Pearls of Wisdom From Destro

By Indigo Rose and Artful Dodger

Disclaimer: Neither COBRA nor any of its affiliates are mine, for which I am grateful; I'm sure they'd be far more trouble than they're worth just trying to keep an eye on them...

A/N: I know, this is just plain wrong! But it's been something that Artful Dodger and I have been thinking about for a LONG time, and it just wouldn't leave us alone. Unfortunately, there's plenty more where this came from... This story is dedicated to RodZD because I love his stuff and wish he'd write more! :-)


"Wow Bobby, finding this broken lock on the back of the gun store sure was smart of you!" A freckled brown-haired boy of about eleven grinned excitedly at his friends in the dark alleyway.

Another boy with dark hair nodded in agreement. "Yeah, we can sneak in there and steal a couple of guns for ourselves to play war with, easy!"

Suddenly, a deep voice rumbled from the darkness behind them. "That's not very wise," it cautioned.

The three boys spun around. "Hey, it's Destro!" Bobby cried. Sure enough, standing in the alleyway with a brown trenchcoat over his signature black and red open-necked uniform was COBRA's brilliant (if unstable) weapons developer.

His chrome mask glinting in the dim light from the street, Destro nodded gravely. "Don't just take one or two of the guns," he advised the trio in a chiding tone. "You should take *all* of them, and store them away in secret locations to be used later. Then, you can take your surplus weapons and ammunition and sell them to your friends for a handsome profit."

The boys' faces lit up with understanding. "Wow, thanks Destro!" they exclaimed happily. "Now we know!"

"And knowing is half the battle," Destro agreed.


***This message was most definitely NOT brought to you by the National Child Safety Council. COBRA assumes no liability for any claims brought forward connected with this, so don't even think about it.