Inheriting a New Prophecy Book 1 – The Lightning Thief

By Stargatesg1fan1

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters associated with the Harry Potter or Percy Jackson series.

Main Character's Mates:

Annabeth Chase is played by Alexandra Daddario

Choria is played by Sienna Guillory

Furusia is played by Liv Tyler

IaNP – The Lightning Thief – IaNP – The Lightning Thief – IaNP – The Lightning Thief

The trio of campers appeared above Santa Monica bay and landed in the water. The dark haired water mage pulled his two companions to a nearby buoy. Harry could protect his two friends best in the water which was why the green eyed sorcerer had flamed the group to the bay. In the distance the trio of campers saw L.A. burning as Hades sent his minions to hunt the escaped half bloods and satyr down.

Harry used his water powers to bring the small group to the Santa Monica pier and then dry all three off instantly. Then the warlock conjured a pair of shoes for Grover. The water wizard didn't think his satyr friend even noticed the impressive feat of magic for a "mortal." The goat human hybrid was still too shocked that the group had escaped from the Underworld alive.

"I don't believe it. We went all that way…," Annabeth trailed off.

"It was a trick, a strategy worthy of Athena," Harry agreed with his attractive lover's sentiments with a nod.

"Hey," Annabeth warned, not liking any comparison of her mother with the albino elder god.

"You get it, don't you," Annabeth's boyfriend prompted her.

"She dropped her eyes. Yeah I get it," the young woman answered as her anger faded.

"Well I don't. Would somebody explain it to me?" Grover spoke up.

"The prophecy was right. You shall go west and face the god who was turned. But it wasn't Hades. Hades didn't want war among the Big Three. Someone else pulled off the theft. Someone stole Zeus' master bolt, and Hades' helm, and framed me because I'm Poseidon's son. Poseidon will get blamed by both sides. By sundown today there will be a three way war. And I'll be blamed for it," the raven haired mage clarified the situation.

In his mind Harry swore to do his best to prevent a war from happening or if all else failed to help his divine father win such a conflict. The sea mage's father was the only one of the elder Olympians who hadn't tried to kill the powerful Godling yet. For that Poseidon would have his son's allegiance in the potentially imminent war.

"But who would be that sneaky? Who would want war that bad?" Grover demanded.

"Gee, let me think," Harry sarcastically spoke as he looked down the beach.

Down at the end of the beach waiting for the three campers in his black leather duster and his sunglasses stood Ares with an aluminum baseball bat on his shoulder. The god of war's motorcycle rumbled beside him, its headlight turning the sand red.

"Hey, kid you were supposed to die," Ares announced in a voice that sounded like he was genuinely pleased to see his younger cousin.

"I'm sorry to disappoint but I rarely do what I'm supposed to do as dictated by others. So why did you steal the helm and the master bolt?" Harry inquired calmly.

"Well, now, I didn't steal them personally. Gods taking each other's symbols of power…that's a big no-no. But you're not the only hero in the world who can run errands," Ares answered with a grin.

"Since I'm likely to die anyway could you tell me who you used? Was it Clarisse?" The warrior warlock probed curiously.

"Doesn't matter, the point is kid you're impeding the war effort. See, you've got to die in the Underworld. Then Old Seaweed will be mad at Hades for killing you. Corpse Breath will have Zeus' master bolt, so Zeus will be mad at him. And Hades is still looking for this…," the war deity explained as he pulled a ski cap like a bank robber would wear out of one of his leather saddle bags.

As soon as Ares placed the ski cap onto the handlebars of his bike it transformed into an elaborate bronze war helmet.

"The Helm of Darkness," Grover gasped.

"Exactly, now where was I? Oh yeah, Hades will be mad at both Zeus and Poseidon, because he doesn't know who took this. Pretty soon, we got a nice little three-way slugfest going," Ares explained.

"But they're your family," Annabeth protested.

"Best kind of war. It's always the bloodiest. Nothing like watching your relatives fight, I've always say," Ares answered her with a shrug.

"You gave me the backpack in Denver. The master bolt was in there the whole time," Harry spoke up to try to get his bloodthirsty relative to reveal more of his misdeeds.

"Yes and no. It's probably too complicated for your little mortal brain to follow, but the backpack is the master bolt's sheath, just morphed a bit. The bolt is connected to it, sort of like that sword you got, kid. It always returns to your pocket, right?" Ares clarified somewhat. "Anyway I tinkered with the magic a bit, so the bolt would only return to the sheath once you reached the Underworld. You get close to Hades…Bingo, you got mail. If you died along the way it's no big loss. I still had the weapon," Ares explained.

"But why not just keep the master bolt for yourself? Why send such a powerful weapon to Hades?" Harry prompted in confusion.

Ares developed a twitch in his jaw. For a moment, it was almost as if the deity was listening to another voice, deep inside his head.

"Why didn't I…yeah…with that kind of firepower…," mused the deity aloud before going into a trance for two seconds.

Harry exchanged a nervous glance with Annabeth as it appeared to the experienced sorcerer as if Ares was almost under something like an imperious curse. Whoever or whatever was strong enough to put a god under an imperious curse was pretty damn powerful.

"I didn't want the trouble! Better to have you caught red handed, holding the thing," Ares declared as his face cleared.

"You're lying! Sending the bolt to the Underworld wasn't your idea was it?" Harry probed.

"Of course it was," Ares growled as smoke drifted up from his sunglasses, as if they were about to catch fire.

"You didn't order the theft. Someone else sent a half blood to acquire the two items. Then, when Zeus sent you to hunt the thief down, you actually caught the thief. But you didn't turn him over to Zeus. Something convinced you to let him go. You kept the items until another hero could come along to complete the delivery. That thing in the pit is ordering you around," the perceptive green eyed male spoke aloud as he remembered the conversation of his dream vision between the thief and the thing in the pit.

