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I didn't know that I was drooling until my hand received an unexpected shower. I wiped it hurriedly on my trousers and my chin on my sleeve. I went back to plaiting my gorgeous, waist-length hair. To be quite honest, I think anyone would've been drooling in my position. Sitting halfway up the stairs leading to our underground training expanse gave me a first-class seat to one of the most beautiful sights a guy could witness. A hot girl (yes, Lisa is hot – Kyōraku chose her as his vice captain, after all) battling it all out. It would've been better if she'd been fighting another, equally hot girl, but I guess Kensei being Lisa's opponent is just one of those things. Anyway, with all the sweating, heavy breathing and Lisa's rather unique fighting style (featuring many acrobatics, not to mention the splits), only an unhealthy guy wouldn't be watching greedily.

My fingers encountered a knot in their absent-minded activity. Frowning, I diverted my attention away from the show below and paid it to the offensive tangle. Jeez, what happened here? It's really a mess. I wrestled against the knot with all of the grace and elegance of a ballet dancer. Ripping out my hair or unnecessarily causing myself pain would not be wise.

"Look out below!" I barely had time to begin huh?-ing before I was suddenly and painfully grabbed by my precious, luscious – you guessed it – hair. A blur I managed to make out as being Hiyori tumbled past me at an alarming speed before I followed suit. Head first. I was pulled down the stairs by my hair. Needless to say, I screamed the whole way.

The floor brought a hard and unforgiving end to the roller coaster ride. Hiyori sat up straight from her landing point on my stomach, finally let go of my hair and rubbed her head with a bewildered expression on her face.

"Thought I was done for then, when I tripped up at the top of the stairs." She suddenly smirked. "Oi, thanks for slowing me down and cushioning the fall. I guess you do have your uses after all, baka Shinji."

It took all of the remaining vizards to stop me killing Hiyori then and there.