Inheriting a New Prophecy Book 1 – The Lightning Thief

By Stargatesg1fan1

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Main Character's Mates:

Annabeth Chase is played by Alexandra Daddario

Choria is played by Sienna Guillory

Furusia is played by Liv Tyler

IaNP – The Lightning Thief – IaNP – The Lightning Thief – IaNP – The Lightning Thief

Twenty-five year old Harry Potter grunted in pain as he took another curse to his side. The dark haired mage was being dragged into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Nine years had elapsed since the Potter warlock was last on the grounds of his old home. Ever since that fateful night in his past Harry had intentionally stayed away from the institution of learning.

Harry had been on a Horcrux hunt with his old headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, and when the pair had returned to the school it was to find Hogwarts under attack. The green eyed teen stayed under his invisibility cloak as Draco Malfoy made his empty threats to the Headmaster's life and even as the elderly teacher was killed by Severus Snape. The only thing that kept Harry from chasing after Snape was the blood curdling scream that came from inside the castle. Harry recognized the voice of that terrible wail as someone who the young mage never thought could scream like he was hearing. Harry arrived inside Hogwart's entrance way to find Professor McGonagall crouched over the dead forms of all Harry Potter's closest friends.

Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Ron, and even Neville had all fought valiantly but in the end lost to the much more experienced Death Eaters. It wasn't long after that night until Harry realized that he would have to end the latest wizarding war himself or he would never know a moment's respite from the agony that had composed his life. Hermione had always been there to guide the Potter male and carry him through…but no more. Harry began training himself in everything he could, magical and otherwise.

The son of Lily and James Potter was quite shocked to find himself several million galleons richer than he had previously thought the next time the green eyed teen had visited the Goblin run bank, Gringotts. Apparently Dumbledore in his infinite wisdom and as Harry's magical guardian had removed the bulk of the Potter heir's fortune to the Dumbledore accounts but willed the hidden funds to be returned upon the elder professor's death. Albus Dumbledore didn't want Harry using the gold to escape the Dursleys. Armed with five million galleons (twenty-five million pounds sterling) the new Lord Potter bought himself everything he would need for serious training.

Meanwhile the war waged on in the wizarding world. In his search for the Power He Knows Not, which the prophecy foretelling Harry's birth and life spoke of, the Teen-Who-Lived even learned the muggle sciences. Such a task wasn't exceedingly difficult with the use of some memory transference charms that wouldn't work between two magical minds. The charms had no problem transferring between magical and muggle neurology due to the lack of magical interference inherent in the memories of a magical being. Something about the magic imprinted the memories to a specific magic user. No such thing existed in the muggle memories.

In just four extremely hard years the Potter Lord managed to cram over a decade of training in all important and applicable magical and muggle scientific disciplines thanks to a time turner he had discovered secreted away in Dumbledore's office. The powerful youth also found a Philosopher's Stone with notes on how to use the immortality granting object and make more just like it. The old man had kept the Stone just in case he had to use its life giving properties to keep fighting Riddle. Albus had known since Harry's first year that Riddle had somehow made himself immortal but wasn't sure of the method until Harry's second year at Hogwarts.

Using the Stone to slow his aging (he didn't take a concentrated enough dose to completely halt his aging) kept others from noticing Harry's temporal transitioning training. Luckily the last Potter managed to remove such valuable artifacts out of Hogwarts before Riddle took the castle shortly after Dumbledore's passing. The messy haired warlock had also managed to locate all of Riddle's Horcrux soul containers in the previous six years along with the fabled Deathly Hallows. Even with the Hallows Harry wasn't sure he could permanently kill Tom Riddle.

Voldemort had also used the ancient magically saturated castle to increase his power after taking up residence within Hogwart's walls. But Harry had come up with a plan. Luckily for Harry's scheme Hogwarts wasn't located near any populated areas. Hogsmeade was evacuated shortly after the castle fell from the light side's control.

As Harry James Potter was dragged in front of Riddle the young green eyed man let a smile slip onto his lips.

"Why are you smiling Potter? Is it because you are about to meet your wretched parents?" Riddle questioned with a sneer.

"No, it's because I'm about to send you to hell," Harry responded confidently.

Before the self proclaimed Lord of the Dark could form a response Harry sent out a magical pulse that called his familiar to the Potter Lord's side. Fawkes had come to Harry shortly after the old man had died and the two magical beings bonded. As soon as the phoenix landed on Harry's chest the mage chanted in an ancient language a spell that he had learned from one of the oldest books in the Potter family vault.

When Harry finished the short incantation (the magic relied more upon a complex mix of emotions the caster must project rather than the chanting) his body exploded from being turned into pure energy. At the same time the last Potter had pushed a button on a small cube in his pocket. The cube contained an expanded space in which rested a muggle nuclear weapon. The atom splitting device was small in comparison to most but the weapon was big enough to do what the wizard needed.

Given sufficient enough time and preparation wizards could survive a nuclear blast through wards but no wizard could survive one at point blank range without knowing what was happening. Riddle's eyes had just enough time to go completely wide in surprise before the Dark Lord was atomized. Every Death Eater in the ancient castle met the same fate as their master. The castle itself didn't survive but the wards did hold long enough to contain the nuclear explosion before the magical barriers gave out as their energy saturated anchor disintegrated.

After the blast cleared, nothing was left of the once great structure that was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Meanwhile Harry Potter felt his mind and soul being hurtled through time and space as the last spell he had cast was carried out. The mage's very essence was combined with that of Fawkes the phoenix. The Potter Lord had modified the enchantment slightly to accomplish the merger but the changes ensured the caster's continued survival.

The spell was designed to let the caster be transported to another reality where they would then merge with the soul of their alternate persona in that new universe. It wasn't too hard for the wizard to create an additional merger at the onset of the spell. Harry had learned from the spell's crafter that the enchantment had been tested as the past wizard had used the magic to travel to Harry's home reality from another, escaping a tragic past. That ancestor and past reality traveler just happened to be named Merlin.