"I am the god of war! I take orders from no one! I have no dreams," Ares shouted.

"Who said anything about dreams?" Harry questioned, catching the slip.

Harry could see his elder cousin was agitated but the aggressive deity tried to cover with a smirk.

"Let's get back to the problem at hand kid. You're alive. I can't have you taking that bolt to Olympus. You just might get those hardheaded idiots to listen to you. So I've got to kill you. Nothing personal," Ares informed his younger cousin.

Ares snapped his fingers and a wild boar larger than the one that hung above the door of the Ares cabin at camp exploded out of the sand at the war god's feet. As the massive beast charged towards the trio Harry waved his hand causing a wave to sweep up and pull the squealing boar into the ocean.

"Fight me yourself coward. I'll make you a wager. If I win I take the helm and bolt and you leave us alone with safe passage. If you win you take both and I die," wagered the raven maned mage.

"Percy no! You can't," Annabeth whispered.

"How would you like to get smashed, classic or modern?" Ares asked in response as he swung the bat off his shoulder. In answer Harry showed Ares his sword as he uncapped riptide. "That's cool dead boy. Classic it is," growled the god as his bat changed into a large two handed sword with a skull biting a ruby for a hilt.

"Percy, don't do this. He's a god," Annabeth tried again urgently, a pleading evident in her tone.

"He's a coward," Harry reassured his lover.

"Wear this at least for luck," Athena's daughter urged as she took off her camp necklace and tied it around her boyfriend's neck.

Harry received a searing kiss on the mouth for extra encouragement to survive.

"Reconciliation. Athena and Poseidon together," the attractive demigoddess told her lover.

"Thanks," Harry whispered with a warm smile just for the blonde young woman.

"The satyrs stand behind you," Grover declared as he handed Harry a tin can.

Harry sent the can to his trunk so it wouldn't cut him with its jagged edges.

"You all done saying your goodbyes? I've been fighting for eternity kid. My strength is unlimited and I cannot die. What have you got?" Ares boasted as he stepped forward, closer to the seemingly mortal opponent he faced.

"Spunk," Harry replied simply as he walked into the surf.

Ares cleaved downward with his large blade at the warlock's head but Harry was no longer there. The water pushed the son of the sea god's body to the side at the water manipulator's instinctual command while Harry thrust forward with his sword. Ares was just as quick as he blocked the strike with the end of his hilt. Harry jumped again to block another swipe and called forth the water to strike his opponent in the back hard. The distracting blow was enough to allow the younger immortal to move away from his cousin's swing.

Harry stepped in close to make up for the difference in blade length but Ares was waiting for that move. The battle honed war god swatted his younger opponent's sword from the mage's hands and struck at his uncle's son with a jab of his meaty fist. The phoenix enhanced male was fast enough to dodge his relative's fist and called forth the water to aid his battle. The ocean swirled around its commander's legs and up his side to twist around his arm. A fist encased in high pressure water shot forth and hit Ares' jaw with speed and force no mortal would have been able to survive.

Ares flew back twenty feet to land in the sand further up the beach.

"Percy…cops," Annabeth shouted in warning.

"There, officer! See," somebody yelled from the boulevard as cops got out of their cars.

A gruff cop voice spoke loudly with, "Looks like that kid on TV…what the heck…"

"That guy's armed! Call for backup," another officer shouted.

Ares got to his feet and charged the demigod in rage. Harry deflected his enraged opponent's blow and stepped back into the surf, forcing the war god to follow.

"Admit it kid. You've got no hope. I'm just toying with you," taunted the deity, trying to throw the warlock off.

Harry just ignored Ares' attempts at distraction. By then there were more cops pulling up. A crowd started to gather from the people walking the streets after the earthquake. The fighting wizard thought he saw several satyrs and several spirits among the crowd. Harry also heard the beat of leathery wings.

A voice came over a megaphone saying, "Drop the guns. Set them on the ground now!"

Harry noticed Ares' sword was flickering between a shotgun and a sword due to the effects of the mist.

"This is a private matter! Be gone," Ares bellowed as he swept his hand towards the officers.

A wall of red flame rolled across the patrol cars. The police barely had time to dive for cover as their vehicles exploded. The crowd ran screaming from the area.

"Now little hero let's add you to the barbecue," Ares roared with laughter.

The two fighters exchanged another series of blows as Harry continued to back deeper into the surf. The crafty son of Poseidon acted like he was too tired to fight anymore and Ares advanced on the young male with a feral grin. When the warrior wizard deemed his opponent was close enough he ducked beneath the surf and a wave of water smashed Ares in the face, filling the motorcycle riding god's mouth full of seaweed. The increasingly angry deity rose back up out of the churning surf and slashed at his cousin but this time he was disoriented while still trying to get the water away from his flaming eyes.

Harry feinted and changed the direction of his sword swing. The Hallow Master slashed at his opponent's left leg and put a serious amount of force behind the move. At the same time the raven haired warlock pointed his index and middle finger at Ares' flaming eyes and conjured two sharp icicles that shot into the god's eye sockets. Harry's slash cut clean through his enemy's leg and nicked a testicle before the momentum was used up and stopped at Ares' other leg.

The roar that followed made Hades' earthquake look minor in comparison. The sea was blasted back from Ares, leaving a circle of wet sand fifty feet wide. Ichor, the golden blood of the gods, flowed from the stump of Ares' leg. The expression on the injured god's face was beyond hatred. It was pain, shock, and complete disbelief that he'd actually been wounded.

