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"Looks like you beat me again dude." Johnny sighed.

"That I did, and now I'm gonna finish you off for good. See you in oblivion Johnny." Danny said like a hero.

"So long Kitty. I'll miss you." Johnny weakly said. Kitty smirked.

"Bye Johnny." Kitty looked away. She knew she couldn't be with him. Not while being in love with Danny. Danny looked from Kitty to Johnny. He wasn't sure what to do. The plan was to have Kitty get so upset she would run back to Johnny. Unfortunately, Danny wasn't sure what was happening.

"Kitty, don't you love Johnny?" Danny asked her. Danny looked away from Johnny and let his ghost powers fade away until he was human again. He could see Kitty was crying. Danny looked at her red eyes. She was beautiful, but she wasn't meant for Danny. This made the young teenager a bit sad to see that this beautiful ghost was not his.

Danny walked over to Kitty. He knelt down beside her and noticed Paulina wasn't there. Danny figured Kitty had used her ghost powers to transport her home. Danny put his arm around Kitty who knelt into his embrace.

"Kitty what's wrong?" Danny asked, genuinely concerned.

"It's nothing." Kitty shook her head and looked up. She wiped the tears from her eyes and walked over to Johnny. She knelt down and he leaned up. Kitty looked at him sadly and took off the ring that bound her and Johnny 13 together.

"Johnny, I'm sorry I just, can't do this anymore." Kitty opened his hand and dropped the ring into it.

"Kitty-" Johnny started. Many emotions running through him. Sadness that he was losing Kitty and anger at Danny for taking her away from him.

"Johnny don't. I just need to catch my breath." Kitty told him. This got Johnny VERY angry. He stood up and grabbed her arm. He spun her around so they were facing each other.

"Catch your breath? It's been 200 friggin years Kitty. I asked you to marry me and you finally said yes. Only to leave me for PHANTOM?" Johnny yelled tightening his grip on Kitty. Danny had been watching horrified. He realized he should do something and went ghost. Johnny noticed this and yelled for his shadow.

"SHADOW ATTACK!" Johnny used his other hand and aimed it towards Danny. Shit. Danny thought. How was he supposed to help Kitty while fighting off the dork of darkness? Danny had an idea. He flew towards Johnny's bike and hit the ghost portal button. He flew straight at it and then at the last minute he flew up and missed the portal. The shadow was following him the entire time went plunging into the ghost zone. Danny then destroyed the device on Johnny's bike. Kitty smirked to herself. Way to go Danny!

"Let her go Johnny." Danny walked towards her. Johnny tightened his grip harder, and Kitty whimpered in pain.

"Your coming with me Kitten." Johnny whispered evilly. Kitty's eyes went wide and when she was about to scream Johnny covered his hand over her mouth and pulled her onto his bike. Danny flew into action and started throwing ghost balls at Johnny. Johnny dodged them and took off on his bike.

"No!" Danny yelled and followed after the bike. Johnny turned a corner and Danny heard the bike die down. He flew into the ally, intangible, and looked for Kitty.

"Johnny stop!" Kitty yelled. Johnny had pinned her against the wall.

"Never. Kitty you agreed to marry me and your going to see it through. Now shut up and kiss me." Johnny threatened. Helpless Kitty kissed back, and thankfully Johnny didn't go farther.

"Let. Her. GO!" Danny used his ghostly wail, not wanting to but using it full force. Johnny was blown back. Kitty was weakened by the strength of it. Johnny fell against wall and breathed heavily. Danny stopped in front of him. He pulled out the ghost thermos and sucked Johnny into it. Danny turned around and helped Kitty to her feet.

"Kitty, are you alright." Danny noticed the black and blue forming on the side of her neck.

"What did he do to you Kitty?" Danny asked. Kitty whimpered as he touched the bruise. Danny retreated.

"H-h-h-h-he grabbed my neck and started kissing me, violently." Kitty shuddered and knelt into Danny.

"Promise you'll protect me?" She asked weakly. Danny wrapped his arms around the ghost. He didn't want to give her false hope but he had to say something.

"I'll do my best." He said soothingly. He then picked Kitty up, bridal style, and flew towards Fenton Works.

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