When Harry felt his consciousness swim into existence in the new reality the warlock felt his body and quickly realized that he was now much younger physically than his previous twenty-five years of age. As memories from his new life quickly integrated with Harry's newly merged consciousness the powerful magic user was forced to dodge to the side as a creature straight out of legend dove at his thin form.

A man in a wheelchair came into the doorway of the large room Harry found himself in just then and yelled, "What ho, Percy!"

The sitting man threw a pen at Harry which the wizard caught and felt transform into a sword.

The demonic winged creature spun towards the now sword wielding reality traveler in mid air and yelled, "Die honey!"

Harry swung the sword through the creature with skill born from years of practice with the Sword of Gryffindor. The monster exploded into yellow dust. The old man was gone, having slipped off during the slaying, and the sword was a pen again. As he held the seemingly simple writing utensil Harry could still feel the magic in the object. The enchantment the wizard sensed felt like a transfiguration spell identical to the one the Sword of Gryffindor had upon it so the ancient blade would adapt to whatever form of bladed weapon the wielder required. Harry surmised the enchantment on the sword he now held was to turn it to and from a pen when the spell was triggered.

Having a suspicion about the trigger, Harry pressed down on the top of the spring loaded device and watched satisfied as the object turned back into a sword. The clicking noise usually heard from the type of pen the sorcerer held was replaced by the sound of a sword being unsheathed.

"So magic definitely exists in this reality," Harry mused aloud.

Harry slipped into an Indian style sitting position on the floor and took a few minutes to absorb the memories from his counterpart in the new universe aided by his occlumency skills. Harry's new name was Percy Jackson and he appeared to be twelve years old. Harry quickly concluded that Percy was definitely not a normal young man. No, Harry could feel the part of himself that had a lot of power, the magical kind of power. Inside of himself the warrior could sense the merged essence from Fawkes combined with the essence of the Hallows that had been on the wizard's person during his reality transition. The new state of the Hallows was unexpected.

The Hallows wouldn't fully control the Death of the new universe but the mage still could sense a limited influence. Strangely the battle hardened warlock could also feel the craving to be near water via the new power natural to his counterpart even before Harry's essence had arrived. The Potter Lord decided the new energy would need to be explored in detail later. For the time being Harry exited the museum he had fought the creature inside of to meet his classmates and rejoin their field trip.

It had started raining and the water felt really good to the dark haired youth. Harry touched the water power within him with his newly transferred wizard born power and the act made the water feel like it was energizing the mage. A girl Harry recognized as Nancy Bobofit glared at him.

"I hope Mrs. Kerr whipped your butt," the unattractive girl said while she sneered at Harry.

"Who," the wizard questioned, not recognizing the name from any of his new memories.

"Our teacher…Duh," the girl answered.

"Where did Miss Dodds go?" Harry queried his friend, Grover, to see if the other boy knew what was going on.

"Who," Grover responded in apparent confusion but the warlock could hear the pause in Grover's reply.

Harry knew instantly from the boy's reaction that his friend knew something which Grover didn't want to clue Harry in on. The wizard entered Grover's mind with his legilimency…or tried to. It was hard to get a read on Grover. The mage could feel the magic coming off of his friend now that Harry was actively probing the other boy. Activating a power he had picked up by mimicking the charms on Mad Eye Moody's magical eye Harry looked intently at his friend Grover. Seeing through the boy's clothes Harry was surprised to find furry legs and hooves instead of feet. It looked like Grover was a Satyr. That would explain why Harry found it difficult to use the mind arts on Grover.

Harry was at least able to discern the satyr knew what happened with Miss Dodds but nothing else. If he wanted to the warlock could probably push harder with his legilimency probe but the act might fry the satyr's brain. The trick with his eyes was one of the more interesting abilities Harry had found he possessed. The Man-Who-Conquered often found he could generally pick up a magical ability just by observing a user of one of those abilities. Harry had even picked up being a metamorphmagus from Tonks back in his old universe.

Looking over at Mr. Brunner, Harry's Latin teacher and the organizer of the field trip, the mage saw a centaur sitting in a wheelchair through the magic simmering in the warlock's eyes.

"Well that's not something you see every day," Harry mused as he walked over towards the teacher that was far more than what was observed at first glance.

"Ah that would be my pen. Please bring your own writing utensil in the future Mr. Jackson," Brunner told Harry as the Potter male handed the sword pen back to the centaur.

Harry simply nodded before he walked off to explore more of the metaphysical nature of the newly merged Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

IaNP – The Lightning Thief – IaNP – The Lightning Thief – IaNP – The Lightning Thief

For the rest of that semester Harry noticed no trace of Miss Dodds could be found. The powerful youth didn't really care much either way. Her slayer could tell Dodds was real but there was some type of memory charm like effect on everyone else. Grover and Mr. Brunner were the only two that did know something.

Judging from the fact that the odd pair were a Satyr and a Centaur Harry figured it would be a good idea to bone up on his Greek Mythology. Percy knew some of the mythos already. His occlumency allowed Harry to go through his counterpart's old memories of learning the mythos and remember the lore with near instant recall and clarity. Harry also practiced a bit each night with his new power.

The wizard's new level of power took some getting used to. Before the merger it had always felt like he could do just about anything he willed himself to do but with time. That required time was necessary because Harry could feel his limits. A person could do just about anything if they have enough time. Now that he was infused with the essence of a phoenix, the master controllers of Death, and the new essence from Percy, Harry could no longer feel those limits. The sensation felt like Harry could do anything he desired very quickly.

Naturally Harry didn't press his powers too fast for fear of losing control. The mage mostly practiced his old spells with his new power level. From there Harry moved onto accessing the water power as he had come to call the energy native to Percy Jackson. Thanks to the practice Harry learned to touch the water abilities very quickly. This sensation felt like a pull in the pit of his stomach.

Using his meditative techniques which allowed the warlock to touch his wizarding core Harry looked into himself and found he now possessed several different types of energy cores. There was the golden core that the mage recognized as his original wizarding core. There was a black power ball that Harry associated with the Hallows. This energy construct appeared to have absorbed the remnants from Harry's Horcrux curse scar. There was also a burning red ball of energy which Harry could sense came from Fawkes. That core felt ancient and eternal.