Ares tried to attack again but something stopped him. It was as if a cloud had covered the sun, but worse. Light faded while sound and color drained away. A cold, heavy presence passed over the beach, slowing time, and giving Harry the feeling as if a hundred dementors were nearby.

When the darkness lifted Ares looked stunned. The war god lowered his sword.

"You have made an enemy, godling. You have sealed your fate. Every time you raise your blade in battle, every time you hope for success, you will feel my curse. Beware, Perseus. Beware," Ares warned as he began to glow.

Harry averted his gaze as the deity revealed the true form of an Olympian god, a sight deadly to the sight of mortals. The warrior mage wasn't sure what would happen if he stared at Ares' divine form but he was pretty sure he wouldn't die, permanently. Plus if the warlock looked at Ares and didn't burst into flame then that would reveal to Ares and the other likely watching Olympians that Harry was not a normal half blood, a secret the immortal wizard still wanted to keep relatively closet to his chest for the foreseeable future. The injured god of war was gone when the sorcerer looked back. The son of Poseidon picked up Hades' helm of darkness as the tide revealed the sign of the albino god's power. The Hallow Master with his enhanced hearing heard a leathery flapping of wings before he even made it to shore. The three furies landed in front of him a few moments later.

"We saw the whole thing. So…it truly was not you?" The fury formerly known as Miss Dodds asked.

"Return that to Lord Hades. Tell him the truth and to call off the fight," Harry instructed the surprised fury as he tossed her the helm.

"Live well, Percy Jackson. Become a true hero. Because if you do not, if you come into my clutches again…," the fury trailed off cackling.

Twin spears of ice shot out of the sea behind the water mage and speared Dodds' two sisters. They exploded into dust with twin screeches.

"Be gone you foul piece of bat shit! You are lucky I give this to you for your bastard of a master as it is. The piece of filth has tried to kill me," Harry roared in rage.

Dodds took off immediately in obvious fear of the wrath of the heir of the sea. Harry joined Grover and Annabeth who were staring at their powerful friend in stunned amazement.

"Percy…that was so amazing," Grover started.

"Terrifying," Annabeth corrected.

"Cool," Grover decided.

"Did you guys feel that, whatever it was?" Harry questioned while thinking of the dementor-like feeling.

The pair nodded before Grover speculated, "It must have been the Furies flying overhead."

Harry knew the presence wasn't the three monsters because the controller of the war god was more powerful than Ares, and the Furies were not even in the same class. The conquering mage was sure the presence was caused by whatever was in the pits of Tartarus. The victorious Godling reclaimed his backpack and looked in to see the bolt still inside.

"We need to get back to New York. But first," Harry trailed off as he pulled Annabeth into his arms and caught her lips in a searing kiss.

Harry poured his relief that he had survived such a tough fight into that kiss. Annabeth wrapped her arms around his neck and didn't stop returning his lip lock until the couple needed air.

The mortals in LA were able to rationalize to themselves what they had been able to see through the mist. Their decided upon story ended up being rather entertaining for the campers. Percy Jackson and his friends were kidnapped and taken on an odyssey of terror across the country. The commotion caused on the bus was due to the brave young Mr. Jackson trying to escape. The beach explosion happened when Harry managed to steal a gun from the trio's kidnapper (Ares) and battle him gun to gun, hitting a gas main in the process.

The trio of travelers let the reporters come up with the story and just played along. When Harry, Annabeth, and Grover finally managed to get away they took the waiting motorcycle back to New York. The campers had plenty of time but they still went pretty fast. When the three arrived in the Big Apple Harry convinced Annabeth and Grover to head back to camp. The son of Poseidon was pretty confident that he could survive the wrath of the gods but wasn't too sure about his friends.

After Annabeth took off driving her boyfriend's bike Harry flamed himself to the Empire State building. The resourceful mage made his way into the lobby and up to the guard's desk.

"Six hundredth floor please," Harry requested of the guard politely.

The guard was reading a book with a picture of a wizard on the front. The sorcerer depicted on the book cover sort of reminded Harry of Merlin. The real wizard thought it was kind of funny that the mortal was reading about a wizard when one was standing in front of the man unbeknownst to the mortal.

"No such floor kid," replied the guard without looking up from the book.

"I need an audience with Zeus," Harry insisted.

"Sorry," the mortal spoke vacantly, like he hadn't heard the Godling right.

"You heard me," the phoenix mage asserted, starting to get irritated.

"No appointment, no audience, kiddo. Lord Zeus doesn't see anyone unannounced," responded the guard, no longer playing dumb.

"Oh I'm pretty sure he'll make an exception for me," Harry told the man as the son of Poseidon pulled out the backpack Ares used to smuggle the stolen God King's weapon and let the guard glance at Zeus' master bolt.

It took the mortal a second to comprehend what Harry was showing the man and then the pale faced guard rushed the half blood through the elevator entry process very quickly. It was a long ride up. When the doors opened it was to a narrow stone walkway. Below the warrior wizard was Manhattan but he was viewing it from the height of an airplane. The camper gazed up a set of stairs which curled around a cloud to see the truncated top of a mountain.

All up the side of the mountaintop there were palaces all with white columned porticos, gilded terraces, and bronze braziers glowing with a thousand fires. The largest palace gleamed at the peak of Mount Olympus. Poseidon's offspring passed giggling wood nymphs who threw olives at him from their garden as he walked through the brilliant city. Market hawkers offered the traveler ambrosia on a stick, a new shield, and a genuine glitter-weave replica of the Golden Fleece as seen on Hephaestus TV. It seemed a festive mood permeated the realm of the gods. Some of the city dwellers that could have been minor gods whispered as they saw the victorious hero pass by.

