These two are my favorite pair ever in the Star Wars series but George Lucas goes and kills them both off. Thanks a lot. Luminara and Obi Wan would make the best couple ever, if not for that blasted Jedi Code. Just to help a little bit, this is set pre-Attack of the Clones. Thanks to Jedi Master Ani Unduli for the Padawans names.

Complete OC with the occasional reference to the AOTC.

Anakin's place, Birthday Party.

Anakin was grinning like a five year old who had just been given candy. It was his 13th birthday and he had a couple of Jedi's over at his apartment to celebrate. Unfortunately, a couple of friends, including his own master, Kit Fisto, Plo Koon and two other Padawans. Unfortunately, Obi wan had invited Luminara Unduli, who in turn invited Shaak Ti, Aaayla Secura who invited nearly half of the Jedi Council. Kit, being the good hearted Jedi that he was, invited Yoda and Mace Windu while Plo Koon invited several pilot friends. Anakin's home was soon stocked with food and thanks to the pilots, alcoholic drinks. Anakin couldn't care less though. He was happily singing along with Shaak Ti and Plo Koon who were doing karaoke. The pilots had gotten into an animated discussion with Mace Windu about flying techniques, Yoda was playing snap with Kit Fisto who was failing miserably and the younger Pandawans were dancing to music. Luminara Unduli and Obi Wan Kenobi were sitting outside, telling embarrassing stories of their past.

"Remember the time you tripped over Master Yoda and dropped your lunch on Master Windu?" Luminara giggled as she recalled the time when Obi Wan was being careless with his food.

"Or the time when Shaak dared you to sing Single Ladies during a council meeting?" Obi Wan said.

"I was 14," Luminara retorted. "Anyways, we're both Master Jedi, respected by the council and every other Jedi in the temple, nothing would ever change that fact,". The pair were leaning against a wall and had stolen two bottles of vodka. Both were sipping the alcoholic beverage, neither of them every being drunk before.

"I love those Pilots, Anakin should have parties more often," Obi Wan began to Hiccup with glee.

"I agree, this stuff is really good," Luminara smiled. Both had gone past self control, lost all sense of mind and before either knew what was happening, they were kissing each other furiously. Luckily for them, the council members were cheering on the singers so nobody could disturb them.

"Lets leave," Obi Wan suggested after gasping for air. Luminara smiled wickedly and the pair left unnoticed. After arriving at Obi Wan's apartment, the Jedi's were in a tangle of limbs, both trying to remove the other's Jedi Robes. Obi Wan managed to yank the headdress off and silky black hair fell around Luminara's face. Luminara smiled softly and brushed her hands through his golden hair. He chuckled and kissed her. By morning, both would have a massive hangover

Obi Wan's Apartment, next morning

Luminara woke up with a start. She raised her hand to her forehead, her brain drumming in agony. She moaned and turned over to get more comfortable when she faced her fellow Jedi Master, naked. Last night was pretty much fuzz to her and she could barely think straight but she was able to roll out of bed, change back into her Jedi robes, readjust her headdress and leave the apartment, completely embarrassed and completely guilty. She quickly ran to the Jedi Temple, weaving in and out of the daily traffic. She was somewhat thankful that her agility was being put to other users besides saving the universe and quickly hurried to the turbolift and somehow managed to arrive at the all Jedi member meeting. More panic and guilt flooded through her. Why didn't she wake up Obi Wan? Luminara looked up at Master Windu who was marking the register. He was eyeing all of them and Luminara tried to put on a straight face. That however, was impossible because a small voice whispered in her ear.

"Thanks for the wake up call," it said. Luminara tensed up and turned to face her one night stand.

"Master Kenobi," she said.

"Hey, we're friends, it was nothing," he smiled. Luminara gave him an apologetic face for the fact that she could of gotten him in heaps of trouble for being late.

"Hey, I'm here, so Master Windu wont have my head," he said quietly.

"Have your head for what?" Kit Fisto wondered over.

"Nothing," both said in unison. Kit gave them one of his grins.

"Sure," he replied. After answering a quick 'here' to Windu, they listened in.

"As well all know, a great war will soon begin. The enemy forces are becoming great in numbers and the republic depends on us to keep it safe. I would make it essential that we all prepare ourselves for these upcoming years so from now on, training will be doubled, meditation, doubled and all Jedi must be able to follow these new rules, am I understood?" he said. During his speech there were a lot of groans from the younger Jedi's but nearly every Jedi Knight and Master were cursing in their minds. The Jedi all began splitting off into groups, preparing to spar, or meditate or do whatever Windu tells them to. She ended up in a group with Obi Wan, Kit, because he was standing next to them, Adi Gallia, Etain Tur-Mukan and two padawans, Anarra Prinipí and Joyí Yabann. The group awkwardly left the briefing room and once out of ear shot, Etain began complaining.

"I can't believe Master Windu expects us to double our training!" she said. To the padawans surpise, the other four adults agreed.