Lastly there was the blue wave like energy construct which seemed to surround all of the other cores like the ocean. To Harry it appeared the other cores were floating in this immense blue core. It was interesting to see a fire type core floating in a water type. Both seemed to be really powerful yet in harmony thanks to Harry's wizarding core (which the mage had possessed the longest) coordinating things.

The weather seemed to be acting strangely in Harry's new reality. The wizard could sense that the weather patterns weren't quite natural. The disturbances seemed to set the warlock's blue water core rippling. One of Harry's wizard born powers had always been a sense or strong instinct born from second sight. Unlike first sight where seers possessing such ability make prophecy Harry's second sight allowed him to subconsciously interpret the future and make the best choice for what he wanted to accomplish. If Harry followed such instincts it appeared as if he was really lucky. It had always served the mage well in the past.

This sense was also agreeing with the wizard's water core in the feeling that the weather had supernatural origins but Harry didn't let it bother him too much. The mage's grades at Yancy Academy had never been the best before the merger but that quickly changed. The fact that he had absorbed the memories of several professionals in multiple fields made school easy for the dark haired youth. Having near-instant recall of any memory made it even less of a challenge. Despite this fact Harry could sense that he wouldn't be coming back to Yancy next term.

One of the first things Harry had done after arriving in his new reality was to create an alternate identity for which he set up a bank account. Melting down some of his galleons into gold ingots easily allowed the Potter Lord to stash away several million dollars in this alternate identity. His metamorph talent made it so no questions were asked about the powerful man's age. This new reality had an even better conversion rate than Harry's old one, so he had plenty of gold stashed in his bottomless trunk.

The usefulness of his trunk made Harry really grateful for the spell that stored his trunk in a space between realities for him to call at will. The trunk was tied to the warlock's wizarding core. The storage spell couldn't be done with living creatures because the between space killed live beings if exposed for too long. A quick transition between realities was just safe enough.

The night before his Latin exam Harry was taking a stroll through the school under an invisibility charm. The teen did this often to see what he could find out about people in the school and to kill the boredom. When you don't really need to study you have to find some way to kill the time. The mage was walking by the faculty section when he heard a curious conversation.

"I'm worried about Percy sir," said what was distinctly Grover's voice emanated from Mr. Brunner's office.

A temporary hearing enhancement charm served to make the conversation clearer.

"He'll be alone this summer. I mean a Kindly One in the school," Grover exclaimed the last sentence in disbelief. "Now that we know for sure and they know too," Grover muttered before trailing off.

"We would only make matters worse by rushing him. We need the boy to mature more," Brunner answered.

That sounded to Harry like a philosophy straight from Albus Dumbledore. The old man thought ignorance would save a person from horrors the world holds. Harry tended to disagree, which was probably why the mage was eavesdropping on the conversation between Brunner and Grover.

"But he may not have time. The summer solstice deadline," Grover began to argue before being interrupted by Brunner.

"It will have to be resolved without him, Grover. Let him enjoy his ignorance while he still can," Mr. Brunner instructed the satyr.

"Sir he saw her…," Grover rebutted.

"His imagination," the Centaur spoke dismissively. "The Mist over the students and staff will be enough to convince him of that," was the Latin teacher's argument.

"Sir I can't fail in my duties again. You know what that would mean," the Satyr pointed out in a pained tone of voice.

"You didn't fail Grover. I should have seen her for what she was. Now let's just worry about keeping Percy alive until next fall," Brunner placated the youth.

Just then a teacher walking by at the end of the hall, made a noise, and the conversation stopped. An invisible Harry took this as his cue to leave. That conversation was definitely enlightening.

The reality traveling warlock learned that the memory type spell on the rest of the school was called the Mist. He also learned that Miss Dodds was called a Kindly One. From the sounds of that moniker that was Kindly One as in one of many. So Kindly Ones were likely what the two mythological beings feared would make it hard for Harry to survive until next fall. The powerful teen also seemed to have confirmed that he was what Brunner and Grover suspected he was. Harry concluded that what they expected him to be had to do with his blue water power due to that being the only power native to Percy Jackson.

To Harry this meant that there are likely others like him. It also sounded like Grover had failed to keep the last one of those like Harry the satyr helped alive. The messy haired wizard was not really that worried. Harry had survived a lot in his time. Also the merged Harry had discovered that he seemed to have the powers of regeneration that Fawkes possessed. Harry had cut himself the other day for a blood based test and the cut healed almost instantly on its own. Harry was not yet ready to test out a killing curse level injury but he wouldn't be surprised if he possessed the ability to rejuvenate from that as well.

This new healing ability likely meant that Harry was now immortal. If that was the case the dark haired mage could have been in for a very lonely and sad existence of watching the people he came to care for die over the millennia. Luckily the wizard had smartly procured the philosopher's stone from his old reality before he left. So the reality traveling warlock could make his future lovers immortal as well.

On the last day of term Harry was riding back to New York, where he lived with his mother, alongside Grover on a Greyhound bus. It was strange to have the memories of growing up an orphan but to also have the memories of growing up with a loving mother. Any memories of the youth's father from his new universe were clouded even from his impressive occlumency. Harry could tell there was a magic involved in obscuring the memories but he had as yet been unable to counter it.

The phoenix mage finally came out of his memories to notice Grover was looking around very nervously.

"Looking for Kindly Ones," Harry casually questioned.

The satyr winced before replying, "Where did you hear that?"

It was then that the wizard told his friend about overhearing the satyr's conversation with Mr. Brunner.

"Look Percy you were imagining things with Miss Dodds," Grover began to lie.

The mage cut the other boy off because he wasn't having anymore falsehoods told about the situation.

"So I'm imagining that you have furry legs and hooves? I'm really imagining that you are a Satyr," probed the magic wielder.

"How do you know that?" The half man half goat whispered as his brows rose in surprise.

"Like you have your secrets I have mine," was Harry's response.