As Harry climbed towards the big palace at the peak he realized the structure was a reverse copy of the palace of Hades in the Underworld. Or more likely Hades' palace was the copy since the albino god wasn't welcome on Olympus. The immortal mage entered the central courtyard before finally entering the throne room. Massive columns led up to a ceiling filled with constellations. There were twelve thrones made to sit beings the size of Hades arranged in a U shape open towards the entrance. There was an enormous fire burning in the hearth.

All of the thrones except two were empty: the head throne on the right and the one to its immediate left. The warrior half blood recognized the two gods sitting in those thrones immediately.

Zeus was sitting on a solid platinum throne wearing a pin striped blue suit. The sky god had a neatly trimmed beard that was gray and black like a storm cloud. The god king's face was proud, handsome, and grim.

Sitting to his brother's side was Harry's father. The sea god reminded the warlock of a beachcomber. Poseidon wore leather sandals, khaki Bermuda shorts, and a Tommy Bahama shirt with coconuts and parrots all over it. The king of the seas' skin was deeply tanned and his hands were scarred like an older fisherman's. The elder deity's hair was black like his son's mane. Poseidon had smile lines around his eyes. Harry's father's throne was a deep sea fisherman's chair with a holster for a fishing pole. Instead of the pole the holster held a bronze trident that flickered with green light around the tips.

Harry could feel the tension in the room so decided to play nice. The Godling went and knelt before his father's throne.

"Father," was all Harry said.

"Should you not address the master of this house first, boy?" Zeus demanded.

"Peace, brother the boy defers to his father. This is only right," Poseidon spoke up.

"You still claim him then? You claim this child whom you sired against our sacred oath," Zeus growled menacingly.

"I have admitted my wrongdoing. Now I would hear him speak," Poseidon responded.

Harry didn't outwardly react to his father's use of the word wrongdoing in the sea god's description of Poseidon's actions with Sally Jackson but the sorcerer did file it away for later.

"I shall listen but then I shall make up my mind whether or not to cast this boy down from Olympus," Zeus grumbled.

"Perseus, look at me," Poseidon instructed. Harry did so and saw that his sire's face was expressionless. The perceptive reality traveler could tell the immortal deity was unsure what to think of his offspring as of yet. "Address Lord Zeus, boy…Tell him your story," Poseidon commanded.

Harry told Zeus the tale of the quest, leaving out only the wizard's use of magic. After the completion of the oration the younger immortal took out his uncle's master bolt and laid it at the ruler of Olympus' feet. After a long silence Zeus opened his palm and the master bolt flew into it. The metallic points flared with electricity as the lightning god grasped the symbol of his power until Zeus was holding a twenty foot javelin of arcing and hissing energy.

"I sense the boy tells the truth but that Ares would do such a thing…it is most unlike him," Zeus finally concluded, muttering the last bit.

"He is proud and impulsive. It runs in the family," Poseidon pointed out.

"Lord," Harry spoke up.

Both brothers answered, "Yes?"

"Ares didn't act alone. Someone or something else came up with the idea," Harry informed his relatives. Harry then told the two powerhouses about his dreams and the feeling of the evil that washed over him after his fight with Ares. "In the dreams the voice told me to bring the bolt to the Underworld," explained the raven locked warlock.

"You are accusing Hades after all?" Zeus inquired, a dangerous tone returning to his voice.

"No. It wasn't Hades, Lord Zeus. It was something older than even the gods. I sensed it was whatever is in that pit in Tartarus," the mage clarified.

This declaration sparked an intense discussion in Ancient Greek that the English born wizard only caught one word of, Father. From that one word Harry was able to conclude that it was Kronos that he had faced in the pit. Zeus cut off Poseidon's suggestion for a response to the actions of Kronos.

"We will speak of this no more. I must go personally to purify this thunderbolt in the waters of Lemnos, to remove human taint from its metal," Zeus announced before he rose from his throne. "You have done me a service boy. Few heroes could have accomplished as much," the king of the gods told his nephew as his expression softened a fraction.

Harry didn't speak up to point out that he had help. In a situation like the one the blooded warrior found himself in such a declaration might have put a target on his friends' heads rather than done them any good.

"To show you my thanks, I shall spare your life. I do not trust you, Perseus Jackson. I do not like what your arrival means for the future of Olympus. But for the sake of peace in the family, I shall let you live," Zeus informed his nephew.

Harry had to use his occlumency to suppress the urge to tell his uncle to go to Tartarus. The bastard king of the Olympians was an extreme hypocrite. The lightning god lectured Harry's father on having a child when Zeus broke the pact first with Thalia. Nor had the creative mage forgotten that Zeus had tried to kill him several times. If the phoenix mage spoke up now he knew it would mean Zeus would attack him. While Harry was actually quite confident he would survive the encounter he was not yet ready to reveal his true nature to any gods.

So far the Olympian gods knew Poseidon's son was very good with his powers over water and a very good swordsman but that was all. Zeus would be in for a real shock if he ever tried to use that master bolt against the wizard who had returned the weapon to the lightning god. Harry had found lots of time to examine and tamper with the magic of the bolt on his trip to Olympus. The magics of the mage's original universe were not so glaringly obvious that Zeus would discover them until Harry wanted his murderous uncle to. Zeus could cleanse the bolt all he wanted but it would never lose the magic the Hallow Master had placed on it unless the enchanter wanted it to. This knowledge allowed the subservient acting wizard to grin on the inside while playing nice on the outside.

"Do not let me find you here when I return. Otherwise you shall taste this bolt. And it shall be your last sensation," Zeus informed Harry before the sky god was gone in a flash of lightning.

