a.n. This is my first Wicked fic; I saw Wicked a little while ago in Sydney (where I live) and it was WONDERFUL! My favorite bits were Defying Gravity (duh) and One short day (when the stage just LIGHTS UP!

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A little something I thought of, if Glinda reacted to the 'melting' a little differently. It will be Gelphie, you don't like it then go and read something else.


The castle was silent. After the shouts of the Witch hunters, the shrieks of the Monkeys and Elphaba's heartbreaking final screams the silence was almost deafening Glinda. There was a steady drip drip drip of the cursed water that had ended her best friend's life.


She moved from where she was hidden to see what remained of Elphaba. The hat. That was all that remained, lying in the middle of the floor. The hat that Glinda had given her just before they became friends. And, she realized, the hat had outlived her best friend. Her grandmother's gifts usually antiques and this hat would live for longer now, because Elphaba was dead.

And suddenly it hit home. Elphaba was dead. Glinda sank to the floor, sobbing, all strength leaving her. Oh Elphie I'm so sorry, it's all my fault. Why wouldn't you listen to me? I could have cleared your name, you could have lived, but oh no, the great Elphaba Thropp had to be so high and mighty. You always have been, ever since we met at Shiz. You would never accept help, WHY ELPHIE?!?

Suddenly her strength was back, and with it came anger, anger at the Wizard, anger at Morrible, anger at the Ozians, anger at Elphaba. And, most predominantly, anger at herself. Anger at herself for letting her best friend die, for being part of the cause of Elphaba's death. Her rage was so extreme that she had the insatiable urge to hurt something. To make something or someone pay for the loss of her best friend. Glinda couldn't get up, couldn't face the world yet, so she began hitting the floor with her tiny fists, in a fit of rage, taking out the fear and loneliness of her life on the horrible wooden floor that held all that remained of The Wicked Witch of the West.

It was at that moment the floor promptly gave way under her rage and she fell on to an extremely surprised Elphaba Thropp.

Glinda gasped. "ELPHIE! What in Oz happened?"

Elphaba rolled her eyes, "Oh, fantastic, I go to all the trouble of plotting an elaborate scheme to fake my death and you just fall straight through the floor." But she was grinning at the good witch.

They were in a surprisingly large dark room, with a round window on one wall, a hole in the ceiling where they had both fallen and a bed beneath them which had been used to break Elphaba's fall. Glinda's fall was broken by Elphaba.

Glinda rolled off of Elphaba and was shocked to see that she had been crying, "Elphie what's wrong?"

"Wha- oh, nothing, nothing's wrong," she replied somewhat unconvincingly, sitting up as she tried to wipe her nose on her sleeve "I could ask you the same question."

"Well, you see, my best friend was just killed by a bucket of water thrown by a twelve year old girl and I'm going to have to go out and celebrate her death with the horrendible people who were responsible. There's no one who I can talk to because all of Oz hates said friend and I have to work for the most horrible people in Oz, who plotted her death. Now tell me, what's wrong?"

Elphaba crossed her arms around her waist and looked at the floor, "I could hear you. Up there," she gestured to the now open trap door "I didn't want you to be alone, that's all."

Glinda looked at her sadly "You left me before, in the Emerald city, were you going to again?" her bottom lip was trembling and she looked on the verge of tears.

Elphaba wanted to lie. To tell Glinda that she was staying, would let her clear her name. But she couldn't. "Yes. But you've got to understand Glinda, I didn't have a choice, there was-" She was cut off by a slap from the other witch.

"Elphaba Thropp how could you?! Do you have any idea how terrible it's been these last year's knowing that you were in danger every minute of every day and not being able to do anything about it? To know that all of this was my fault? How do you think I would have felt, the rest of my life, thinking I was the cause of your death?!?"

Elphaba stared at her for a second before grabbing her in a hug. "No, you weren't. How could you think this was your fault? You didn't bring that infuriating child here, Morrible did. You didn't pronounce me as wicked, The Wizard did."

Glinda broke away, "But I didn't argue with them Elphie, I didn't speak out and say 'no, she's not wicked' I just smiled and waved, giving stupid speeches trying to stop people from fearing you and listening to them say such awful things about you that it tore me up inside"

"But you had everything you ever wanted, everyone loved you"

"No they didn't Elphie, it took me a while to realize, but they didn't. They couldn't love me because they didn't even know me. They loved Glinda the Good, but none of them knew Glinda Upland. Not like you did. And for the record, I've been miserable ever since you flew away on that broom. Every day and night I wish I'd had the courage to go with you."

"Me too. I mean, I don't blame you for staying behind; I've just missed you so much. Not a day's gone by when I haven't thought of you. Every time I see my hat I think of you, every time I wear that cloak I think of you. Every time, before I went out on one of my escapades I'd think 'What would Glinda say?'"

She was suddenly pounced into a rib breaking hug by the Good Witch of the North. "If you think I'm letting you leave now you've got another thing coming Elphaba Thropp." She murmured into her shoulder.

"Glinda I know this is hard, but I have to leave. There's no way I could live in Oz for much longer and survive. They'd hunt me down again and this time I wouldn't be able to use a rumor as a way out, they'd find out, and-"

She broke off, zoning out. "ELPHIE! What's wrong, what's happening?"

Elphaba was in another world, or so it seemed. She could see the throne room, Dorothy and her dog and the Wizard (or at least his contraption) arguing. You've got to admire her determination she thought with a grin. As they were arguing her mutt ran behind the Wizards contraption and revealed the real Wizard, in all his glory (or lack thereof). Dorothy was shocked, and as the conversation progressed Elphaba realized what was going to happen. Oh please, please, please, if there's anyone up there, you owe me big time.

"The only way to get you back to Kansas is for me to take you there myself!"