"Take this in case you need me this summer," the Satyr finally instructed as he handed Harry a business card.

Percy had always been dyslexic but with Harry's soul integrated with Percy's that problem seemed to be less severe if not nonexistent. The card read:

Grover Underwood


Half-Blood Hill

Long Island, New York

"Thanks," the mage told his hoof sporting friend. "So do you know who my father is? Judging from the fact that this says Half-Blood he is somebody from Greek Mythos," the warlock probed for information.

"You'll learn more soon enough," Grover told the young immortal.

Just then the bus broke down and had to pull over in the middle of nowhere. The driver had the passengers get off the broken down transport.

When the pair of friends got off the bus Harry noticed a fruit stand on the other side of the street. There were three old ladies knitting beside the stand. One of the old women took out a pair of gold handled scissors and pulled out a piece of electric blue yarn. Looking right at the reality traveler the woman snipped the glowing strand.

"So those are supposed to be the three fates then," the mage inquired of Grover whose gaze was locked on the three old women.

The satyr's pale face was answer enough for Harry.

"We need to get back on the bus," Grover whispered in horror.

"Relax Grover," the Potter-Jackson male told his shaking friend as Harry smiled and waved cheekily at the fates.

Harry just loved sticking it to fate. The Chosen One of the wizarding world chose when to follow prophecy and when not to let someone else dictate the course his life would follow. Harry Potter made his own destiny. Percy Jackson would do the same. The warlock had the sudden urge to conjure some water balloons and chuck them at the three old ladies. Harry thought Grover would have had a stroke if he did partake in his fantasy.

"You should be terrified," Grover told the calm young man.

"Naw, I'm not afraid of my fate," Harry replied with a shrug.

If he was truly immortal and virtually invulnerable then Harry was not really concerned. Although the war survivor knew from experience there were worse things than death. When the bus driver finally did fix the bus the passengers all piled back on and the transport drove off. They were soon in New York.

When Harry stepped off of the bus Grover tried to convince the immortal mage to let the Satyr safely see the wizard back to Harry's apartment. The experienced warlock was having none of that and left Grover when the hoof hiding young male had to go to the bathroom from nervousness. Once he was out of the bus depot Harry walked to a nearby alley and concentrated on one of his new powers in his new universe. The mage could of course have apparated but when the part firebird warlock dissolved into flame like a phoenix he couldn't help but think how much cooler his new mode of transportation was than mere apparition.

Harry walked into his mom's apartment to be greeted with the sight of Smelly Gabe playing poker with his buddies. That was the name Percy had given the man a long time ago. Harry's stepfather smelled of moldy garlic wrapped in old gym shorts.

"So you're home," Gabe declared as he puffed on his cigar.

"Where is my mom?" Harry questioned.

"Working…You got any cash," was Gabe's response.

"Nope," the mage answered while remembering that the gambler expected his stepson to provide his gambling funds while home.

The overweight disgusting manager of the Electronics Mega Mart in Queens reminded Harry of his Uncle Vernon.

"You took a cab from the bus station," Gabe pointed out with a raised eyebrow, not believing for a second that Harry was telling the truth.

"My money is my own you fat ass pig," the warlock growled at the worst type of mundane.

Harry's proclamation got the expected response as Gabe rose in anger and stalked towards his stepson. As the smelly older male approached the powerful young wizard Harry was once more reminded of Vernon Dursley and the fat man's similar tirades and mannerisms. Harry Potter had taken a lot of shit growing up and swore never to take it again after he became a wizard.

"What did you say boy," snarled Gabe as he raised his hand to hit the shorter male.

Before the Store Manager with an entirely overinflated view of his self worth could swing Harry's fist shot forwards and hammered into Gabe's tiny balls. As the air was expelled from the lungs of Harry's stepfather in shock and pain the maggot of a man dropped to the ground clutching his jewels in agony. The warrior mage's knee came up and smashed into Gabe's nose. Blood went everywhere. Having caused many such injuries during his years of fighting Death Eaters Harry could easily tell the nose was broken.

"Don't ever touch me again fat ass," Harry whispered into his downed stepfather's ear, the tone of implied death in the mage's voice sending a shiver of fear through the muggle.

In his seething angry state Harry had just enough presence of mind to heal Gabe's broken nose with a subtle healing charm as the young male left for his room. The broken man's poker buddies were just staring in shock at Gabe.

"Percy," Harry heard ring out in his mom's voice a few minutes after he entered his room.

A few moments later the attractive woman opened the door and smiled at her son before engulfing him in a warm hug.

"Oh Percy I can't believe it. You've grown so much since Christmas!" The young man's mother cried.

The loving woman smelled of all the delicious sweets she sold at the candy store in Grand Central Station. Sally Jackson had brought her son a sample of all his favorite sweets as a welcome home present. Harry soaked in the presence of the delightful woman that embodied the type of mother he had always wished he had grown up with. Warm, loving, and caring are some great adjectives to describe his new mother.

Mother and son sat there on his bed and talked about all the youth didn't put in the letters he wrote to her. She agreed that perhaps her son could go someplace closer to home next term. Their conversation was interrupted by a shout from Smelly Gabe.

"Hey Sally how about some bean dip," the poker playing loser yelled.

"Gabe," the wizard shouted in warning while lacing his voice with a bit of his power directed at his stepfather.

Gabe didn't say anything else but Harry could have sworn he had heard a whimper come from where the gamblers were playing poker.

"What was that about?" Sally questioned with confusion plain on her face.

"Oh nothing mom, Gabe and I have come to an agreement," the mage answered the attractive woman.

"Alright…," Sally spoke in a hesitant understanding, unsure if she liked the sounds of such an agreement.

"I've got a surprise for you. We are going to the beach," Sally Jackson informed her son with a wide smile.

"Montauk," the warlock asked in delight.

"Three nights in the same cabin," the woman answered with a confirming nod.

"When," the reality traveler wanted to know.

"As soon as I get changed," Sally declared even as she stood and left the room to do so.

