Teacher's Pet

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Summary: During the summer, Hermione is attacked by death eaters. She manages to escape by turning into her animagus form. Somehow, she ends up in Spinner's End and becomes Snape's new pet. Unsure if he can be trusted she stays in her cat form and gets an inside look at what Snape is really like.

Disregards the half-blood prince.

Chapter 1-Ball of Fluff

It was the summer before Hermione Granger's seventh and final year at Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry. She had turned down Ron Weasley's invite to spend the holidays with his family along with their friend Harry Potter in favour of spending the summer with her parents.

Hermione's parents were muggles, non-magic people, and both of them worked as dentists. As a young girl, Hermione had been very close to both her mum and her dad but her years spent at Hogwarts had affected that.

Before attending Hogwarts, the family of three had done everything together. They had always done something fun on the weekends such as visiting art galleries, museums, going to the theatre or just watching movies in the comfort of their own home. Many a night Hermione and her mother had stayed up talking about boys and other girly things.

However, Hogwarts was a boarding school so Hermione was away from her parents for the better part of the year. During her first year she had written letters to her parents nearly every day and they had always responded. Then in second year Hermione only sent letters once a week. In third year it became once a month then less and less during her fourth and fifth years. In her sixth year, Hermione had sent home no more than three letters throughout the school year.

At the beginning of summer when she had returned home she had been hit with the harsh realisation of how she and her parents had drifted apart. The conversation had been awkward in the car ride home; it was like talking to strangers. Then when Hermione had entered the actual house she was shocked to find so many changes. As she carried her trunk up to her bedroom she also found that the house didn't feel like home anymore. For these reasons, she had decided to spend the entire summer with her parents in the hopes that she could repair the damage to their relationship.

Her parents still loved her of course, Hermione knew that and she loved them too but neither she nor they could deny that they weren't as close as they ought to be.

The first week home had been the worst. As much as Hermione tried she found it impossible to connect with her mum and dad. They spoke of things that had been happening at work or amongst their friends but Hermione found the information to be dull. In turn, she told them all about Hogwarts and her magical studies but they didn't understand anything their daughter said.

One night, her mother had tried to stir up a conversation about boys. Hermione talked about Harry and Ron for a while but when her mother asked about any school crushes or romance the conversation died and Hermione went up to bed.

Now there was just one month left until Hermione returned to school and things were still awkward between herself and her parents but there was still notable improvement. They had even taken to doing something as a family at the weekends.

On this particular weekend the three of them were shopping in London, something that Hermione and her mum found more enjoyable than her dad. They also stopped for lunch at a fancy restaurant and they had tickets to see The Lion King later on in the afternoon.

They were walking down a busy street when Hermione sensed dark magic in the air. Feeling tense she scanned the streets looking for a hint of danger. To her eyes, everything appeared to be normal but Hermione just knew that something wasn't right.

As she and her parents carried on down the street Hermione could have sworn they were being followed but she couldn't see who by. It was when an old lady dropped her purse and Hermione bent down to pick it up for her that she spotted the rat.

She let out a gasp and the rat, or more accurately the animagus Peter Pettigrew, let out a squeak before scurrying off.

"Are you alright dear?" The old lady asked kindly.

"Fine." Hermione lied as she handed the purse to her. "I'm fine." She added to her parents before quickening her pace.

"Hermione, slow down darling." Her mum called as her dad jogged behind carrying all the shopping bags.

Ignoring the calls of her parents, Hermione pulled her wand out of her handbag and gripped it tightly before breaking into a run. She ran as fast as she could hoping that Wormtail and any other death eaters that might be near would follow her ensuring that her parents would be safe.

With her brown curls streaming out behind her, Hermione barged her way through the crowds of people not caring about the disgruntled remarks they made. She turned into an alleyway and leaned against the wall panting for breath.

Barely a minute later three figures advanced on her. One she recognised as Rodolphus Lestrange but the other two men she could not identify. A squeak from below indicated that Wormtail had followed too.

Hermione kicked her foot in the rat's direction and he darted out of the way. Returning her attention to the other three she held her wand steady and aimed it at them.

"She is a pretty girl." One of them said. "Even if she is a mudblood."

"She's a close friend of Potter's." Rodolphus said as they stalked ever nearer. "The dark lord wants her alive, she could have valuable information. It's Miss Granger isn't it?" He asked almost sounding polite. "Snape has informed our lord all about you. Clever little miss know-it-all. The dark lord will be so pleased to meet you."

By now Hermione had backed up against the wall and her only way out was through the death eaters or to climb the wall behind her. She looked up but the wall was much too high and her chances of fighting off the three death eaters and Wormtail were not great.

Thinking she only had one option she closed her eyes and concentrated hard. When she opened her eyes again she was on the ground on all fours before streaking easily past her attackers and running through the streets in her animagus form of a sleek black cat with a few wisps of brown fur on her feline head.

All Hermione could think to do was keep running. It didn't matter where she ran too right now so long as she got away from the death eaters. Unfortunately, her wand and her handbag were still in that alley.