"He's putting us on a suicide mission,"

"Crazy Bastard,"

"Are we mean't to be better than robots? I mean, seriously!" Anarra was about to add something but the Jedi himself appeared behind them.

"What are you people standing around for?" Windu asked.

"Er, we were...going to a training room, yes, thats it!" Joyí said after some difficulty. Windu nodded his bald head and the group pretty much sprinted to an unoccupied training room. Making sure every one was inside, Adi and Etain, who were last in, turned around and force locked the doors to make sure nobody entered. They were breathing quickly, not from being unfit but from the fear of being in trouble with the top dog. Yes, master Yoda was the most skilled but Master Windu had a bark and bite. They began sparring in rotations. Padawan v.s. Padawan, Knight v.s. Master. To them, it was all just a waste of time and energy.

Several Weeks Later
This masked torture began to make even the toughest of Jedi sweat. Worst of all, Luminara had developed a stomach bug and began feeling sick and weak. It was believed it was the training which caused her sickness and she was forced to go on bedrest until she recovered. Obi Wan felt concerned for his friend and his Padawan tried to comfort him.

"Don't worry Master. Master Unduli has been through worse," Anakin said with enthusiasm which didn't higher Obi Wan's spirits.

"Thanks Anakin," Obi Wan said depressed. Anakin patted his Master's back and left for his training session. Obi Wan was alone in the Zen Garden for only a few moments as Kit, Aayla and Shaak Ti appeared behind him.

"Don't worry Obi Wan, Luminara will get better, she's tougher than you think," Shaak Ti, Luminara's childhood friend said.

"I don't underestimate her, I just worry, that's all," he replied. The three Masters looked at their friend with disbelief.

"Yeah, right, and I'm the Sith Lord, you look like you're going to have a fit when she threw up during a training exercise," Aayla said.

"You guys are really not helping to boost my confidence here," Obi Wan replied. It was then that Barriss Offee, a young Padawan ran up to the adults.

"Luminara is going on temporarily leave, going back to our homeworld for a little while," young Barriss said. Obi Wan's breath was caught in his chest.

"She cannot be that bad," Kit said jokingly at the Padawan.

"She's not responding to anything, they're going to let her family look after her for a while, the healers don't know what else to do," Barriss said. Kit's grin quickly mutated into a miserable frown. Aayla looked at the Padawan in horror while Shaak acutally allowed several tears flow down her face. Her best friend could be dying and there was nothing she could do about it.

On The Space Cruiser to Mirial

Luminara had bid her friends a quick farewell. Honestly, she wanted to get out of the Jedi Temple as quickly as possible. Luminara was no idiot and she had quickly diagnosed herself two weeks after her sickness began. The thing that she had done had now come back to bite her really hard in the ass. She would never forgive herself. She was pregnant, a pregnant Jedi. She was freaking out and thankfully the healers didn't bother trying a pregnacy test. Home included her older brother, her Mother and her Father. In some ways, she is looking forward to returning home. In fact, she was excited as a pregnant Jedi could possibly be since she hadn't seen them since she was four years old and once again during her knighting ceremony. After keep her food in her stomach for the entire trip, she managed to walk be herself towards her cold desert home. She first saw a young man, only a couple of years older than her. Standing next to her were familiar faces.

"Mother, Father!" Luminara said energetically despite her weakness. She quickly walked down the steps and towards her parents.

"Luminara! You are home," her mother embraced her. Her father was holding her from behind.

"This is your older brother, Stevn," her father said. Luminara looked curiously at her older brother. In fact, he seemed to be an exact duplicate of her but in male form.

"Hey Stevie," Luminara said affectionately.

"Lumi," he walked forward to embrace her. "I have missed my force sensitive baby sister," he said grinning.

"You were very bland on the phone. What have you done to come back home?" her father asked.

"Something really bad, I'm pregnant," she replied. Her mother looked sympathetic towards her daughter while her father's eyes went as wide as saucers.

"Oh dear," he mother finally said.

"I am guessing you have to stay here for a couple of months then," Stevn said.

"Yes," Luminara said in defeat.

"Then I guess we will have to get your bed made," her father said happily. Luminara stared at the family she left behind with pride.

8 Months later

"Luminara, you cannot leave him here. He's your child, he's only three hours old and you say that you need to go back to the temple," Luminara's mother said angrily.

"If the Jedi council ever found out about him, both of us will be in trouble," Luminara replied harshly.

"So you would choose the Jedi's over your own child!" Luminara's father walked in after hearing the conversation that had been getting heated over the past hour.

"I've been away long enough, I have to go back!" Luminara yelled. Next door, a baby started crying. Stevn walked in holding his nephew in his arms.

"At least name him Lumi," Stevn said. Luminara looked at him in anger. She and her brother had been inseparable during her time back in Mirial and now he was siding with their parents.

"I can't," Luminara said fiercely. "I won't"

"Why not?" her father said sharply.

