissed him deeply. "Now I've kissed you."

Andy only stared at her breathlessly. He could not deny that he was attracted to her, but she was making it harder and harder for him to cope. He had fantasies about other girls before and those went away, but his fantasies of her didn't. She made them more real and it would be only a matter of time before he attempted to dishonor her. She deserved someone who could give her his full attention not only the smallest part he could so as not to hurt her. "Mai…"

Mai put a finger to his mouth then leaned her head against his chest. "I'm happy, my love."

© 2002 Devon Masterson

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