As Hermione scrambled through a bush, a thorn embedded itself into her left paw and she let out a mewl of agony. Her cries had attracted somebody's curiosity and she heard footsteps coming nearer to the bush she was currently trapped in. Two pale and obviously male hands pushed apart the branches and roughly pulled her out of the hedge. Looking up she let out a purr of surprise when she found herself in the arms of none other than Hogwarts' potions master Severus Snape.

Hermione's first instinct was to revert to her human form with the hopes that Snape would help her find her parents and her wand then go home but not entirely sure if Snape was to be trusted she remained cat-like. Back in that alleyway Lestrange had mentioned Snape so he clearly believed the man to be loyal to the dark side.

She knew that Dumbledore thought Snape was trustworthy but right now that wasn't enough for Hermione. As soon as Snape set her back on the ground she would run away and change back when she was sure she was safe.

The only problem was that Snape didn't seem to be putting her down anytime soon. In fact he was carrying her over to a car and dropping her into the front seat before sliding in and turning on the ignition.

Hermione gaped at the man completely shocked that he owned a car and even more shocked at the fact she was being given a ride in it.

"What are you looking at you stupid cat?" He asked gruffly as he drove down the road.

Hermione let out an affronted meow at him calling her 'stupid'. A short drive later they ended up outside a walk-in veterinary centre. Snape stepped out of the car, grabbed hold of Hermione then took her into the vet where a nice white haired man treated the injury to her paw.

"She's a beautiful cat you have sir." The vet complimented. "You ought to get a collar for her though."

"She's a stray." Snape told him. "I thought perhaps you could take her and give her to a nice family or something."

"We only treat the animals here sir, we are not able to give them homes." The white haired man replied. "You could always call the RSPCA. Or you could just keep her as a pet."

"I do not like pets." Snape replied. "They're almost as bad as teaching bratty little children."

"Well then I suppose its back on the dangerous streets for this pretty little cat." The other man replied as he clucked his tongue and let out a deep sigh.

"I will not be guilt tripped into caring for a flea-ridden ball of fluff with four legs and a tail." Snape snapped at him.

"This cat doesn't have fleas." The man told him. "She's very healthy in fact."

"I really couldn't care." Snape drawled. "How much do I owe you for her treatment?"

After paying the muggle Snape carried Hermione back out and loaded her into the car again.

"You see how much you're costing me when you're not even my pet you silly feline." Snape complained as he started the car.

Hermione wanted desperately to dig her claws into him and draw blood but she didn't dare. He'd probably hex her then chop up her cat body and cook it in a stew.

This car journey was a lot longer and Snape drove them out of London. Hours later, when the sun had set he pulled up in a small town called Spinner's End. He parked the car in the garden of what Hermione assumed was his house before unplugging his seat belt and picking her up in one hand. Snape walked onto the pavement then set her down.

"Shoo." He said waving his hand at her.

Swishing her tail behind her Hermione stayed where she was.

"Go on you silly creature." Snape urged. "Go."

Hermione sat back on her legs and cocked her head to the side as she surveyed him through her cat eyes.

"It's no good sitting there looking all cute." Snape told her. "I don't want you now be gone."

The professor stared menacingly at the cat trying to look intimidating but Hermione was far too used to receiving that glare in his lessons to be affected by it anymore.

"Fine." Snape sighed eventually.

He stooped down and swept her up before carrying her up to his house and opening the front door. He flicked on the lights then dropped her onto the carpet.

"If you dare leave your droppings around the house it'll be the last thing you ever do cat." Snape warned.

He kicked off his shoes then made his way into the kitchen. He muttered a few spells with his wand then placed a bowl of cat food on the floor.

"Eat." He ordered in his teacher voice before setting about making his own meal.

Because she was starving, Hermione shelved her pride and flicked her tongue out to taste the cat food. To her surprise it didn't taste that bad, it was delicious in fact. She supposed that must be because she now had cat taste buds as opposed to human ones.

When she had finished eating she crawled through Snape's house finding the whole experience fascinating. She wondered what the man might do if he ever discovered it was really her.

That night, Snape transfigured a broken quill into a sleeping basket fit for a cat and he placed it in his bedroom beside his bed. Hermione was surprised by this but was in no position to question it. She merely hopped into the basket and curled up making herself comfortable.

"I suppose I ought to name you." Snape said as he began changing.

Had Hermione been in her human form she would no doubt have blushed at the sight of her professor taking off his clothes. She turned her head before he removed his pants and let out a weird noise.

"Let me think, what should I name you?" Snape asked himself. "Fluff-ball? Puss? Kitty? Whiskers?"

Hermione didn't like the sound of either of those names. She preferred her own name but as Snape didn't speak cat she couldn't tell him what it was and she still didn't dare turn back into her human form for fear of him handing her over to Voldemort. Even if he really was on Dumbledore's side Hermione suspected he'd hand her over to the death eaters as revenge for her coming into his home under the guise of a cat.

"You know what; I'm going to call you Katrina, Kat for short." Snape decided.

As her professor climbed into bed Hermione scoffed at his unimaginative name. She was just settling down to sleep when she heard the sound of Snape screaming.

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