"Your uncle has always had a flair for dramatic exits. I think he would have done well as god of theatre," Poseidon spoke with a sigh.

"Wasn't it rather hypocritical of him to question you about having me when he broke the pact first with Thalia," Harry pointed out.

"He is the king of the gods. I am the only one who would ever call him on that and he usually tends to ignore me on such thing. He only responds to force most of the time. My brother can be quite stubborn," replied the sea god.

"So it was Kronos in the pit," Harry stated rather than asked.

Poseidon gripped his trident tightly before saying, "In the First War, Percy, Zeus cut our father Kronos into a thousand pieces, just as Kronos had done to his own father, Ouranos. Zeus cast Kronos' remains into the darkest pit of Tartarus. The Titan army was scattered, their mountain fortress on Etna destroyed, their monstrous allies driven to the farthest corners of the earth. And yet the Titans cannot die, anymore than we gods can. Whatever is left of Kronos is still alive in some hideous way, still conscious in his eternal pain, still hungering for power."

"He's healing and coming back," Harry concluded.

"From time to time, over the eons, Kronos has stirred. He enters men's nightmares and breathes evil thoughts. He wakens restless monsters from the depths. But to suggest he could rise from the pit is another thing," Poseidon answered.

"You know what I have said to be true father. I would imagine there is some prophecy that says so and it involves me somehow," Harry told the older water manipulator with an instinctual feeling that he was right.

"How do you know of the prophecy?" A surprised trident wielding deity questioned.

"I don't know what it says but fate never has been my friend. So in kind I tend to ignore it," Harry answered with a grin of amusement at the fact that he had actually guessed right.

"Well we'll see if this one comes true but the best thing to do is just live your life like it isn't there. Ignore it like you just said," Poseidon told his son. The giant of a god stood up from his throne, his form shimmering and shrinking until he was normal human sized standing right in front of Harry. "You must go, child. Your mother awaits you at camp. She is a queen among women. I had not met such a mortal woman in a thousand years. Still…I am sorry you were born, child. I have brought you a hero's fate, and a hero's fate is never happy. It is never anything but tragic," the sea god declared.

"This hero's fate will not be shaped by the past of others father. Besides I'm not all hero which your brothers might just find out someday," Harry informed his divine scion with a mischievous and somewhat malicious grin as he turned and started to walk away.

"Perseus, you did well. Do not misunderstand me. Whatever else you do, know that you are mine. You are a true Son of the Sea God," the ruler of the oceans declared with a fiery kind of pride in his eyes.

"And you father know that as long as your brothers continue to act the way they do and you do the same then you are the only elder god that shall have any of my respect or allegiance," the Hallow mastering immortal asserted before he turned and walked away.

Harry had a feeling that his declaration would mean more to those with full knowledge of the contents of the prophecy about him. The Chosen One of his original universe didn't really need the words to know that at some point the fate of the world and the gods themselves would rest on his shoulders. That was the same fate the powerful sorcerer had in his old world. Percy had the same type of fate before Harry Potter ever joined with the half blood Godling and now the merged mage probably carried that fate. The warrior wizard would bear the burden well.

As Harry walked back through the city of the gods conversations stopped. The muses halted their concert. Gods and satyrs and naiads all turned towards him, their faces filled with respect and gratitude, and as he passed, they knelt, as if he were some kind of hero.

"Even in another universe I can't escape the hero worship," mused the immortal half blood before shrugging it off. "There is nothing worse than an angsty hero," Harry thought as he left the city of the gods.

After Harry left the Empire State Building he flamed himself across town to his mother's apartment. As the warlock suspected Sally Jackson was home by that point.

"Percy! Oh thank goodness. Oh, my baby," Sally exclaimed as she engulfed her son in a hug.

Sally had known her adventurous son was on the quest but she had no doubt been worried about him. The loving Mrs. Jackson informed Harry that Gabe had forced her to go into work as soon as she had returned home from camp. The despicable store manager had told his wife that she had a month's salary to make up so she had better get started.

"Mom you'll never have to work a day in your life again if you don't want to," Harry informed his mother after he finished telling her about his quest.

"What do you mean honey?" Sally inquired curiously.

"When I was under the water to answer Poseidon's summons I asked one of the sea creatures if they knew of any sunken ships with treasure. Let's just say a very helpful dolphin showed me to quite a bit of gold. I managed to sell the treasure and we have a new apartment on the better side of town and a bank account that you would seriously have to try very hard to use up," the son of the sea god explained.

Sally was speechless for a moment before her tears of relief had a different cause. She could now leave Smelly Gabe. Everything Harry had just told his mother was true. The resourceful mage didn't even have to tap into the money in his trunk. The green eyed Godling suspected the fifty million dollars in treasure might have just been a gift from his divine father. Poseidon didn't directly interfere by telling his son where the treasure was but Harry found it anyway by simply asking. The warlock considered the treasure a gift because the sea god didn't have to let his child take the gold from the sea ruler's domain.

"Will you leave him?" Harry asked Sally, not even having to say who. "I can take care of myself. I promise you that."

Sally believed her son.

"Yes," the relieved woman answered with a large grin.

"Hey Sally! That meatloaf done yet," the pair heard Gabe yell.

"Do you think we can get away with poisoning him?" Sally mused with a deliciously feral smile.

"No reason to ruin a perfectly good meatloaf. I'll take care of Gabe mom," was Harry's response with a predatory grin.

"You're not going to kill him are you?" The soon to be free woman queried hesitantly. Harry explained to his mother what he was going to do, which involved demonstrating some of his wizard power. The mage also informed her that he'd explain the rest to her later. "You have to let me watch," Sally gushed as she laughed hysterically.

"Sure," agreed the sorcerer as the pair walked into the den.

