2 days later

Trish was up in her bedroom listening to her radio looking up at the ceiling. She hasn't heard from Dean in two day but yet she didn't really care. She didn't feel scared or worried like she always did. She was calm. She never even tried to call him. Something didn't feel right inside. There was this hole and she had a feeling it had something to do with the deal. She should be afraid but she wasn't she was somewhat happy and felt... relieved. No powers to worry about, no wondering if Dean thought she was a freak, nothing at all to worry about. Maybe this was a blessing. John was back and she was normal finally. Things may be looking up. Maybe her and Dean would live a normal life one day. That's if John let'sthem.

"Knock knock." Sarah said as she opened the door, "Can I come in?"

Ssure." Trish said and sat up on her bed, "What's up?"

"Nothing much. I just talked to Sam and they are on their way back here. They're about a hour out."

Ccool. I guess everything went ok."

"I guess. He said John was pissed but not talking."

Trish rolled her eyes, "And he's back. One thing you will learn is John Winchester is always pissed about something. You just learn to live with it or try."

"Its crazy he's back."

"Yeah I guess. Its kind of whatever. You learn to expect the unexpected around here."

"But this is out there. I mean back from the dead is odd don't you think?" Sarah asked.

"Sure." Trish said and hopped off the bed.

"But you don't seem surprised or even...or even happy. Is everything ok?"

"What are you my therapist all of a sudden? Am I supposed to share and care with you?" Trish said in a low yell.

"N-no I was just asking. I'm sorry."

Trish saw the look in Sarahs eyes and felt a little bad but then again not really, "Look don't worry about it. I'm just...stressed. Everything is fine."

"Ok but if you need to talk..."

"I know I know you're there. I just want to be alone." Trish said and smiled at her.

"Ok. Well dinner is almost ready."


Trish watched a Sarah walked out of the room and closed her door. Trish sighed and turned back around toward the bed. She was getting so tired of the guestions. When can't people just leave her alone?

John gripped the wheel and stepped on the gas. He had not said more that 3 words since Gordon told him what trish had done. At least they didn't have to worry about that guy anymore. John was pissed and was ready to have a little chat with Trish.

Dean saw the look in Johns eyes and knew something was wrong but he knew never to ask questions. Just sit back and shut up. That's the rules. But whatever was on Johns mind was not good.

They pulled up to Singer Salvage around six pm. John slammed on the brakes and threw the car in park. He waisted no time before jumping out of the car and almost running into the house.

"Dad wait!" Dean yelled out but John never stopped.

"What do you think has gotten into him?" Sam asked.

"I don't know but let's go find out." Dean said and the two headed toward the house.

Trish heard the car pull up and she headed down the stair. By the time she made it to the bottom she saw the front door fly open and John walk in, "Hunt go well?" She asked.

John walked over to her and his look made Trish feel uneasy and she should feel that way. John grabbed her by the arms and pushed her hard into the wall making her yelp, "Ouch! What the hell John?" She asked.

"What did you do Trish! What the hell did you do?" He yelled at her.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Trish said trying to free herself but it was no use.

"Don't lie to me!"

"John you're hurting me!"

When Dean and Sam walked in and saw their father they were both afraid for Trish, "Dad what are you doing? Let he go!" Dean yelled.

John never litstened. He's eyes were locked on trish, "Tell me right now." He said

"Tell you what?" Trish asked, "You've lost your mind!"

"Dad what are you doing?" Sam asked, "Stop it!"

"Should I tell them or do you want to?" John asked her.

"Tell them what? That their father is a nut job?"

John pushed her harder into the wall and she winced in pain, "Tell them that you sold your sold to the devil to get me back. Tell them you handed the person that toko their mother everything he needs to kill us all! I want to hear you say it!"

Dean and Sam both froze when they heard John say that and they both looked at Trish, "No. She wouldnt do that." Sam said, "Trish?"

When she said nothing Dean became pissed. He knew that look in her eyes, "Son of a bitch! You have got to be kidding me!" he yelled, "Tell me this is a joke, Trish."

