Animeyaoimaster here coming to you live

Here is a special treat that I know you'll really love.

Before we begin, I just want you to know that I do not own digimon and I will never own it.

Since we got that out of the way, let's begin the story.

So please put your hands together for…..

One little kiss

My name is Ichijouji Ken

And I have a tale to tell you.

I have violet eyes and hair and am of 11 years of age.

I used to be the Digimon Emperor

But I learned my lesson.

I was saved by two girls, three boys, digidestined.

Daisuke, Takeru, Iori, Hikari and Miyako who seemed to have a big crush on me.

Four of them were at first quite annoyed at my presence

but Daisuke,

a very hyperactive boy, my company he just simply enjoyed.

It took some convincing and a little bit of time

For the others to forgive me and change their minds

But eventually we all became friends.

On a journey through life we had a bit of problems, but of course in the end we were very victorious.

Now we're as happy as can be

That is everyone, everyone except me

My mind is in loops, trying to figure out the problem

But I have neither clue nor even solutions.

It's really hard to believe, but I guess it's true.

My best friend Daisuke, I truly love you.

I keep going out of my mind just looking at him.

So to solve this problem, I'm going to tell him.

But my time was cut short the very same week

And all that was left was a broken heart and a wet cheek.

He moved away, away from my reach

Away from my sight

Now I'm lost in the darkness

And I might not come back

Not until he comes back to me

And I'll be able to say

Daisuke, I love you

I hope you feel the same way.

Seven years have passed,

And I'm beginning to lose hope

To ever see my beloved angel, Daisuke

The only one I'll cope.

My perfect grades are falling, and everyone is worried.

I really hate to worry them,

I am really truly sorry

But they must understand me

I cannot go on in life

With a broken heart you see

Three weeks have passed,

and my collage grades aren't looking so good.

I don't want to disappoint my parents anymore

So I'll do my schoolwork like I should

I'll give up on the silly dreams

I'll give up on the lies

I'll give up on Daisuke

Sadly to say,


Ten years have passed since my glorious success

I'm finally a doctor

A good doctor as well

With high pay in my bank account every month

You would think my life was perfect

But you're totally wrong

Ever since I became a doctor

My feelings for Daisuke have returned,

That had me wet dreaming of him over and over again….

I can't take it anymore

It's driving me nuts

So in order to keep me sane and keep me alive

I took a stroll in the park

This luckily helped my vibes

I sat down on a bench

And listed to the birds chirp so

To listen to children playing

And to watch the lovers go

I began to feel sad again

And so got up to leave

But was pulled back quite forcefully

With some mysterious person holding my left wrist

I landed on their lap

And tried to wiggle myself away

But was frozen in my tracks

With lips touching mine

In a passionate way

It seemed quite heavenly

The lips were quite soft

But that didn't quite matter to me anymore

I just wanted them off!!!

They pulled away slowly and I glared at them then

But when I saw the face and the goofy smile he shined me

I knew right there and then.

T ears streamed down my face

In pure happiness and bliss

My beloved Daisuke had come home

And he told me,

With just one little kiss.



Animeyaoimaster out