"Because, I cannot bear to leave him but it is my duty. If I get attached to him any more than I am now, it will just be making my leaving harder than it already is," Luminara was close to tears.

"Please Lumi, let him have at least one thing from you. We cannot stop you from leaving but at least name him," her mother pleaded.

"Jon, Jon Keduli," She replied and then asked the all to leave. Luminara knew she would have to remain at home for at least one more week before she needed to return to Coruscant. For now, she would stay as far away from her son as possible.

Second Last Morning Before Leaving

"Uhh," Luminara groaned as Jon cried again and again during the night. Thankfully, her brother had taken his uncle position very seriously and covered for his sister which Luminara thanked him for gratefully.

"You should be cuddling him," Stevn said honestly.

"I love him, I really do but attachment is forbidden, If anything happened to him due to me being a Jedi, I will never forgive myself," Luminara said.

"Then at least love him until you have to go," Stevn said finally after an awkward silence. Luminara saw his reasoning and slowly walked forward to her whimpering son. She held him in a comforting hug and smiled.

"He's stopped crying," Luminara said suprised.

"He knows his mother," Stevn said as he left the room to give mother and child the little privacy they will ever have. She walked back into her room and sat down onto the bed, Jon in her arms.

"I am very sorry my son, but I have no other choice. If I stay here any longer the Jedi will come here and I will never be allowed to see you again. Please forgive me," Luminara said motherly. The infant made a cooing noise and Luminara smiled. She held him in front of her to have a better look. He was nearly a duplicate of Obi Wan. He had the piercing blue eyes, nose and skin color but only one thing he had was from his mother. His very short black hair gave no doubt that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli was his mother. Luminara sighed and walked outside to return her son to her brother.

"Look after him," Luminara said.

"You know I will!" Stevn said with pride. Luminara began packing. She was planning to get flown to the city planet very early next morning.

Early Next Morning

As I quietly walked through the home I began my childhood in, I quickly went from room to room, leaving a personal message for each of my family members. I finally got to Jon's play room which the rest of my family made once during an after nap. I kissed him once on the forehead and left his letter for him on the table next to the cradle. I walked towards the cruiser ship and watched as my homeland slowly faded away.


Stepping back into the halls of the Temple was just awkward for Luminara. The few Jedi who were up and about stared at her. She quickly made her way to the council room where the Jedi Council were expecting her. After hurrying past many Padawan's and Knights, Luminara made it to the automatic doors. She walked into the center of the room and bowed low.

"Master Unduli, it is good that you are back and well," Master Windu said. Windu believed that he caused her illness and therefore, very careful with what he said around her.

"Thank you Master," she replied.

"Fit enough you are, to return to your duty?" Yoda asked.

"I am," Luminara replied.

"Your Padawan was under Obi Wan's care since you've been gone," Windu replied. When he said his name Luminara held her breath but quickly let it out in case any of the masters noticed.

"Then you may leave," Master Windu said and I casually left the room. The moment I turned the corner I was crushed by Aayla, Kit and Shaak.

"O.K. guys! I wasn't dying, I was, just really sick," I said with effort as I was slowly being suffocated.

"You've been gone for nearly eight months Luminara. Bariss and us were freaking out like mad," Shaak Ti said quickly.

"Oh, but you weren't here to see Obi Wan Kenobi. I swear, he's had at least three panic attack, two fainting episodes and hyperventilating. It was freaking us out so much that we thought he had more chance of dying that you did," Kit said.

"We might of thought he caught what you had. It wasn't contagious was it?" Aayla asked. I shook me head.

"No, it wasn't" I said quietly. The three noticed my softness and practically dragged me into a deserted training room.

"O.K. Luminara, you will spill," Shaak Ti threatened her best friend.

"Spill what?" Luminara said

"Don't act dumb Unduli, what was wrong with you?" Kit said menacingly.

"I was pregnant," Luminara said in defeat.

"And don't make any dumb excu...wait, what!" Aayla snapped. The three of them death stared at their friend.

"Oh. That's why you had to go," Shaak said. Luminara nodded.

"Oh Sith," Aayla gasped. Kit stood on the spot in pure shock. Their friend, who had turned 25 during her time away had a kid.

"Whose is it?" Kit finally asked. Luminara swallowed.

"I think you guys would know," Luminara said.

"Obi Wan," Shaak breathed out. At this point Luminara had several tears streaming down her face. Shaak walked towards her friend and embraced her. Aayla and Kit looked at her sympathetically.

"And you must never tell him. Never!" Luminara said. The three nodded their heads.

"What's his name?" Kit finally asked.

"Jon, Jon Kenduli," Luminara said her son's name in pain.

This is a very long prologue. Sorry about that. The future chapters will not be as long. I cannot guarantee that but oh well, that's life.

Thanks again to Jedi Master Ani Unduli for the names of Lumi's bro and son. Visit her profile for some more epic star wars stories.