Gabe stayed clear of his stepson as the young wizard and his mother left in Gabe's car. The rental cabin the pair always used was clear out on the tip of Long Island on the south shore. The structure looked like a little pastel box half sunken in the dunes. There were spiders and sand in the sheets but from his memories Harry recalled that his counterpart had always felt at home there. Harry knew now that it was likely due to his water core power.

The mother and son had been going to that rental cabin since Percy Jackson could recall and his mother even longer. Harry knew why Sally liked the vacation spot so much. It was where she had met Harry's father. All she had told her son about his father was that Harry's father had to leave when he was young to sail across the Atlantic. The man had been lost at sea she told her son whenever the youngest Jackson had asked. The warlock knew he could look into his mother's mind with legilimency and find out more about his father but it just didn't feel right.

Dumbledore had no problem invading anybody's mind at will. Harry only tried with Mr. Brunner and Grover because the warrior mage needed information on an enemy they obviously knew about. Invading his mother's mind didn't sit right with the experienced warrior.

When the pair arrived at the cabin they went through their usual cleaning routine. After that mother and son walked along the beach eating all kinds of blue candy. Years ago Sally and Gabe had a fight about the existence of blue food. Now the woman bought and made all kinds of blue food in rebellion. She also kept her maiden name of Jackson instead of Ugliano (Gabe's last name) to prove her rebellious streak.

At dark the duo made a camp fire upon which they roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. Harry's mother told him stories of when she was a kid before her parents had died in a plane crash. She was raised by her Uncle who didn't like her very much. It sounded like Harry's own upbringing at the hands of Vernon.

Sally told her son about the books she wanted to write someday when she had enough money to quit the candy shop. Harry vowed to figure out a way to get her that money. The wealthy reality traveler had enough assets easily so that neither he nor his mother would ever have to work a day in their lives, even immortal lives, if they so wished. The problem was getting the money to Sally without Gabe getting his greedy hands on any of it. If it came down to it Harry had the means to dispose of Gabe but there was no rush.

The curious wizard eventually decided to ask his mother about his father to see if she would tell him the same things as before.

"He was kind Percy. He was also tall, handsome, and powerful. He was gentle too. You have his black hair and green eyes," reminisced the hard working mother to her only child, a small happy smile on her lips.

The reality hopping wizard thought it was somewhat funny that the features his mother described followed him through the veil between the two universes he had lived in during his life.

"I wish he could see you Percy. He would be so proud," Sally continued, her smile somewhat dimmed, as she ate a blue jelly bean.

"How old was I when he left?" The mage inquired.

"He was only with me for one summer Percy, right here at this cabin," the world weary woman answered her son with a wistful smile on her kind face.

"Did he know me as a baby?" Harry probed further.

"No honey he had to leave before then. He knew I was pregnant with you but never saw you," Sally explained.

Harry thought about his earliest memories of his father which featured a warm face and smile. His memories combined with his mother's explanations led the insightful warlock to the conclusion that his father was powerful if even as a baby in the womb he could sense his sire like he had.

From there the discussion turned to the young Jackson's schooling arrangements for the next year. Mrs. Jackson explained that the reason her son was always sent away was to keep him safe. With his occlumency Harry recalled all of the weird incidents that had occurred as he was growing up, incidents that usually involved creatures from Greek mythology. There was the time a man the wizard now suspected of being a Cyclops had stalked a young Percy on the playground. There was also the time the youth had strangled a snake when he was but a toddler.

Harry's mother told him about a summer camp his father had wanted to send him to. But the warm woman couldn't talk about the camp much without crying because she said she would likely never see her son again if he went there.

That night the warrior mage had a dream involving a fighting golden eagle and a white horse. Harry knew the vision was metaphorical in nature tied to prophetic sight. When he awoke from the strange vision there was a storm raging outside of the small cabin.

"Hurricane," Sally shouted with some alarm.

Just then there was a pounding at the door. When the pair opened the ringing portal they found Grover standing there out of breath.

"Percy what didn't you tell me about school?" Sally questioned her son.

Harry then revealed to his mother the events that had occurred with Miss Dodds and Grover piped up about the three fates.

"In the car right now," Sally Jackson ordered in a tone that brooked no argument after she had heard the story and Grover's proclamation that something was chasing the frightened Satyr.

The drive from the cabin was harrowing to say the least. Harry's mother and Grover finally admitted to some of the things the resourceful and intelligent wizard had already figured out on the way to the camp Sally was driving to. Grover was a Satyr and had been watching Harry in an effort to keep him safe from monsters. The trio made it to less than a mile from the camp when the car was struck by lighting and swerved into a ditch. Harry threw up protective charms around himself and the other two occupants of the car on impulse so nobody was hurt.

"Percy," Sally began, "we have to…," her voice faltered for a moment. "Percy, get out of the car," the frightened woman instructed her son in a deadly serious tone.

Harry tried opening his door but it was stuck, held in place by the crumpled metal in the frame. The phoenix mage channeled some of his enhanced strength granted by whatever combination of beings he was at that point. The vehicle's passenger portal that was the door was torn from its hinges instantly. The strong youth ran around the car and tore his mother's door off. Grover climbed out after her.

"Percy do you see that pine tree? You need to run for it and don't look back," the wizard's mother told him.

"You are coming with me," the warlock declared.

"It doesn't want us. Besides, I can't enter," argued Sally.

Harry decided that given the danger that moment was an acceptable time to enter his mother's mind. Knowledge was power and ignorance was a good way to get killed. From her memories and thoughts the mage discovered Sally knew there were ward-like barriers around the camp preventing mortals from entering. Luckily for her Sally Jackson was no longer a mortal. When she had arrived home from work earlier the previous day, Harry had borrowed his mother's favorite watch for a bit of enchanting. An hour of work had a pocket dimension imbedded in the watch with a philosopher's stone and elixir extracting apparatus arranged within. A compulsion ensured she would not desire to ever take the watch off. Every day the device transferred the correct amount of elixir of life into the woman's blood stream with a switching spell to halt her aging.

The small amounts of switched blood were stored in stasis in case she ever needed a transfusion. Why waste perfectly good blood.

