Speed – A Race against Time – The reunion

Richard parked the car 2 blocks away from the police station.

As Annie pulled her daughters out of the back of the car, she held Charlotte under one arm while Madeline held onto the edge of her skirt. Leaning forward she gently stroked Richards's cheek before kissing it and then turned and walked away. Annie wondered what would happen to him now but she could not dwell on that, all she cared about now was finding Jack and making sure he was ok.

It took her ten minutes to reach the police station and as she walked into reception, the woman at the desk smiled. Picking up the phone, she called Mac's office.

"Jack, your wife is in reception with your children"

Less than a minute later Jack flew round the corner. He smiled at her before walking over and pulling her and the girls into a massive hug. After a few moments Annie felt Jacks shoulders begin to shake but before he could say anything she pulled back and kissed him, a kiss which told him so much. It's not your fault, I love you, and its ok we're safe. Pulling away Jack smiled at her before pulling Madeline up into his arms and kissing her forehead. Hugging them all once again, he grinned before turning to Mac who had just hugged Annie.

"Go home Jack, I think you definitely deserve a break"

Jack grinning hugged his friend before taking his wife's hand and exiting the building.

With the girls in the back of the car, she smiled and then turned at him and explained everything to him. How Richard and her mother met, how her mother took her away from him and lied to her all of her life. Jack frowned as she told him but by the end he was smiling.

"So you're a Payne eh? Well at least this shows, there's good in every family"

Hugging her, Jack laughed and then started the car.

"Let's go to the hospital then, so you can have the ultimate bitch fight with your mother" still laughing, he swung out of the car park and began the 20 minute drive to the Hospital.


"Why did you lie to me? All of my life I believed my father was dead"

Marianna Porter looked up at her only daughter and frowned.

"Your father was useless that's why! He never did anything for the family. Unlike George, George was your father for years until her got cancer. I loved Richard for a very long time but when I met George I knew he was the one for me"

Shaking her head at her mother, she could hardly believe how selfish she had been, she had met another man and instead of just divorcing her father, she had run away with George and told Annie her father was dead.

Annie looked at her mother in shame. If it was a couple of years ago, she probably never would have spoken to her again but Marianna Porter was dying of Breast Cancer, she had an estimated 2 months to live. Annie sat with her mother for an hour longer before leaving.

1 Month later

As Annie and Jack walked away from the church back towards their car, Annie looked back at the light grey headstone which showed her were her mother had been buried a week before. Arriving at Ivan's she was greeted with Madeline's scream as she ran towards her.

"Callum said he's gonna hurt me if I didn let him cut the hair of my Barbie"

Jack swinging the little girl into his arms easily, laughed as she squealed and grabbing Annie's hand, led her towards her brothers house.

Ivan knew all about there father and how he had been alive at the time. Even though he had been 15 at the time he and Jasper both also believed their father to be dead as there mother told them he died in a car crash on the way to work.

Ivan worked in Los Angeles Police force but he worked in the dog squad. He had made a successful life for himself having married Tatiana Renard, daughter of the chief of Scotland Yard, who had moved to the States. They had 3 kids, Callum who was 5, Kevin who was 3 and Darius who was 18 months. Jasper was a completely different story; he lived in a posh apartment in New York and had a very pretty model, Whitney Martina, as his wife. He lived out his dream and became a captain in the armed forces. He was expecting his first baby in July.

As the family sat around the living room, watching the TV, Madeline having fallen asleep against Jacks chest, a news report caught Annie's eye.

"New just in, Richard Payne, a 74 years old man from New York has died. New York Police say the death is not suspicious and it is believed he shot himself dead with a pistol he used in the war. Richard Payne was well known for receiving the Silver Star, in an act of bravery, he jumped and pulled a man from the path of a grenade, kicking it into a ditch and saving his whole Platoon."

Annie had been expecting this news report for weeks, since the moment she had left him. Richard was 74, he had spent his whole life searching for his family and now he had found them, he had ended his suffering and loneliness, by a bullet to the head.

Annie looked around the room at her brothers shell shocked eyes, Tatiana was clutching at his arm, trying her best to comfort him, Jack lay with Madeline snuggled up into his chest. Charlotte lay in her lap, dozing and as she looked around her family she felt at peace. Richard Payne may have been her real father but in Annie's eyes, he was just the kind, lonely man who had everything taken away from him by the woman he loved and lived for many years alone with only the comfort of his brother to help him and when his brother was gone he was determined to make whoever responsible pay, because being lonely made him go mad.

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Little Glass Heart

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