"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" phineas yelled at ferb happily as he woke up. I almost forgot it was birthday. Ferb thought but didn't say it, he always wondered what phineas his best friend and his step brother would think if he told him what he was thinking of. So instead of saying anything he replaced his words with a blank stare like always.

"Come on! Mom made a big breakfast for you!" Phineas said jumping off the bed and running downstairs. Ferb stared at the door frame, not wanting to get. He sighed and got dressed. He didn't want all this attention, and knowing phineas he would put together a big party of some kind. And that also meant that someday Phineas and his family would know the truth about everything. About perry, about the fletchers and about him. He shuttered at the thought of his real family coming and, well he just shuttered.

"Ferb come on!" Phineas screamed up to him. Again ferb sighed, he wanted to call down to him and say "leave while you still have a chance!" but he didn't want to say that because again he wondered what he would think of him. So he stayed silent.

"coming!" he called down in his silent way of not talking. He stopped suddenly to a thing he heard lawrence say. He had to blink fast to hold back the tears, then eventually went down stairs to a big party waiting for him. "a.d.c." Lawrence said again over the roar of the crowd.

"Good evening agent p." said monogram. "Today we are having a special guest visiting our agency, so all we need you to do is be on your best behavior."

Suddenly a women wearing a purple velvet vest a white shirt and skinny jeans burst into the room. She had pine green hair and a small but square nose. She walked up to perry, and turned off the video chat with monogram. And stared at perry with a sinister look in her eyes. But what she really noticed was his collar. 'If you find this platypus please call phineas and ferb' The women grinned. But then frowned.

"You could be a threat to me." She said. Then as suddenly as she appeared, she disappeared. Making perry sit their and wonder why she stared at his collar. Then he remembered something important about the files monogram made him research a while ago.

Well that's all i have for you today. heads up for my next chapter. A.D.C. WILL BE FOUND!