"You can enter," Harry told his mother.

"What? How do you mean…," Sally trailed off in confusion.

"Just trust me mom," Harry answered firmly.

That was apparently good enough for Sally Jackson because she began running behind her son as he and Grover took off for the earlier indicated pine tree. The warrior warlock knew they weren't going to make it when he heard the beast charging close behind their group.

"I've got this. You keep going," the phoenix wizard commanded his mother and friend as he turned to face the charging Minotaur.

The experienced warlock didn't even listen to their shouts of protest as he focused on the monster. As the large beast charged with horns down and ready to skewer the trio Harry moved quickly to the side at the last second and hopped on the creature's back. With a burst of his enhanced strength the mage ripped one of the Minotaur's horns out. As the creature let out a bellow of pain and rage, but before it could throw off the powerful young male mage, Harry stabbed the horn right into the Minotaur's forehead. The mythical creature turned into dust just like Miss Dodds had done when Harry had killed her.

Sally and Grover were staring in wide eyed shock at Harry from the tree line. The conquering sorcerer ran up to join the surprised pair. As his mother was wrapping Harry in a relieved hug the incredibly powerful and magically experienced mage felt a tugging on the woman in his arms which felt somewhat like apparition. In the blink of a normal human eye the phoenix wizard concentrated and erected an anti-apparition ward around the pair. Harry felt the tug grow in strength and had to increase his power to the ward accordingly.

Harry became enraged that some unknown being was trying to take his mother and put out more power than he ever had before. Using his anger to fuel his magic the mage lashed out along the tendril of energy which came from whoever was trying to kidnap Sally until the tugging sensation stopped. Just before the energy attack ceased Harry had sensed a presence which felt like the energy contained within his water core but different. Another being with powers similar to those of where the water core energy came from was responsible for the attempted kidnapping.

"Percy what just happened?" Sally asked in concern.

"I don't know mom," Harry answered tiredly.

After the intense magical battle and the corresponding expenditure of energy the still growing mage had just enough strength to walk with his mother led by Grover to the main camp building.

As they arrived the warlock recognized Mr. Brunner in his centaur form and a pretty blonde haired girl roughly Harry's own age.

"He's the one. He must be," the girl declared adamantly.

"Silence, Annabeth. He's still conscious although barely. Bring him inside," the centaur ordered Grover and the just identified blonde Annabeth.

Harry let himself fall into a state of unconsciousness as the pair caught him. Harry's energy loss proved too much for his still growing body to handle. The wizard's last thought as he slipped from the land of wakefulness was the fact that he knew he still had more energy to give. The youth was exhausted because his new body wasn't used to channeling so much power. It was doubtful before the merger that his old body would have been able to handle as much power as the combined Harry Potter and Percy Jackson form commanded.

As his body regenerated from the damage done the pathways which channeled his power grew like any overused muscle would as it healed. Harry could tell he was sleeping for a long time. He used that time to consciously synchronize his multiple power cores to his new rate of unleashed power transfer. This procedure basically meant that the next time the sorcerer tried to draw so much power so quickly he wouldn't have the same reaction of passing out. Harry awoke periodically and pretended to be dazed and confused. Such a reaction was only natural to the situation the warlock had just gone through so he played the part.

The first time Harry opened his eyes he was met with the vision of the pretty blonde girl whose name he recalled was Annabeth.

"What's going to happen on the summer solstice? Do you know what was stolen?" Annabeth tried interrogating Harry during one of these conscious moments.

"You are very pretty. Did you know that?" The mage responded while he grinned at the girl like he was delirious. Annabeth blushed a deep shade of red and Harry closed his eyes. "Very pretty," the wizard mumbled as he went back to sleep.

The next time the mage woke up it was to see a being with eyes all over his body standing in the room.

"Poke your eye out with a toothpick I will," the warlock mumbled and turned over to go back to sleep.

Finally when Harry awoke for the final time it was to see his mother and Grover sitting in the room with him.

"Good morning honey or should I say afternoon," Sally greeted her son with a smile before giving him a warm hug.

The mage talked with the pair for a while before they had him drink a glass of nectar. Thinking it was just his host's version of a restorative potion Harry drank the fluid down. The drink tasted a lot like treacle tart. It was quite delicious and filled Harry with new energy.

Grover and Sally held off on giving any explanations stating that a Mr. D and Chiron would tell Harry the rest. Finally after a few minutes of talking the pair decided to lead the mostly recovered mage to Mr. D and Chiron. The porch wrapped all the way around the house Harry was staying in. As the trio walked around the porch, the ever curious warlock caught sight of the beach about a mile in the distance. In between the house with the porch and the beach were many ancient Greek looking structures. There was an open air pavilion, an amphitheater, and an arena all made of white marble.

There were kids everywhere playing volleyball, shooting at an archery range, canoeing, and riding winged horses. They were all wearing orange Camp Half Blood t-shirts like Harry had noticed on Grover.

At the end of the wrap-around porch there sat two males playing cards at a small table. Mr. Brunner the centaur was who Harry suspected as being Chiron from legend. The phoenix mage also noticed the pretty Annabeth who had helped nurse the dark haired wizard back to health. The last man sitting on the porch playing cards with Chiron looked like a grown up Cherub.

"That's Mr. D, our camp director. The girl is Annabeth Chase, a camper who has been here about the longest. You already know Chiron," Grover informed his charge and friend.

"Percy…good now we have four for pinochle," Chiron greeted his student.

Mr. D, the magic sensitive mage could tell already, wasn't what he appeared to be. Harry could feel Mr. D's power. The energy was immense, more power than Harry had ever felt in a human or wizard. Luckily by adjusting to his new power levels over the previous few days using techniques learned in his previous life allowed Harry to suppress his aura and any other indication of his true power with an obscure branch of occlumency called auramancy. Harry foresaw that if he ran into more powerful beings like Mr. D that he would need that skill.

"Well I suppose I must say it. Welcome to Camp Half Blood. There now, don't expect me to be glad to see you," Mr. D huffed out as the warrior warlock took a seat next to the mysterious being.

