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Warnings:Spoilers, mild violence, crude language, possible gore

The villagers of Little Hangleton still called it "the Riddle House" even though it had been many years since the Riddles had lived there. It stood on a hill overlooking the village, some of its windows boarded, tiles missing from its roof, and ivy spreading over its moldy surface. Once a beautiful manor and easily the largest and grandest building for miles around, it was now a damp, derelict, and unoccupied ghostly abode.

Half a century ago, something strange and horrible happened there, something the older inhabitants of the village still liked to talk about when gossip was scarce. The story had been exaggerated so many times that no one was quite sure what the truth was anymore; however, the legend started within the very rooms of the manor itself: Fifty years before, when the manor was still impressive, a maid had found the Riddles all dead. What was shocking was that there seemed to be no apparent reason for their deaths. It was just as if something frightened them so terribly their heart could no longer continue beating, but that was impossible right? The villagers had suspected Frank Bryce, the Riddle's Gardener of killing them, but since they had no evidence the police released him and declared him innocent. Besides no one was eager to find out who the murderer was and the Riddles were never well liked anyways so the mystery was left unsolved to this day. The Riddle house still remained in the care of Frank Bryce, much to the villager's displeasure, and nothing strange had happened for many years.

That is, until one faithful day...

It was Frank's leg that woke him up. Wearily, he got up and limped down the stairs to prepare a kettle of water to drink when he saw a flashing green light in front of the Riddle's house.

Frank scowled. "It must be those darn kids again sneaking into the house on a dare or something...won't be the first time someone tried to set fire t something," he muttered to himself as he fumbled around for his walking stick.

A few minutes later he was limping down the pathway to the Riddle house. As he neared the manor, he stopped to inspect the front of the home. To his surprise, the door did not have any signs that it was forced open nor any of the windows. He hesitated briefly before gently easing the door open, not a sound coming from the hinges due to the liberal amounts of oil he often placed on them.

Something wasn't right in the house.

Already, Frank could feel a sense of foreboding curling around in his stomach and he gulped quietly. Silently closing the door, he began to cautiously make his way up the stairs when he heard muffled voices filtering down below. Straining his ears, he managed to make out the words 'magic', 'wizard', 'exorcist' and 'akuma'. The uneasy feeling grew. None of those terms had a good ring to them. Were they demented people, terrorists, assassins, or something worse? Frank didn't want to know. A part of him wanted to just forget his duties and bolt down the stairs, but something compelled him to move forward.

The voices were getting louder now and Frank shuffled up to the room until he could peer into the gap between the door and the wall. He stifled a gasp as he spotted the people in the room, but before he could organize his thoughts, a voice spoke up.

"Millenie why are we here again?" For a moment he assumed the young, blue-haired girl was kidnapped until he realized she was too calm – too confident. The sweet, but malicious smirk seemed natural upon her face.

A rather large and round man with glasses on the tip of his nose replied merrily,"Now, now Road, have patience. We are here to make a deal with our dear friend Lord Voldermort. It's a once-in-a-lifteime opportunity to die for!" A young, dark haired man with a top hat next to him snorted as if laughing at an inside joke.

Frank took note of all the people in the room. One was a squat man with whispy, tan hair, numerous scars etched across his face. He had an unusually rat-like appearance. And the girl twirling the umbrella was probably named Road. The other was a large, round man that seemed like a nightmare version of Santa Clause. The last he could see was a young man in his mid or early twenties with a top hat standing off to the side looking bored.

He could tell that there was one more person in the room who was sitting on the faded armchair, but from Frank's angle, he couldn't even get a glimpse of them. However, the rattling breaths he could hear were sending chills down his spine.

As the odd group continued discussing, Frank kept note of what they were saying since he planned to go to the police first chance he got. He wondered though if he was in over his head. A sudden voice broke his train of thought.

"So, can we wrap up this talk soon, Earl? We've been here for far too long." The man with the top hat asked disdainfully, the bored look in his eyes becoming far more pronounced.

"Of course, Tyki." The Earl laughed, his glasses glinting ominously in the dim light. "So, in a nutshell, if you help us capture the exorcist Allen Walker, we'll help you get this Harry Potter boy."

A moment of silence passed.

"Why should I assist the likes of you?" The mystery person rasped with a cold voice. Tyki opened his mouth to retort, but the Millennium Earl held up his hand.

"I have, shall we say, resources that would help you get what you want." With the the Earl snapped his fingers and a level 1 akuma appeared next to him. The rat-like man shivered and unconsciously stepped back. "This is but a small amount of what I have and we would very much like our brother back. With a bit of cooperation, you can have an unlimited supply of these beautiful creatures at your disposal. Some, even stronger than this one." The Earl grinned amusedly as he patted the akuma proudly. He seemed disturbingly like a proud father.

"...Is that a soul attached to it?"