This was followed by a piercing scream/squeal as Elphaba realized she was once again in Kiama Ko and that she was in dire need of air.

"Glin- lemego."

"Huh? Oh, right, sorry," she let go embarrassedly. "What happened anyway Elphie? You just zoned out, I thought you might have been dead for a minute."

Elphaba thought for a moment, frowning in concentration. "I don't really know. I think I might have had a premonition, it happened once before, when we were at Shiz."

Glinda looked confused and a little hurt, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Elphaba smirked at her "We'd just been assigned our rooms Glin."

"Oh" she grinned sheepishly, "Did it come true? What was it anyway?"

"N- yes, I think it has," She looked depressed as she came to that realization. "And it was of a celebration through Oz, all about with me. I guess I just misunderstood it." She sighed as they looked out the window at the Ozians, celebrating the death of Glinda the Good's best friend. They stood, side by side in friendship, ying and yang, pink and green, watching over Oz, simply enjoying being near each other without a threat for the first time in years.

"What was the one you had just then?" Glinda asked, finally breaking the silence.

"Well, I'm doing my best not to get my hopes up because of how the first one turned out, but I think the Wizard is leaving Oz."

"WHAT?!? Elphie that's incredible! If he leaves then there's only me left! And I could clear your name, because there'd be no one left to oppose me, well, except Horrible Morrible, but I could have her thrown in Southstairs for what she's done. You could be free, you could save the Animals, and you wouldn't have to go!"

"That would be brilliant Glinda, but as I said, I don't want to get my hopes up. Besides would you want me to be ruling with you? You seem to be terribly good at it on your own"

Glinda gave her a hard stare, "Elphie, I'm good with people. I am absolutely dreadful at making decisions, and with politics. I'd say that's obvious given there was never a 'Save the Wicked Witch' faction of Oz. That's why I need you. You can do things, you can make the hard decisions and you can see what needs to be done. I can't do that, just like you couldn't appease the people; I don't think either of us could do this alone"

Elphaba looked thoughtful, "Well I certainly couldn't change Oz by myself, look at what happened when I tried."

Glinda shoved her playfully, "That was only because you couldn't stay calm for once, instead of flying off the handle!"

Elphaba smirked lightheartedly at her and they both dissolved into laughter on the bed, partially through relief that the end of their battle was in sight, but mainly in pure joy that the other was there.

"I'll stay."

The statement threw Glinda completely, "What?" she asked with anticipation, her eyes wide and hopeful, sparkling in the moonlight.

"I said I'll stay, I don't even really know what I'd do if I left anyway."

"Elphie! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! I promise I can make this work, they won't hunt you down, you can live in the palace, and you can visit Doctor Dillamond, did I tell you I rescued him? And-"

She was suddenly silenced by a green hand clasped over her mouth. Elphaba was smiling at her, "You're babbling my sweet. I already said I'd come, there's no need to discourage me with stories of your wardrobe."

Glinda made an offended sound and forcefully removed Elphaba's hand, "You know my wardrobe isn't that bad. Just because you look like you've been attending a funeral every day for 5 years, doesn't mean the rest of us have to."

Elphaba collapsed onto the bed clutching her shoulder screaming, "Aah! You wound me, Lady Glinda. The pain! Someone save me! I'm melting!" Before dissolving into laughter again.

Glinda tried her best stern face and held it for a good five seconds before she was lying besides Elphaba laughing along with her.

Once they were calmed down Glinda sat up, "Okay, you're staying, and we're gonna save Oz and bring peace and give chocolate to the children, but for now I think it's best if you stay in the palace. People will be suspicious that you might still be alive for some reason, and the Palace is the last place they'd look" She said with a grin.

"Where in the palace? I'm hardly going to hide in the throne room."

"My rooms! Goodness Elphie you're getting thick, I thought I was the blonde! Anyway, you can stay in my rooms until the Wizard has gone and I've take over, then I'll announce your innocence to the Ozians and if they accept it then I'll show you to them, if not we'll make them accept it and I'll show you to them anyway!"

Elphaba cackled, "Sounds like a plan! Now you, my sweet, have got to go and celebrate with the Ozians, where abouts is your room in the palace?"

"It's the third floor, fifth room from the right. But how are you going to get there anyway Elphie? I don't want to risk you being spotted on that broom of yours."

They both thought for a minute, "I know!" Elphaba exclaimed, "hang on-" and she jumped through the trap door and disappeared.

A minute or so later she reappeared with several brooms, all of which looked exactly like her own, "I enchanted these all to fly, just in case I lost my first one. You can give these out to the Ozians, in celebration of my death or something, and show them how to fly around; no one would notice an extra flying broom out there."

Glinda still looked uncomfortable, "I think some might, mostly because you look so… Well, you."

"Point taken, I might have to lose the hat for this one trip; I think I'll have to keep the cloak though, don't want anyone to recognize my verdigris."

Glinda put one arm around her shoulders, "I love your skin color you know, sure, it's a bit shocking at first, but you really can look beautiful."

Elphaba turned a dark forest green and looked away, "You're the only one who thinks so."

"That's only because you never let anyone get to know you, and the Ozians want you to fill their image of you, so they say you're hideous when none of them have even spoke to you."

"We can hope. Anyway, time to go, they'll be missing you. I'll see you when you've finished with your party."

Glinda swatted her arm, "Give it a little while, and then fly to the Emerald city, I left in a hurry so my window should still be open, I'll meet you there later."

"Count on it," she smiled at the Good Witch of the North, "Now go, they'll be wondering where you are."

"Okay, I'll see you later tonight" she walked to the window, "And Elphie?"


She kissed her on the cheek, "Thank you." And she summoned her bubble and disappeared into the sky.

Elphaba's hand was on her cheek, "Wow."

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