Harry's mother and Grover leaned against the railing beside Annabeth.

"Thanks," was Harry's simple and calm response.

"Annabeth," Chiron called out.

The girl stepped forward.

"Percy this is Annabeth who nursed you back to health," Chiron introduced.

"We've met…although at the time I thought I was just dreaming about an angel," Harry said while grinning at the pretty Annabeth.

Annabeth blushed at the handsome young warlock's compliment.

"Why don't you go check on Percy's bunk, Annabeth," Chiron suggested.

"Sure Chiron," Annabeth agreed with a nod before walking off.

Annabeth was probably Harry's physical age with an athletic build and a nice tan. Her eyes were storm cloud gray and held a deep intelligence. She reminded the reality traveler a bit of Hermione.

"I must say Percy I'm glad to see you alive. It's been a long time since I made a house call to a potential camper and I'd hate to have wasted the effort," Chiron told the newly arrived sorcerer.

"Well you might find I'm stubborn and just don't die easily," pronounced Harry with a grin.

"A shame that," Mr. D said in a bored tone.

"Yes well when Grover alerted me that you were something special we got into contact with your mother to let her know we were keeping an eye on you. I taught at Yancy to get a closer look at you," Chiron informed his former academy student.

"Grover are you playing or not?" Mr. D asked impatiently.

"Yes sir," Grover nervously agreed as the Satyr took a seat.

"You do know how to play pinochle don't you," Mr. D questioned Harry.

"I'm afraid not sir," the warlock respectfully answered; surprisingly glad to find something that wasn't in his vast knowledge base.

Harry was respectful to the mysterious and powerful entity because that attitude tended to keep people focused off of those who wished to remain under the radar.

"Well it is along with gladiator fighting and Pac-Man one of the greatest games ever invented by humans. I would expect all civilized young men to know the rules," Mr. D declared and thereby confirming he was definitely not human.

Harry didn't react externally and just allowed himself a small smile internally. The obviously bored being had nothing on Snape on the irritating scale. Snape was a level nine irritant. The camp director barely rated a five.

The conversation eventually turned to what exactly the camp was. Chiron explained about the Greek gods being real.

"So you are Dionysus," Harry respectfully clarified of Mr. D.

"You aren't as dumb as you look," was the God of Wine's response.

Harry accepted the news that the Olympian deities were real in his new reality calmly and that he was sitting next to one. Mr. D waved his hand and conjured a goblet full of wine.

"Mr. D your restrictions," Chiron warned.

"Oh I forgot," the Greek god muttered.

"Mr. D took a liking to a wood Nymph a while back and offended his father," Chiron explained for Harry's benefit.

"Yes and as punishment I'm stuck here with you brats," Mr. D growled while managing to sound like a pouting child. "I win," Mr. D announced a moment later, laying out his cards.

"Not quite," Chiron declared while laying down a superior hand.

Mr. D just rose from his seat and announced, "I'm tired. Cabin eleven Percy Jackson and mind your manners," the Director of Camp Half Blood told the newest arrival.

The strange deity left with Grover to talk about Grover's performance while watching over Harry.

Chiron and Harry chatted for a bit more about the Gods. The pantheon of deities moved from location to location with western civilization which was now centered in America. The insightful wizard could already tell that Half Blood meant the child of a god and a mortal. So Harry at least knew what he was in his new universe, or at least how those around him perceived him. The reality traveler was far more than even a Half Blood with his phoenix and Hallow granted powers.

Chiron began to show the mage around camp. Harry knew immediately that he wasn't going to get to be normal even in his new magical world when one of the campers pointed at the mage and announced, "That's him."

Used to similar attention by that point in his life Harry just ignored the whispers like he had fawning wizards and witches. Well maybe the sexually active celebrity hadn't ignored the witches so much in the later years but that was for obviously beneficial reasons.

There were campers and Satyrs tending to fields of strawberries. Chiron explained to his charge that strawberries were grown and exported to several New York restaurants, which paid the bills. Apparently Dionysus made sure that the berries grew quickly. The touring pair's discussion turned to Grover's performance on bringing Harry to camp. The warlock learned from the Centaur that the young Satyr's last performance five years ago did not go so well.

Chiron didn't want to talk about the event so he took Harry towards the forest.

"The forest is stocked if you care to try your luck, but go armed," Chiron informed the warrior mage.

"Stocked with what?" Harry queried.

"You'll find out during capture the flag Friday. Do you have your own sword and shield," the ancient Centaur asked.

Not wanting to reveal the sword of Gryffindor yet Harry shook his head in the negative.

"Well I'll check the armory. A size five should do," Chiron muttered while eyeing Harry's slim athletic build.

The cabins numbered twelve and were arranged in a U-shape by the lake.

Chiron walked Harry past many of the cabins on their way to cabin eleven where the new arrival would be staying. The warrior wizard got the evil eye and a sneer from a nasty looking girl in cabin five but other than that it was an uneventful walk. Chiron did tell his young charge that he had been teaching his craft for the last 3000 years. That had to be depressing. Harry thought it would seem like it was trivial if all the heroes you train were going to die and most were forgotten anyway.

When they neared cabin eleven the dark haired mage saw Annabeth reading a book on Greek architecture.

"Annabeth can you take Percy the rest of the way. I have an archery lesson to teach," Chiron requested.

"Sure thing Chiron," the blonde answered as she marked her page.

It didn't take a genius from the Caduceus on the door to deduce that cabin eleven was Hermes' cabin.

"Cabin eleven, meet Percy Jackson," Annabeth announced.

"Regular or undetermined?" One of the cabin's occupants asked.

"Undetermined," Annabeth answered for the new arrival.

It was hard to tell who was saying what because the cabin was packed full of campers. There were campers sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor the cabin was so overflowing.

The campers groaned but an older boy that Annabeth introduced as Luke settled them down. The observant Harry could tell Annabeth had a crush on Luke. After asking a few more questions Annabeth dragged the powerful wizard outside to supposedly see the volleyball court.

