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Rhythmer's Fist
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This was not exactly an emotion Nabiki was used to, then again, the sight of a stoic looking Panda sitting at your front door carrying a struggling body on it's shoulder can be enough to jive even the most flinted personalities. The middle Tendou girl's non-too-subtle scream of panic, not accounting for the stumbling and frantic race away from the front door, was enough to bring the others to the door in investigative haste. Akane and Kasumi did themselves credit not to turn tail themselves as Akane stared incredulously, and the elder sister with serene yet disturbing detachment, at the struggling body draped over the non-indigenous (at least to the center of Nerima anyway) wildlife.

The person being hoisted by the 300+ panda suddenly gave a *female* snort of frustration before suddenly ceasing struggling and straightening her legs out, pointing them to the ground. Then suddenly with ankles together, she swung her legs to the right side of the panda to start leverage, then swung them up to the left at a diagonal angle, barely missing the panda's head but forcing it to pull it's arm off the girl's back, lest it be twisted at a painful angle. The Tendous then caught a flash of red hair as the girl swung around in perfect gymnast's fashion, bracing her hands on the panda's right shoulder, and swung to it's back, under it's arm, then brought her feet square into the Panda's jaw, sending it flying back outside the door, then for herself to continue her momentum into a backwards summersault with a 10 point landing in front of the dubiously impressed Tendous.

"[You could have ASKED me to set you down]", read the sign the Panda held up while it's free hand rubbed it's jaw.

"Yeah, but then I wouldna' had a reason to hit ya, would I?" Stated the red headed girl, not bothering to suppress her confident smirk.

"And you are?" Asked Soun

"Ranma Saotome, sorry 'bout all this."


"I had assumed that Genma's son was a boy," Soun stated with remarkably sound logic that usually escapes him at most other times.

"Does *THIS* look like a boy to you?" retorted Nabiki, once again prodding the buxom redhead's ample chest with her index finger

"You're getting off on this as much as I am, huh?" Stated the girl claiming to be Ranma Saotome, her almost offhand comment causing Nabiki to withdraw her hand with as she emitted an almost inaudible "eep" sound at the implied statement.

"Nabiki! She's our guest! Stop that!" Exclaimed Akane, helping to salvage the redhead's dignity. "Hi, I'm Akane, do you want to be friends?"

Ranma shirked back a bit at the rather closeness this Akane girl was showing, maybe it was just the custom of personal space that is usually displayed in Japan that was her problem, but he had to ask, "heh, 'just' friends, hmm?"

"Uhhhh, right, um, just.... f-friends... heh," replied Akane, not missing the comment thinly veiled comment toward her. Ranma raised an eyebrow at her new friend's nervousness, grin never leaving her face.


"So, I hear you studied Kempo?" Asked Akane as she walked the smaller girl out to the family Dojo.

"Among other things," replied the Redhead in a non-chalant manner.

Akane blinked at the cavalier attitude of the other girl, but disregarded it, "Well, let's have a little match then, I'll go easy on you," replied Akane endearingly, "are you ready?"

"Hmm, gimme a sec," The redhead pulled out a headset and Discman from *somewhere* and secured them to her, "Kay, let's do this."

"Um, are you sure you wanna do that?" Asked Akane a bit incredulous.

"Don't worry, it has skip advanced DSP up to 50 seconds," proclaimed Ranma without the least bit of concern. With that, Ranma pressed play on the Discman and started skip dancing to the rhythm she was listening to, bobbing her head and swaying to a steady beat, not seeming to take any particular stance in her movements

"Uh, okay, well here I come!" Akane wasn't sure what to do about this, so she decided that her first attack would just graze her, to make sure she took this seriously. Akane threw a straight right at Ranma's face, just to the right of the redhead to clip her ear. Ranma, with her eyes closed, stepped her right leg to the right, brought her right hand, touched her index and middle finger to her forehead, and leaned to the left. Her maneuver stepped her into the blow, but leaned her away so that it would just barely pass by her, enough to let Akane know that the girl knew to dodge it.

Akane was close enough to hear the bass of whatever song Ranma was listening to, and note that Ranma's bobbing was in rhythm to the beats. Akane threw few more attacks at Ranma, and each one deftly dodged, in fact, she was *dancing* around her attacks, using moves she'd even remember seeing off of several popular American and Japanese dance shows.

"Okay, this time's for real!" Exclaimed Akane, as she put her all into a straight reverse fist that was aimed at Ranma's head, tight and true. Ranma twisted into the blow, and when her back was turned to Akane, braced her foot onto the wall that was behind her, then back flipped tightly over Akane without interrupting the raven haired girl's momentum, causing her to send her fist straight through the wall. Akane turned around when she noticed her quarry was no longer in front of her, and felt two fingers on her forehead.

Akane stared amazed at Ranma, who had her index and middle finger of her right hand against Akane's forehead, while her head was bowed down and bobbing to the rhythm of whatever song she was listening to.

"Wow, you're good!" Stated Akane, defiantly impressed at this girl's martial arts prowess, despite the fact that she seemed more like she was at a rave than a tournament.