The apartment had been saturated with trash and dirty clothes in the month that the two Jacksons had been gone.

Gabe's face turned red with rage as he laid eyes upon his missing stepson. The store manager and his three big dumb poker buddies were all sitting around playing poker as usual. The buddies reminded the Hogwarts alumni a lot of Crab and Goyle.

"You've got some nerve coming here punk," snarled Gabe, apparently forgetting how the wizard had handled the situation the last time Gabe acted that way towards the half blood.

"Save it you piece of shit," Harry cut the foolish mortal off.

"What did you call me?" Gabe demanded with as much menace as he could while he rose and started to advance on Harry.

The wizard thrust out his hand and a pink light flew and struck Gabe in the chest. The other poker players were gaping as Gabe shrank into a small pink poodle, a female poodle to be exact. Sally was laughing hysterically at this sight. Next the sorcerer transfigured each of Gabe's poker buddies into big German Sheppards. As a final touch the heroic half blood cast a lust spell on the three big male dogs. The following dinner with his mother was probably one of the most entertaining meals Harry had ever experienced.

A couple of cleaning charms and the apartment was as good as new. The family of two dined on meatloaf and watched the three big dogs tear into Gabe.

"When will he change back?" Sally inquired with a smile as poodle Gabe squealed loudly.

"Never," the happy warlock assured his mother with a grin.

"Good," the woman declared with a matching grin.

Harry explained to the woman who had always taken care of him that he had learned how to use magic but that it was a secret for the time being. The pragmatic woman thought it was a good idea to keep the ability a secret as a backup weapon. The reality traveler didn't know when or if he would ever tell the woman the whole truth but he wasn't yet willing to risk somebody (a god) being able to read that information from her unprotected mind.

After the two were done eating they left the apartment (it was in Gabe's name) and headed for their new home. Harry had packed everything up quickly with magic. The protective wizard stayed with his mom for the rest of the day to help her get settled and make sure the wards on the apartment were the best he could create. The wealthy warlock gave his mother a debit card connected to her new account. She wouldn't be running out of money anytime soon considering the interest alone was enough to live off of comfortably. Sally knew her son needed to go back to Camp for the time being so the pair said their goodbyes and he left.

When Harry arrived back at Camp he found out that due to tradition there was to be a feast in the honor of the successful questers. The three friends were the first quest participants to return alive to Camp since Luke's rather unsuccessful quest. Harry was not a fan of the laurel wreaths that he and his two friends were encouraged to wear or the fanfare and procession being held in their honor. Annabeth, Harry, and Grover burned the burial shrouds that were made by their cabin mates in their absence in the bonfire. Apparently the campers had felt it was best to be prepared in the likely event the quest participants were killed on the journey. Seeing as the son of Poseidon had no cabin mates Ares cabin had volunteered to make his shroud.

The shroud made by Ares was an old bed sheet with smiley faces painted on it. The eyes were red X's and the shroud sported the word LOSER in large lettering at the center. While burning the shroud the mage just stared at the Ares cabin with a large grin.

"Percy, why are you staring at the Ares campers like that?" Annabeth whispered into his ear from her position standing next to him.

"I'm imagining the effects of the curse I slipped onto their father in a few decades or so," explained the enchanter quietly.

"What curse would that be?" Athena's daughter asked in confusion.

"I cursed the tip of my blade before fighting the war god. When my cursed sword nicked Ares' testicle the curse transferred into his bits made him sterile. I would be very surprised if even a god would be able to undo that magic," Harry explained. "Oh…and it's also pretty funny that another aspect of the curse is severe impotency," he added the last bit casually as if an impotent war god was an afterthought.

Annabeth's eyes widened at that last bit before she started giggling. After that the two lovers were both sharing a massive grin directed at the Ares campers. The Ares campers kept on sending venomous glares in return for Harry's part in disgracing their father. That was fine with Poseidon's son since the bullying half bloods were the last generation of Ares campers the mage would ever have to look at.

Grover was basking in the attention his new searcher's license was bringing him. The Council had given glowing praises of the satyr's performance on the quest so the goat hybrid had no trouble obtaining the license. Harry's spirits were high as the days passed by at Camp Half Blood. The warlock's first letter from his mother informed the green eyed teen that she had enrolled at NYU for the next semester. The well learned sorcerer was quite proud of his mother.

Sally was also planning on starting to write a book in the near future. The phoenix wizard especially enjoyed Sally's postscript in her letter.

Percy, I've found a good private school here in the city. I've put a deposit down to hold you a spot, in case you want to enroll for seventh grade. You could live at home. But if you want to go year-round at Half-Blood Hill, I'll understand.

Harry's reply was immediate. Sally Jackson's son told her he would be home at the end of the summer. If the gods couldn't keep the warrior demigod from his mother then no amount of monster attacks were going to. The perceptive warlock had long ago figured out that Hades had been the other combatant in the little game of tug of war for Sally Jackson when the half blood teen had first arrived at camp. It was very satisfying for the wizard to know that he had beaten an elder god in terms of power through an anti-apparition ward. The more powerful mage knew Hades wouldn't tell anybody about that incident because it would make him look weak. Harry wasn't even sure if Hades would recognize it had been him that had kept Sally from being pulled away through a portal.

On the Fourth of July Annabeth and Harry were sitting at the edge of the lake getting ready to watch the fireworks display provided by the Hephaestus kids. The sea manipulator was interested in seeing the promised battle at the end of the pyrotechnics display. The fireworks were supposed to blend together so seamlessly it would appear as if several hundred foot tall Spartan warriors were doing battle. A much older looking Grover came to say goodbye. The satyr with a seeker's license had finally started to reach his maturity as far as physical appearance went in the previous couple of weeks.