"Jackson you have to do better than that," Annabeth told Harry after they were a few feet from the cabin.

"Care to enlighten me as to what I'm supposed to do better at," Harry requested calmly.

"I can't believe I thought you were the one," the mage heard Annabeth mumble under her breath while rolling her eyes.

"Look, all I know was that I just had to fight and kill the freaking Minotaur," the warlock began but was cut off.

"Don't talk like that. Many campers would kill for that chance," Annabeth declared.

"A chance at risking their lives," Harry demanded with incredulity filling his tone.

"What do you think we train for?" The daughter of Athena asked the new arrival.

"How can that be the Minotaur if it was killed millennia ago in the Labyrinth," the son of a god wanted to know.

"Monsters don't die Percy. They don't have souls like we do. You can kill them for a while, maybe even a whole mortal lifetime if you are lucky, but eventually they reform. They are primal forces," Annabeth explained.

From there the pair's conversation turned to traits common among half bloods like Dyslexia and ADHD. The knowledgeable Miss Chase explained that those traits were to keep a half blood alive on the battlefield. Half blood brains were wired for combat which didn't lend itself to easy studying abilities. Luckily Harry could focus through such disorders with his occlumency if he found the need to.

"Well it looks like we have a newbie," the girl who had sneered at Harry as he walked by cabin five earlier interrupted the conversation.

"Clarisse why don't you go polish your spear or something," Annabeth said with a sigh.

"Sure Miss Princess so I can run you through with it Friday night," Clarisse responded.

The two females bantered back and forth for a bit before Clarisse turned to Harry and questioned, "Who's this runt?"

"Percy Jackson meet Clarisse, Daughter of Ares," Annabeth introduced.

"I would say it's nice to meet you but you don't seem like a very nice person," Harry bluntly told Ares' offspring.

Annabeth suppressed a snicker at Harry's statement.

"We have an initiation ceremony Prissy," Clarisse began.

"Clarisse…," Annabeth warned.

"Stay out of it wise girl," Clarisse growled with a threat in her tone as she made to grab Harry in a choke hold.

Before Clarisse could get her arm around the mage he grabbed her by the wrist and twisted her arm behind her back hard. The strongly held girl's two friends moved to jump her captor but were stopped by a wall of water which rose out of the nearby lake and flattened them.

Annabeth was staring at Harry in absolute open mouthed shock. There was no disguising the immense surprise on her pretty features.

"It can't be…," Annabeth stuttered.

"Don't fuck with me girl," the warrior mage growled into Clarisse's ear.

Harry pushed the annoying girl away and walked off. Annabeth soon caught up to the water controller.

"What are you thinking?" The much more composed wizard queried Annabeth curiously.

"I'm thinking I want you on my team for capture the flag," the attractive blonde replied with an actual grin which Harry returned. Annabeth showed the sorcerer around some more, telling him several secrets of the camp which were gained from years of experience. Word had spread quickly about the wall of water. Harry heard campers whispering about The Big Three. "I've got training to do. Dinner is at seven-thirty tonight so just follow your cabin," Annabeth instructed.

"I won't," Harry assured. As he looked into the lake at that moment, he noticed two beautiful teenage females floating at the bottom. The pair smiled and waved at the wizard like he was a long lost friend. The mage waved back.

"Don't encourage them. Naiads are terrible flirts," Annabeth warned the dark haired male.

"Not to me they aren't," Harry told his new friend as he stripped off his clothes down to his boxers. "I think I'll go for a swim," the mage informed a blushing Annabeth who couldn't take her eyes off of his toned and muscled body.

The previous weeks of working out his new body had been good for Harry. With the conversation over the warlock jumped into the water and was filled with renewed energy. It felt to the half blood mage like he was home. Harry wasn't blind to all the clues that had presented themselves throughout the day now that he knew he was a half blood. It wasn't too hard to figure out that he was likely the Son of the Sea God Poseidon.

As he swam around underwater Harry thought about everything Annabeth had told him. As a newly discovered half blood it was expected of him to stay at camp until he was trained sufficiently in the eyes of the camp leaders to protect himself from known threats. Even if Sally Jackson told Chiron and Mr. D who Harry's father was they have to wait until the cited god claimed his son to move the half blood out of the Hermes cabin. Harry's mother had been surprisingly tight lipped about his father's identity. The sea god might never claim his son. Sally probably didn't want her son to blame his father if the deity never claimed Harry.

Harry didn't really care much either way. Harry Potter knew he had two parents who loved him plus Sally Jackson from his new reality. It would be nice not to have to sleep on the floor of the Hermes cabin for the rest of the summer. The powerful phoenix mage didn't really need that much rest anyways. Two hours was all that was required after a ritual the wizard had undergone in his old reality. The ritual enchantment used the warlock's energy in the most efficient ways. Harry could sleep longer than two hours if he needed to.

Harry and Annabeth had talked about something weird that was supposed to be coming on the summer solstice. The dark haired mage had overheard Chiron and Grover speaking about the solstice deadline at Yancy Academy but neither Harry nor Annabeth knew what exactly the deadline was. Annabeth knew that something was stolen and was causing the gods to fight. She wanted to go on a quest to help find the missing item because gods weren't allowed to directly interfere in each other's territories. They had to use half blood champions. Annabeth had offered to work together with Harry and he had naturally told her that he would like that.

The swimming mage was brought out of his reverie by the two Naiads swimming up to him.

"Hello," the pair of beautiful water nymphs spoke in voices similar to the mer-people back in the wizard's old reality.

"Hi, I'm Percy," Harry greeted the pair.

"We know who you are my lord," one of the beautiful females told the floating mage with a smile.

"Is there anything we can do to serve you my lord? Anything at all," the other offered as she swam up behind Harry and rubbed herself against his back.

"Hmmm…I could think of some things if we had someplace private to go," Harry suggested with a grin.

The two Naiads grinned as well and pulled the mage off to a secluded area which concealed the view from the surface by a rocky outcropping. The two females pushed Harry back on a bed of underwater plants and quickly took off the leaf like coverings that only served to cover their genitals and breasts.

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