"Go ahead Trish and tell him." John said.

Trish pushed away from John hard and looked at all three, "Ok fine! I did it! I gave up everything for a little while to get John back. You happy now? You wanted your dad and now he's here!" she yelled at Dean, "Now maybe you can man up a little."

Sam heard the words coming out of her mouth but couldnt believe it. This was not Trish anymore. It looked and sounded like her but this was not his best friend. Something was missing inside her. She never would talk to Dean that way or ever John.

"What do you want me to say?" Trish said.

"Tell me that this is a fucking joke!" Dean yelled at her.

"Sorry son but its not. She's pretty much killed us all." John said.

"Oh stop being so damn dramatic. Its one little demon. What is he going to do? Read our minds to death. You are supposed to be the great John Winchester arent you?"

John grabbed her again and pushed her back agianst the wall. He was trying so hard to stay calm but she was making this harder and harder. "You have no idea what you gave him. You were just learing your ablilties and now he knows them all. You gave him more than you know."

"Truth be told if I could go back you would still be dead." She said and she was surprised herself. She knew she didnt mean that. It just came out. She felt herself slipping and she knew she was in trouble."

"J-John I..."

"Let her go right now!" Everyone turned around and saw Bobby standing there with a shotgun in his hands, "You have about two seconds to let go of my daughter or I start shooting." He said and cocked the gun.

John pushed away and looked back at Trish once more before turning back to Bobby, "You have no idea what she's done."

"I heard enough for now. I want you all to get the hell out and me and her will deal with this. You just take care of your own." Bobby said.

"After what she did looks like I am going to have to take care of them even more. They'll come for her Bobby and they'll come for Sam."

"What are you talking about?" Sam asked.

"Dont worry about it son." John said, "Lets go. Dean come on." John said and walked out the door.

Dean was pissed. He had never been so made in his life. Sure she did what she did for him but at what cost?

By the time Sarah walked into the room John was already out the door and back into the car, "What's going on?"

"Nothing." Trish said, "You should go with them."


"Just go!" Trish yelled.

"Come Sarah. I'll help you pack." Sam said. He gave Trish a look and knew there was nothing he could say right now. His fear was going to come true. One day it was going to be her against him and it broke his heart. He could still feel what she was feeling. Too bad he felt nothing from her that mattered. She was empty.

"Dean you should leave." Bobby said.

"Just give us a minute." Trish said to her father.

"You got one minute and I want to see you in the kitchen." He told her and by that look Trish knew she was going to get her ass chewed.

Once he was gone she turned back to Dean and crossed her arms, "So go ahead and yell. I know you want to so domnt hold back."

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he asked. This was not the girl he loved.

"Nothing is wrong with me. I feel great. No longer a freak so you should be happy about that."

"I never said you were a freak, Trish."

"You didnt have to say it. Now you dont have to worry about me."

"No now I have to worry about you even more and Sam. Thanks for that." Dean said.

"I did you a favor. You wanted John well now you got him so go and enjoy your life without me getting in your way. Everything will be back to the way it once was." She said.

"You know what...I like that sound of that becasue I dont know who the hell you are right now. When you figure it out give me a call." Dean said.

"Dont hold your breath." She said as she took off the ring and placed it in his hands, "Daddy's waiting." She said.

Dean looked down at the ring and closed his hand. His heart was breaking but he had to get out of there. "Sam lets go!" he yelled and headed out the door.

Sam and Sarah said nothing to Trish as they walked by her and out the door. Once Trish heard the impala drive away something clicked inside and she dropped to her knees and tears began rolling down her cheeks. It was like she was back and they way she was feeling made her want to die. She knew the demon was messing with her. Maybe this was part of his plan. Some how he was controlling her to get her away from Sam and the Winchester.

Bobby walked in and saw his daughter on the floor, "My God...Trish."

Trish looked up at her father and was panting, "Help me." She cried.

Bobby got down next to her and pulled her into his arms as she sobbed. For the first time he was clueless on what to do for his baby girl. Things were going to get bad. He could feel it.