Hetalia: Axis Powers

Just a Principality - Epilogue

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Sealand watched proudly as nations started arriving at the fort. Because of the brave, bold thing he had done the previous week, some had insisted that the next conference be held at his place.

The problem was that if fights would start to brew again, he didn't know if he could stop them this time. It would be difficult to carry his voice all around.


Sealand turned to find Finland and Sweden approaching among the rush of nations that had just come. They had big smiles on their faces and it was obvious that they were proud of their adoptive son.

"Mum! Dad!" Sealand cried, hugging them happily, "I can't believe this is actually happening, you know... A real world conference- at my place!"

"Yeah, we're proud of you, you know that? We're glad we bought you on eBay..." Finland answered, smiling. A few young, female nations- Liechtenstein, Seychelles, Philippines, Indonesia, Czech Republic, and a few others- giggled and waved as they passed by the young principality. "And you're attracting girls too!"

Sealand blushed as he waved back while Sweden laughed, "Yes, they must have been inspired by what you said at the meeting." His face turned more serious as he added, "But seriously, the things you said to catch everyone's attention..."

"Yeah, dad, they were great! Anyway, it looks like some people are calling you over there," Sealand replied quickly, pushing them towards the other Nordic nations.

He sighed and leaned on a ledge, looking up at the clear, blue sky. The conference was going to start soon...


Sealand stopped looking at the sky and noticed England standing before him. He straightened up and said, "Ah, Arthur..."

"I just wanted to say congratulations for all you've done during the conference before and for what you're doing now. Holding a world meeting here seems to be a good idea, huh?" England said, smiling.

"Yeah, thanks, whatever..."

There was an awkward silence as they stood uneasily in front of each other. England sighed and added, "I'm proud of what you've done by the way. Good job, really."

The young principality stared at his brother and grinned back, hugging him. The English nation was slightly surprised but then hugged back, saying, "Yes, well, I have to go now."

"Okay... brother," Sealand replied softly, letting go of him and watching him walk back to the European nations.

He smiled as the last of the many countries that were to attend finally came. He ran towards the tall stand and jumped onto it. Everyone looked at him and he felt a feeling of air shooting up from his stomach to his lungs. He was nervous.

But then he remembered how pissed off he was at the previous world meeting and took a deep breath. It was his time to shine.

The proud principality of Sealand stood tall and said, "Okay, everyone, let's start the world conference!!"

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