"I'm off. I just came to say…well, you know," Grover trailed off as he waved his hands to signal his leaving. Annabeth gave her long time friend a hug before she started to ask him if he had forgotten anything. "Well wish me luck," Grover suggested.

"Good luck man. If anybody will succeed in finding Pan it will be you," Harry told his nature loving friend before the two males clasped hands and the satyr left to search for the nature god.

With that the couple sat back to watch the fireworks with Annabeth laying her head on her boyfriend's shoulder.

IaNP – The Lightning Thief – IaNP – The Lightning Thief – IaNP – The Lightning Thief

July passed and Harry spent his time with Annabeth and the naiads, making alliances with other cabins to keep the flag out of Ares' hands, and learning all he could about the magic of his new home universe. It was the same arcane energy as in his home universe but there were different generally accepted rules and different spells. All of the dark haired warlock's old spells and magic worked the same for him but he wanted to be well versed in magical combat of his new universe.

During the last bonfire of the summer session the yearly bead for the camper's necklaces turned out to be a green trident.

"The choice was unanimous. This bead commemorates the first Son of the Sea God at this camp, and the quest he undertook into the darkest part of the Underworld to stop a war," Luke announced.

Everybody stood up and cheered for Annabeth and Harry at that point.

That night the experienced sorcerer got to spend one last special night with his favorite females before he and Annabeth departed camp for the year. Annabeth was actually going home to try again with her father on her boyfriend's advice.

Smut Scene Here (for erotic version see hpfanficarchive or ficsite)

IaNP – The Lightning Thief – IaNP – The Lightning Thief – IaNP – The Lightning Thief

Harry awoke the next morning with a smile on his face. Even the note Dionysus had left on the green eyed mage's nightstand couldn't dampen the young immortal's good mood from the fun of the night before.

Dear Peter Johnson,

If you intend to stay at camp Half-Blood year round, you must inform the Big House by noon today. If you do not announce your intentions, we will assume you have vacated your cabin or died a horrible death. Cleaning harpies will begin work at sundown. They will be authorized to eat any unregistered campers. All personal articles left behind will be incinerated in the lava pit.

Have a nice day!

Mr. D (Dionysus)

Camp Director, Olympian Council #12

Harry had forgotten to give his answer on whether or not he would be staying for the summer to the camp administration. The athletic phoenix mage ran up to the Big House and informed Chiron of his decision before deciding he had the time for a bit of sword practice. When the warrior wizard arrived at the arena he found Luke had apparently had the same idea. Hermes' son was hacking at a bunch of straw and wood dummies with a sword Harry hadn't yet noticed Luke wielding before. It took awhile for the scarred teen to notice his observer but when Luke did he stopped attacking the dummies.

"Percy," Luke greeted.

"Hi," replied Poseidon's son.

"I decided to get in a bit of last minute practice," Harry informed Luke. "New sword," prompted the warlock, suddenly noticing the blade was made of two different metals.

"Oh, this? This is backbiter. One side is celestial bronze and the other is tempered steel. Works on mortals and immortals both," the sword wielding male informed the raven haired wizard as Luke twirled the blade.

Harry thought it was an apt name for the weapon if his suspicions about Luke proved true.

"I didn't know they could make weapons like that," the master of the Hallows mused.

"They probably can't. It's one of a kind," replied Luke. "Listen I was going to come looking for you. What do you say we go down to the woods one more time, look for something to fight?" Luke suggested as he sheathed his new sword.

"Sure," Harry answered thinking it would be a good opportunity to test his suspicions.

Luke handed Harry a coke the son of the god of thieves pulled from a six pack on the way down to the woods. The active mage didn't normally drink pop but he decided to at the time. The pair kicked around for some monsters for a while but didn't find any. The two demigods found a shady spot by the creek to drink their cokes.

"You miss being on a quest?" Luke asked the apparently younger male after a while.

"No I enjoy the quiet of not being attacked when I can," was Harry's response. Having lived through one war Harry wasn't as eager to fight as he once was. "What about you?"

"I've lived at Half-Blood Hill year-round since I was fourteen. Ever since Thalia…well, you know. I trained, and trained. I never got to be a normal teenager, out there in the real world. Then they threw me one quest, and when I came back, it was like, `Okay, ride's over. Have a nice life,'" Luke explained bitterly as he chucked his crumpled coke can into the creek. Harry was amused at Luke's littering because the defiler of nature would be crawling into his bed one night to find it filled with centipedes and mud by the pissed off Nymphs and Naiads. That was the punishment dished out by the nature spirits to any campers who littered. "To hell with laurel wreaths…I'm not going to end up like those dusty trophies in the Big House attic," Hermes' jaded offspring declared.

"You make it sound like you are leaving and not coming back," prompted Harry.

"Oh, I'm leaving, alright, Percy. I brought you down here to say goodbye," Luke announced with a twisted smile.

Luke snapped his fingers and a small fire burned a hole in the ground at his feet. Harry recognized a summoning portal originating from the Underworld from his studies of the arcane even as a small black scorpion crawled out of the hole. The intelligent mage didn't move because he knew the creature was a pit scorpion. A few weeks ago Harry had summoned a pit scorpion himself. The curious warlock had actually summoned just about every poisonous creature he could find in his new universe under controlled conditions. Extracting small amounts of the various creatures' venomous poison the well trained scientist and wizard conducted tests to find out if any of them could permanently harm him.

With nectar and ambrosia as backup Harry found that none of the venoms could defeat the healing power of his phoenix core. So the dark haired demigod sat calmly as the scorpion emerged.

