Speed 2 – A Race Against Time

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Longer Summary

It has been 4 years since the first movie (Cruise Control doesn't exist) and Jack and Annie have been married for 2 years and have a one year old Charlotte and 3 year old Madeline. Harold Payne's younger brother, Richard hates Jack and wants to make him suffer and the only way to make Jack suffer is to use his only weakness….Annie and Charlotte and Madeline.

(If this was a movie, the actors I would use would be

Charlotte- Suri Cruise


Richard- Sean Connery

Jack- Keanu Reeves

Annie-Sandra Bullock)

Hope you like the story


Little Glass Hearts x

As Jack looked down at the bomb which sat on top of a lift full of people, he thought of his dead friend, Harry, who had died just over 4 years ago, killed by Howard Payne's bomb and remembered how they had both been in an almost exact position both sitting on top of the lift waiting for Mac but only now Jack was sitting with another young man, Zave who was the teams new bomb expert. This bomber was nothing like Howard Payne. He was crazy, yes but also very stupid. Neil Weston had strapped dynamite to his chest and was threatening to blow himself up if he didn't get his 10 million. It was just ridiculous; it was obvious he had no plans on how to escape when he got the money. They managed to get the people out of the lift and deactivate the bomb on top of it but not before Weston had realised he couldn't get away and blew himself up. Jack and Zave only just got out of the building when it exploded. Jack flew forwards and hit his head knocking himself out.

"He should be fine, though he's going to have a mega headache later" Dr. Jones smiled

"Are you sure you don't want to keep him in, just in case" Mac frowned, he didn't like any of his team injured because to him every single member of them were family. It had hit them all hard when Harry had died; he and Jack had gone to school together and had joined the team so that they could work together. Mac doubted without Annie, Jack would have broken down but with her support and care he was almost back to his cocky self but sometimes he had seen Jack just stop and look when the door opened expecting Harry to stroll into the room as though nothing had happened.

"Mac, will you just let me go home already" Jack scowled at him

"When you going to stop moaning, I just want to make sure you were ok" Mac Grinned "Go home then, I called Annie and she is very worried"

"See you later" Jack smiled and stalked off toward the exit.

Annie was worried, very worried.

She knew Jack loved his job but she hated it when he got hurt. Annie loved Jack so much. He had saved her life twice and after everything they went through together Jack had not cried once. Annie knew he missed Harry a lot but he would never admit it to anyone, not even her and that was when she decided that she would talk to him about it when he had gotten home and the children were in bed.

"Mommy, when's Daddy coming home" Madeline said tearfully

Annie bent down to pick her up and held her tightly to her

"Daddy will be home soon and then maybe you should go to bed you look tired Maddie" Annie soothed her daughter as best as she could before the slam of the front door made them both turn.

"Daddy, Daddy, you home" she squealed scrambling out of her mothers arms to wrap her small arms around Jacks legs.

Jack laughed and picked his child up swinging her round making her shriek with delight.

"I think its time you went to bed Maddie" Jack smiled noticing how Maddie's eyes began to droop.

"I'll take her to bed then I want to talk Jack" she smiled and kissed his cheek as she passed him.

"I love you Mommy" she murmured before almost instantly falling asleep. Kissing her forehead Annie watched her for a moment before quietly leaving the room and peering into the next to find Charlotte still fast asleep.

Jack was sitting on the sofa when she entered the living room looking relaxed as he watched the News report on the explosion. Sitting down next to him she gently placed her head on his shoulder and together they sat quietly for what seemed like hours before

She whispered "were you scared Jack, when we were on the train"

Annie felt Jack freeze momentarily though it took him a little while to answer "yes I was, not just for my own life but for yours as well"

"You miss him don't you; I know Harry was a good friend to you"

"Yeah, I miss him so much" Jack whispered his voice cracking "but you know as long as I have you and the girls I will be ok" looking down at her he then whispered "I will never ever let anything or anyone touch you or the girls because you are my world and I love you more than anything, if anything happened to any of you I would never forgive myself" Jack began to sob, just imagining a world were they didn't exist hurt him and not just that but he thought of how terrible his life had been, before Annie, he had been so lonely. When Harry died Jack only wanted to live for her and even then he thought of ending it all but when he found out he was going to be a father he was so happy, you could say Madeline saved him Madeline, Annie and Charlotte, his girls and he was never ever going to let anything touch them ever.

Richard Payne looked upon the picture of his older brother. Howard had put his heart and soul into stopping the bombs he was faced with in the force and when he lost his thumb and was disabled what did he get for over 20 years of service, a cheap golden watch.

Richard hated the Police Force, he blamed them for the death of his brother but he knew his brothers killer, a man who had gotten an award for being a hero when really he should have been locked up because he was a murderer and Richard was going to make him pay for killing his brother. Richard had stalked Jack for months, got a lot of information on him as well. Jack had a wife Annie and 2 beautiful daughters who from following the family around Jack adored. Richard didn't want to kill Jack because then Jack wouldn't feel the pain he felt when Howard died. No Richard was going to take his wife and daughters and kill them, obviously making them suffer first because from his research Jack Traven only had one weakness and that was his family.

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