Ok, so to wrap up the climax for those of you who skipped ahead, Shiek is dead, Link killed everyone, and all the teens are together now.

Epilogue: One Month Later

It was a peaceful day.

The last of the monsters had been driven away weeks ago. Rusl walked toward his home. Colin had become quite the swordsman. He had defeated the leader of the monsters, a Darknut. Yes, Colin had displayed mastery of Link's Hurricane Spin. He would be a fine man indeed.

At Castle Town...

Four people sat at a boy's bedside.

"How is it?" asked Shad, hand in hand with Midna.

"Not too bad. 3 out of 10 max." said Link.

"Uncle Daphnes says you will be awarded the Hylian Medal of Heroism. As will I." said Zelda.

Link smiled.

"Wow. Just for killing Ganon. You wouldve thought I saved Hyrule or something."

Shad chuckled.

Tetra looked at her watch.

"The dedication's about to start."

Link climbed into a wheelchair. Zelda pushed him toward the exit. At the center of town, people gathered at a raised platform. A veiled statue stood in front of the school's courtyard.

King Daphnes walked up to the podium.

"Welcome. You all know why we are here. You know what happened a month ago. Some of our number couldn't join us. I ask for a moment of silence for the heroism of Shiek Harkinian."

They were silent for a minute. Nabooru looked solemn. She had visited Shiek's grave everyday.

"Thank you. I now ask for Link Greene and Zelda Harkinian to come up here."

People clapped. Zelda pushed him up.

"Based on your heroics during the Battle of Castle Town High, I have decided to award the two of you the Hylian Medal of Heroism."

People applauded. Zelda pinned his on him, while Daltus pinned hers on.

"Now I ask for Mr. Shadow Gorya, Ms. Midna Twili, Ms. Nabooru Seren, and Ms. Tetra Mercay to unveil the memorial."

The four tugged at the veil. It fell off to reveal a statue. A statue of Shiek, standing next to Link, Zelda and the rest of their group.

The sky was a clear blue. The birds sang. The world was at peace once more.

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