In the hangar bay, the jumpers were waiting for the helicopters to pick us up and drop us off at the rendezvous point. Some of the jumpers were pretty excited about the fight, and sating on how we would crush the paladins once and for all. Others were talking about us failing miserably, in really, gruesome details. Not only do these bases serve as military headquarters, but also as a place of refuge to runaway jumpers. The runaway jumpers served as good support troops, if you gave them light rifles. My battalion was suiting up for the battle, and were waiting for our choppers to pick us up. The jumpers have specialized choppers to carry us from one place to another. They are bulletproof, and absorb electric pulses if they are to touch the hull, or anywhere around the base of the copter. Pvt. Lor was approaching to ask me a question, when I was swept away from her beauty. Lindsay Lor was the most beautiful, and well trained girl in jumper history. Also, there were rumors that she liked me, but I wasn't feeling like taking a chance. After all, rumors aren't true, they said that I still sleep in diapers, which I don't. Like I said, rumors. Anyways, like I said, I like this girl, a lot. She approaches me and I just want to drop my jaw. So you can stop scratching your head, let me describe her a bit so you can exhibit her breathtaking beauty. She is about my height, has blonde hair (is smart, so you people don't go make blonde jokes about her), she was an acrobat before she knew she was a jumper, she has an IQ of about 506, roughly a few IQ points back from myself.

"Willis, do you know how to set back the feedback modulator, for the M203 attachment standardized grenade launcher, for the standard issue M5A6, i'm sorry, mine got jammed," she knows her guns and shes hot, and she's a girl. Holy crap this is too good to be true. I was expecting Ashton Kutcher to pop out and say, you've been punk'd.

"Uh, yyyeah, I, think I know how," I managed to get out of my system ", let me go get my tools from the back of the Humvee." She looked back with a small grin, and a sparkle in her eye, as she fluttered the big eyelashes that I just couldn't resist. This was my chance, I just realized that, she's flirting. With me. I had to make a move before it was too late.

"Lindsay," I can't believe i'm about to say this ", will you go out wit-"

"Dugard, the choppers, let's go, go, go!" Lindsay hastily replied.

The choppers finally came. Right when I was about to ask her out. After an hour and a half of waiting. Perfect timing.