"Don'tjathink?" the smug expression on Ranma's face hadn't changed the whole time.

Akane frowned a bit at the girl's overconfidence, "kind of arrogant, aren't you? Well at least you're a girl, so I guess it's okay." Akane walked away, missing the strain on Ranma's smirk as her left eyebrow twitched.

"THERE'S A BOY IN THE BATHROOM!!!!" Scream Akane as she ran into the living room and then outside with a towel wrapped around her and lifted the stone lantern, unheeding of the robust stranger sitting with her father.

"So, why didn't you just clobber him Akane?" Asked Nabiki candidly.

"I got scared, okay?" retorted Akane still holding the lantern, ready to bash the errant boy who dared peep on her in the tub.

"Why don't you take a picture next time? My naked bod's always a Kodak moment!" said a decidedly male voice from the base of the stairs. All three girls gasped at the pigtailed boy at, wearing nothing but a bath towel. All three girls had their various reactions to the rather stunning looking young man. Kasumi blushed and looked away, her decidedly improper thoughts being mentally hammered down and out of the way. Nabiki didn't bother to disguise the leer on her face. Akane stared incredulously as her face was beet red, it wasn't decided from anger, embarrassment, or... something else.

"Er, son, do you think that's decent?" asked Soun, a bit in shock over the lack of modesty being displayed at the moment.

"Yeah, do you *MIND*?" Exclaimed Akane

Ranma seemed to think about it for a sec... "No, you can look all you want," he replied innocently

"Who are you anyway?" Nabiki, finally asking the jackpot question.

"Oh, Ranma Saotome, guess I should apologize for all this"

"Well, you're problem isn't so bad after all!" Soun steamrolled through the explanation of Ranma's curse, relieved that he wouldn't have to find some illegal measures in order to join Ranma with one of his daughters, "My daughters; Kasumi, nineteen, Nabiki, seventeen, and Akane, sixteen. Choose one and she will be your wife."

Ranma blinked at the offer, the expression of her face (female after being thrown into the koi pond for a demonstration of his curse) was one of surprise. Then with a gleam in his eye, he replied, "can't I just have all three?" Nabiki and Akane face faulted, Kasumi's vacant smile showed a slight sign of strain as her left eyebrow twitched.

"You PERVERT!" screamed Akane after a magnificent recovery from her nosedive into terra firma, looking around for a convenient blunt instrument.

"Pervert? Not like you weren't getting a healthy eyeful a while ago," commented Ranma, with just a bit of humor creeping into his voice.

"Well it's not bad like a boy looking in on a girl!" retorted Akane in her defense.

"Aw, comon Akane, you're cute enough to not have to be bashful of your looks! I know I have the better female bod and all but...." Ranma found it hard to continue his sentence after the table knocked the sentience out of him.

"Now that, he had coming" stated Genma Saotome matter-of-factly.

"You're gonna make me go to school?" Ranma's tone held a tinge of defiance in it.

"That's right boy, it's for your own good," answered is father.

"Cut the BS, pops, you prolly just want me to be closer to the two dolls here," Ranma replied, jerking a thumb back in Akane and Nabiki's direction.

"Dolls..." Nabiki's tactical mind already running possible scenarios on how to utterly dehumanize the young man.

"......" Akane, being less the thinker and passionate one, found it more therapeutic to work off the early morning stress before school. And a heavy object of destruction applied to a pigtailed boy within the vicinity could cure what ail's ya.

Akane swung her book bag over handed straight towards a seemingly unawares Ranma, and anticipated that meaty and satisfying sound of many school supplies connecting with a cranium. So she would be forgiven when she missed, as Ranma seemed to blur before her eyes and her book bag slammed into the pillow Ranma was sitting on at the dining room table. Akane felt he hips begin to sway slowly to.. to...

To the beat of the song Ranma was listening to the previous night....

"You have 3 seconds to let go of my hips, Ranma," commanded Akane with a deadly calm in her voice.

"Alright, alright already, you looked a little tense, and I thought you could use a nice slow dance, cutie," replied Ranma with a soothing voice, clearly meant to aggravate Akane further. "That reminds me, how am I gonna go to school without school supplies?" Ranma twisted his torso smoothly away from the book bag full of school supplies hurled at him by Nabiki non-too gently, allowing it to smack into Akane's back and almost sending her tumbling onto the dining room table.

"Hey, thanks for stopping that for me," Ranma pulled his book bag off of Akane's slumped back, "Hey, Akane, you sure you're going to school today? The way your trembling and as red as your face is, you look like you're coming down with something," nobody but Ranma knew if he was mocking her.

"Akane, how many times have I told you not to manifest a battle aura in the house, you're scorching the floor again," chided Kasumi


"What was it Nab's took off so early for?" inquired Ranma, "I was kinda missing looking at her."

"Well then, why didn't you follow her to school then so you could look at her all you want!" yelled Akane indignantly.

Ranma turned to Akane's flushed face, obviously she wasn't enjoying his company at the moment, "because, I would rather keep an eye on a beauty like you."

"Hmph, well the least you can do is walk on the sidewalk like a normal person, especially if you have to follow me." Ranma looked down at Akane, his expression seemed to be considering something, then changed to one of someone who just made a decision, or realized that he forgot to put on underwear in the morning.

