Since it's pretty much obvious now that Matilda's their mother, I'm going to end the drama in this chapter.

Waterdapple was in another Clan meeting, discussing a dream that her brother had last night.

" So Matilda had kits." said Bluestar." And you believe these kits remain in the clans?"

" Yes." answered Stoneshadow.

" I received no similar dreams." said Tanglefur. " Why would StarClan want to make it known to Stoneshadow in particular?"

" That's easy to answer. He's the kit."said Nightblaze, licking her paws and trying to keep cool.

Waterdapple bit her tongue. The clan didn't know yet that she and Stoneshadow were siblings, and she didn't feel like telling them. Privately, she was shocked. StarClan said that Strongheart was their mother.

" To be honest, I would think that the reason he got it was because he knows them." said Wildfire, panting softly. Waterdapple sighed again.

" I agree." nodded Mistyheart.

" So someone in the clans is half-Blaze, and I know him. Or her." said Stoneshadow with a meaningful glance at Waterdapple. He wanted her to tell the clan about them being siblings.

" Then why don't they look different?" she said. That secret could get them both in trouble.

" StarClan interfered with the birth. Made them look more clanlike." said Darkfur quietly. Waterdapple was surprised. Darkfur almost never spoke, ever since Saberpaw had been carried off by Wolfstar.

" Well, I think that we will know more as soon as we get back." said Wildfire.

" Back? Where? " said Bluestar.

" Back to the clans of course." said Wildfire. " Oh come on. How long were we planning on staying here? Until we died? We have to come back sometime."

" Wolfstar has Saberpaw now. It's hopeless." said Mistyheart.

" So we're just going to wait out here in the desert, letting that tyrant rule the clans?" said Wildfire angrily." We're our clans' only chance of throwing out Wolfstar!"

" The other cats aren't that happy with..." said Nightblaze, but Wildfire interruptted her.

"Other cats will do our job for us? If we never come back, no one would dare rebel again!" said Wildfire.

" What's your plan then?" asked Darkfur scathingly.

" Umm... I don't really have one..." said Wildfire sheepishly.

" Correct. Let us know when you have one." said Darkfur. " Back to the subject at hand?"

" I say we confront Matilda." said Tanglefur. " Spring this on her and see how she takes this."

" Stoneshadow should do it." said Waterdapple." He had the dream, after all."

Stoneshadow glared at her before stalking off to talk to Matilda.

Stoneshadow walked over to the queen's den.

" All I'm saying is, letting them make up their own games would give them a sense of creativity." said Matilda to a few queens.

" What is useful about creativity?" said the queens blankly.

" Having fun, Matilda?" asked Stoneshadow.

Matilda snorted. " 'What's useful about creativity?' They can be so lizard-brained sometimes!"

" So you're saying they don't care enough about their kits?" said Stoneshadow.

" Yes." spat Matilda. " Far too little love."

" If you had kits, how would you take care of them?" asked Stoneshadow.

Matilda looked at him, her eyes softening. " I would love them. I would let them play the games they made up, watch proudly as they were made apprentices and then warriors. I would have."

" You had kits once." said Stoneshadow.

" Yes, but I wasn't allowed to keep them." said Matilda sadly. " These kits had parents that weren't allowed within the cl...Blaze."

" The clans. You've been to the clans."

"OK, all right! I've been to the clans! And I mothered kits there too!" she said sharply.

" Who were the kits?" said Stoneshadow.

" Um... they died." said Matilda evasively.

" What were their names?" said Stoneshadow.

" I don't know. They're probably warriors now." said Matilda. " It was hard to see them go."

" Really?" said Stoneshadow.

" In the first few days of my return, I mourned all day and all night for Stonekit and Waterkit." said Matilda.

Stoneshadow barely kept his feet. Nightblaze was right! This cat was his mother! But why had StarClan lied?

Then it hit him. The cat with the water fur. If a cat had water for fur, it would fall right off, leaving the cat bald. Stoneshadow almost chuckled, then something else hit him.

" Who was the father?" said Stoneshadow, his voice trembling.

Matilda looked at him hard, and refused to answer.