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If shinigami, clad in black, are the children of light, and hollows, shrouded in white are the offspring of darkness, what does that make vizards? A dull, dreary grey? Grey could never capture the vividness, the intensity experienced by constantly living with the threat of being devoured by your inner hollow; your other self.

Betrayal is something that one can never be fully desensitized to. This is especially true when the betrayal comes from within one's soul, their final sanctuary. Light brown irises meet grey ones in a sea of black. The same face, the same characteristics, with a personality that is an inverse of the original. No, who can say which came first? Did one even come before the other? After all, there cannot be darkness without light, and darkness is born from the shadows cast by light. Wherever there is one, the other will exist. It may be hidden, but one day everyone will find a mirror in a corner of their souls they did not know existed.

Hollowfication is really just a posh name for meeting your reflection. A vizard is really just a glorified soul, one that has met and managed to cohabit with their other half. 'Breakdown Sphere' is truly an appropriate name for the Hogyoku. A ball which forces the walls between the two halves of the same soul to come crashing down, to acknowledge each other's presence.

Many reject their other self, and destroy themselves in the process. I know not why I am not within their ranks. Even after living for as many years as I have with the demon inside, I still reject it with every atom we do not share. I owe my life to one who dedicated their life to the preservation of life, and I owe my ability to see in more than just black and white to one who dedicated their life to the destruction of life. I vow that I shall bring down the one who hurt my pride and my property. I shall do it, not as a shinigami and not as a hollow, but as one with the freedom to fight for themselves.