"Why, yes it is. It is but a tragedy of human life. Here in front of you lies the physical manifestation of humanity's sins." Suddenly, the Earl's jovial manner seemed to shift as the room became encased in slight darkness. The Earl leaned forward and the dim light shifted so that his golden eyes could be seen narrowing at the person in the chair. "And the most beautiful thing is that they're all created from human love – from humans trying to bring back their loved ones from the dead. And you would know what the power of love can do, no?"

Just as abruptly, the Earl started grinning again and the shadows receded back into the corners of the room. The rat-like man trembled for a moment before noticeably relaxing in relief. However, he went tense again as the girl gave him an amused, toothy smile. There was a slight pause and the tension in the room seemed to press down upon them all. Even Frank could feel it from where he was standing, and just when he thought he was about to collapse from the inhuman pressure, the voice replied," Very well. For your…assistance…in capturing Potter, I, in return will assist you in capturing Allen Walker. But before we set our plans into motion," an intense pressure suddenly appeared out of nowhere and the shadows seemed to dance along the walls, "I am not a man to be trifled with."

The Early gave him an amused grin, entirely unperturbed. "Nor am I," he replied, equally firm.

"...Very well. So as we discussed earloer, the first stage of our plan will commence at the Quidditch World Cup. For now, we will not get in each other's ways. You do your part and I'll do mine."

Frank's mind was a jumble of thoughts. He ignored the pain in his leg as he slowly started backing away from the door. These people were killers, that much he was sure of. He was also sure that Allen and Harry were in grave danger – including him if he stayed any longer. With careful coordination Frank prepared to step back from the door when the mysterious voice broke the silence.

"Where is Nagini?"

A timid voice answered him back," I-I don't know My Lord...she must have gone out to hunt."

Before he could figure out who this "Nagini" was, a sudden hissing near Frank startled him out of his thoughts. His blood ran cold as he spotted what was coming towards him. A large serpent was slithering its way across the wooden floor, disturbing the thin layer of dust on it. As it came closer, Frank started sweating uncontrollably, sure that he was about to die soon as the snake stopped right in front of him. It raised its head up and eyed him for a moment before sinking back towards the floor and slithering into room. A terrible voice started hissing from the chair not a second later. The hair on the back of Frank's hair rose.This man could talk to snakes.

"Nagini has some interesting news."

Tyki, currently bored out of his mind by now looked up from his spot by the window. "What?"

"According to Nagini there is an old muggle standing right outside this room, listening to us."


"A non-magical scum, as we call them."

Frank didn't have a chance to move as the door was fully yanked opened by Road. He froze in fear as the smile on her face widened and her eyes flashed in delight.

"Can I play with him?" She pleaded to the Early. Good-naturedly, he laughed as Tyki replied in his stead, "I think the townspeople would find it odd if a gibbering man was found in the morning. I would kill him myself, but I really don't want to dirty my gloves."

Road pouted and stuck her tongue out at Tyki as she resumed spinning the odd umbrella. Frank stood there, shaking in fear when the voice suddenly spoke up again.

"Invite him inside Wormtail. Where are your manners?" The timid man stepped forward and beckoned Frank into the room. Frank knew he should've run, but for some reason he felt an odd pull that made him walk into the room. As he stepped inside, the door shut behind him with a soft click.

The voice tsked in displeasure," Eavesdropping is such a rude thing to do…you heard everything, yes?"

"Maybe I did." Frank replied defiantly." I know you've killed people and you're planning to kill more. My wife knows I'm up here so-"

"You have no wife. No one knows you're here. Do not lie to your Lord."

"My Lord? I have no Lord, besides my God. If you're a Lord, why don't you turn around and face me like a man?"

"But I am not a man, muggle. I am much, much more than a man. I am the most powerful wizard in this world. However, why not? I will humor you. Wormtail, turn my chair around."

Wormtail whimpered and obliged. He walked slowly towards the voice as Nagini lifted its head off the hearth rug.

"Well this ought to be interesting." Tyki said as he straightened up a little, "A little magic show just to see what we're dealing with." Road shrugged and looked at Frank with emotionless eyes while the Earl remained sitting with a pleasant smile upon his face.

As the chair turned to face him, Frank stumbled back and stared at the horror before his eyes. He opened his mouth and screamed as the terrible apparition raised itself up from its chair and rapsed out, "Avada Kedavra."

Frank was dead before he hit the floor and unbeknownst to the people in the room, two young boys woke up from two different parts of England.

The clatter of a fallen walking stick echoed in their minds.

In this world there is magic. If people actually know that it is there, no one knows. There are different types of magic, and people who use it with wands are called wizards or witchs. Unbeknownst to everyone, but a fair few, there is an older type of magic, if you would like to call it that. A magic so old, that it is known as the 'Lost Art'. The few people that use are called

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