"I wouldn't move if I were you. Pit scorpions can jump up to fifteen feet. Its stinger can pierce right through your clothes," Luke informed Harry, thinking the other camper meant to attack his conjuration. "I saw a lot out there in the world Percy. Didn't you feel it—the darkness gathering, the monsters growing stronger? Didn't you realize how useless it all is? All the heroics do is make us half bloods the pawns of the gods. They should have been overthrown thousands of years ago, but they've hung on, thanks to us half-bloods," Luke vehemently declared as he rose and dusted himself off while the scorpion crawled onto Harry's shoe.

"Do you really feel like that about your father?" The mage questioned curiously.

Harry was smart enough to realize that not all of the Olympian parents were like Poseidon. Personally if the wizard had Hades or Zeus for a parent he knew he wouldn't be very happy either.

"Just because Hermes is my father does that automatically mean I am supposed to love him? Their precious `Western civilization' is a disease, Percy. It's killing the world. The only way to stop it is to burn it to the ground, start over with something more honest," Luke announced.

Harry considered what Luke was saying. The world was a lot more crowded than it was back in the times of the Titans but definitely less chaotic. The intelligent reality traveler had checked the statistics when he had arrived in his new world and found them much the same as his own. By the year 2040 it was projected there would be nine billion people and the mortals would have to produce 70% more food than they did currently.

"Do you really think serving Kronos is the way to do that? You are talking about the genocide of billions of mortals. The world was more chaotic and terrible during the reign of the Titans than it is today," the intelligent Godling pointed out to Luke.

"Not everyone will have to die Percy. I don't have time to explain or debate with you. You won't be alive that long," the disgruntled halfblood declared as the scorpion crawled onto the immortal Harry's leg.

"Just tell me why Kronos wanted you to steal the master bolt and the dark helm. Was there any reason beyond gaining power and weakening your enemies?" The warlock probed, hoping to gain more information and understanding while Luke still thought the scorpion would be able to harm him.

"Kronos spoke to me of this new task that nobody had ever before accomplished. I took the weapons but was caught by Ares. The war god threatened to burn me alive and return the weapons to Olympus. Then Kronos told me what to say. He put the idea into Ares' mind of a war between the gods greater than ever experienced before. Ares was hooked on the idea and returned to Olympus. After that the Lord of the Titans punished me with nightmares. I swore never to fail him again," Luke explained as he drew backbiter and ran his finger along the blade.

Harry had tricked Luke into admitting all of his other misdeeds in his arrogance that Poseidon's son would soon die. The evil-fighting warrior mage always loved when the bad guys revealed all their plans in their astounding arrogance. "You should have died in Tartarus, Percy. But don't worry, I'll leave my little friend to set things right. Goodbye Percy. There is a new Golden Age coming but you won't be here to see it," Luke confidently stated as he turned to leave.

"Oh Luke," Harry called, catching the misguided teen's attention.

"What is it now?" The impatient demigod demanded as he turned to face Harry only to be met by the more experienced warrior's fist to his jaw.

Luke staggered under the blow even though the incredibly powerful Harry had pulled all but a small portion of his strength from the strike.

"How…how did you get past the scorpion?" Hermes' son demanded in amazement.

"You didn't think I wouldn't research summoning after your little trick with the hellhound did you? It was easy enough to send the scorpion back," Harry answered with a grin just before a wall of water from the creek slammed into his opponent's back and smashed the slim teen into a tree.

"The creek," Luke spluttered in sudden realization as he struggled to rise with a broken left arm.

"Yes it was rather foolish of you to attack me so near a water source," Harry pointed out casually as he advanced on the traitorous camper.

Luke knew he was beaten before Poseidon's son had even reached him so the slippery demigod slashed his sword down and disappeared in a ripple of darkness.

"Oh well. We will meet again Luke. You can be sure of it," Harry promised himself as he opened his palm to reveal the scorpion frozen solid in a block of ice.

The venomous creature had only gotten one sting off but already Harry's phoenix core had neutralized the poison. Heading back towards camp the mage found Chiron and Annabeth both at the big house. In detail the warlock told the pair what had occurred with Luke in the forest.

"I can't believe that Luke...," Annabeth started before her voice faltered. "Yes, Yes I can believe it. May the gods curse him…He was never the same after his quest," the blonde finished angrily, trusting her boyfriend's word and quickly drawing the connections with Luke's behavior after the traitor's quest.

"This must be reported to Olympus. I will go at once," Chiron announced. "Oh and Annabeth…your family is here," Chiron informed Annabeth before leaving the room.

Harry walked his favorite demigoddess outside. At the edge of the magical boundaries of Camp Half Blood stood a family—two small children, a woman, and a tall man with blonde hair.

"When I get back next summer we'll hunt down Luke. We'll ask for a quest, but if we don't get approval, we'll sneak off and do it anyway. Agreed?" Miss Chase prompted her boyfriend.

"A plan worthy of Athena," Harry agreed with a tip of his head and a smile just for her.

"Take care of yourself Seaweed Brain," Annabeth teased with her old nickname for her boyfriend for old time's sake but with a smile to take any sting out of her words.

"And you stay safe my Beautiful Demigoddess," was Harry's response before leaning down and capturing Annabeth's lips in one last sensuous kiss.

Harry watched Annabeth walk away a few moments later. The warrior wizard didn't know what the future held for him in his new reality but he was sure of one thing: Harry James Potter and Percy Jackson together would make sure the future involved his favorite females and that it would be better than his last universe.

With that Harry walked out of sight and flamed back to his mom's apartment to ready himself for the coming adventure that was school.

The End of Book 1

IaNP – The Lightning Thief – IaNP – The Lightning Thief – IaNP – The Lightning Thief

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