In a swift, almost unseen motion, Ranma jumped from the fence and jumped back onto the fence. Akane barely had time to realize that she was now also on the fence, balancing with Ranma behind her when she felt a shove into the small of her back.

"Now walk," Ranma commanded curtly, his face was solid and appraising like a sensei or sifu observing their student.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?! LET ME DOWN!" Screamed Akane, holding her arms out for balance lest she fall from her perch.

"Sometimes, now walk" Ranma calmly ordered, once again pushing Akane in the small of her back to send her moving forward, "put your arms down too, and move faster, don't worry about falling."

Akane gulped as she moved forward, and surprised herself as she managed to get two meters without succumbing to gravity, of course two meters was all it took for her to lose her footing. Before she could fully fall off the fence and onto the sidewalk, she saw a black and red blur fall to the sidewalk and back up to the fence in front of her, and felt Ranma's arm's steadying her.

"I told ya already you're not gonna fall, just keep moving ahead," commanded Ranma, walking backwards on the fence while holding Akane steady.

Akane's nerves where thoroughly shot by the time they got near Furinkan High, yet she noticed the nice sense of accomplishment when Ranma finally allowed her to jump from the fence. "Don't, EVER, do that again!!!" Screamed Akane

"I'm afraid we're gonna be doing that every morn', Doll," Ranma's arrogant smirk lighting up his face in a rather handsome way.

Akane turned away from Ranma, "Just like a boy. Grrrr, I hate boys, I hate boys..." Ranma perked up when Akane started picking up the pace and her mantra becoming faster and more pronounced. "I HATE boys, I HATE BOYS, I HATE BOYS!!!!"

With that, Akane went into a full-fledged run into the gates of the high school up ahead of Ranma, right into a flock of awaiting boys in various sports gear. _________________________________________________________

"Heh, not bad, cutie, now if we can get some finesse into there, you..." Ranma's hand reached past Akane's face in time to intercept a rose, then handed it to Akane, "I think this is for you"

"You DARE be so familiar with the beauteous Tendou Akane, and have the gall sully that which was meant for the tigress's own hands? Speak, naive, for I would know the name of those who have fallen before my holy might."

"Who's the pompous dick?" inquired Ranma to Akane, who could only hold her hand over her eyes in aggravation.

"First you darken the corona of the fair Akane with your blackened aura, then you presume much as to intercept a gift for mine true love, THEN you have the... auDACITY to sully the personage of the Great Tatewake Kuno, the Varity fencing champion, the BLUE THUNDER of Furinkan High, Tatewake Kuno, age 17" Kuno struck a pose just as lightning struck off in the distance behind him, Ranma idly noted that it would be raining soon.

"Blue Thunder?" enquired one student looking down at the newcomer who seemed to enjoy aggravating Kuno.

"Last I heard he was calling himself 'The Shooting Star'!" replied another one. Nabiki grew a hard and predatory grin as she figured a nice punishment for the pigtailed boy that had the audacity to refer to the Ice queen of Furinkan High as a 'doll'.

"Jerk-off even said his name twice...." stated Ranma humorlessly, "and I've been told I'm bad..."

"You ARE bad!" retorted Akane

"And that's why you're so hot and bothered for me."

Akane let out a growl as she hurled her book bag at Ranma

"ENOUGH! HAVE AT THE!" Kuno charged forward with his bokken and slashed forth towards Ranma, who dodged Kuno's strike by jumping over it and pulled Akane's book bag out of the way before it could become an unforeseen casualty

"Gotta be careful with your school supplies, kitten. Heard they're expensive these days," voiced Ranma as he somersaulted and tossed Akane's school bag back toward her. As soon as Ranma landed he was met with a high speed volley of attacks that he easily swayed and danced out of the way of, occasionally striking some ostentatious pose to affirm the fact that he just couldn't take Kuno seriously.

"Stand still, cur, so that you may meet your demise by mine bokken's point!"

"Point? I got a few of them for you too, check it! Saotome School of Anything Goes Rhythmer's Fist Martial Arts final attack..... RAVE POINT!" With that Ranma stepped into Kuno's defenses, then without seeming to do anything, danced away.

Without fanfare, Kuno stood in mid-swing, then fell flat onto his face unconscious while Ranma danced, his feet moving as gracefully as a any River dancer, but his head and torso swaying to a beat only he could hear, his arms pumping to the same beat.

Finally winding down, Ranma picked up his bag he dropped a ways back and headed towards the school, "well, you coming to help me get registered or not, 'Kane-chan?"

Akane's face still registered the shock from seeing Kuno go down without seeming a flint or flash of attack by Ranma, "How, how did you?"

"Teach it to ya later, gotta get inside before it......"

Rained, much of the Furinkan crowd that were outside and had witnessed this new boy take down Kuno without seemingly an effort, saw something twice as stunning, as said boy shrunk a few inches, grew a well endowed chest. With the final touch, his raven hair becoming vibrant red. Ranma sighed, and blew a lock of soaked red hair from her face.

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