Danny gently layed Kitty back onto his bed and just rubbed her back he knew she was in pain, he didn't know what Johnny planned to do with her but his mind went to the worst. When Kitty fell asleep he went ghost and made a ghost shield around Kitty. Johnny couldn't touch her for 48 hours. He left a note in the 'ghost bubble' for her and left.

Kitty woke up a few hours later aching all over. She tried leaning up but felt a force pushing her back down when she reached the edge of Danny's bed. She reached for the glass of water on the nightstand and was able to reach it. She noticed two asperin besides it and swallowed them. She noticed a note sitting on the nightstand too.

Dear Kitty,

I have a ghost shield around you. You won't be able to leave the bed, and my parents see me in the bed, so if they come in act sick and they'll help you (thinking it's me) You'll be stuck in there for 48 hours so you should just calm down. You can reach the remote and watch T.V. I'll stop babbling now and tell you why you're locked up in this.

I've gone to the ghost zone in search of Johnny, you and I will never have a life together and he'll never stop coming after you. I need to end this. He needs to know that you don't belong to him anymore. You don't belong to anyone, unless you choose to and I hope you choose me.

If I can't reason with him with words, I'll fight him. I'd fight him anytime to keep you safe. I love you Kitty and I won't let Johnny hurt you ever again. I will come back, don't lose faith in me, or I'll lose faith in myself. I need you to believe in me and know that i will come back.


Danny (I belong to you)

Kitty was crying at this point. No one had ever treated her so well before. If only Danny hadn't have been so rash she could've helped him. She had a power that he had no idea about, and Johnny was to strong for Danny to take on alone. Kitty prayed that Danny was able to stay alive for 48 hours until she could go to the ghost zone and help him.

~48 hours later~

"I told you not to screw with me punk." Johnny shouted. "Shadow, combine!" Danny watched horrified as Johnny's shadow became one with Johnny. Johnny looked like he was going in and out of existence as he went from ghost to shadow. Johnny smiled evilly.

"This is the end for you." He told Danny. He lunged at Danny and didn't bother using his ghost powers, he knew he could be weak little Danny with his fists. Danny flew out of the way Johnny on his trail. He searched 48 hours for Johnny... FOR THIS? Danny summoned power to his hands and turned around keeping his hands behind his back. Johnny lunged at him and just as Johnny was going to make contact with him Danny stuck his hands out burning, Johnny. Johnny screamed. Danny screamed, because he had a shadow ball sent into his stomach, and another voice screamed as Danny slowly floated down to the ground.

"DANNY!" It yelled. Danny was able to stay in conciousness long enough to see Kitty's face.

"Kitty... run..." Those were the last words Danny Fenton ever spoke.

"NO! Danny!" Kitty cried. Johnny floated down laughing. Kitty had Danny's head in her lap as she stared at Johnny.

"You cruel, obsene BASTARD!" She screeched. He reached out to her.

"Come on Kitten, do you really love him? He's not that strong he could barely defend you! You know you want me." He smirked. An idea hit Kitty.

"You know something Johnny, you're right. Close your eyes and let me give you something." She winked and started taking off her jacket, trying to give Johnny a message. He growled and closed his eyes. He was finally going to have her... or so he thought. Kitty silently slid her jacket back on and closed her eyes. She summoned all of the power she had into one breath. She kissed her hand. The little kiss was hovering in her hand waiting to be blown.

"Open your eyes." Kitty told him. He opened his eyes to see a kiss flying at him.

"NO!" Was the last words Johnny spoke before disappearing to god knows where, with out being kissed back.

Kitty began crying seeing the state Danny was in. He had a whole burned through his heart. Shadow Johnny had made that with a shadow ball. Thankfully Danny was still a ghost so it was just ecto goo gooping out and not blood. She cried over him. A few tears hit Danny's wound. Kitty lied down on the ground on top of him crying. All of her tears entered Danny's wound. She didn't even notice when Danny had gone intagible and she had hit the ground. She was so broken. Danny's body flew above her and he opened his eyes. He floated to the ground and put a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him with tear stricken eyes. They widened and she threw her arms around him and kissed him for all she was worth.

"Danny how- I mean- you were." She asked.

"I guess you have another power." He told her. She looked at him quizzically.

"You can heal the people you love with your tears." She smiled at him. He tried go un ghost, but couldn't.

"Kitty, I can't go un ghost." He exclaimed. She stared at him.

"Maybe I only healed you as a ghost and your human side died." She explained.

"Or maybe I just died." He told her. She felt the excitement leave her as she realized that she didn't heal him. He just died and became a ghost.

"Danny, I'm so sorry." She told him. He lifted her head to look at him.

"Hey you destroyed Johnny, or made him disappear, and now he can't hurt you anymore, that's all I care about. And now I can be with you for the rest of eternity, in a way Johnny gave me all I ever wanted, and more." He smiled at her and they kissed. Danny and Kitty kissed for hours standing in that spot, they were dead so breath wasn't needed. When they finally broke apart. Danny took Kitty's hand and they floated into the ghost zone together. Johnny's door closed for the last time that day, seeing as he'd never enter it again. But a new door opened, the door to Danny and Kitty's future. Like they always say, as one door closes, another one opens.

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