Second Story. Hope you like it. Inspired by (and totally killed by) Legend of Zelda 4 Life's Only in High School. If you read this, sorry for totally ruining your story with this piece of junk.

Chapter One: New friends

Link opened his eyes. First day of his freshman year at Castle Town High, his new school. He was about 5'8, had blonde hair, and an ear piercing. He'd learned that this school was a boarding school also. Sweet. No parents.

He walked out of his house in Ordon to the bus stop in the woods. He didn't have any baggage as it had been dropped off two days ago. His former classmate Ilia waved at him as she exited her house toward Kokiri High School.

Ilia was his childhood friend. She grew up a block away from his house. They with Fado and Colin formed the graduating class of last year.

As he got on the bus, he sat in the back row. Three stops later, at Kakariko Village, a kid in black clothes walked up.

"Hey! That's my seat."

He had silvery hair, dark skin, and red eyes. Other than that, he looked like Link.

"Oh sorry."

"Naw! You're alright. Name's Shadow Gorya. Friends just call me Shad."

"I'm Link Greene."

"My roommate should be here soon. Those of us who lived closer to the school got to pick our roommates."

"Anyone I need to worry about?"

"Well, a couple of years back at Goron City Junior High, there was a guy called Ganondorf Dragmire. He was the bully, and a very cruel one. He left for Gerudo high when he graduated, so we don't have to worry bout him."

The bus pulled into the station at Kasuto. Someone who had tan skin and blonde hair neatly separated into two locks in front of his crimson eyes stepped on and walked to the back.

"Link, this is Shiek Harkinian. He has a sister named Zelda, if I recall right. She's in the same year but was born almost a year after he was."

Sure enough, a girl with the same blonde colored hair stepped on the bus behind Shiek. She, however, had bluest of blue eyes and light skin. At the mere sight of her, Link lost his breath.


Shad waved a hand in front of his face.

"Link! Snap out of it!"

"Uhhh... What?" he blinked quickly.

"As I was saying, this is Shiek."

Shiek, it turned out, was a well mannered boy. He had grown up as a rich kid, but longed to be free. Nevertheless, he still acted very polite.

"I see you noticed my little sister."

He held out his hand. Link shook his head.


"You don't do it like that."

He made a fist from Shiek's hand and pounded it.

"Right... right..."

"Hey, has anyone noticed we've passed Castle town?"

The scenery had changed. It was becoming a wasteland.

"We're near the Gerudo Desert. Since I am the principal's son, I happen to know that we are picking up seven more students from the desert."

Link noticed Shad started looking apprehensive.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the Gerudo City station. Six people walked on. One was a rather scantily clad girl who wore traditional Gerudo attire, two were girls with turbans and gems in the center, one was a boy with spiked black hair and yellow eyes, one was a boy dressed in purple with grey hair covering his right red eye, and one had brown hair, a green coat, an green eyes.

Then one more person stepped on. Thanks to Shad's whimper, Link already knew who it was.

A boy with flaming red hair, dark skin, yellow-red eyes, and a hooked nose stepped on.

Ganondorf Dragmire.

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