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"Look Sweets, I don't know what your issue is, but layoff," Booth warned.

Dr. Lance Sweets sat facing his two most intriguing patients, Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan. Things in this session had not been going well. He had finally decided that it was time to publish his case study on the pair seated before him. And out of professional courtesy had allowed them to read the book and comment on the conclusions.

He certainly hadn't been prepared for the firestorm that had erupted in his office over the past hour and a half. Both partners had vehemently challenged his conclusion. That being that the two, whether they realized it or not, were in love with each other. It hadn't taken Dr. Sweets very long to determine that these two shared a special bond. It had intrigued him that two people so fundamentally different, the hyper rational scientific minded Dr. Brennan and the decorated lead with your gut and follow your heart Agent Booth, could be so drawn to one another.

It had become apparent early on that these two had a strong attraction to one another. Their feelings ran very, very deep, and had grown considerably during their 5 year partnership. He was almost positive that each was aware of their feelings for the other. What he could never figure out was what was holding these two back from having a relationship. They loved one another, he was sure of it. He would bet his license on it.

Over the course of his association with these two he had thrown a few bumps in the road for them along the way to see how they would react both as individuals and as a part of a two person team. Dr. Sweets had no doubt that they belonged together, however odd a pairing in might outwardly seem, but he wanted them each to be sure that they were ready for such a step, because if one of them chose to put a voice to the emotions and the other was unready or unwilling, the result would be catastrophic for both. This he felt was the root of their problem. Both were too afraid to make the next move for fear of losing the incredible friendship that they currently enjoyed. What neither of them appeared to see was that they, for all intents and purposes, had been carrying on a relationship for the past few years with each other, minus any of the more exciting benefits.

Which brought us to the current situation. They had just spent the last hour describing their first case together. And protesting, much to vehemently their feelings for each other.

"Agent Booth, you aren't being totally honest with me here. Something else happened during that first case didn't it?"

The partners shared a look, and Dr. Sweets knew he had uncovered something. Dr. Brennan shifted uncomfortably in her chair, angling herself away from Agent Booth, trying to distance herself from him. For his part, Agent Booth ran a hand over the back of his neck and nervously glanced out the window to his left surreptitiously avoiding eye contact with Dr. Sweets. This was not just anything. This was something big.

"Ok, just tell me." He pleaded. "It may help me understand the foundation of your partnership and friendship. Why each of you refuses to acknowledge your underlying personal feelings for one another."

"We have already informed you that we really did not particularly enjoy working with each other in the beginning. Booth was too emotional for my comfort level, and I assume, based on his commentary today, he disliked my rational, scientific nature." Dr. Brennan offered.

"However," she continued tentatively, darting a quick glance in Booths direction, "we may have had a moment during our first association that was not entirely professional."

Booth brought his eyes back to the front and looked at Dr. Sweets. The looks on the partner's faces were torturous to behold. Each wore an expression that looked almost painful. This was something that had been eating away at them for the last 5 years.

"And by not entirely professional you mean…" Dr. Sweets encouraged.

"It means that we may have almost slept together." Booth spit out on a quick exhale. The partners looked at one another, each not quite sure what the other was remembering.

"Wow! I mean wow! That certainly wasn't what I thought was going to be said." Dr. Sweets answered them in a voice that held the high pitched tone of surprise.

"Dr. Brennan?" he queried.

"Yes, that account would be accurate." she replied, though her voice had become slightly softer, almost unsure.

"And by almost slept with each other, this means…" Dr. Sweets probed.

"It means exactly like what it sounds like Sweets." Booth answered in an exasperated tone. He leaned forward placing his elbows on his knees and began to speak. "Look, it was a mistake that we thankfully brought to an end before it could go too far. We had solved the case, and because it had gone so well, and the squint squad had done such a great job, I thought I would take them out for a few drinks. You know, they didn't really seem like the types that got out all that much if you know what I mean, especially this one." He said thumbing in the direction of Dr. Brennan.

"I'll have you know that I enjoyed a very fulfilling social life before you insinuated yourself into my life Booth." She retorted.

"Yeah, sure you did Bones." He replied.

"I had enjoyed many.." she was cut off by Dr. Sweets.

"Ok, ok." He said holding up his hands. "I don't really care what Dr. Brennan's social life was like prior to your first case."

"So anyway," Booth continued, "I took them out to a bar and we all, amazingly enough, were having fun. It got late and everyone started to leave, and it was just Bones and I at the bar, sipping our drinks, and we were none too sober. The jazz band was still playing, so I asked her to dance with me. We danced for a little while. Then I offered to share a cab and she accepted. I walked her to her door, and I suppose the combination of the alcohol and the dancing had put us in a certain mood. One thing led to another, and before we knew it we were making our way down her hallway to her bedroom."