So most of you chose option 3. So here you go! P.S. I've decided to add some music to the story. But not too much because that will ruin the effect of the story. Although Jessica is kind of like only expressing her feelings in music lately. Any way, on with the story!

Phineas, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford and Jessica were racing desperately to the new town's museum. They were looking for another time machine to go back to their time. The kids thought of Alex dieing made them ran for life, with the thought burning in their minds.

"Phineas, stop!" Jessica suddenly yelled. Phineas saw that the little six year old tripped and her knee was scraped up badly. Jessica was crying like every six year old would. Except Jessica birthday was today. She was seven.

"Buford," Isabella ordered, "take Jessica!" Buford nodded and reached down and picked up Jessica. Again the kids started to run towards the museum.

"Get the children!" They heard Elisabeth yell somewhere behind them. The kids dashed even faster. They could almost picture hundreds of people from A.D.C. chasing them.

"How old is Elisabeth?!" Buford suddenly asked while they were running. That got a little smile out of everyone. It was true. Elisabeth was everywhere they went. It was almost like she could live forever.

Finally the kids reached the museum. They quickly ran in and started to search the place.

"Not here," Isabella reported from the great arts display.

"Nope," Baljeet sadly reported from the dinosaur display.

"Nothing," Buford and Jessica yelled from the space section.

"I found it!" Phineas screamed from the aancient inventions display. Everyone quickly ran towards phineas's voice. In the aancient inventions display it had all sorts of things. But what puzzeled them the most was a statue that looked exactly like Elizabeth.

"I got them!" Someone yelled. The kids gasped and turned around to go into the time machine, but when they turned around they saw a man with a big red face coming at them.

The kids turned around to go in the opposite direction of the man but screamed when the realized that they were surrounded by A.D.C. members. Jessica gave a little whimper of fear and Elisabeth turned her attention to the little seven year old.

"Ferb's daughter? Right?" She asked. Jessica nodded fearfully. "Guards!" Elisabeth yelled and two men ran next to her side, "take this girl to the jail. She's a survivor!" The kids gasped and held Jessica closely together. But the guards were two much and Jessica was carried off behind them. Elisabeth smiled. "It was a good thing that Alex died. She would have been too much to handel." The kids eyes filled with tears remembering Alex.

"You monster!" Phineas yelled at Elisabeth, "A.D.C. is a murder orginization! You were the one that shot Alex! Weren't you!" Elisabeth stared at phineas in surprise.

"Yes," Elisabeth admitted, "A.D.C. is a murdering organization. But that's what we have to do to protect our secret." The kids who thought they learned everything about A.D.C. looked at her in confusion.

"I am feeling rather generous today," Elisabeth said softly, "so I will let you all go back to your time." She turned to phineas, ''But if you ever try to save your brother again, A.D.C. will come after you." Phineas swallowed hard.

"What about Jessica?" Isabella asked. Elisabeth smiled.

"I will let her go with you children," her sinister smiled washed away, "let them go into the time machine but set it for their time." She turned to face the children. "Remember, if you ever try and rescue ferb or your little pet, then A.D.C. will find you."

And with that thought clear in their minds the kids were sent back home to face their family with no rescued ferb or perry.

That's it. A.D.C. is now over. No more chapters. But stay toned for my sequel : After A.D.C.